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I can not activate, requires Apple ID | [AppleID] [iCloud] Forgot / do not know your Apple ID? That way

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I can not activate, requires Apple ID
Any device with iOS 7 and above

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Apple ID Is the username used for almost all actions related to Apple products, including downloading programs from the App Store, working with the iCloud service to store content, and also to control their devices (Find My iPhone function).
If you have problems with your Apple ID account, in this topic you will learn what you need to do to fix them.

If it so happens that you do not have access to your Apple ID and the device is blocked, you need to call those services. Apple support.

What you need to have with you to contact the service of those. Apple support?
If your account is yours and you just forgot your password, then youhere.
If, for one reason or another, Apple ID itself is forgotten or the account is not even worse, the check (cash, better commodity), a thoughtful story that will not cause unnecessary questions and well-stated speech. Of course, for such a story, the more information was received in advance, the better.

Where to call?
Representative office in Russia:
1. +7 (800) 555-67-34 and / or +7 (495) 580-95-57 - listen to the end
2. You can request a call backhereselecting a device and briefly describing the problem. Attention - you can order only to numbers +7, i.e. Russian
P.S. Anyone else who is expensive is invited to readSkypeand its loyal tariffs (compared to regular international calls) for calls from other countries
Representation in the USA: +1 (800) 692 7753
Phones of Apple Support in other countries can be found here (if your country is not on the list, it means that such a representative office is absent and you need to call the nearest available one)

There is no need to write and send checks, letters will not be accepted! Just call those. support asking for a link to download the check!

What and how to say those. support?
Here, first of all, I would like to notice one thing - all appeals are registered and permanently attached to the apparatus regarding which the appeal is created. Maybe not directly, but all subsequent appeals have a chance to be successful less than their predecessors. Therefore, the better you prepare initially, the better the result will be. So do not be lazy) There is no other way but to call - there is no. Similar questions are solved only by a call.
The meaning of everything said there should be reduced to the fact that you yourself bought the device, for your hard-earned and honestly earned money. And you even have a check, which you are ready to immediately apply in business.
Regarding the check - ideally, this is of course the original. The statistics is such that the efficiency from "drawing" is less and less, so getting data from the checker for a dollar (and I highly recommend that you get at least this data) and finding out the chain of stores where the purchase was made, it would be nice to google a little their contacts to contact and request a copy of the check. English in this case greatly increases your chances of success.

The most common stories are:
  • The account was created on the spot when buying / created by someone else (with whom you naturally have no connection), since it has never been used, your memory is bad, your health is not very good, so everything is completely forgotten.
  • Someone (son, daughter, niece, granddaughter, etc.) drove you some data there and after the next update you sailed ...
  • Separately, I would like to endure the case when the phone was tied to your account, but after resetting it requires someone else (that is the output through the bug). In this case, as a rule, the device hangs in your account and if so, then in no case do not remove it from there - this is your direct ticket to the second level support to send a check.
And of course, a little ethics - do not be rude and do not go too far, swing the rights and say that you will sue, too, it makes no sense. Imagine for a moment that you are an employee of this very support and thousands of you are ringing all day with the same stories. Submitted? That's the same thing. Let's be honest with ourselves - weeding out the present owner and the newly made special work will not be there, but because 50% of the case depends on which of the specialists you get and how you will communicate with them.

To help:
  • - The number of stars in the Apple ID on the activation screen coincides with the number of letters in the Apple ID itself?
    No, the number of stars is always the same - 5. Accordingly, Apple ID can consist of any number of letters and numbers.

  • - I have an Apple ID like a*****@icloud.com on the lock screen, can I guess it?
    No, it is unlikely. If you do not remember or know nothing about the previous owner - the probability tends to zero.

  • - I guessed Apple ID, now I enter it and the password for that pops up the window "This Apple ID is deactivated", I guessed it?
    No, you just got on some existing Apple ID, which is likely to be deactivated a long time ago and you will receive this notice if you don’t enter it.

  • - On the activation blocking screen, only Apple ID is requested without a message from the owner, does it mean iCloud Status: Clean?
    Unfortunately, starting with iOS 9 - Apple actually "killed" the Lost Mode and the message from the owner stopped appearing on the activation lock screen. Therefore, in order to make sure that the device is Clean, you need to check iCloud Status on the checkers indicated in the header.

  • - On the activation lock screen below the input field there is a button "Unlock iPhone using a passcode", how many attempts are there and what is it?
    Only 3 attempts are given, after which this possibility will disappear. This button appears on Clean devices, the Apple ID in which has two-factor protection and this device remains entrusted to manage the password and security of this Apple ID.

  • - I have a device in the menu, I can use it, but in the iCloud column I have entered an account unknown to me, what should I do?
    For starters, you can check it for FMI status, because it happens that a backup copy has been transferred to the device, after which the phone is not tied to the specified account, although the Find iPhone switch will be enabled in the settings. If all the same FMI:ON, then you should not despair: you need to make an encrypted copy in iTunes, then install Elcomsoft Phone Breaker and try to find the password in the backup.

  • - In the backup copy of the password was not, what else can you do?
    If the password could not be found, then only the unlock with a check and a call to those remains. support You can also visually hide an account (using a backup copy, bug or jailbreak), although the method only works until iOS 11.3.1. I will add information later.

  • - The device has been updated, now after entering the code-password I immediately get to the activation lock screen, what should I do?
    You can try to use the Chinese program PP25 to search Apple ID logs. To pass activation also need a password.

  • - I bought the device, the seller left me with his iCloud, but after resetting it requires an unknown Apple ID.
    Most likely, with a probability of 99% - the iCloud account was visually hidden in the device (this means that the device remained on the server and remains on someone's account), respectively, all subsequent entered accounts do not bind the device to themselves and cannot used to unlock this phone.

Getting device information/ checkers(FMI, Sold By, GSX)
Free FMI Checkers:
1. The site is a cross between paid and free. FMI status check is free. From time to time may not work.Check for both IMEI and Serial Number.
We pass on the linkhttps://ifreeicloud.co.uk
2. iunlocker.net - Another site, a mixture of paid with free. FMI status check is free. From time to time it may not work (the disease of all besplatnikov) Check for both IMEI and Serial Number.
We pass on the linkhttp://iunlocker.net . At the top, select the item "Check IMEI"
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Enter your IMEI (15 digits), click the dummy on the captcha (we pass the test if necessary) and click the button "Check"
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The result looks like this
Attached Image

3. imeipro.info - also one of the free checker sites. In comparison with the previous one, they have one feature - it shows statuses with a lag of about a day. That is, if the status has changed, then the changes on this site will be displayed only in a day. Check only by IMEI.
We pass on the linkwww.imeipro.info
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Enter in the IMEI field, put a daw on the bottom of the captcha (you may need to be tested), click the CHECK button
Attached Image

Attached Image

Paid (shareware) FMI checkers:
1. www.uo5oq.com - the site is quite old, is a kind of aggregator for all kinds of unlock services. We consider only the determination of the status of the lock. The site requires registration, before using the service, it is necessary to replenish the balance; in the future, checking FMI against IMEI is free.
We go to the site by referencewww.uo5oq.com , go to the list of services
Attached Image

Select the required service (for IMEI and SN are different lines)
Attached Image

Fill in the fields with data and click "Make an order"
Attached Image

The result will be sent to the post office and will also be available in your account on the site for viewing.
2. www.imei-server.ru - the site is also quite old, it is also a kind of aggregator for any kind of unblocking services. More than comprehensive information on the service on its page. The site requires registration, before using the service, it is necessary to replenish the balance with the amount you need.
We go to the sitewww.imei-server.ru and go to the list of services
Attached Image

Select the desired service (for IMEI and SN they are different) and go to the page with its description
Attached Image

We read and fill in the fields with our data, click "Checkout"
Attached Image

The order will be processed, the cost will be deducted from the balance. The result will come to the post and will also be available in your account for viewing.
3. i-imei.com - this site has existed for a long time. Requires registration. The minimum recharge is $ 20. Check by IMEI and serial number.
We go to the sitewww.i-imei.com - in this case it will be necessary to register or enter your data if you have already registered.
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On the main page in the checkbox enter IMEI or SN, select FREE in the list below - ICLOUD CLEAN / LOST and press the button
Attached Image

Result in a couple of seconds
Attached Image

Paid CheckersSold By, Lost / Clean, GSX, Replacement, Cases
The site requires registration and funds on the balance sheet before ordering a verification service. Also here you can order a check for the presence of replacements, if any, occurred.
P.S. Do not be lazy to read the description of services on the site - there may be important information
Go tositeand go to the list of services
Attached Image

Choose the necessary - by IMEI or SN
Attached Image

Depending on what you choose, we drive in our data (be careful when filling in). Click the button "Make an order"
Attached Image

The order will be available in the personal account on the site, and will also come in the form of a letter to the post office.
The site requires registration and funds on the balance sheet before ordering a verification service. Also here you can order a check for the presence of replacements, if any, occurred.
P.S. Feel free to read the description of the services on the site - there may be important information
Go tositeand go to the list of services
Attached Image

Choose the necessary - by IMEI or SN
Attached Image

Depending on what you choose, we drive in our data (be careful when filling in). Click the button "Make an order"
Attached Image

The order will be available in the personal account on the site, and will also come in the form of a letter to the post office.
Once on this site this information could be obtained free of charge. Maybe sometime it will even be possible to do it again, but for the time being it is only paid, but in comparison with other services the prices for it are very affordable. Of the minuses - the minimum replenishment of $ 20. Registration is required.
Go tosite.
Attached Image

We drive in the IMEI field or serial number, in the drop-down list, selectIPHONE SOLD BY INFO press the button
Attached Image

Result. Decryption with comments below in "Decoding the information received"
Attached Image

Explanation of FMI statuses: CLEAN / LOST / OFF and decryption of the received information from checkers
There are only 3 basic iCloud blocking status (FMI):
1. OFF - the device has no bindings and can be freely activated by your Apple ID account
2. CLEAN - the device has a binding and can be activated by your Apple ID account only after unbinding from the previous
3. LOST - the same as CLEAN , but has one of the additional features: the device is erased ( ERASED ), stolen or lost ( LOST OR STOLEN ), flagged by operator as blacklist ( BLACKLISTED ) (valid for the site www.imeipro.info - while the status of the FMI itself can be CLEAN , but you can find out only through other services that make this gradation).
Regarding the external signs of determining the status - if there is a message from the owner on the screen or it is written that the phone is erased / lost, then this is definitelyLOST , but if there are no such messages, this does not mean that the phone CLEAN . Just in the process of erasing / entering the loss mode, no data was specified and / or the phone was flashed in the DFU mode (in this case, any signs LOST and leave).
As the saying goes, "Warned, it means armed." The more information you gather, the better you will be prepared to communicate with those. Apple support, and, accordingly, the chances of unlocking the device increase.
Therefore, if you do not know the date of purchase, the date of expiration of warranty service, whether the device is blocked by any operator, who is the official seller, etc., you need to get this information from the checkers. For this we need IMEI / SN.
Data for testing (IMEI / SN) always take from the device itself, and not the SIM-tray, back cover, box, etc.
There are also free checkers, but in view of their rapid appearance and the same rapid disappearance in the cap they will not. Just know that if you wrote in the subject line “Help to break through the info on IMEI to such and such” and they answered you and not even once, then there is such a checker with 90% probability and most likely it is present in the subject itself.
Regarding all the instructions with the pictures above - at the time you read the real menus and sections on the sites may differ slightly, so if some kind of direct link does not work, then you need to go to the site itself and look for a service by analogy.

Decoding the information received
  • Model: IPHONE 6S NB30 16GB RGLD - your device model
  • IMEI Number: 355417073274471 - IMEI of your device (may be absent if your device does not work with SIM cards)
  • Serial Number: C7KQMHQ5GRY8 - serial number
  • Find My iPhone: ON - activation blocking status. If ON, then we read further, and if OFF, then immediately we start the device in the mode DFU and reflash.
  • iCloud Status: CLEAN - the status of the activation lock status. Accepts two values ​​- CLEAN (clean) and LOST (lost / stolen / erased). I will not useless to say that with the status of LOST I will not turn to support, but your path becomes more complicated at times - at least you need to have original documents and indeed information to the maximum.
  • Warranty Status: Apple Limited Warranty - warranty status (either still is or has ended)
  • Coverage End Date: 12/21/16 - date of expiry of warranty service. The possibility of contacting support for the decoupling is not affected in any way. As a rule, the warranty lasts exactly one year from the moment of purchase, but sometimes it can be longer (buy more)
  • Estimated Purchase Date: 12/22/15 - the estimated date of purchase. Calculated precisely because it is calculated from the moment of the first activation. In 99% of cases, it coincides with the actual date of purchase, but sometimes it happens differently - for example, bought online, and received it at the delivery point in a couple of weeks or the device was bought as a gift, but activated only on the day of donation, etc. Also pay attention to the date format - the day and the month sometimes change places depending on the checker.
  • Registered Purchase Date: 01/31/16 - registered sale date. Changes when the phone is tied to an Apple ID that is different from the previous one and after contacting Apple in support of the decoupling. If the registered date is older than the settlement date, then this may be a sign that the device was replaced under warranty and additional checks are needed (such information can be obtained at this time only through pay lists).
  • Product Sold by: TECH DATA BVBA SPRL - a very important line, which shows us the sales agent. If Apple's here, then check counterfeiting is almost no sense (high failure statistics), as they have full access to this information - as an option only contact the store and ask to send a duplicate. Therefore, in this case with the embodiment of drawing is best viewed as a last resort option. As sales agent can be a wholesale supplier - in this case, the document needed for the sale of a retail store (this will be a different company). How do you know it? Find a topic, Googling, try to "ask" near the wholesaler.
  • Initial Carrier: Retail Unlock is the original lock statement. It may be an important sign of determining the country of sale, but more on that below.
  • Purchased In: BE - Belgium - selling country. There are times when it differs from the actual sale of the country. First of all, this happens because the machine was sold in a network of a large operator as an option which has offices in several countries. A striking example - Telenor operator. The main office they have in Norway, Checker can write that bought in Sweden, but in fact can be sold in Germany, Denmark and other countries in which the operator provides its services. In such cases, it is the original binding operator is very important information about the country in which the sale was made

This information is essential for creating checks. , if for some reason to get copies of original documents (cash / sales receipt) failed. In the case of replaced devices, a set of necessary documents for contacting those. Apple support replenishes: cash / sales receipt from the original device + document confirming the replacement with a new one.
Electronic addresses of stores Apple Retail Store
RF SOLD BY Match List
MARCO LTD - M.Video, MediaMarket, (CSN tablets)
DIHOUSE LLC - DNS, MediaMarket, MTS.
HASKEL LLC - Euroset, Eldorado, MTS, Beeline, Megaphone, Re: Store
OJSC MegaFon - Megaphone
APPLE Russia - Re: Store (possible)

MARCO LTD - M.Video, MediaMarket.
DIHOUSE LLC - DNS, MediaMarket, MTS.
HASKEL LLC - Euronetwork, Eldorado.
OJSC MegaFon - Megaphone
APPLE Russia - Re: Store (possible)
JSV TSUM TRADING HOUSE - Apple (Moscow Central Department Store)

- Kazakhstan: “iPoint”, “Technodom”, “Sulpak”, “Alser”, “White Wind”, “Dream”;
- Ukraine: “Hallo”, “Citrus”, “Foxtrot”, “Rosette”, “MOYO”, “Comfi”, “Eldorado”, “Brain”, “Ringoo”, “TTT”, “iStudio”;
- Belarus: “On Connections”, “Hello” and “Euroset”, “i-Store”;
- Moldova: “BOMBA”, “Alina Electronic”, “MCS COMPUTER CENTER”, “Ultra”;
- Poland: ASBIS Poland, Salon iSpot Galeria, Rolski Komputer, Swiatkierowcy.pl;
Getting Apple ID Data temporarily irrelevant
First of all, I would like to note one fact - a free way to find out AppleID data from an unactivated device to which it is attached, except as a contact with the previous owner (if known) is not and will not be.

A small educational program. Each Apple device has its own unique number (UDID) and, when connected to iTunes, records containing this same UDID number and AppleID used at the same time are stored on Apple servers. There are checker websites that have access to Apple servers, which means that, knowing the UDID of your device, AppleID can also tell.
P.S. There are also checkers for obtaining information about Apple ID only by IMEI.

From here there are several limitations:
  1. If different accounts are used for iCloud and iTunes (yes, and it happens), then you will receive the wrong account that you need.
  2. Apple devices allow you to use more than one account, and if the device has a lot of owners, then whose data you get is unknown.
  3. If the account has been renamed, then you will get incorrect, that is, the old one.
Therefore, if you do not know the AppleID to which the device is blocked, you first need to know the UDID. The easiest way to do this is through the device manager:
Getting UDID
We connect the included device to the PC via cable, go todevice Manager- USB Controllers ->Apple Mobile Device USB Driver ->Right-click "Properties"
Attached Image

Details tab ->The property "Path to the device instance".
Attached Image

The last 40 letters and numbers are the desired UDID - it is freely copied to the clipboard. Attention! Data services require a lower case UDID, so don't forget to convert. It is possible through thisonline converter

Having received the UDID of the device, we order the AppleID receipt service on a paid service.
As a rule, you get the Apple ID itself, the name of the owner and the phone. The list of received data may differ from time to time, so carefully read the description of services on the sites.
Some of the paid AppleID data services are:
  • www.i-imei.com
    Quite an old service that provides many services (including free ones), but unfortunately it is this one that is paid. Of the benefits are fairly affordable prices (compared to the next two) and payment through PayPal. Of the minuses - to replenish the account at least $ 20, the withdrawal of funds from the balance on the site is not made.
    Go tosite(before use, you must register and replenish the balance by the required amount). Next "Place order ->IMEI Order "
    Attached Image

    In the drop-down list, select the required service (by IMEI or SN), fill in the fields with your data: IMEI if you chose to search by this parameter (SN if by serial number) + UDID (40 characters in lower case) and click on place order.
    Attached Image

    You can (and should) track the status of the order in your account. The same result will come to the mail that you specified during registration.
  • www.uo5oq.com
    Attention! There is information that the service massively began to blacklist people who ordered services
    Russian-language site with Russian-language support (respond fairly quickly). The possibility of withdrawing funds from the site (on a WM purse). Carries out its activities for a long time. The most annoying thing about this site is probably the prices.
    Go tosite(we register and replenish the balance by the required amount). Go to the list of services.
    Attached Image

    Select the necessary (by IMEI or serial number). Pay attention to the status and timing of the service.
    Attached Image

    Enter IMEI (or the serial number if you select this option), select the model, enter the UDID (40 lowercase characters), click "Make an order".
    Attached Image

    Tracking status and results in your account. The same result will go to the email.
  • www.imei-server.ru
    Russian-language site with Russian-language support, carrying out its activities not the first year. Withdrawal to WM, controversial prices. Works.
    Move onsiteand select the list of services (registration and recharge before ordering are required).
    Attached Image

    Choose the desired service. No matter IMEI or serial number - everything will be on one page.
    Attached Image

    Fill in the fields with your data. IMEI or serial number - you do not need to fill in both fields, leave one blank, depending on what parameter you are looking for. UDID (40 lowercase characters), model, optional comment and "Checkout" button
    Attached Image

    You can (and should) track the status of the order in your account. The same result will come to the mail that you specified during registration.

Carefully read the description of the services on the sites - sometimes a refund in case of incorrect data is impossible, and sometimes it is possible under certain conditions. Money and risks are yours, so be careful.
Useful information
Apple Price Archive from Serdgii
What country is the iPhone from?
A - Canada
AA - Tunisia, Morocco
AB - Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt
AE - Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar
AH - Kuwait, Bahrain
B - United Kingdom, Malta and Ireland
BG - Bulgaria
BR - Brazil
BT - United Kingdom
BZ - Brazil
C, CL, VC - Canada
CI - Paraguay
CM - Hungary, Croatia
CR - Croatia
CS - Slovakia, Czech Republic
CN - Slovakia
СZ - Czech Republic
D, DM - Germany
DN - Austria, Germany, Netherlands
E - Mexico
EE - Estonia
EL - Estonia, Latvia
ER - Ireland
ET - Estonia
F - France
FB - France, Luxembourg
FD - Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland
FN - Indonesia
FS - Finland
GB - Greece
GH - Hungary
GP - Portugal
GR - Greece
HB - Israel
HC - Hungary, Bulgaria
HN - India
IP - Italy
J, JP - Japan
IP - Portugal, Italy
ID - Indonesia
K - Sweden
KH - South Korea, PRC
KN - Denmark and Norway
KS - Finland and Sweden
LA - Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, El Salvador, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico
LE - Argentina
LP - Poland
LT - Lithuania
LV - Latvia
LZ - Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay
MG - Hungary
MM - Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia
MO - Macau
MY - Malaysia
ND - Netherlands
NF - Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal
PA - Indonesia
PK - Poland, Finland
PL, PM - Poland
PO - Portugal
PP - Philippines
PY - Spain
QB - Russia
QN - Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway
QL - Spain, Italy, Portugal
RO - Romania
RP - Russia
RR - Russia, Moldova
RS, RU - Russia
RM - Russia, Kazakhstan
RK - Kazakhstan
SE - Serbia
SL - Slovakia
SO - South Africa
SU - Ukraine
T - Italy
TA - Taiwan
TH - Thailand
TU - Turkey
TY - Italy
UA - Ukraine
VN - Vietnam
X - Australia, New Zealand
Y - Spain
ZA - Singapore
ZD - Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, Monaco, Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland
ZG - Denmark
ZO - United Kingdom
ZP - Hong Kong and Macau
ZQ - Jamaica

Determination of whether the iPhone repaired by the first letter of the model
  • M - a new device that has not undergone the exchange and recovery
  • F - recovery unit
  • N - the owner exercised devaysa replacement warranty in SC
  • P - a personalized device. When purchases are made engraving on the body

Activation Lock, AL, blocked for ayklaud - Blocking activation not allow you to activate and fully use the device, actually the main reason for the creation of this branch.
FD, PD - Final Decision, Final Discard, the last decision (verdict) of TA relative to the device in the course of attempts to unlock.
GSX - Global Service Exchange, the most comprehensive report on the device, which can be obtained.
Ref, refnuty - restored the factory Apple device and returned back into use.

Anyone who has the desire to thank the forum and the opportunity to request to post checks inthis topic . The larger the archive, the more good can happen in this world)

The rules of the topic! Be sure to read!
Attention! The topic is open in the new mode!
- the need for a post is determined by users: find the information useful - click "Complaint";
- Periodically, the topic is cleared "at the root": useless messages are deleted at a time.
- messages like "Who can really help with removing the apple id and disabling the find phone ??? ", " Who will help with secret questions? ", " Who can crack mail X? " are considered offtopic, i.e. violation of forum rules! All the necessary information is in the header.Unauthorized commerce on the forum is prohibited, so do not provoke users, because both you and the users who "advised" (read, advertise) this or that service will receive punishment
- messages like "user X can help with AppleID unlocking", "ordered the user X service", "I advise you to contact Apple X for the unlock from AppleID" etc.considered as hidden advertising and are also a gross violation of forum rules . If you, in spite of warnings, still bought the service to untie someone from the users and you were deceived, it is not necessary to write in this topic! Responsibility for your actions lies only with you. Messages of a similar nature will also be deleted!
- Due to the fact that there are often businessmen in the subject, a restriction is introduced to combat them: reviews about paid checkers are accepted only from users with a group not lowerFriendssavagemessiahzine.com, with registration of the year and a positive reputation. Feedback should be expanded with the timing of your order; with screenshots confirming the use of the service; as well as a personal opinion about the service provided, etc.
- Messrs. Merchants! Commerce is allowed only in one section - Commercial Services (this moment is described in more detail in resource rules p.4.23). Messages that are of an advertising nature will be deleted, and the account will be blocked forever!
We also inform you that it is also not necessary to “help” in QMS and then beg money (such actions are similarly equal to commerce). There is a forum, then communicate and help as much as you like - it was created for this purpose.

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Sorry for absolutely stupid question, but I'm at a loss: Phone on the intro "All hello" and asked ayde - how to be?

After replacement of the battery nephew to 5c - iPhone stopped working - took it to the shop. First, they have earned it, and then fell off the controller power, and he stayed there. Master offered to buy a thousand zayklaudenny iPhone - specifically asked not to lock - there is not locked. Nephew goes to college and he need a phone, finance, alas no longer sing and moan ..
Eide on the body and on the phone turned out to be different, telephones with data from 09-2018, backup removed without password because aytyuns got old - a computer from 2008 ..
In short this evening the body is blocked.
OS 9 Email from ayklauda is, without a backup password is.
What to write owner ann Eide I can not imagine it is possible to alter without anxiety thereof?
Try to puzzle master?

checker checker
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