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** Trolls and how to cook them correctly.

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6. All technical questions about the devices we ask in the relevant topics (spoiler "Xiaomi products onsavagemessiahzine.com")
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anton7758 @ 07.08.20, 03:08*
or Karoq.
and why the letterR turned over? : Laugh_wild:: drinks:: friends:

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KAM4298 @ 7.08.20, 2:55*
and why the letter r turned over?

Yes, everything we so through ... at ...: D

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anton7758 @ 6.08.20, 23:13*
Only, I fear, leaving their age.

Seek and ye shall find. Is there some more.

Rep: (1449)
Gaaa @ 7.08.20, 6:24*
Is there some more

Now I do not need. Winter / Spring 2021.

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* Mu_Shu, I have to assemble the whole pretenzny not, because of the little things.
His brother Rapid 4-year-old only a few crickets bred in winter, and here I include condos, begins panel podzhuzhivat apparently freezes :).
The people complain of fuel sensors (my fie three times) until properly plow on kondeya compressor - noisy (also until all OK). In the sealant application quality for body panels, etc.
Seats without lumbar little inconvenient to dalnyak. Went to Novocherkassk (540 km away), after 300 km of track on the right lower back ache. Stopped like five minutes went on, as if nothing had happened.
Shumka is better than on the previous generation. The motor is quite a drive (where we accelerate above 120?)
Overall nraitstsa!

Posted 07/08/2020, 7:28:

* anton7758 Yeah, he is.
Actually I wanted something a little more to buy, but "Karok" should be somewhere else half a million to find ... not found. Tiguan came out more expensive, so we decided to take a long Rapida, but we'll see. I do not like big cars, although Karok like and not great ...

* Mu_Shu, Very misconception. It is because, turbo engines were subsequently made aspirated, and not vice versa, as usually happens. Again dq200 brought to mind, and she rides safely 180-200 tyk to possible repairs (and even more, there have been cases). Although we do not like very much this box, yes)

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ovpshka @ 7.08.20, 7:24*
I do not like big cars, although Karok like and not great ...

I now Octavia Tour. Trunk, like an abyss. Why not just drove. But times of volume of cargo passed - time to sit in the sedan from behind is hard вћЎпёЏ looking average SUV - two.
And for the money ... According to estimates the price sometimes goes with unnecessary options are very close to the price of the next category, but a little poorer. So, I think, better kreditnutsya 200 thousand, but the emotions will be overflowing.

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* anton7758 Also the right approach. But we are not financially SUV pulled up easily.
And lam take credit somehow afraid. Yes, all these things for the first time, but it is one thing when the real estate is quite another when the car.

Rep: (1449)
ovpshka @ 7.08.20, 8:27*
And lam take credit somehow afraid

And not a word! I even 500 do not take - FIG / FIG! : Nono: There overpayment will all the 700 or even more. Acquaintances aces-pickers do not have that in Youtube famously told how they discounts in showrooms and banks knock. And to harness oneself - obuyut anyway. There, over the years honed scheme.

Rep: (538)
ovpshka @ 7.08.20, 7:24*
Very misconception. It is because, turbo engines were subsequently made aspirated, and not vice versa, as usually happens.
In the beginning was the word! And that word - the carburetor! And Turba a whim as always - oil, or rather oil, which leaves no coke and carbon deposits. For example native GM (sorry do not know whose they pour cans) at Ford for 60 thousand litter the oil channels to the turbine. Once you make a mistake and zalesh not even arrived. I like before pouring into all machines Elf, but once you got to the leftist - pressure lamp not rotten about five seconds. As a result, I ran into the washing, and the filter canister 2 oil. Now I take a dispensing Teboil in the company store - knock three times!

Rep: (595)
* anton7758 vw in bank interest small - 6.9, so if you pay month to month for three years (namely, as I made out a loan) is obtained overpayment 40 thousand, but I cry above the norm, so there will be much less.
* Mu_Shu,
With the consent of oil.
Oil is a regular Volkswagen Castrol, which is so-so reviews.
I'm on the first skip to Shell hx8 5w40 synthetic.
Shelovskoe oil in Kalina poured 100 thousand run. Fat is not the word at all ...

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ovpshka @ 7.08.20, 11:49*
100 thousand run. Fat is not the word

: D
Paul Leman Sonata ran and went to the buyer Likvimoli. Refill the end 10 tyk 0.5.

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Ciber SLasH @ 7.08.20, 12:33*
PS: can the subject message is not rubbed.

Here on the car theme. : Dirol:

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* Gaaa,
Like the Germans won somehow maslozhor cwva motors. I almost drove 3000 level as being at high and stands in the same place.
I heard about maslozhor on cfna engines. Who as "lucky", from 0.3 to 0.6 liters per 5000.
Shell also went on a frenzy, but it's hard when otzhigalove near 4-5 thousand rev / min almost constantly. I topped up a maximum of 150-200 ml per 10 tyk run. Those. I go, it's called "on the pensioner's" :)
The city gradually, 50-70km / h, outside the city 105-110. When overtaking to 120. Here Kalinka and ate butter with my riding style. On the Rapid box is not particularly gives turn the engine immediately increased transmission includes. For two months already accustomed to when to press on porezche pedal'ku when priotpustit. The first couple of weeks I podtuplival places), yet the experience of 17 years in the "handle", and then decided that I wanted gidrach, sopstno it and took it.

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