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Find answers to common questions for all tablet PCs. Discussion, comparison of devices, as well as solving problems with software is conducted in the profile topics.

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  1. How to operate the battery correctly?
  2. What if some applications are blurred?
      Need to install the program Win10 DPI Fix . Customize as shown in the screenshot.
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      Before after
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  3. What if the keyboard covers the floor of the screen?
      Download archive , unpack to any folder. Open Task Scheduler and import the Keyboard.xml task. In the security settings, change the user to your own by entering his name. Open the Actions window and change the "program launch" action by writing the path to the "AdjustTouchKeyboardOpacity.exe" file in the "Program or Script" field Then click OK twice and run "AdjustTouchKeyboardOpacity.exe". Now at the entrance of any user, the keyboard will become transparent.
      Before after
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  4. What to do if the tablet does not wake up after 10 minutes of idle time?
      Go to the device manager, there we find the branch "USB Controllers" and open it. In it, open the properties for "Root USB Hub", go to the tab "Power Management", remove the checkbox "Allow this device to turn off to save energy" and click "OK".

  5. How to save photos from windows spotlight?
      Click Win + R and enter the following command:% localappdata% \ Packages \ Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy \ LocalState \ Assets. Click OK and the system will drop you into a folder with files with long names and without any specific extension. Copy all files somewhere to your hard drive. Now you need to change the file extension. Press Shift + RMB - open a command prompt and enter "Ren *. * * .Jpg". All files will automatically acquire an adequate extension and you can sort the pictures by selecting the most beautiful ones.

  6. How to free up disk space after updates?
      In the command line running as administrator, enter the command:dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / StartComponentCleanup / ResetBase

  7. What if the tablet terribly slow?
      Perhaps you have completely run out of space on the C drive, from which the tablet draws the paging file. Release at least 2 GB for comfortable work.

  8. How to delete the Windows.old folder?
      In the command line running as administrator, enter the commandcleanmgr =>Select the system disk (C :) =>Previous installation of Windows.

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* sitizen4,

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* 6adp , with Achi Windows does not load

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And I, going to the BIOS, but with a screen not working with a touchpacker, with a non-working tablet keyboard and a captured mouse \ keyboard - do nothing apparently? To repair?

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What kind of Windows is better and more convenient on the tablets, 8, 8.1, 10?

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* sitizen4,
For me so impressively, 8.1 The smallest smart on the tablets!

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* 6adp , and from 7 to 8.1 will not be updated, still the key will need to buy? Native then 7, but on the touch screen she is not very comfortable

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Sitizen4 @ 07/18/20, 13:06*
from 7 to 8.1 will not be updated, still the key will need to buy?

Why create a problem in a flat place?
First of all, it is not a fact that any of the systems that type is the best, in general will be suitable for use on the existing device, it makes no sense in vacuo to discuss it. Do you think the topic here? If so, then there may be something to be useful. If not, again, look for information, and whether it will be possible at all, install the same 8k, or not. And think many times, and whether it is worth it at all, because if something goes wrong, you can just get a brick without any prospects, especially if some exotic.
By key: Rutraker to help ....

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* Another old bastard , the themes of the device on the forum are not, and in the internet, in general, I also did not find anything

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(Ochen all text, the update rollback did not help). I was going to reinstall Windows 10 on the tablet through OTG-USB, the installation from the flash drive began. Then the tablet showed a bsod error and turned into a black screen brick. The CPU is heated when turned on.

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I have MSI S100 on some atom, Windows 10 with all relevant relevant. On the device, the autoprotment in the portrait mode, on the contrary, upside down, can I somehow rejuvenate, Windows there or softe? With me, plus, suddenly who came across ...

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* SeaName
can. There is an extensive topic on this device (even not alone seems), everything is there.
Oops, on the machine I read the model as I wanted to read ...
Well, I don't care, see the topics of W100 \ 110, maybe the recipes given there will help

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SeaName @ 25.07.20, 02:26*
Somehow rejection, windows there or softe? With me, plus, suddenly who came across ...

Maybe to start try it easier to do? Ctrl + Alt + ↑

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Good evening. Please tell me on the Aser Aspire 3 A315-55G-39NG laptop you can install Adobe Premiere After Effects C4D ???

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Good forum, there is a beast of Trekstor WinTron 10.1, he has a rumbled recovery section.
When trying to roll clean 10k (32 bits), the installer sees only 8GIG from 32, I understand the recovery section (or even a separate flash drive), actually how to install Windows in this case.
Thanks in advance.

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* Nuzur,
Manually tried to make memory markup?
list disk
sel disk 0
convert gpt

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6ADP @ 09/23/20, 05:06*
Manually tried to make memory markup?

Diskpart does not see the second USB flash drive, although the USB connected to the USB flash drive perfectly. The most unpleasant if the flash drive is 32 died: (

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Nuzur @ 09/23/20, 12:24*
Does not see the second USB flash drive,

You have only one flash drive (EMMC memory). And on it, several sections.
Nuzur @ 09/23/20, 03:10*
actually how to install windows in this case

In this case, the Prog Winnt Setup will help you. Using it, you can set a lightweight 10-ki assembly in Compact mode. In this mode, Windows will take only 5 gigs on the disk. Well, the programs will have to put either on the micro CD card, or on the outer flash drive.

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6ADP @ 09/23/20, 09:19*
You have only one flash drive (EMMC memory). And on it, several sections.

Thanks for the answer, but I already read somewhere about such a situation that there are 2 flash drives in the tablet, one on 8 as a recovery, 2nd on 32 as the "main" and installer not see 2.
Perhaps you are right, but for now I still live the hope that there are 2 flash drives there. Because another option is sad sadness.

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All the good time.
I bought this device B.U. In order not to carry the laptop everywhere ...
The seller dropped Windows in stock, because of which it pulled not all devices immediately. Brought downloaded from the site of firewood, flew with an error when installing. He accepted the hasty decision to update everything through Driver Booster, everything found, everything pulled. When updating video drivers, the screen, as usual, blinked and slept on three pixels left ... Picture under the spoiler from the Internet, but the point displays exactly. Next, I decided to install Windows on a new one. The problem is not gone. In the bios, the image is also shifted to these three pixels. How to overcome this problem? Hertesman cannot be changed there only 60Hz, the permission change also does not give anything ... Intel HD video
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And the second problem, the speed of WiFi, we have from 1Mbps to 10Mbps at the best case, also sees only the closest environment, if you get out with the tablet to the kitchen (for example), the signal becomes very weak. According to the logs of the micro -87-89db ... the driver tried to throw different, those that go from the site are put but the card does not work on them (Error 39 in the Task Manager), from the site Realtek everything works, but the problem does not go away. The router rebuilt normally, none of the connected devices is experiencing problems. Realtek RTL8723BS Wireless LAN 802.11n card.

There is practically no information on the Internet on the tablet. I tried to send Kiano to tech support, but the answer was not followed ...
WiFi Paul Wast, but the shift of the picture on the screen is not that it strains, but I would like to put in place :)

P.S. In feedback to the tablet, on different sites, I noticed that they repeatedly complain about bad WiFi, perhaps because of the metal case ...

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Baikal0 @ 15.07.20, 02:51*
With the non-working tablet keyboard and the hell-tumble mouse \ keyboard - do nothing apparently? To repair?
I came across cases when OTG himself works, but the power on the clave of the mouth does not apply. Savings otga cable + active hub (with your BP on 5 volt)

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