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Find answers to common questions for all tablet PCs. Discussion, comparison of devices, as well as solving problems with software is conducted in the profile topics.

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  1. How to operate the battery correctly?
  2. What if some applications are blurred?
      Need to install the program Win10 DPI Fix . Customize as shown in the screenshot.
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      Before after
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  3. What if the keyboard covers the floor of the screen?
      Download archive , unpack to any folder. Open Task Scheduler and import the Keyboard.xml task. In the security settings, change the user to your own by entering his name. Open the Actions window and change the "program launch" action by writing the path to the "AdjustTouchKeyboardOpacity.exe" file in the "Program or Script" field Then click OK twice and run "AdjustTouchKeyboardOpacity.exe". Now at the entrance of any user, the keyboard will become transparent.
      Before after
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  4. What to do if the tablet does not wake up after 10 minutes of idle time?
      Go to the device manager, there we find the branch "USB Controllers" and open it. In it, open the properties for "Root USB Hub", go to the tab "Power Management", remove the checkbox "Allow this device to turn off to save energy" and click "OK".

  5. How to save photos from windows spotlight?
      Click Win + R and enter the following command:% localappdata% \ Packages \ Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy \ LocalState \ Assets. Click OK and the system will drop you into a folder with files with long names and without any specific extension. Copy all files somewhere to your hard drive. Now you need to change the file extension. Press Shift + RMB - open a command prompt and enter "Ren *. * * .Jpg". All files will automatically acquire an adequate extension and you can sort the pictures by selecting the most beautiful ones.

  6. How to free up disk space after updates?
      In the command line running as administrator, enter the command:dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / StartComponentCleanup / ResetBase

  7. What if the tablet terribly slow?
      Perhaps you have completely run out of space on the C drive, from which the tablet draws the paging file. Release at least 2 GB for comfortable work.

  8. How to delete the Windows.old folder?
      In the command line running as administrator, enter the commandcleanmgr =>Select the system disk (C :) =>Previous installation of Windows.

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Solving the problems associated with the operation of the tablet. SOS.
If you can not find the topic of discussion on your device or your question is of a general nature - it is not necessary to create a new topic, post a question here ... only issues specific to tablets. Troubleshooting for OC, and a software are specified in the respective topicsOperating systems and software

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Good Day, I have such a device as Asus ME400CL. All would be nothing, but here the Windows are there some sort of clumsy, semi Russian English floor. Wi-Fi does not cling to any access point. I decided to rearrange the Windows on it, but I don’t understand how to do it yet? HELP PEOPLE.

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Vilson85, perhaps something like this is suitable as an instruction ASUS VivoTab Smart - Discussion. (Post # 21678660) and here's another "direction" to the image of the system Acer Iconia W510 / W510P / W511 (Post # 22922164)

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ordered suchthe tablet, arrived without flash SSD (there is no memory at all - neither in bios nor in the live cd explorer). the seller advised to open and reset the jumper. opened a dispute and a complaint against the seller with the proviso "fake". in case the store administration decides not in my favor, tell me - is the flash SSD implemented in the form of a chip? And can resetting the jumper help the "appearance" of memory?

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Tell me, will the board go from one tablet to another if the resolution of the screen is a matrix and everything else is similar to the characteristics?

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Guys, this question: I stumbled upon announcing the sale of a tablet 3Q Surf Tablet PC AZ1007A. The tablet on Windows, as I have been searching for a long time, but there is one BUT: according to the seller, the battery died (charge controller?), That is, it works only from the network. Hence the question: is it possible to change the battery somehow and from what does it fit there? price 2500-3000

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Can. I think in 3k invest. If the tablet has a one-piece case (the back cover is not removable), then try to disassemble and change. In extreme cases, contact the SC.

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Maybe there is not asked (I here the newcomer), but still. It has a tablet Acer Aspire P-171 (which is Intel Core i3 and 128 Gb hard disk space). So, when you start the game after a while the device is chopped off. For example, when you run the Civilization V (setting: all minimum resolution 1366Hskolko something-there). Played for about an hour - the tablet dies. Tried to install Skyrim - will fly on a minimum 10-15 minutes. It seems that the problem with overheating, but judging by some of the topics in this forum, where at the very least play at a minimum in almost all the games, I thought that something was wrong.

When you start a game, the tablet heats up quite strongly, but at the same time only one works - the right fan is (although it can be so: the tablet on the left is hardly warm). The screen is almost hot, I don’t burn myself, but you can warm up your hands after the street :) The games themselves do not slow down, no slowdowns have been noticed before shutting down.

Question: is this normal? Maybe my tablet should pull such games?

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When the tablet returns from “standby” or after disconnecting from hdmi, the screen is divided in half and the upper part of the screen is shown on both parts. When connected back to hdmi, you can work normally, unlike the tablet screen. A reboot helps. help find out what the problem is

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There is such a Chinese tablet:
http: //ru.aliexpress.c...blet-PC/505280441.html
with installed Win 7, which is installed without problems.
I can not install Win 8.1, which after copying files and the first reboot falls out in error 0xc0000001
I sin on the old BIOS.
Is it possible to find something like this somewhere new to update?
I sent a request for aliexpress, but there is no answer.
In bios I see:
BIOS version
Aptio 2.14.1219

Bios vendor = AMI
core version =
Compilancy UEFI 2.3, PI 1.2
Bios version 100d 6.05 x64
build date = 12/28/2011

written on the motherboard:

c91 mb rev 1.2

Can anyone have this already with Win 8?

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Good time of the day. I ask for help resuscitation tablet Huawei Mediapad 7 Lite. They donated a tablet with a detached USB connector, and so disconnected that it was not soldered to anything. I know that on the prestige tablet there are contact pads for which you can solder and power and so on, and Huawei Mediapad 7 Lite has it. There is help Veda.

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Good day!
After changing the language, the tablet stopped loading. How to recover, who knows?
writes the PC data for your PC is missing or contains errors.
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* lymymba59,

there are no schemes for this model, the torn off roads are not problems, usually such repairs in Moscow cost about 1500 rubles, it's easier for you in the SC.

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Good evening.

I recently bought a tablet Acer Aspire P3.
I discharged it to 7% and it went out, I put on charging and charging does not go and the indicator flashes orange when the Power button is pressed.
I took it to the service and solved the problem, saying that there was a conflict "Windows was updated, and since the battery was exhausted, Windows was not updated, and therefore it wasn’t charging."
The problem was solved, ok.
Now again the same problem has arisen, the tablet does not charge and does not turn on, and the indicator flashes when pressed. How to solve the problem? I don’t want to take the service again, but I want to solve the problem ...

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* Headzzot,

Connect your battery to the laboratory power supply unit and apply a voltage of about 1 volt above the charge current of your battery. wait until consumption drops below 0.30A. You can include.

if there is no laboratory block at home, it will not work. Typically, such a procedure in the service does not cost more than 1000r and takes about 1 hour.

and in the "service" you brainwashed.

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But do not tell me in connection with which this problem arose?
Yes, do not step on the same rake

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* Headzzot,

full battery discharge. Full charge allowed the battery controller, which is clearly not working

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and how much will it cost to replace this controller?
thank you for help

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* Headzzot,

if the problem is confirmed, replace the battery

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Pliz tell me
If you buy a tablet on Vidnos 8 with a resolution of 1920x1080 and reduce it to 1366x768 (so that the buttons in the programs are larger), will everything be displayed correctly, without stretching or distortion?

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