Fly any mediapleery | Samsung GT-I8190

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Any media players fly out

Samsung GT-I8190
OS and firmware: Android 4.1.2 Version: I8190XXAMA2

Description of the problem:
Phone bought in the states, with the start of the inserted memory card filled about 500 songs (on the card), run home pleer, like Georgia, started click the folder with the songs begins loading and pleer crashes (closes), sinned on the memory card has replaced a third of different manufacturers, (Grade 10). Siphoned bunch plleerov a convenience store the same picture, half do not see the folder half hangs and crashes if you fill in the tracks on the internal memory, work through the times when you come across the wire to the memory card, not stupidly opened flies. But music can be heard only through the native media player widget on the slave. table. Please tell me what could be the problem? ottarabanil would offtsal odds, but there is no guarantee gray pipe, double shooting that did not do. In advance thank you all and good)))

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Try to clear the media storage data:
-Settings->Application Manager->Tab "All" ->Multimedia storage>Clear data

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Arman Kirakosyan

The same song (((

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The problem can already be seen that it is not in the map, so I would advise you to reset it to the factory settings through the recovery with data wipes.

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Well, or here you can still get informationSolving problems with files on the memory card.

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Arman Kirakosyan

Yes, the fact is that it was stupid from the start, as soon as the phone was bought, such a canoe immediately began.

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Zorex_samsung @ 05/18/2013, 19:08*
as soon as the phone was bought, such a canoe immediately began.

Zorex_samsung Well, let's order:
Resetting to factory settings through recovery is the so-called hard-drive. With this method, the device, roughly speaking, uses the firmware again. Which is in his memory ALWAYS in a hidden section. And considering that the firmware is out of the box, that is, 99% is the likelihood that this will be enough, and you will not have to resort to re-firmware to solve the problem. And under what circumstances and what caused the problem, we can guess for a very long time.
Plus, you can consult with the users of this unit here.Samsung Galaxy S III Mini - Discussion, and if you still decide to flash the device clean, then the theme for the firmware hereSamsung GT-I8190 Galaxy S III mini - Firmware.
Firmware can be used without problems.

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It is necessary to transfer music not "stupidly 100,500 songs" but to watch what you throw ...
Long names / unreadable characters / curves tags ...
... continue to continue, or are you already starting to understand where I lead?
One lousy is enoughsheepssongs "so that all players go to crash.

Well, clear the data applications of media players - so for prevention and just in case, and then you never know what has already been cached there.

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The girl S4 there all the same tracks are displayed.
As for the "black sheep" faced with such a disaster on the LG P705, I thought this would not happen on samsa.

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Arman Kirakosyan

Guys. Thank you for your help, figured out. )) 0
It was really in the "sheep" that were files with flowers, hearts, icons of melodies and other crap. As soon as they renamed them adequately, it immediately stopped flying and started to appear, thanks again for the help.

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