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Spb Backup | backups

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Spb backup
version 2.1.0
Discussion hacking the program is prohibited.

Last update of the program in the header2.12.09

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Spb backup is a program for backing up data from your Pocket PC. It creates backups in the form of self-extracting archives, compressed and encrypted. This approach makes the process of information recovery very simple and intuitive. There is a function to automatically save data on a schedule.

! When recoveringdesirabledisconnect the telephone module or remove the SIM card.

  • Recovery on another device is possible
  • Backup files from Storage card
  • Selective file recovery
  • Scheduled Auto Copy
  • Self-extracting archive files
  • Full and selective copying
  • Compression and encryption
  • Ability to restore archives on a desktop PC

Homepage: Spb backup
Updating keys from versions 1.x for versions 2.x

Compatibility: Pocket PC 2002, WM2003, WM 5/6

Change History:

Version 2.1(December 1, 2009):
  • Windows Mobile 6.5 support
  • Windows Mobile upgrade 6.1 to 6.5 support
  • Small interface update
  • Various bug fixes based on user reports.

Version 2.0.2(April 14, 2009):
  • Various bug fixes based on user report

Version 2.0.1(July 10, 2008):
  • "Backup failed due to critical error" explained (more detailed description added) in Sync tool
  • Crashes on the Stop processes stage fixed
  • Memory consumption in tight RAM conditions on backup stage reduced
  • Does not make a soft-reset in case of active call

Version 2.0(June 10, 2008):
  • ROM Upgrade Mode - now it's possible to restore data after the ROM upgrade
  • Device Upgrade Mode - now it's possible to restore data on another device
  • Smartphone support - the new backup support for Windows Mobile Standard platform (non-touch screen devices)
  • Interface changes:
  • The look of the main page has been changed
  • The restoring can now be performed from the main screen
  • Backup History - the application shows all created backups and the list of them to restore
  • Ignore Rules - one can add files (for example "\ Program.log") or file masks ("* .log" or "Program_log ??. Txt") that should not be included into the backup archive
  • SMS only restore - a new option to restore only text messages (SMS) from the backup file
  • Now one can choose the compression level, either Normal or High.
  • Backup file verification - the archive file is verified after storing now
  • The storing speed has been increased twice comparing to the 1.x version
  • Desktop Spb Backup Unpack tool. A utility that substitutes for previous Spb Unpack Tool. Now it shows the content of the backup file, and can extract files and registry entries separately.
  • Desktop Spb Backup Sync tool. A small utility supposed to live in your tray and copy backup files when the device is connected

Version 1.6.2(August 02, 2007):
  • Issue of email-only restore after hard-reset fixed
  • Issue of reschedule backup after reinstallation fixed
  • The unfinished backup file is deleted now when the backup is canceled
  • Issue of PIN code on HTC Artemis not accepting in the scheduled mode fixed
  • No soft reset while call is active

Version 1.6.1(May 25, 2007):
  • Database flushing bug fix
  • Spb Diary and Mobile Shell integration minor bug fix
  • Overwrite settings during upgrade bug fix

Version 1.6(May 10, 2007):
  • Windows Mobile 6 support
  • iPAQ rx5xxx / rx4xxx battery driver issue resolved
  • Backlight timeout while device in locked state issue resolved
  • Other minor bugfixes

Version 1.5.5(January 25, 2007):
  • Auto enter PIN code on scheduled backup for automatic device reboot.
  • Stand-alone restorer for large archive files.
  • Improperly restored alarms fixed
  • E-Ten devices incompatibility issue fixed
  • Other minor bug fixes

Version 1.5.1(August 09, 2006):
  • Bug fixing release

Version 1.5(July 12, 2006):
  • New feature: Storage Card backup
  • New feature: Customize file restore
  • Bug fix: Timeout during the restoration of a big email number problem fixed
  • Bug fix: Email restoration bug fix
  • a lot of minor bug fixes

Version 1.1.2(Mar 07, 2006):
  • Bug fixing release

Version 1.1.1(Mar 07, 2006):
  • Bug fixing release

Version 1.1(Mar 01, 2006):
  • Compatibility with HP Protect Tool
  • Compatibility with Odyssey client
  • Hang before starting backup bug encountered on some devices fixed
  • Scheduled backup not starting in some cases bug fixed
  • Spb Backup Unpack Tool bug fixed
  • Minor interface improvement

Version 1.0(Feb 14, 2006):
  • Initial release

Download from the official website:
Installer for PC (English): SpbBackup2_setup.exe
Installer for PC (Russian): SpbBackup2_setup_ru.exe
CAB (English): SpbBackup2.arm.cab
CAB (Russian): SpbBackup2_ru.arm.cab

Download fromsavagemessiahzine.com:
Version 2.1.0: Spb_Backup_v2.1.0_Build_3536.rar thank Kamachi
Version 2.0.2 EXE: SpbBackup2_setup.exe
Version 2.0.2 CAB: SpbBackup2.arm.cab

Unpack tool (for unpacking backup archives on a PC):
  • Unpacking files from backup
  • Unpacking parts of a backup registry
  • Unpacking databases into text files
  • Encryption support
  • Drag-and-drop support

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DownloadSpb backup unpack tool :
For version 1:SpbBackupUnpack.exe
For version 2, it is contained in the installation package for the PC,or…

Purchase the legal version of SPB Backup

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Rep: (0)
Not convenient prog. No choice with custom restoration, no configuration. reset causes do, though why the heck I resset after backup. until nravitstsa.

Rep: (482)
reset after backup - a very educated decision.

On the contrary his absence after a full backup - suggestive.

Rep: (0)
Spice you know better, but I'm here for the freedom of choice and a large number of settings. zabekapit I have it in full mode and razbekapitsya I will need only a portion of such contacts, but it does not allow. It is not gud.

Rep: (265)
And what is the actual difference with the standard bekaperom (seemingly the same thing): blink:

Rep: (0)
This I have with the integrated bekaperom on Fujiko 720th 40 meg against 60 won ..... yes plus file backup ekzeshny .... Simply and sovkusom believe!

Rep: (6)
Lion, 09.12.05 12:32:50
This I have with the integrated bekaperom on Fujiko 720th 40 meg against 60 won ..... yes plus file backup ekzeshny .... Simply and sovkusom believe!

Those. backup you can simply run on a clean machine and all ??? : Blink:: blink:: blink:

Rep: (8)
drazumny ,
Well, yes, like sprite as sktools ...

Why another bekapilka not understand. Especially from the spb. : Yahoo:

Rep: (6)
To select ....
Especially with the serial number for SPB easier :)

Rep: (416)
venton, 09.12.05 19:12:44
No choice with custom restoration, no configuration. reset causes do, though why the heck I resset after backup. until nravitstsa.

How is it not? The program asks to recover all or not? If the answer is no further choice. All nasstroyki go during the dialogue.

Rep: (279)
Compresses file bekapny posilnee.Raznitsa I was (standard-spbshny) -4 mega

Rep: (8)
Hello! And that Betka not Poimena I hemorrhoids? And on WM5 it works, and then two days nulovy Qtek9100 set up and Sunnysoft 3.7 worked at C grade?

Rep: (44)
Highly recommend for the last Roma 1.65 PDA Imate Pocket PC, Himalaya, XDA II, and so on. D. For them, there is nothing better than not. It makes one Restores Zip file with the file PIM (contacts, calendar). So goes SunnySoft forest.

Rep: (24)
and with Russian letters all right after backup?
in the sense kryakozyabry there or there, and then it happens constantly on the standard FSC.<_<

Rep: (44)
Specifically checked. It's okay. AllReader on Russian reads. Time shows on the Russian. The calendar that was in Russian - on the Russian left. LEng not.

Rep: (468)
I do not really understand. yuzal theirs clone - xp after doing recovery machine is restored at the time of cloning, all that was - and then left, by the way someone there said that after the backup sms can not come, so after a clone - it works

Rep: (560)
I stood and clone and backup. After two XP regained all the information and register. Clone recovers data by additions - all that was before the XP + all that was after a very noticeable if the PC is in multiple languages, and double birthdays and backup, IMHO, making recovery are accurate. But the big difference I saw between them. Today left a clone - it works better debugged process, ie, less buggy - backup stuck a couple of times in the middle - only helps Wed.

Rep: (209)
nik-0 May not be such a pattern. I have never seen the program (meaning to PDA application), which had a branching logic, depending on the supply voltage.

Rep: (77)
BombilCalabasov , Branching and no. The voltage of the battery may not be sufficient for the simultaneous writing and reading large amounts of information in backup-e. Therefore, errors occur.

Rep: (54)
I tried this program - found no difference between the standard prog in Dell X50v.
There is a glitch that of this program and others. After repairing the data in the calendar creep duplicate birthdays and they then have to be cleaned by hand!

I confirm - I use the standard prog and I am satisfied.
With regards glitch - too noticed and mother scared the first time. "Raped" had a teacher by using Outlook, but he was not able to help!
Experimented and now do everything to BB in Outlook is very simple! Recommend. So,
Step 1: Change the calendar view (all birthdays automatically prescribed it in the calendar as an annual reminder). The mode<The calendar>enter the menu and sequence of transitions =>view =>order by ... =>current view =>by category. As a result, you have in tabular form all their affairs, sorted by date.
Step 2: Modernize the table. We reiterate journey through menu =>view =>order by ... =>current view =>to change the current view. Here pops up another menu, where you click on the top item =><fields>.
Now, from the left column with the choice of fields to drag and drop into the right column field<notification>and transfers it to the top.
As a result, the tablet will be one more box to the left, in which the opposite events - birthdays - there is a bell icon (warning).
Step 3: Sortiruesh on this field, and the demolition of all the "bells" or overwrites doubles with bells! Voila!

NOTE: It is recommended to move all not to demolish, maybe some data are not double - they are unique (re-introduced, as a rule).

The cause of glitch, IMHO, in incorrect work with Russian names in information. If you make new data, make sure that the view is changed in the contact list. Often, the program at its discretion (I did not notice the logic :)) it can change the name with the surname, or to start with the middle name. Then, when synchronizing or recovery from backup, PDA or PC decide that they deal with different people, and the duplicate of the birthday of the "new character" with a reminder is automatically added! Disable the automatic reminder itself, I could not, alas.

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Rep: (18)
I really liked the fact that she closes open applications, time 4 minutes 18 seconds, but the size bekapnogo 17MB file (although at the beginning of writing that 27.4) vs. 32MB: search: is somewhat alarming. Decided to make a second backup (File name must be changed except when the type of overwriting existing hangs all) time 4 min 28 sec, 17,0 MB size. Now I think whether to do HR for further testing (such as Che in the 17 meg entered, and she forgotten to remember) ...

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