Questions and suggestions on working partitions Apple | Take part in the forum! Suggest your idea how to improve the section!

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Questions and suggestions

Take part in the forum! Offer your idea how to improve the Apple section!

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  • In this topic, write your comments, tips and suggestions for the development section of Apple.
  • If you think that somewhere information is outdated or needs to be supplemented, write in this thread!
  • If you want to create a new FAQ, and you have the material for this, write in this thread!

Additional information on the topic:
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PikNic @ 03/18/2014, 17:33*
the question is not clear, what is meant by "new posts of the entire section"?

Well, in each section there are new posts in the sub-forumOffice programs , Education etc. But in order to find out about new messages, you need to climb through all these sections and see if there are new messages. Previously, there was a live tape in descending order. Now reconcile and climb all sections?

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Riemann @ 03/18/2014, 17:43*
Now reconcile and climb all sections?

We hope that the new filter in the section will help you.iOS - Programs - All programs section (filter), which displays all topics from new subsections and there it will be easy to track topics with new posts.

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Thank you for such an important filter. I suppose you can edit yourself so that you do not see new kamenty from unnecessary topics ...
http: //,662,663,664,665,666,667,668,669,670,671

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Good afternoon, where did the branch about iPod touch 5g go?)

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* demon572,
Thanks for the message, technical overlay. He returned the topic to its place.

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And so, I will begin.

You need a normal FAQ on the commands in the programMobileTerminal
Material, in principle, is:
You only need to translate it and put it here.

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* directorgeneral,
I'm afraid to disappoint you, but this section has not been updated for a long time. In some topics, a tag about it hangs, in others there is no tag, but this does not change the essence. So, for example, in the IOS FAQ almost all information is outdated, but no one changes it. I wrote a "Complaint" 3-4 weeks ago with lists of what needs to be changed, but there is no reaction ...

Look for the latest FAQ versions on DevFAQ.

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Mfilonen2 @ 11/03/2014, 9:13 PM*
I wrote a "Complaint" 3-4 weeks ago with lists of what needs to be changed, but there is no reaction ...
unfortunately, the section team does not see these complaints: they must be handled by the facmakers ...

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* mfilonen2,
That is why this topic was created to keep all the information up to date :)
Therefore, we send all our suggestions here and questions will be resolved!

In order not to be unfounded, look at the topic[FAQ] How to remove adsand the date of its change!

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In the header there was a question about the icons of programs and games in the topic headers. In your opinion, how appropriate is it to close easy access to screenshots that reflect the functionality of applications, for the sake of icons that carry only an aesthetic purpose, moreover, it is very doubtful. We are waiting for your opinions and votes :)

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* PikNic,
I am for thumbnails of applications! But! These thumbnails should have a size of no more than 150x150 px!
When the icon with the program is placed on the floor of the screen and you have to scroll through the page half
(and imagine if this is a phone), in this case there is a huge inconvenience.

In the exampleSpider-man unlimitedthe essence of my words is clearly demonstrated.
Well, why such a big picture? I do not understand...

But if the size is 150x150 px, this is already much better.
Firstly, you immediately understand what topic you’ve entered,
and secondly, you don’t have to scroll the page for a long time to see the description and files for downloading!

* PikNic,
Here you are, a neat little icon and doesn’t annoy anyoneCydia

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* directorgeneral,
Well then, let's begin ...
Apple iOS Theme - FAQ.
1. In the "iOS Version History" post, add information about the end of 6, as well as 7 and 8 versions (I can then provide information).
2. In the post "standard applications":
- The "iPod" application has long ceased to exist, it is divided into "Music", "Video", "Podcasts".
- Safari is no longer version 5 for sure, I can’t say for sure.
- Starting with iOS 6, YouTube is not a standard iOS application.
- Spolight search got a lot more functionality.
- There are no applications on the iPad: Stocks, Compass, Voice Recorder, Phone, Calculator, Weather.
- Applications have been added: Kiosk, IBooks, iTunes U, Podcasts, PassBook, Health, Tips.

3. "Why iPod Touch 2G and iPhone 3G support IOS4 with restrictions" - it would be nice to add tables (screenshots of tables) of iOS versions and functions supported on various devices. This can be found on the web.
4. "How to activate Voice Control" - is not quite relevant, since Siri is supported on the vast majority of devices. "
5. "How to lock or unlock screen rotation?" - with the advent of the Control Center, the instruction would not hurt to fix it.

6. "What to do when you turn on the device for the first time?" - Starting with the iPhone 4S, connecting to a computer is no longer necessary.
7. "How to upgrade to the latest official firmware?" - in general, the same as in the previous paragraph.

8. "How to copy screenshots or photos taken with the built-in camera to my computer?" - write about iCloud.
9. "Is it true that iOS does not support Flash?" - There are browsers that partially support Flash (Puffin, for example).
10. "How to delete photos from iDevice?" - Everything has become much easier. Now you can delete anything from Camera Roll and other albums.

11. Minor errors like clarifying the availability of a particular function in a particular device model.

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Reason for editing: struck out

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* mfilonen2,
So ... offers heard. But it would be even cooler if you posted your version of this faq-a.
In this case, we will be much faster to update topics.

I have a topic[FAQ] How to remove ads (Post # 18042779)corrected
Next in line[FAQ] Accelerate iOS

Therefore, if you have free time, please kindly describe in detail each item that you talked about in a previous post :)

If we connect to other participants, we’ll quickly bring the section back to normal (I don’t want to offend anyone, but they really abandoned him).

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Offer 1
8.x.x versions
8.0 - released on September 17, 2014. Many new features have been added (Handoff, Continiuty, Install Hotspot .. Some controls have been redesigned (control center, notification center). New standard applications have been added (Tips , Health, Podcasts, IBooks). Added feature installing third-party keyboards, installing widgets in the Notification Center, customizing some menus of standard applications.
8; 0.1 - released on September 24, 2014. After installing this version, Phone 6 and 6 Plus users lost the opportunity to use cellular communications.
8.0.2 - released September 26, 2014. Fixed problems with iOS 8.0.1.
8.1 - released on October 20, 2014. System stability has been significantly improved.

7.С….С… versions
7.0 (build 11A465) - released September 18, 2013. Had a significantly redesigned interface, as well as new features (new multitasking, Control Center, CarPlay, updated Siri, improved Notification Center).
7.0.1 (build 11A470a) - released September 18, 2013. Only for Phone 5S and Phone 5C.
7.0.2 (build 11Рђ501) - released September 26, 2013.
7.0.3 (build 11B511) - released on October 22, 2013.
7.0.4 (build 11B554A) - released November 14, 2013.
7.0.5 (build 11B601) - released January 29, 2014. Only for Phone 5S and Phone 5C.
7.0.6 (build 11B651) - released February 21, 2014;
7.1 (build 11D167) - released March 10, 2014. The system stability has been significantly improved, the speed of animations has been increased, some new functions and features have been added.
7.1.1 (build 11D201) - released April 22, 2014.
7.1.2 - released June 30, 2014.

6.x.x version
6.0 (build 10A403) - released September 19, 2012
6.0.1 (build 10A525, 10A525) - released on November 1, 2012
6.0.2 (build 10A551) - released November 18, 2012
6.1 (build 10B141, 10B142, 10B143, 10B144) - released on January 28, 2013.
6.1.1 (build 10B145) - released on February 6, 2013.
6.1.2 (build 10B146, 10B147) - released on February 10, 2013.
6.1.3 (build 10B329) - released March 13, 2013.
6.1.4 (build 10B350) - released May 2, 2013. Only for iphone 5.
6.1.5 (build 10B400) - released on November 14, 2013. Only for iPod Touch 4G.
6.1.6 (build 10B500) - released on February 21, 2014. Only for Phone 3GS and iPod Touch 4G.

Offer 3
IOS7 compatible
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Offer 4
Press and hold the Home key until the following appears on the screen of your device:

* On stock iPad firmware, Voice Control does not work!

Starting with the iPhone 4S and iPad 3, devices support Siri's advanced voice assistant.

Offer 5
You need to double-click the Home button. Then scroll left. To the left of the player control buttons there will be a screen rotation icon. Need to click to lock or unlock.
Starting with iOS 7.0, the Control Center is available - a new IOS control. Now, to lock or unlock the orientation, swing upwards from the edge of the screen, and in the top row of icons of the panel that appears, click on the corresponding icon.
Also, the iPad has a side switch, when you change the position of which it is possible to lock (set in Settings). Not available on iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2.

Offer 6
First of all, you need to connect the device to a computer with the latest version of iTunes installed (look on the official website).
Best of all, if it will be your computer, not a stranger, since the device is attached to the account, and the record to the computer. You can untie it, but not conveniently.

Then you need to create an account in iTunes. When registering, pay attention to the region. If you choose a non-home region, then perhaps the AppStore will refuse to accept your plastic card for payment.
How to register is detailed here:http: // T2534? viewlocale = ru_RU
All purchased or downloaded programs will be recorded on this account.
Only one account can be on the device at a time.
Starting with IOS 5 update is available "on air". Now connect your device to a computer is not required. For initial setup of the device you must specify your country and language, connect to the Wi-Fi network, enter the Apple ID (not required) to enable or disable location services, configure the IPhone as a new or restored from backup ITunes or ICloud, customize ICloud, create a password (optional), turn on the "Find IPhone" (optional), set up a bunch of ICloud keys (optional), customize the Touch ID (optional, only available on IPhone 5S, IPhone 6, IPhone 6 Plus, IPad Mini 3, IPad Air 2). You can also enable or disable the device diagnostics (error sending data about Apple and developers).

Offer 7
Connect your iPhone / iPT / iPad to your computer and launch iTunes.
On the main tab of the device you connected, click the "Check for update" button. Further according to the instructions.
Starting with iOS 5, an over-the-air update is available. To do this, you must have a cellular network or Wi-Fi network, more than 60% of the battery charge or power connection.

Offer 8
Connect your iDevice to the computer - the Windows-based photo manipulator should pop up.
With his help, you can transfer photos to a computer.

If there is no synchronization cable at hand, you can send a photo to yourself by email.

Also, if JailBrake is made, you can use a file manager, for example DiskAid.
Starting with iOS 5, iCloud cloud storage is available, one of the functions of which is the exchange of photos between Mac, iOS and Windows. From the official Apple site you can download the official client of the program "Photostream", and then after setting up photos taken on iOS devices will be automatically added to a specific folder. Starting with Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, this functionality is present in the system itself.

Offer 9
Yes, unfortunately, this is true.
But there are so-called “crutches,” such as browsers with Flash support;

Skyfire web browser
Cloud browse

And special applications for Safari like:


Naturally, all this is not official, and this requires a Jailbreak.
There are also browsers that partially support Flash (Puffin, Photon, iSwiffter). You can read more about

Offer 10
Photos can be deleted from any album.
If you remove them from the "Photostream", then they will be deleted on all devices where the corresponding function is enabled.
If you remove them from the "Film", then they will be removed from all other albums. (except Photostream)
If you delete the photos from the album you created, then they will remain in the "Camera Roll".

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[FAQ] Accelerate iOS - Done!

* mfilonen2,
For the future: support posts with links, so as not to look :)

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Wrote FAQ onContiniuty. Soon I am going to write a FAQ on recording video from the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch display.

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* mfilonen2,
Fine! Well done! Keep up the good work!
You just need to remove the extra spoilers (or add information on the contrary) and you can transfer them here to the FAQ!

I'll take the next one[FAQ] If Cydia crashesjust redoing it in "[FAQ] Popular problems in Cydia and how to solve them"Done -[FAQ] Popular problems in Cydia and how to solve them

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I think we need a good FAQ "What if iPhone is in Recovery Mode." The question in my topics is often asked.

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* mfilonen2,
you have a unique chance to write it yourself :)

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* PikNic,
I’ll write it for sure, but not very fast.

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