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    Windows 8.1 - Operating system of the Windows NT family of production of Microsoft Corporation, following the release of Windows 8 and before Windows 10. Designed for workstations, personal computers and portable devices; The version for solving server tasks is Windows Server 2012 R2. Compared to Windows 8, has a number of updates and changes in the graphical interface. Windows 8.1, as well as Windows 8, is focused on sensory PCs, but does not exclude the possibility of using on classical PCs.

    The main task of Windows 8.1 is to improve the functions that are necessary for employees of various companies and enterprises. Among the updates that will provide Windows 8.1 are marked, including more convenient file synchronization, an improved authentication system when accessing a corporate resource, a simplified printer connection with Wi-Fi and NFC. Also, Windows 8.1 users will have the ability to configure its device so that it will immediately display the desktop when switching on, bypassing the start screen. The update will make some improvements and to work the 11th version of Internet Explorer.

    What's new about Windows 8
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* regska4,
Without disabling defi, any manipulations on acceleration are useless. Well, and so, in thoughtful tuning, even on HDD, 8.1 will post 7 will be. But it will be necessary to cut a lot.

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as the laptop stopped loaded, I tried to restore, I don't remember exactly how and what I did, I remember, first of the download from the flash drives were available directly sections, then I remember, I wanted to format the section with, dischard, and did not know that it was not formatting The entire disk, formatul, well, the AOT is now to see the content only through the find and mount program, now even to install a new Win need to format the entire disk 1 TB. What will advise, Pzhc, what to do, so that the losses are minimal? Make prog Find and Mount Images images, throwing them on an external HDD? Ile just stupidly drop data on an external HDD without creating images? Or you can format a HDD and then restore all the data for example, the GetDataback program? In general, it is looking for one question, how to connect the laptop and PC on the network cable from the loading flash drives?

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Strikulist1979 @ 17.10.20, 22:19*
How to connect on a laptop network cable and a PC from the wired flash drives?

That's exactly what is called "Dr. @ read eddyadk"
Well connected them, loosened folder and what? Your program to restore everything and the whole all the same sees only local disks and her drum on the network.

Relieve a hard drive from a laptop, cling to a computer and restore your porn collection. This is the easiest and fastest way. Or you use a portable HDD to recover data from a laptop HDD without disassembly.

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Friends! Tell me what can be done, I took the ASUS VivoBook X540MA laptop with the pre-installed Windows 10 - brake, is not suitable even for surfing, I tried to install different assemblies, when turned on steadily eats from 2GB RAM.
Yesterday I tried to install Windows 8.1 - the first impression of Wau - everything works smoothly, there is no lolls that were with a dozen, but it turned out there is a bunch of minuses - download drivers from an Intel's offsite for an Intel UHD 605 video adapter for the eight - when installing - an incompatibility error, moreover - In the device manager, there is no video adapter at all - what can be done?
The touchpad also fell off, and terribly lacks the brightness adjustment of the screen, those who rolled their laptop to a later version of Windows, tell me how to be with the drivers, if they are simply no for this system, TC laptop walked with a dozen of the box
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* seenoos,
Asus Vivo book X540SA, R540SA - DiscussionIt seems like and yes? 10 Do not try to put even ltsb- brakes yet ...., if another path is not then put, and I tried 7k? Read the lush, the driver on the touch is even sort of trying

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* sasisa17 , * sasisa17 ,
Now the eight of the eight, I installed this LTCB, but I will throw it out on the eight, damn it is not enough of the elementary things - the brightness adjustment for example, and so everything is just super, but I have not tried to put this seven. Now I will try to roll the eight and firewood from the topic, the link to which you gave

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* seenoos , try. And even better try this 8ku and most likely better than x64. Even x64 8k wins 10ki x32 in the plan of Zhora Runs: Wacko:

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Sasisa17 @ 10/25/20, 21:35*
Even x64 8k wins

I fully confirm your words. Without installation of drivers on video, that x86 that x64 is eating 200 meters of operationing Total.
After installing 300-400 meters.

This is a miracle, not the axis. Fast as diarrhea. It did not stick to it with three telemetry boxes. There is a whole recording filter set, even embedded Lockdown Manager made.
After cutting out an excess WIM file in x64 weighs only 1.57 GB, and by respressing in ESD and only 1.2GB. By the way, the preset for NLITE is applied to an image of ru_windows_embedded_8.1_industry_enterprise_with_update_x64_dvd_pdate_x64_dvd_6052201 (all game has been removed in the preset, defenter deleted)

I do not understand those who hold for the seven when 8.1 embedded are more quickly and more stable.

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Zank1 @ 26.10.20, 21:20*
In her, small-scale did not stick with three telemetry boxes

Win8.1(even Win7 after some updates)Exactly stuck with hidden telemetry. But it is easily disconnected / deleted after installation. It is not even necessary to do it in manual - there is an appropriate software, and batch file;)

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There would be no happiness, but not happiness helped !!!

On the laptop is Windows 8.1. Recently (half a year), the laptop very much slowed down. I sinned on the old Core i3 and 4 GB of RAM.
And then there was a problem with the internet internet. So far, I found out a problem with the provider on whose side, I connected the laptop to the Internet via WiFi through the access point (the function of which was performed by a mobile phone). And about the miracle, the laptop began to "fly." Even hardly launched for Photoshop laptop began to rustle.
No changes in the settings of the laptop did not make! Nothing turned off and did not optimize! Just instead of connecting to the standard network, I connected the laptop on the Wi-Fi through the access point.

Now I'm trying to understand what exactly was the reason for the acceleration of the laptop? Can someone tell me in which direction to look for the truth in order to speed up the work of the laptop with a standard standard connection to the Internet (standard scheme: WiFi laptop to Rout ASUS RT AC55U and then Ethernet provider cable)

Thanks for the constructive tips

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Launch to slow down on 10K, there is no video driver for 8k for UHD605

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SEENOOS @ 10/27/20, 18:56*
There is no video driver for 8k for UHD605

Then try the old driver Pak dug out for 2016-17 from SDI_UPDATE may be in it.

Official driver directory from Microsoft. There are almost all vintage drivers.

http: //

Gary98 @ 10/27/20, 14:18*
Thanks for the constructive tips

Try when working with a patchkord in a drift porthigh performance In the settings of energy saving and compare.

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* Bigbobson ,
BigBobson @ 10/27/20, 0:58 *
There is an appropriate software, and batch file

What programs do you recommend?

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Gary98 @ 10/27/20, 23:11*
What programs do you recommend?

Hold, turn off the telemetry.txt Rename into the disconnection of telemetry.Bat removes the entire tripper from the task scheduler.

ssdtweakfull.reg is just applying, it collected current registry parameters for SSD and HDD, disconnecting the paging and prioritizing work. Each parameter in it can google and solve it is needed or not. Everything is currently taken from SSDTWeakeRa (in it half of the options are unnecessary and irrelevant game) and from Comrade Flembistra with tonestsru, he spent just awesome Optimization of LTSB Windows 10, but tweaks are of course relevant for our 8.1. But 8.1 is still faster than 10 LTSB. Although cut.

Also use DISM ++ in it stupidly you can almost all check inoptimization , especially in the section other

Also right with the current content of the Host file. I also apply it, but you can download with

The official activation of Embedded and corporate versions of all Windows is made by two commands in the command line. The first command is setting the Internet CCM server, the second is activated. There are no programs for this.

slmgr / ato

The second team may have to be szzzzad .... to enter a couple of times.
Available online KMS Servers:
Hidden text

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* zank1 , thank you, I spindle

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