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    Windows 8.1 - the operating system Windows NT family of manufacturing by Microsoft, the next time the output of Windows 8 and to Windows 10. It is designed for workstations, personal computers, and portable devices; version, designed to solve the problems of server - Windows Server 2012 R2. Compared with Windows 8 is a series of updates and changes in the GUI. Windows 8.1, as well as Windows 8 is focused on the sensor PC, but do not preclude the use of classic PC.

    The main task of Windows 8.1 is to improve functions that are essential to employees of various companies and enterprises. Among the updates that provide Windows 8.1, it is indicated, including, more convenient file synchronization, improved authentication system for access to corporate resources, simplified connection to the printer via Wi-Fi and NFC. Also, the Windows 8.1 users will be able to set up your device so that it is immediately displayed when you turn on your desktop, bypassing the startup screen. Updates will some improvements in the work of the 11th version of Internet Explorer.

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I wonder if it will be as successful as XP or 7? If you believe in the tendency that successful small-scale axis is obtained through one. : D

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We need to think more globally!

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I hope that the next. OS melkosoft refuses or from the interface of the metro (will leave it only for tablet PCs) or vice versa, everything will be transferred to the Metro for it is very hemorrhagic worn between 2 interfaces ...

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Deeps1de , and I hope that they will make two versions: one with a cut out metro-interface for the desktop, and the second, already with the above, but for the tablet. I think the ideal would be

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And it is not known when the announcements will be or more information.? What exhibitions can? On the Internet I found only info that it will be possible to change the size of the tiles and that is not a fact ...

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Hmm ... T-shirts successful Windows goes through one - Win XP Epic wines, Vista - Epic Fail, Seven definitely wines no less than XP, Eight imho more all the same Fail. Nine must be good :)
I'm really looking forward to it, because The eight did not like at all. Now I am sitting on the seven.

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Don Willy,
And if everything remains the same and only the color, will the size of the tiles change? Will you pass? : drag:

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} {uMuK @ 01/12/2013, 15:44*
Don Willy,
And if everything remains the same and only the color, will the size of the tiles change? Will you pass? : drag:

Not. I hate the subway (and it’s so hard that I can’t pass over any censor words), I don’t like the new type of conductor and the lack of a start button. I don’t like the whole look and feel of the eight, where everything that can be done is flat and one-color.
I know that the metro is turned off, the start button is added and in general the eight, like any other Windows, can be finished for yourself so that it looks as it should. But nafig I need it when there is a good old seven that suits me 100%.

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I like the subway. But I would like its development. For example, from the start of use to this day like the left of the avatars and get hold of a small information area. In her place primarily watch battery, vayfay network and trailer status of currently active messengers. In this place straight suggests something similar. And so as not to injure the feelings of touch device users to make it clickable. Everybody is happy and excited. Why Microsoft did not think about, I do not know. Well, you need to finalize the lock screen. As minima to bring to the level of VP8, as a maximum to remove the stupid and unwarranted restrictions on the number uvedomlyalok. Particularly advanced.

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Don Willy, /
if you don’t like the eight, it doesn’t mean that it is a file. Some people could not use the 7th and sat on xp, it turns out, and 7 - feil? Personally, I like absolutely everything in the new version of windows.

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Dark @ 01/27/2013, 1:04 PM*
Personally, I like absolutely everything in the new version of windows.

And the creepy appearance in desktop mode too?

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Now all topics, from Windows XP to Windows 9, are reduced to Metro 8k interface: D

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Happy Prince @ 01/27/2013, 5:56 PM*
And the creepy appearance in desktop mode too?

I personally like the tiles much more labels. There are flaws, but also informative and more beautiful. Yuzayu eight from the very first day of the official release, I look at the old desktop as something older, and in the eight I use it as a file dump with the ability to scatter files in different corners.

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Alex93 @ 01/28/2013, 2:11 PM*
it is like a file dump with the ability to scatter files

Well, it is immediately clear that you are not an office worker: D
A bunch of documents, samples, contracts, regulatory legal acts, etc. - you keep all this naturally on the local disk, and as a result you work with them from under the "desktop" ... and, in principle, the sense with the metro is lost, but that's all cool ...

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Blue - comprehensive update of Microsoft productsIt is interesting to see what happens in the final.

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But I want a frequent update and I even like the idea with Blue more. If there will be updates every year or half a year, and every 3 years there will be the largest updates to change the first digit, it will be super. For example, Windows 8.1 Blue, Windows 8.2 Cyan, Windows 8.3 Denim, Windows 8.4 Emerald, etc., it will be cool. True, this is just my assumption that versions will be denoted like this. : D I think Blue is an internal name. Wait and see.

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You know, no? Walkgossip ;)

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Vonemes @ 03/04/2013, 15:27*
You know, no? Rumor has it

It would be better Aero returned.

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But if in the inevitable SP1 for 8k, for example, an option appears that allows you to return to the standard form, with start menu and subway shutdown ?? I feel immediately 8ka will be for most good, white and fluffy :)

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EagleXTX @ 03/07/2013, 14:39*
and off the subway
Yes, let it remain, does not interfere too much.

EagleXTX @ 03/07/2013, 14:39*
will become for most good, white and fluffy
Without Aero will not: beee:

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