iPhone 5 / 5C / 5S / SE - marriage | defects identified after purchase.
What defects do you have?
Bubble / wave effect on display [ 263 ] ** [7,97%]
Artifacts seen on display [ 346 ] ** [10,49%]
There are some OS issues [ 306 ] ** [9,28%]
There are problems with the assembly / housing [ 1033 ] ** [31,31%]
None of the above [ 1430 ] ** [43,35%]
Total votes: 3299

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iPhone 5 / 5РЎ / 5S / SE - Marriage
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We remove the crunch of the Home button (personally did not check):To read!

Known marriage and problems:
Marriage (Industrial Marriage) - This is a product that does not meet the quality standards, specifications and other regulatory and technical documentation, which was adopted by the country's legislative acts, technological rules of the enterprise or other similar regulatory documents.
At the moment, it is known that anodized coating on the edges of the black copies of the device peels off.
A photo:
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Identified the first problems in the display of the iPhone 5 [video]
New iPhone 5 issues: yellow spots on the display and fast battery discharge
Users complain of a light leak in the front of the white iPhone 5
Regarding backlash buttonsandmore about them
Remove the creaking of the Home button
Very interested in the issue of strumming when tapping the back of the machine. Is this phenomenon normal or not? I read that it can "walk" the battery. If so, how it will affect the operation of the device, can it be turned off?
-If with a slight tapping on the body of the smartphone, we hear extraneous noises - this is normal! As you hear the sound made by the rear camera's optical stabilization system. The system is designed in such a way that one of the elements of the system is in a “suspended” state and has a free course along the horizontal and vertical axis. More information about optical stabilization systems can be found.HERE.
The problem of bending housing (for example, if carried in the back pocket)
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Information on warranty service and technical support of iPhone 5C / 5S
You can check the warranty period byreference
Technical support for Apple in Russia is provided by t .: +7 (495) 580-95-57
Warranty service inauthorized service centersin Russia only iPhone 5S models A1457 and iPhone 5C models A1507 (information from Apple) are subject
Find out the date of production of the iPhone and the factory by S / N
According toreferenceYou can determine the release date (week and year) ... Link while working ...
Type result:
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Previous polls:
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All about the moisture / liquid indicator on iPhone 5 / 5C / 5S
The indicator is activated by direct contact with water or a liquid substance. The color of the sensor in its normal state is white or silver, but after contact with water or a water-containing liquid, it becomes saturated red. According to the specifications of the device, the indicator on the iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c smartphones in the SIM tray should not be triggered by fluctuations in humidity or temperature that are not beyond Apple’s requirements for the product’s environment.
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To better see the indicator of contact with the liquid iPhone 5s / 5c, you can use the magnifying glass with light and change the angle of illumination of the device until the indicator is clearly visible.

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Hello everyone;) Theme created especially for those who have not purchased 5ku, but in the near future is going to do it (preferably on the territory of the Russian Federation). We have long known what problems have arisen at devaysa last series. Namely, after the purchase, we can "surprise", chipped on the edges, but the phone has been sealed in a box (ie a defect in the production stage), also displays manufactured by Wintek, which subsequently found a manufacturing defect, we are talking about the effect of the so-called "bubble" or "wave", there is also a problem relating to certain artifacts, and blinking display. Just wanted to hear about the operating system and reviews its shortcomings. The general theme will help someone decide to buy, and who is to think about other options. Thank you and enjoy discussions!)

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I did not find any marriage in my iPhone5, as in all previous ones.
I think the bulk of the marriage is far-fetched, but like after each release of the next iPhone.

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In his, too, I did not find any marriage, and I don’t even want to believe that it happens. Most likely this is no longer a marriage, but someone has cruelly blasted you

Posted 12/18/2012, 6:13 PM:

In his, too, I did not find any marriage, and I don’t even want to believe that it happens. Most likely this is no longer a marriage, but someone has cruelly blasted you

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Does anyone have a light on the iPhone 5?
46 weeks of release, there is a little under the light. Only visible when the screen is dark or that place is dark. At an angle, the light disappears, but it can be clearly seen if you hold the screen straight ahead.

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I'll tell you a long but interesting story about iphone 5.
I have been using iPhones since 2009. I had 3gs, 4, 4s two pieces and 5 (!) Fifth iPhones. All iPhones up to the fives worked perfectly and there was never any marriage, so I thought that the Apple technique was super reliable and of high quality, but now the opinion hasn't changed much.
And so 28.11 bought the first five black 16 GB. Everything was good, but after 2 weeks I sold it because of 7 chips on the edges (I exploited it very carefully). After bought ...
2nd black iPhone 5. I liked the black one so much that I decided to give him a second chance, but after half a day of operation 2 chips appeared and he was sold the same day for the same money.
The 3rd white iPhone 5. It seemed to work fine, but the next day the screen lock button, it also Power, fell almost behind the face with the end of the device. The seller returned the money because there were no more whites.
The 4th white iPhone 5 is purchased elsewhere. The assembly was perfect, all the buttons, everything worked fine and no chips on the case out of the box. Well, I think fine, but nifiga ... the next day, the phone began to hang on and off. I changed from the seller to black again already the 5th Wyfon 5 in a row. 2 days of operation, while there are no faults and I hope very much there will not be, but it is already very tired.
Here is my experience at the moment.

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Unsubscribe here and then) in one place, the plastic frame that was around the screen was open. As a result, the piece is not enough there) bought rst in a connected

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I noticed that in the dark, if you look closely, the distance sensor is lit when the screen is on (not in talk mode, the Siri function is held up and talked off too). As soon as you put the sensor on the lock, it turns off. That's it.

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Thank you for such a detailed response and time spent. I hope many of this information will be important. And then there have already appeared opinions that he can not have defects.

But what about the story with the 920th ... ended?

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Another jamb in my camera shoots in the dark with noise for 4 of this is not

I have the same noise!

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bamblbee101 so where are you on the top five plastic frame then found?

Here at least someone upload photos of your defects.

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Well, at least some facts.

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what does "light elude" mean? ... is it a greenish streak on your photos or something else?

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Well, in principle, this dot and does not interfere, but if you are nervous, then change it.

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there is not a point there) the point just does not burn only when I shoot. side leakage

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Nataliyqueen @ 12/19/2012, 0:34*
here to take me with this, or leave someone as he thinks? I myself do not know on the one hand is not so scary on the other unpleasant

When it's nice for me, it's better)

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Nataliyqueen @ 12/18/2012, 11:10*
there is not a point there) the point just does not burn only when I shoot. side leakage

This point is lit near the speaker? Yes, a little light escapes from the body!

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Do not be afraid, it is necessary to seek.

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I'll call you to the store tomorrow and find out how I’m honestly inclined not to change it, because it suits me otherwise)!

ps: and in general, I think someone who ischit always finds, it hurts, I’ll find fault)) you can see it only in complete darkness on a black background at maximum light, so all this is nonsense, I will enjoy))) Especially some people have problems like batteries , lights on the screen, stripes, bubbles (((in general, the equipment is not perfect and you can dig anything and eat!

I have one additional question. I didn’t see the dog, put the iphone on the sofa came in a couple of seconds, she sniffs it ((if you suddenly licked around the home button in the future I could threaten something?

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Yeah, you will have your own feature-backlit keys))
In general, it would be interesting to look at the transparent bodies with backlighting, so that both the case and the PCB board, etc. transparent. It is strange that these are not done for marketing purposes.

PS))) Hands need to be washed after a meal, too)) The dog’s saliva will leak onto the contacts, they skorodiruyut button will cease to be pressed, in attempts to press it you will split the main board, upset and throw it from a high-rise building)))
In general, only the microbes on the button will be less.

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The plastic that was slightly broken off to be on the frame that holds the screen (that is, right along the edges of the glass is located) and in one place it was badly broken in length about 3mm of the frame now looks not white but gray and dirty and curved) with lumium has long since finished I was waiting for the call, but my speaker broke down; I decided that it was not a telephone)

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