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Important Apple section announcements

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This topic will be published ads sections Apple, so you are always aware of what is happening. :)

The curators of the sections are obliged to follow the topic.

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In sectionsiOS - ProgramsandiOS - GamesMarked with the tag [TV] for programs and games that support Apple TV 4, for which you need to check the corresponding checkboxes when creating new themes. To add tags to existing themes, we will need your help, for more details, in the announcementAnnouncement: The labeling of programs and games for Apple TV 4.
Also in the mentioned sections the corresponding filters appeared, icons for which were kindly providednafukto thank .

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Themes for searching programs for iPhone and iPad are combined into one topic.Search for iOS software.

Themes for searching games for iPhone and iPad are combined into one topic.Search for iOS games.

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The Apple Device Marriage section has been renamed to “Apple Marriage and Repair».
In the near future, topics corresponding to his subject will be transferred to this section.

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Dear Apple Section Curators, please fill inCurators' databases.

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  1. The following changes were made to quickly navigate the forum:
    1. In sectioniOS - DevicesAdded filters:

    2. From sectionTvYou can also quickly go to the discussionApple TV set-top boxes

    3. In sectioniOS - ProgramsYou can also quickly go to the discussion of navigation programs:Navigation (redirect)

  2. ATiOS section rules Programs / iOS Gameschanges were made:
    1. Information for software developers
      • If you are a developer and do not upload an ipa file, you take responsibility for developing the program and maintaining the theme yourself: periodically place promotional codes in the subjectPromo codes from users and developers, answer users' questions about the operation and upgrading of the application, notify them of ongoing promotions inPromotions on the App Store | Programs (for program section), atPromotions on the App Store | Games (for games section), inform about new versions, changes, etc. In case the topic is not supported for more than 1 month, the administration reserves the right to close it and / or move it toiOS - Programs (Archive).
        If the developer does not systematically support themes, the creation of new ones (without the unlocked AppleID .ipa files) may be denied.
      • A prerequisite for all developers: in the topic header should be expressly stated that you are the author of this application. To do this, create a theme check box:

    2. Conventions in the program description
      • [IPhone] - the program is optimized for iPhone
      • [iPad] - the program is optimized for iPad
      • [Watch] - program with Apple Watch support
      • [TV] - program with support for Apple TV digital media player
      • [dev] - the developer is in the subject

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In sectioniOS - ProgramsAdded new reference: [iMSG] - the theme includes an application for iMessage

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  • From sectioniOS - Firmwareremoved the subsection "Help and solution for firmware problems" .
    Now, help with firmware and device configuration can be obtained in the sectioniOS - First Aid
  • Changed the structure of subsections iniOS - First Aid:
    • Personal experience - Life hacking is published(there is no problem or it is small, but the user has found a solution)+ exchange of usage statistics(e.g. battery statistics)as well as FAQs, where information is not verified and questions are being actively asked.
    • Popular problems and solutions - the problem is common, a solution has been found, but it is not universal and the discussion continues.
    • iOS - FAQ (redirect)- a place where information is not just collected, but also verified and properly framed.

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UpdatedAnnouncement: Guide to Apple section. Find a popular theme 2 times faster!

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Digests published:
Overview of new and updated software for iOS (January 16 - March 5, 2017)
Overview of new games and updates for iOS (January 1 - March 5, 2017)

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Thanks to the effortArchidevil completely rewritten the topic header I can not activate, requires Apple ID .
Now each user can easily figure out how to properly prepare documents and how to communicate with the service of those. support to successfully unlock AppleID devices.

Thank Archidevil

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Apple subsection rules merged:Announcement: Apple Section Rules

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SectioniOS - Programs Substantially cleaned - moved to archive the following topics:
  • 1770 irrelevant themes older than 2015.
  • 140 topics that are no longer supported by developers.
The section plan is to create a catalog of programs that would be most interesting and useful to our users.

If you notice that some application is no longer supported (the application was removed from the AppStore, the iTunes link does not work, the ipa file is not installed on the latest iOS versions), report it to the moderators via the button Picture

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SectioniOS - Games was also cleaned of irrelevant and unsupported topics.

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