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Important Apple section announcements

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This topic will be published ads sections Apple, so you are always aware of what is happening. :)

The curators of the sections are obliged to follow the topic.

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ATregulationssections of programs and games added a new item:
The name of the program / game must match the name specified in the App Store (without translation into Russian / English). This will facilitate the search and prevent the creation of a duplicate topic.

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The results of the first stage are published.Release Battles:

Good luck to everyone in the future stages :)

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The results of the second stage are summarized and published.Release Battles:

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The results of the third stage are summarized and published.Release Battles:

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The results of the fourth stage are summarized and published.Release Battles:

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The results of the fifth stage have been summarized and published.Release Battles:

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The results of the sixth stage have been summarized and published.Release Battles:

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In the wizard topics sectionsiOS - GamesandiOS - Programsadditions made.
Now, when creating a new topic, it will be necessary to indicate the directory (subsection) in which, when checked by the moderator, it will be moved.
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The results of the seventh final stage are summarized and published.Release Battles:

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Summed up and published the results of the competitionRelease Battles:

We thank all users who participated in this contest!

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We decided to conduct a small survey among users about the themes in the caps of programs and games:Questions and Suggestions for Apple Partitions
We are waiting for your opinions.

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Anyone who is not indifferent to the fate of the sectioniPhone / iPad - FAQand who would like to help in hard work on updating existing FAQs and writing new ones, including rational advice, we invite you to the topic:Feedback and suggestions for the section

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All section titlesApplebrought to a single style and begin with the word "iOS" :)

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Thanks to the initiativesdirectorgeneral we have a completely updated topic Request for lost files .
It contains links to already unpacked firmware. Now you can immediately, without asking questions and not waiting for help, download the necessary files.
We are especially grateful to all users who agreed to help us in the design of this archive.

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directorgeneraltransferred to a groupFAQMakers and put in charge of the section iOS - FAQ

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By forcemfilonen2 (to thank) createdApple iOS 7 - FAQ
This FAQ will replace the outdated topic.Apple iOS - FAQ

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By diligencemfilonen2 (plus in reputation) createdApple iOS 8 - FAQ,for which we express gratitude on behalf of the Apple partition team.

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So we finished the cataloging sectioniOS - Games !

On behalf of the Apple partition team, we are very grateful to the users.shagaliev97 and sanchez2012 for assistance in cataloging the section!

Thank users can be a plus in reputation.

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koleso613translated intoHonorary Gameday .

ATApple Section RulesSome changes have been made:
2. MacBook is discussed in the section Laptops and UMPC,Mac mini , iMac and Mac Pro - in the Computers and Peripherals section, iPod (except Touch) - in the Multimedia Players section (all models and generations), Apple Watch - in the Smart Watches section

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The theme “App Store Promotions” is divided into two topics:Promotions on the App Store | GamesandPromotions on the App Store | Programs
The curator of both topics assignedBerline.

As usually wrote before when publishing a new FAQ ...
Thanks to the effortmfilonen2was launchediTunes - FAQ

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