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from the author
The Chinese have appeared on TV-Box-percent. Amlogic AML8726-M3 (Cortex A9) with support for DVB-S2.
Infa is not much. It is known that the manufacturer promises support for XBMC.
Trademarks under which this miracle appeared:
- STV-502
- TG-NL36
- stb901b
Maybe someone had time to buy? Interested in the ability to connect the balls to this device.
Other DVB-S2 devices

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"... RealVideo 8/9/10: up to 1280 * 720 pixels"

at least one such device produces a full Full HD?

In general, the device is interesting. "correct" trend. The price is about $ 100 (?)

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Ali can be purchased for 80 dead raccoons.Tyts.

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Is there any feedback about this miracle? question the possibility of the balls are interested. and full hd

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So I understand that there are no Russian owners yet.
There are no reviews in RuNet.
Full EH-di this percent will take without tension.
As for sharing, I think a matter of time - the craftsmen will screw the android.

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I ordered this devais recently, waiting ... soon to be infa

Posted on 11/25/2012, 12:20 PM:

This data has such a chipset as pivos, on which Linux has already been ported

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on which already ported linux

um He is something fromthis xbmcis different?

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And why do you need this hemorrhoids! Buy a normal HD receiver and a cheap whistle, and that will be more, ..

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someone needs just a tuner, but this devais can be used as an all in one, Wi-Fi router + web server + media center + a lot of things, + the price is excellent ~ $ 70 with delivery, here dvb-s2) try to get a resource for it so that it can be hacked, and if it will be 100% Linux on it, it will be a bomb

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I think you need to look at the boxes with 1. Amlogic AML8726-M3 or wait with 2. Amlogic AML8726-MX (M6) - Mali-400MP2 with 2 pixels. conv. and 1st and 2nd too. I bow to the first option because of the availability and price of real. I emphasize - the boxes and not the whistle due to overheating and the glitches of the latter. For example: There's even support DVB-T / DVB-S2 (optional) of current where is the entho to take?

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otpish sell in PM, place an order, but do not pay, it will correct the price tag ...

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He1ix @ 11/28/2012, 9:54 PM*
otpish sell in PM, place an order, but do not pay, it will correct the price tag ...

What is sold? And what to write? Write pliz in lichku.

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Lezhez from the usual company on Ali (and not on the mobile version of the site), you register, if you don’t have an account yet, you find the device you need, further on the picture:
Attached Image

Attached Image

A day later you look at the answers in the Message Center of your account.
Attached Image

Most likely it will be like this:
1. You throw the goods in the basket.
2. Click Place order
3. You reach that point of Make Payment, but you do not pay.
4. There is also a Leave Message to Seller item, so there, if you have agreed in the preliminary correspondence, you send a reminder again that you need to adjust the price tag taking into account DVB-S2.
5. Cherz day again you climb into your aak, you watch Transaction, where orders that require payment, if the price tag has changed, you pay ...
A month later, "burfak" (Beer & Fuck) with a new piece of iron.

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I received a package yesterday, the devas are quite raw as for the satellite receiver (software level), the photo is here

translate used ...

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I think that until there is a sharinga, then this is an empty box. One ad look yes Arabs.

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Thank you for the posted photo report + video.
Himself very interested in such a device. Did you manage to understand why it was not possible to scan other channels? Does the dvbplayer program scan only open channels, or does it just not open the closed ones?
Also noticed that you have a Skybox series receiver :). I myself use the same.

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it scans and encodes but not all channels appear, as for example on my other normal receiver (memo box m3), you can see that the dvb player program itself is not working enough, instead of tuning the disk as 1/1, 1 / 2..1 / 4, there a / a, b / b, a / b, b / a, tried and so seak, does not work, maybe not there drip. and there are some settings there is a screentytsrecording works with a bang, the channels are switched instantly, if the program is finalized + it has been sewed onto the ball, then it’s what you need, but I think it will not be soon.

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Here dug on the Internet, a little closer than you price and date of the start of sales are unknown. They promise 2 OS-Enigma 2 and Android, i.e., the reception, including sharing, will go through the first, everything else through the second. The presence of Enigma 2 under Cortex inspires cautious optimism about the functionality of these devices.

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Most likely, not all channels are scanned due to the fact that the LNB TYPE parameter is not correctly selected. In NTV + / Tricolor (E36) - circular polarization. The value should be 10750. 22k can be turned off - is it for diseqc, or do you have a diseqc switch?)

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Yes, through the disk, but on the line there is linear, the same garbage, the same thing, I'll try again tomorrow, if I can't get it, I drop everything

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Nicku, it looks like you have either not all transponders added, or there is only FTA scanning mode. Try a blind search in crypted-all mode.

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