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Editing system apk Samsung Galaxy S III | Discussion, exchange of experience, instructions

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Editing system applications,
table orders for jewelry and fashion for Samsung Galaxy S III

This topic discusses the process of editing system files that you can implement yourself.
Do not duplicate the "Modification of software and decorations for Samsung Galaxy S III (Samsung I9300), themes, decorations and their discussion",
where ready-made solutions are laid out.

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Before any "interventions" in the system, we do not forget to make BackUp files to be modified.
All the manipulations you do with your device, you do at your own peril and risk.

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Modification Order Form
Please do: ... "Remember. This is where ordinary users work, not Android developers."
-De-odex, clean / was installed mod ...
[SPOILER = Attaching files:] ... [/ SPOILER]
[SPOILER = Screenshots:] ... [/ SPOILER]
[SPOILER = Addition:] ... [/ SPOILER]

* firmware number / version
* delete "-De" or "-" after -De depending on the firmware version
* adj. files - attachments or links to the cloud
* screenshots - attachments or links to the cloud
* addition - here you can give a more detailed description of what you want to see

Instructions for Android 4.1.2

Instructions for Android 4.2.2

Instructions for Android 4.3

Instructions for Android 4.4.2

Instructions for Android 4.4.4

Different, useful

Orders are not designed by the template, as well as a discussion of the firmware and issues not related to editing
will be deleted without warning!

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* apachi.1 ,
Can than help.

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I'm sorry, that is not according to the rules of registration ... but ...
You can adapt the standard launcher with firmware 4.1.2 for Android 7.0? I will megablagodaren.
P.S. in general I liked much more the old interface. He was more alive. His dream is completely transferred to your s7, but not good at programming.

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Someone can translate settings in Russian? Firmware Hyper romAttached fileSecSettings2.apk(77.06 MB)

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Tell me please can someone tie 3minit the battery? Or topic has already died?

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It would be desirable to set off old TV effect
port i9305 4.4.4 from yuri-yk
As I understand, the change brought in services.jar enclose the original

Attached files

Attached fileservices.jar(3.34 MB)

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* Ilya_SA,
Attached fileCWM.zip(2.78 MB)

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* Taisa71, thanks It works!
But the animation is slightly different from that used in SensationLite (as I understand, your production). Is it possible to make an animation, which is rolled into a thin line, and then converges to a point in the center of the screen? If not difficult ....

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* Ilya_SA,
Attached fileCWM + .zip(2.78 MB)

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* Taisa71, I would like the weather widget in your SensationLite, for port i9305 4.4.4 from yuri-yk
I do not know what files it needs to provide.

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It would be desirable in the long press to open Application Manager "menu" button (last)
port i9305 4.4.4 from yuri-yk
As I understand, the change brought in android.policy.jar enclose the original

Attached files

Attached fileandroid.policy.jar(301.09 KB)

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Does anyone here still comes? I would like to make a quick launch bar down the curtain, there -Editing system apk Samsung Galaxy S III (Fasting Taisa71 # 29870753)
can somebody help?

Attached files

Attached fileSystemUI.apk(4.12 MB)

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