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Modification of software and decorations for Samsung Galaxy Note II (Samsung N7100)

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Theme Rules
в—Џ Third-party programs, including launchers and widgets, should be searched inSoftware catalogand inSearch programs.

● You can’t put third-party software in the topic - there are topics for discussion of programs for this.

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в—Џ When publishing a mod please follow the template.

What is odex / deodex firmware, what is the difference and how does it work?
Stock firmware - odex, custom - deodex. In odex, system files for apk are bundled with the same name files with the odex extension.
How to put updates / mods from this topic (and in general)?
Important -Before any intervention in the system, especially if you are not confident in your abilities / knowledge, donandroid backup(throughcustom recovery- see below procedure). This is a complete cast of the system - if something went wrong, boot intoCWMand restore the data - a couple of clicks and you have a working system.

1)Usually the message contains the installation instructions, it must be read very carefully and executed step by step. Pay attention to the version of the firmware for which the patch is laid out, incompatibility may lead to a flashing.

2)If laid out just.apkfile (even if in a zip, but only an .apk file is in the archive), then you need to replace the system file with a new one through Root explorer (if the Root explorer does not allow this, check it - the top should be writtenMount r / o- if not - click on the buttonMount r / w). Pay attention to the instructions for the patch, and in the absence of such - if you have odex firmware (ie, stock from Samsung), then usually the patch will be in the form of a single file, and in the system you will have 2 files of the same name with the .apk extension and .odex. So .apk need to write over, and .odex delete / rename. It is recommended to make backup copies of files being modified. Remember - when replacing framework-res.apk, the phone will automatically reboot, you need to be careful.

3)If mods are laid out.zipfile, and it has folders and other requirements (in particular, there should be a folderMETA-INF, these are scripts for CWM), then this is an update for CWM. This file must be recorded in the phone's memory (better - on the internal flash drive). If there is a normal core kernel (CWM kernels, and indeed, they are posted in the Firmware theme - there are all links in the header of this thread), then the CWM icon (gear) should be on the phone. It is necessary to choose"flash update"and select the zip to upgrade. Mod files cannot be placed in folders named in Russian. It is advisable to put the files in the root directory of the internal flash drive.
If you returned to the stock kernel, then CWM took off and this installation will not work. Can take.apkof.zipfile and write them withRoot explorerover the system ones, it is only highly recommended to see in the script what other actions were supposed to be carried out - in particular, which files the script should delete - do the same manually.
How to replace the system apk on the phone?
What to do if something went wrong and the phone does not load / get permanent errors, etc.?
1)You didnandroid backup? Restore the system from it through the recovery.

2)Not done ... flash your firmware (single-file, then the data will not be lost). Or you can have a 3-file file, but without the CSC_section firmware .. then they will not be lost either.

3)There is good advice - keep on the phoneupdate.ziprecoveryframeworkandsystemUIso that you can always easily restore the system.
The better to do backups in order not to reflash again, if anything goes wrong when installing decorations.
UnlikeTitanium backupor which other program would be preferableNandroid backupfrom KastomnogoRecovery. Procedure:
- Booting in Recovery mode (either from a switched off phone, clamping the Volume up, the central button and On, or when on, start CWM - ClockWorkMod)
- Select the backup and respore volume buttons (the selection is made by the central button)
- Backup - the process has begun!
To restore the system - the same thing, but Restore.

Modification Design Templates
Copy the content into your message and fill
Template for modifications:
[CENTER] [b] Here we write the name of the mod [/ b] [/ CENTER]
[b] Source [/ b]: Specify the primary source and the author.
[b] Firmware [/ b]: Specify the version / number.
[b] Description [/ b]: The most complete description of the mod.
[SPOILER = Screenshots] Paste here [/ SPOILER]
[b] Installation [/ b]: Specify the methods and methods of installation.
And attach the file to download.

Template for other decorations (icons, widgets, programs, etc.):
[CENTER] [b] Here we write the name [/ b] [/ CENTER]
[b] Description [/ b]: Maximum full description.
[SPOILER = Screenshots] Paste here [/ SPOILER]
And attach the file to download.

Catalog of modifications and decorations
Android 4.4.4

Android 4.4.2



Android 4.3




Android 4.1.2


TouchWiz mod
Disconnecting the rising call
Extended Shutdown Menu
Gmail 4.2
AUDIO MOD by GNex Megabassbeats v2
AUDIO MOD DSP Manager v3 for Note II stock rom
Camera and gallery from Android 4.2
Mod on camera, allows you to take a picture using the volume buttons
Switching tracks with volume keys
The program with SGS3 under our devays. Mounts a memory card as a flash drive on the BB
Increase device volume
Updated market with a black background
Several mods of stock programs for 240dpi and 4.1.1 screens (do not work on 4.1.2)
Remove sound from live wall wave wallpaper
Update for 4.1.2 applications under 240dpi:
240 dpi TW Launcher for 4.1.2
Mod and advanced menu for firmware 4.1.2 N7100XXDLJ2
Pak modification for drain 4.1.2 N7100XXDLJ2 "FULL"
Mod for deodex 4.1.2 N7100XXDLJ2
Add soft buttons
Mod for 4.1.2 N7100XXDLK7_deodex in the style of motomo00
MOD-TW-Port 4x5 app 5x5 - Land-4x5 app 4x6 (12/11/12)
[mod] [XXDLL4] Touchwiz Launcher All sizes and scrolling On / Off
OMEGA themes - suitable for other firmware
Activate the hidden features of Samsung Note II
Mod for firmware N7100XXDLL4_deodex
SGN2_USB_Mode-v1.8 (RUS) new version
Transparent weather widget from firmware ViRGiN_ROM_3.1
Blind girls with tattoos:
Status bars for 4.1.2 polish deodexed
Light Manager v3.5 - Customize LED Color
Additional settings from CM10 for firmware 4.1.2
DPI settings for all applications for stock firmware
Tablet-Mod for 4.1.1
S Pen Board Switcher - switch to Samsung keyboard when removing S Pen
The stock widget analog works on third-party launchers
[AUDIO MOD] Audio Engine for Note II
Transparent system background
Modified (color) CWM Recovery PhilZ (
SMS Client from CM10
SMS Client from CM10 for installation from CWM
Replacing icons in places in the curtain "Settings" and "Close all" in firmware 4.1.2
The browser in the pop-up window, with the changing size of the pop-up window!
Buttons for invoking applications and turning off the screen in the blind for DLL4
Transparent favorite contacts widget
Transparent SNote widgets
The button to turn off the screen in the status bar
Adding additional service buttons in the curtain and statusbar
Adding the 3rd button to the curtain
Closing the curtain by touch
Closing the curtain via the virtual button
Stock deodex dialer + record from the line. DLL7
Stock weather widget in SENSE style
Additional icon "Home" in the status bar.
Pak modification for runoff 4.1.2 "FULL"
Internet speed in the blind (Android 4.1.2)
Dialer with a square photo
Mod to replace the sound when dialing a click
Modified weather clock widget from SAMSUNG
Mod replacing the sound of touching the screen, locking, unlocking the screen
Mod information frames in the windows
Mod Information Frame - "Vintage"
Modification of the frame "Angel"
Mail.apk Exchange Security Mod (no PIN) - Android 4.2.x / 4.1.x
Mod Callers
Own theme for Samsung weather widget
Sound replacement mode - Girl's voice, and Crysis voice
Program to modify the feature.xml Features X and Features-X_1.1.0_EN
Animation of transition effects in TouchWiz
Samsung S4 Theme HD
AccuWeatherS4 Deodex
Launcher 5 * 6 (with 25% transparent folders)
DSPManager & Beats Audio for JB
Headphone Volume Up
Effect of unlocking the screen - White lightning
Adding internet connection speed indicator to status bar
Aroma BMSound Lux ​​Note II (Sound Mod)
S4 Lock Screen with effects For Note II
Mods and ported programs from NOTE III to NOTE II 4.3
Replacing the camera and gallery
Weather from HOT 3



Transparent statusbar and batteries with%
Transparent widgets: Accuweather, FM Radio, Music Player
Battery bagel with%
Transparent status bar, Wi-Fi and network signal icons
Changed color weather widget
Green status bar, clock in the center, battery and curtain 15 icons
Full names of days of the week and months
Transparent widget with large weather icons in the center and full date format for XXALJ1 and XXALJ3
Transparent weather widget on note
Widget with large weather icons on the lock screen
Blue Stile System Bar by iArchi v1.0
Blue Stile System Bar by iArchi v1.1
Customizable Omega Curtain 15_Toggle_Buttons
ICS Stile System Bar
Theme on decorators on XDA
Another topic on decorators on XDA
Weather widget for Lockscreen (Tested on Omega 7, 7.1)
Stock theme in gray for XXDLJ2
Shutter from Wanam 23 switches for XXDLJ2
AOSP Jelly Bean theme v 2.4 for 4.1.2 N7100XXDLK7_deodex
ALLEX_MOD for base XXDLK7_4.1.2 deodex in two versions
AOSP Jelly Bean Theme V-8 DLL4-DLL5
Mod by Neozar
System background
Girl in the blind
Launcher port from Xperia Z for our device
Translucent curtain Omega 11 UBDLL3.
System backgrounds
Addition to the blue_theme mod
Modification of the telephone module for one hand
[PORT] Morphology v1.5 2/7/13
Replacing standard emoticons
Replacing emoticons in all applications on your phone
The option of replacing emoticons (requires Xposed Framework)
NTS Smileys
Mod Hours
Big Weather on the lock screen (LockScreen)
Aroma DarkForward v.4 XXDMB2
Pictures from S4 in arch format
Techno Style Dialog Boxes (Final)
Mod to the latest firmware Poppuri_Simple_Theme_XXXDMB2) with SimplisticControl 3.5.1
Curtain switches More switches in the curtain
Animation of transition effects in TouchWiz
S4 weather widget
S4 glare lock port Note 2
Denim theme



Fast deodexing stock sewing and Video instruction



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Dear users, if you added a new modification (decoration) to the topic or simply useful information, and you think that you need to "pick up the header", inform the curator via PM (QMS). I need this, since the topic is quite voluminous, and there is a chance to lose the necessary and important.

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Reason for editing: The header is being edited.

Rep: (521)
Miasnik2007 @ 12/17/2013, 19:19*
P.S. Install as usual apk.

So where to choose this topic?
There is no such topic in the setting of such a topic, I tried everything, no, the reboot did.
And for what version of Swype is suitable, this skin?

Post has been editedkawel5 - 17.12.13, 23:45

Rep: (568)
addedKeyboard modes for 4.3 , in black tones , in utility
Screenshots of the keyboard
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Post in signature

Rep: (205)
For so much time, I only found such a bug in myself, I go to the gallery, I open amend ... And in response that the photo editor is not installed and writes a shipment offer, I agree and Nifiga does not happen. Give someone etot editor.

Rep: (452)
ajdar666, Attached filecom.sec.android.mimage.photoreTouching-1.Apk. (11.67 MB)

Rep: (205)
alexmacar @ 12/18/2013, 00:15*

And not in vkurse why when you click to decorate, crashes?

Rep: (452)
ajdar666, Oh?

Posted on 12/18/2013, 02:03:

SchA checked. Everything is good!

Posted on 12/18/2013, 02:04:

Try to update with Samsung EPS

Rep: (1189)
Updated firmware: king:REGIUS GALAXY ROM [XXUEMK4] (Note3) For friends :savagemessiahzine.com:

Rep: (73)
Ajdar666 @ 12/18/2013, 0:11*
For so much time, I only found such a bug in myself, I go to the gallery, I open amend ... And in response that the photo editor is not installed and writes a shipment offer, I agree and Nifiga does not happen. Give someone etot editor.

I installed it with samsung apps in need. Now and updates arrive for him. But although, IMHO, it is better to use third-party editors. Snapseed, for example.

Rep: (52)
MaximDudenko @ 12/18/2013, 00:08*
Added keyboard mod for 4.3, in black colors, in utility

Still the size of the letters to increase, as in 4.1.2 and then in 4.3 small;)

Rep: (121)
Black Klava is very beautiful but the smiles are not displayed.
Attached Image

My tip Shoulder Wallow "Note 3 Keyboard With The iOS7 Look" it is fully working correctly and displays smiles.

Rep: (568)
AK-19 @ 18.12.2013, 19:29*
Black Klava is very beautiful but the smiles are not displayed.

Won smiles in a beautiful clave with Note III
Smiley screenshot:
Attached Image

Swing, putFrom post in signature / utility
Do not forget to sayThanks to the reputation : yes2:

Rep: (234)
Is there information about modifying the closure of the root applications on a long tape back?

Rep: (23)
Wanam Xposed + Xposed Instller - Can and Works Excellent

Rep: (234)
Took note)))

Posted on 12/19/2013, 15:04:

Stated as 4.2, and this modification is interesting for 4.3

Rep: (43)
maximdudenko, Where to take this black clave? What is the post in signature / utility ???

Rep: (336)
You go on the bottom link in the signature and there is a spoiler of utility ... there is claw ...

Rep: (452)
gaydar_, Where stated? Below 4.3 Vanam does not work.

Rep: (23)

I have 4.3 and works fine) You can also have xButtonActions for Xposed to put, I do not like to close when the button is closing (I have it a multi-meal), therefore I put the menu button for a long tap

Rep: (337)
Victorsyt @ 12/20/2013, 11:24*
Friends, what application adds the default phone number function in contacts?

Hold the desired phone and select "Salch." A bird will appear opposite the number.
Attached Image

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Galaxy Note 3 applications on Note 2 (Air Command works!)

To install this set of modes / applications, it is necessary:
  • Note LL
  • Android 4.3 (Deodex)
  • CWM recovery

  • Install MOD ROM V3 via CWM Recovery:Download
  • Installthis file(for Note 3 browser).
  • Now setthis file(it seems only English), or downloadthis(Rename it in Seclauncher4.apk and copy to the System / App with the right rights).
  • Next, downloadthis fileAnd copy it to / System / App (do not forget to establish RW-R R - R--), it is needed to correct some cosmetic defects.
  • Reboot the device.
  • Activate Air Command: Settings ->My device ->S Pen ->Air Command.

What works
Air Command (Pen Window, Screen Writer, Scrapbook and Action Memo), Gallery, Launcher, Safety Assistance, S Note, Sketchbook, S Planner and a few more applications ...

What does not work, or does not work very ...
One Hand Operation works only for the keyboard, calendar and a set., Air View is doubled in the settings, but soon this bug will be eliminated.

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