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Subway Surfers [3D] | [Arcade] another great runner

Rep: (15075)
Subway surfers
Version: 1.116.1
Genre: Arcade

Last update of the game in the header:16.03.2020

Subway surfers» | Subway Surfers Club »

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Short description:
ACCELERATE as fast as you can!

ACCELERATE as fast as you can!
DROP away from the approaching trains!
Help Jake, Tricky and Fresh escape from the angry Inspector and his dog.
  • Ride on the train with your cool team!
  • Colorful and lively HD graphics!
  • Surfing on hoverboards!
  • Powerful jet pack driven by paint!
  • Lightning fast acrobatics using brushings!
  • Challenge your friends and help them!
  • Universal application with HD graphics optimized for Retina display.
System requirements: Android 4.1+.
Russian interface: Not.

Version: 1.116.1 Updated on 14.03.2020 (MrKirill1232)
Version: 1.116.0 Updated on 05/03/2020. City - Cairo (MrKirill1232) (Arm64)
Version: 1.115.0 Subway Surfers (Tulroot)
Version: 1.113.0 Original Mod + a lot of money (Maks.hackdog)
Version: 1.112.0 Original Mod + a lot of money (Maks.hackdog)

Useful additions
Past versions
Version: 1.111.0 Subway Surfers (Houston) (veabro)
Version: 1.110.0 Subway Surfers [mod] (meshuggah1987)
Version: 1.109.1 Original (Ultra119)
Version: 1.109.0 Original (Ultra119)
Version: 1.108.0 GP (Ultra119)
Version: 1.107.0 Subway Surfers (Barcelona) (veabro)
Version: 1.0.0 - 1.106.0 Subway Surfers 1.106.0 - 1.0.0 (veabro)

Post has been editedVladimir Evseenko - 16.03.20, 12:47
Reason for edit: Update: A new version 1.116.1 Updated on 14/03/2020

Rep: (0)
About still on the iPhone played, cool game. Right now we can check it out;)

Rep: (360)
Runner is cool, but the picture is kind of blurry ... style, I understand, but still ..

Rep: (21)
Class !! Already shaking! Alien, undoubtedly +. As always, in your spirit! : D

Rep: (15075)
Attached fileSubway Surf ARMv6 by alien Shooter.apk(21.87 MB)

Rep: (5)
When installing, it writes a syntax error. what to do?

Rep: (324)
Cool game. One of the best runners

Rep: (0)
Now download. Interestingly, the Wildfire S will slow down? And then half of the runners terribly slow ...

Post has been editedwwGHOSTww - 22.09.12, 12:11

Rep: (317)
Runner is really cool, the performance is excellent, and the gameplay is fun, the graphics are pretty, I advise everyone: thank_you:

Rep: (25)
Here is a description of the game:

Subway Surfers - in this addictive game, you will help Juike to escape from the annoying Inspector and his evil pidbul. Dodge oncoming trains and avoid various obstacles, collect as many coins as possible, for them you will get nice bonuses.

Rep: (14)
There is no transfer to the card. Exit the game is impossible. Raw yet.

Rep: (317)
There is no transfer to the card. Exit the game is impossible. Raw yet.

This does not mean that the game is raw: D there are no mistakes in the game, there are no glitches, there are NO flaws. This is the only thing that the OpenFeint rating system seems to me to be more suitable for her than Facebook. And so everything is super :)

Rep: (36)
Always envied a friend who has it on the Applephone .. and now on the android there)))

Rep: (5)
If anyone writes a "syntax error" then install the application from the market.

Rep: (-1)
Are she guys level by level or like most runners with topo-zadrots?

Rep: (45)
Here for those who have little space in the device, (with the ability to transfer to the SD-memory card) checked on my GT 540 (2.3.7 CM7 AS IS & ICS CM9 4.0.4 (RC 2))
Download: Attached fileSubway + Surf + ARMv6 + by + alien + Shooter (To SD) .apk(21.76 MB)

Post has been editedAngry83 - 23.09.12, 01:27

Rep: (5)
Another "Exit" button would be quite good.

Rep: (316)
Igor1996 @ 09/21/2012, 11:13 PM*
When installing, it writes a syntax error. what to do?

Maybe the file did not download, or the firmware of the android does not fit the game requirement

Posted on 09/23/2012, 16:15:

And the test toy played on iPod: rolleyes:

Rep: (45)
E-dogg, in the market write "required ANDROID version
2.2 and above "try to download from there.

Rep: (15075)
backup with money
Attached fileTitaniumBackup.zip(21.7 MB)

Rep: (14)
Angry83, transfer to the card does not work.

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