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Samsung Galaxy S 3 SCH-R530 / SGH-i747 / SGH-T999 / SPH-L710 - Discussion | US and Canadian modifications

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DiscussionSamsung Galaxy S III SCH-R530 / SGH-i747 / SGH-T999 / SPH-L710
PictureSGH-i747 (M) (AT & T), SGH -T999 (V) (T-Mobile), SPH-L710 (Sprint), SCH-i535 (Verizon), SCH-R530 (M / C / U) (Cricket Wireless, US Cellular, MetroPCS)
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Post has been editedMgalex - 19.11.17, 12:47

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Hello everyone!!!!
I appeal to connoisseurs - I need to go to the engineering of the phone menu. It does not work. All methods are described for Sams to your library, we should Kvalkom - there is no way here for him. Maybe someone knows. I have to turn on the band lte. We lte runs on 3 band 'e, as in the firmware, this band is not included. I would be very grateful for the Old. Plus a turnip with me. Sincerely.

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* Beck2006
These commands do not work on Kvalkome! Unfortunately. I already tried to dial. A band just turned on across the engineering menu. I already did.

Rep: (32)
Talent @ 07/01/19, 18:14*
These commands do not work on Kvalkome

Then try * # 197328640 #

Rep: (8)
* Beck2006
If you have such a phone, try to score the team who offer ... I have all the commands found in the internet tried, they do not work on kvalkome. And a program that is, only for the library. Therefore, the Council requested knowledgeable.

Rep: (32)
* # 197328640 # I have works just fine on this phone. I can make a video, or can be viewed here

Rep: (8)
* Beck2006
And you definitely kvalkom worth? I've tried this command does not respond.

Post has been editedTalent - 04.07.19, 10:04

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I SGH-i747 honestly bought on Ebay, there except kvalkoma nothing like it was no more. The service menu can not enter if you have custom stands.

Rep: (8)
* Beck2006
Naturally custom. Slimrom 6.0. Everything is fine, flying, other than 4g.

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* # 197328640 # Works. He writes ServiceMode ->MAIN MENU ->[1] UMTS, [2] CDMA, [3] LTE What's Next?
I i747 at & t Board MSM8960
d2att: 4.2.2 / KOT49H / I747UCUFNJ1
* Talent,
Please write what the outcome of the experiments. I need Android above the 5th management program DVB-T2 tuner. But in the second week of his hands do not go :) 4.2.2 broadly satisfied.

Rep: (8)
* longx
Yes experiments that and no. Need 4g. He then does not work, because not enabled in Band 3. It is included in the engineering menu. I try to write on the XDA developers, who can respond. Other options I do not see. And our phone has slimrom 6.0. And Remix 7.1.

Rep: (0)
Talent @ 07/04/19, 19:04*
And our phone has slimrom 6.0. And Remix 7.1

I am aware that there is. And Lineage OS 14.1 and Lineage OS 15 For ATT Galaxy S3 has / have been.
I want someone to say since 2019 "I have six months yuzayu XXX everything works and everything is all right";)
He switched from the engineering menu.

A possible link to the instructions?

Rep: (32)
Talent @ 04/07/19, 10:25*
Naturally custom. Slimrom 6.0. Everything is fine, flying, other than 4g.

Probably why the engineering menu and does not work.

longx @ 04.07.19, 20:10*
A possible link to the instructions?

Isn't it?
https: //forum.xda-deve...owthread.php t = 2344627?
There entrance to the engineering menu of * # 2263 # and include some of the WCDMA Bend, not the LTE, but the principle may be similar. Another thing is that usually ranges include LTE using QPST or DFS Qualcomm Tools, like here
https: //forum.xda-deve...nal-lte-bands-t3563474

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Hello, a question, when you reset if CDMA numbers are reset to factory settings?

Rep: (38)
such a problem
There is a deviceSGH-T999(Found at the entrance to Download mode)
initially appears when the logo "Samsung" and a black screen, nothing more.
phone as it is turned on, but the screen does not display anything except the splash screen.
I decided that it was not appropriate display driver and found the service firmware
and now after flashing the phone died.
more specifically when checking the block arrow is raised slightly and thicken.
when connected to PC does not respond, the computer does not see it.
as I understand itbrick
How to revive it?

Post has been editediKausar - 14.07.19, 13:47

Rep: (32)
iKausar @ 14.07.19, 13:46*
more specifically when checking the block arrow is raised slightly and thicken.

Through a block? Which hand? Can not understand anything.
What service firmware you poured into it?

Rep: (38)
* Beck2006 Sorry for such a post is not disclosed.
Unit for checking the power. Indicator amp rises

Posted 07/21/2019, 3:05:

* Beck2006 , I have recovered and returned to the primary problem. I returned back to the client. I did not want to wait.
It seems display does not come fire wood

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Tell me what the maximum version androjda (whether custom or original) is possible on the unit SPH-L710? Is it possible to install Android 7.X, ask if possible to give reference to the assembly / firmware, the ideal would be AOSP Android 7.X

Rep: (32)
7 there is the maximum that can be placed and only custom, drain a maximum of 4 minutes. All firmware onxda

Rep: (1)
Hello, I747 - put Russian MoreLocale2, but there is Russian in the keyboard that can be done?
Android 4.1.2

Post has been editedshev_ddt - 02.08.19, 10:51

Rep: (1)
just downloaded the Russian keyboard to Market)

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