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Well, first I would like to say the creators of the site thank you very much! Such that in one place a lot of useful, well sorted stock is not seen anywhere else. Particularly pleased with the availability of download programs, sometimes hemorrhoids with FTP, etc.

And now my modest sentences:
on the forum:
1) increase the size of the avatar ... and then 64x64 well, very good. few. and the load on the channel will increase not much ... ideal 100x100 and 15 kb.
2) to be honest Pts. pushes all the time to press a buttonPicture. why not make a quick response, as on most forum on IPB. (I hope that just did not have time to do)
3) I propose to introduce a reputation on the site .... newcomers helps to navigate, to whom to listen, and who does not.

... as long as a mustache ...

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about the answer did not notice the button quick response, sorry ...
but about the reputation ... (so looking externally)

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and here is the reputation of looking inside

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So far (de visu) everything is relatively normal.
Only one detail confused me: I just sent a message confirming the subscription to the news of the site - I look and wonder ...
My message was received with a time stamp of 8:49 AM (that is, in the morning, allegedly), and in the yard something evening (8: 49_PM_). Of course, I admit that I may have problems with setting the time in the "big" computer :)), but not the same.
(my time zone corresponds to Moscow).

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In your profile - in the forum settings - set the time zone - Moscow. (+ 3 hours)

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It would be nice if you could change the signature under the avatar ... otherwise it is somehow boring =)
and maybe to do something like rating the articles?

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I propose to introduce a reputation on the site .... newcomers helps to navigate who to listen to and who does not.

There are doubts about this. Here, to me just now, one tovarisch said on the form (not on this) that tryndets to my device. Although, judging by the reports of his CCP is not the first and more than one year.

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It would be nice if you could quote from the answer (i.e. insert previously selected text as a quote). While I do not observe this.
In general, everything is great! Thanks for the site! : D

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For quoting, there is this button:Picture

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again on the forum:
it would be convenient to click on the name of the user in the quick reply such tag appeared:
2User_name_to_which_becountable & nbsp;

and also to implement in a quick response, it can be trimmed, but it would be very good for the code box. OK

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on the site:
it would be good to write versions of programs ... otherwise many don't have ...

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I join the thanks to the creators of the site, everything is really very thought out, thank you!

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You need to add several emoticons and make available codes and emoticons immediately after clicking onPicture

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It would be nice if the progress of the download was shown when uploading a file to the site ...

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 It would be nice if the progress of the download was shown when uploading a file to the site ...

if I'm not mistaken, then this is not possible on IPB

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Or maybe you need to create a GPS navigation section - upload ready maps, programs, etc. FAQ about GPS. I pumped maps into * .jpg, now I attach points, convert to OZI Explorer format.

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A good idea! :)

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BRAKE, maybe, maybe ..... I just suggested .........

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Forces restrictions on joining files ... :-( Why is * .rar impossible?

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And I kind of joined * .rar with mmf in the phones section .....

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