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Samsung Galaxy S III SHV-E210S / K / L, SHW-M440S - Firmware
Vote for the best and convenient firmware
What is the firmware in your opinion is the best for everyday use?
Official Stock 4.3 [ 325 ] ** [57,42%]
QS-i9300 XXUGNA7 [ 31 ] ** [5,48%]
S5 Light ROM [ 16 ] ** [2,83%]
Purelook HD v8 [ 5 ] ** [0,88%]
OCHIE ROM v1.2 [ 1 ] ** [0,18%]
Supernexus 4.0 (CM11) [ 13 ] ** [2,3%]
Dokdo Project (CM11) [ 11 ] ** [1,94%]
MIUI v5 [ 53 ] ** [9,36%]
Android Revolution HD 50.0 [ 9 ] ** [1,59%]
FeiXiang 13 [ 3 ] ** [0,53%]
Launch S5 ROM v1.0 [ 9 ] ** [1,59%]
I have a different firmware (leave your answer in the topic of discussion) [ 91 ] ** [16,08%]
Total votes: 566

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Samsung Galaxy S III SHV-E210S / K / L, SHW-M440S - Firmware
PictureSGS3 SHV-E210S / K / L, SHW-M440S

Description | Discussion GT-I9300 Galaxy S III » | Discussion Galaxy S III SCH-R530 / SGH-i747 / SGH-T999 / SPH-L710 » | Purchase » | Accessories » | Club lovers » | Modification of software and decorations » | Camera talk » | Games » | Marriage and Repair » | Wi-Fi setup and problems » | EFS Recovery (IMEI) » | Firmware »

Drivers and Utilities

Official firmware:
Special thanks for posted ofproshivki express user S3Rbl4 (his fast )
OS tuned for our devices are following websites: sammobile ( SHV-E210S , SHV-E210K , SHV-E210L , SHW-M440S ) | samsung-updates | samsungis

Older versions

Custom firmware based on 4.3
Custom firmware based on 4.1, 4.2
Custom firmware CyanogenMod (4.4. *)
MIUI firmware


Custom kernels, modems, patches, codes
Custom kernels
Tools to configure the kernel
Devil Kernel: Attached fileDevilTools + 1.1.2.apk (273.18 KB)

XPure Kernel: Attached fileExTweaks.apk (740.2 KB)

Boeffla Kernel: Attached fileboeffla + config + v2.apk (660.2 KB)

KT: Attached fileModem + E210KKKNA3.zip (8.47 MB)

SKT: Attached fileModem + E210SKSUGNA2.zip (8.3 MB)

LG U +: Attached fileModem + E210LKLUGML5.zip (10.59 MB)

Codes for the service menu
To get into the service menu for all devices in the dialer need to dial the following combination -319712358
Require a password for each model is strictly individual:
SKT - 996412
KT - 774632
LG U + - 0821
Simplified service menu - *#9090# , Available on all devices!

Latest versions:
CWM Touch Recovery for SHW-M440S, SHV-E210K / L / S
Philz + Touch + Recovery + 6.19.3 + based + on + cwm +
SHV-E210L + Recovery + CWM +
SHV-E210L + Recovery + CWM + + Touch.zip
CWM + + for + SHV-E210L.tar
Adapted CWM Recovery v6.4a for SHV-E210K
How to flash custom rekaveri through ODIN, refer to the section: Instructions for insertion through ODIN and CWM Recovery , tab CWM Recovery Firmware
For more information about rekaveri, see: ClockworkMod recovery FAQ


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Hello this is a problem//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/...2-touch_goodhanrry.tarsee files in flash card but//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/...on%2Bcwm%2B6.0.4.7.tarHe does not see why the rar files can be transferred to a zip file

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Privet..kto tell whether there is a problem with solutions on the internet shv e210L?

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PEOPLE HOW TO DOWNLOAD Multifile the firmware file on the PIT E210K?

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Need a service pit with firmware file on the SHW-M440S, HELP people, could not be downloaded from the office site.

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Guys help me find Multifile firmware on samsung e210s

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Hello everyone, I reflash the phone Samsung Galaxy S3 SHV-E210S. And I is not working USB, but it works, charges, but the computer does not see the phone in general, tried on another PC, the same situation. In rekaveri same computer does not see phone. In Odin and Fastboot'e computer sees the phone, reflash 100 times, useless, and when I put the official firmware via Odin, at the stage settings of the phone, the phone hangs up on the dead, help please

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* umajon simply revert to the drain core and so if you're his backup can throw

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Hello, dear experts :) I have Samsung galaxy S3 version shv-e210s, android 4.4.4, LTE. It has NFC, but a fig can not be downloaded nor Samsung Pay, or G Pay. Can someone tell me a way out. Phone is in perfect order, except this one. Or at least get rid of the debris of the Korean.

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* To previous post *
Samsung SHV-E210S
Established G Pay, contactless card created. Just Yandex money identify NFC module, but this whole joy.
The phone does not recognize the tag itself.
Maybe the battery, heard that the antenna module is there, tried 2 Chinese, there is an inscription on them, such as NFC is available, but you might snag? Or reason for Software? Korean mobile phone assembly, and even bought in Ukraine.

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* lisaplyusha , Google pay a minimum version of android supports 5.

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* Alex89R I know about it, but, in principle, Yandex money should work. Telephone, in general, for some reason, does not see the mark, although the established GP, Yand.dengi etc to identify the module. And the files are not transferred. With my Xiaomi MI5 no reaction. Therefore I asked about the battery. In Samson did not own costs, even though it is written on it, that is, nfc, but on the fence .. a lot of things written

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Hello everybody! Phone SHV-E210K, Kyivstar operator Whether prompt it to include 4G You can, if so, how? Or at least 3G

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* berluzkoni ,
vlad bojko @ 25.01.16, 22:45 *
We go in the hidden menu (Hidden menu or else it is called the service menu). To do this, dialer (nomeranobiratele) dial the code 319 712 358, the following query the password for our model 996412. transient menu Network Settings - Network mode, select the item WCDMA ALL. We return back arrow, go to HSDPA setting, select the item HSDPA. We leave. Go to Call settings, looking for items "voice calling function", "Elimination of noise" and remove the check mark.

For 3g.

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Hello, tell me where to buy display shv-e210?
It is desirable to link kintos. Thanks in advance.

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The people throw off the stock kernel on a model shv-e210l
Touch buttons swapped and touch screen fell off ...
Attached Image

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almost all the links is invalid
who can flood?
desirably 5 android

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