Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II - Cyanogen Firmware (Mod) 10 (OS 4.1)

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Google APPS ( changelog )

1. Verify the correct operationClockWorkMod Recovery
2. Download and copy on the inside (!!!) sd-card: GApps and CM10 zip-s
3. Reboot into recovery
4. install your SM10
5. install your GApps
6. wipe data / factory reset - do it, do not hesitate to get another bootloop
7. reboot
8. Enjoy! :)
** DO NOT restore system applications and their data with Titanium Backup !!!

ATTENTION! In the transition to SM10 with the official firmware 4.0.4 (XXLQ5, XWLPM, etc.), Item 6 of this manual, namely wipe data / factory reset in recovery, can damage your device !!!
Simply put, turn your smartphone into a "BRICK"!

To avoid this, it is necessary to roll back / flash ODIN any 4.0.3 / 2.3.X or on any official 4.0.4 install the custom kernel in advance, which is disabledmmc_cap_erase (For example Siyah) and only then install the SM10!

UPDATE previously installed CM10 ROM-as
1. Download and copy on the inside (!!!) sd-card
2. Reboot to recovery
3. To install your SM10
4. reboot
5. Enjoy!

useful programs, archives, etc.


FAQ (question / answer)
- Can I use this firmware for everyday use?
- Yes, you can! If you are not afraid of some minor flaws.
The current state of firmware Cyanogen (Mod) 10 - nightly (colloquially "nightie")
Release Candidate (RC, release candidate) and Stable (stable) version does not currently exist.

- What is HW Composer?
- Hardware Composer enables rendering UI (user interface) using the GPU (grafficheskoe processor). Simply put, when running in SM10 Hardware Composer we would have to see more smoothness when working with the interface. In addition to the smoothness Hardware Composer interface should provide more and better picture clarity, reducing the load on the processor. Thus Hardware Composer in fact nothing more than a hardware graphics accelerator.

- What are MTP, PTP and USB_MASS_Storage?
- We read here:

- Why is my phone hot?
- The phone may heat up with heavy use of the device (for example, games). In the case of heating the phone during its idle time, it is necessary to look for the cause of heating in some applications that do not allow the phone to go into standby mode, deep sleep.

- Do I need to calibrate the battery after installing the firmware?
- NOT! It is a myth!

- Does YouTube work?
- Yes it works.

- Does GPS work?
- Yes it works.

- Does the camera work?
- Yes, it works as a photo and video.

- During a conversation, the screen goes blank and does not light up after the call is completed. What to do?
- The proximity sensor on current firmware works fine. If for some reason this problem manifests itself, try to turn on the "End the call with the power button" settings.

- Have an FM radio?
- This function is currently not implemented.

- Why there is no file manager?
- The developers left the right to choose a file manager for you - download the file manager you need from GooglePlay (Market).

- Calendar sync does not work.
- Install the new current version of GAPPS.

- Does Wi-Fi hotspot mode work?
- Yes it works.

- Is Titanium Backup supported?
- Not available for system applications and their data, just for third-party software, but in this case is not excluded a variety of errors.

- Is it possible to flash the bootloader using CWM?
- No you can not.

- Problems with duplicate contacts.
- If you restore contacts from a file with a vcf extension, and then synchronize with your account, then contacts can double (it’s better to save contacts via Google account, and not to a USB flash drive). The same thing can happen if you have several Google accounts: when you sync, contacts will multiply (by the number of accounts). You can solve the problem by going to your account settings in>>>Personal Area>>>contacts>>>additionally>>>find and combine matching contacts ...

- How to make it so that when installing a new application a shortcut on the desktop is created?
- When installing from Google Play (Market)? If yes, then: go to the Market>>>Menu>>>Settings>>>there will be highlighted tick "Automatically add widgets", disable.

- I can not find a market / add a Google account.
- No Google APPS package installed. Download it from the link from the header and install it through the recovery.

- What is Trebuchet, Apex or Nova launcher?
- Work tables (launchers) with advanced settings for JB.
Default for SM10 - Trebuchet
Stock launcher from Google does not exist!

- How to enable unlock on the face?
- Phone settings>>>Security>>>Lock screen>>>Screen lock>>>Face control>>>Tune>>>Contunue>>>Continue>>>select control blocking method>>>Confirm control blocking method>>>OK! Done!

- How to make a screenshot?
- The screenshot is done in 2 ways:
1. button "on" button + "Volume Down"
2. hold down the power (power) button for 2 seconds and dropped menu, click on the "Screenshot" button - a second screenshot is taken.

- I can not play music from internal memory / MiroSD card.
- Go to settings>>>Applications>>>Multimedia Storage>>>stop the process and clear the data and cache. Restart the phone, wait 10-20 minutes for the re-scanning of files to end.

- I can not find a microSD card.
- storage / sdcard0 = internal storage (internal storage)
storage / sdcard1 = external sdcard (MiroSD external card)

- Are the themes supported?
- Yes. Tag "Themes" is in the header.

- How to backup IMEI?
- You need to copy the EFS folder (located in the root) from any file manager that supports ROOT.

- How to remove cracks in song titles?
- Take advantage of the programRus Tag Fixer

- Why in the information about the RAM does not show 1024MB?
- The remaining memory was used for the GPU (Video Card).

- Is there a SM10 support NFC?
- Smartphone Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II does not have NFC, regardless of what version of android-A and firmware you should: stock or custom.

- Why is the phone not defined in KIES?
- And I do not have to! SM10 - a project on open source google (AOSP), and to a software samsung-not is irrelevant.

- Why are the WI-FI and data transfer icons for 2 / 3g gray or blue?
- The icon turns blue when there is an outgoing connection to a remote TCP / 5228 port that uses GooglePlay (Market).
The Internet can be (for example, open HTTP, HTTPS, etc. selective ports), but if TCP / 5228 is blocked, the icon is gray.

- Which modem should in default SM10?
- The firmware SM10 no modem! those. What stood before flashing, and will remain so.

- Where to download the Russian language pack for OFF-line search?
- Settings>>>Language and input>>>Voice search>>>Offline speech recognition>>>EVERYTHING>>>Russian (15MB)

Thank you for helping us compile the FAQ.phoeniixx
a list of frequently asked questions and their answers, will be edited and supplemented by ... [/ spoil]
[Spoil = NOT running] • Hardware Composer: does not support all JellyBean features
• Audio: Headset volume bug
• USB: slow ums transfer speed
• Surfaceflinger: short screen flash after CRT-off animation
• Camera: Recording effects broken
• FM Radio: unsupported
• TV Out: unsupported, will never work (proprietary, undocumented)
[Spoil = Translation] • Hardware Composer: not all features are supported JellyVean
• Audio: sound bug in the headset
• USB: slow transfer rate UMS
• SurfaceFlinger: the screen after a brief flash of CRT-off animation
• Camera: visuals broken camera
• the FM-radio is not supported, try the Spirit FM with the Market
• TV out: is not supported and will never work (due to lack of documentation)

overdue on 04.11.2012
original source

Why deleted my post !?
1. Your message violated Forum
2. Your message violated Rules section "Android - firmware"
3. You did not carefully read the tag in the header Posting Rules
4. The answer (s) to your question (s) are on the surface - in the topic header (by tags and / or under spolers).
5. Before asking the question (s), you are too lazy to use the search on the topic (in the right upper or lower left corner of each page) and scroll through at least 3-5 last pages.
6. With your message, you ignored the established communication style of users in the topic.
The most frequent recommendations are:
- discussion / comparison of other firmware / third-party software
- mangling (including translation into Cyrillic and vice versa) alien nicknames
- screenshots not hidden under spoler
- links to third-party resources that are not hidden under the tag or "hidden text" under the spoller (details in p.3)
7. The information in your message is hopelessly outdated and not relevant for extreme builds / releases
8. Not only the curator keeps order in the subject, but also the moderators help keep the topic clean, for which they thank you so much!

Cap updates
2.08.2012 - added spoiler "FAQ (question / answer)"
25.07.2012 - opening theme

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M174 @ 07.08.2012, 19:22*
Quote (spiete @ 07.08.2012, 17:45)
How do you connect yusb, do to the computer vidil memory card like a regular flash drive?
yet the only way ...

Zalyu think I I've found us in the topic, who knows what.

Attached files

Attached fileUSB Mass Storage for JB.apk(37.75 KB)

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Samsung applications running on CM10
in the filling stage
Program (and not only) Samsung
Appendix 1. Samsung Apps.
Installation: through CWM.
Attached Image

Download : Attached (4.09 MB)

2. Annex Samsung - GameHub
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Installation: As a normal application
Download Samsung Game Hub: Attached fileGameHub.apk (12.81 MB)

3. The application of the clock SGS III
It includes timer, stopwatch, world time, alarm clock
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Installation: Copy in the system / app folder set permissions rw-r-r, reboot the device
Download:Attached fileHybridTWClock_SGS3v2.2.apk(3.54 MB)

4. Application Samsung Layer.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Installation: As a normal application
Download: Attached fileLayar-samsung.apk (5.16 MB)

5. The digital clock widget from SGS III
Attached Image

Installation: Throw in system / app folder set permissions rw-r-r and restart the machine
Download: Attached filedigitalclock.apk (147.93 KB)

6. Task manager from SGS III
Attached Image

Installation: Throw in system / app folder set permissions rw-r-r and restart the machine
Download: Attached fileTaskManager.apk (743.5 KB)

7. Live wallpaper Dandelion with circles on water from SGS III
Attached Image

Installation: As a normal application
Download: Attached fileS3_Water_Dandelion_LWP_v1.2.apk (633.84 KB)

8. Samsung Keyboard
Attached Image
Attached Image

Installation: Through CWM, after installation select the default keyboard settings
Download: Attached (5.78 MB)

9. Weather widget
Attached Image

Installation: Copy in the system / app folder set permissions rw-r-r and reboot
Download: Attached fileSamsungWidget_WeatherClock.apk (5 MB)

10. Editor
Attached Image
Attached Image

Installation: As a normal application
Download: Attached filePhotoRetouching.apk (1.91 MB)

11. Notes Memo
Attached Image
Attached Image

Installation: Copy in the system / app folder set permissions rw-r-r and reboot.
Download : Attached fileMemo.apk (2.72 MB)

12. The stock calculator Samsung
Attached Image
Attached Image

Installation: Remove the calculator SM10, copy the new .apk in system / app folder, copy the file touchwiz.xml (previously extracted from the archive) to a folder on the path system / etc / permissions to set both file permissions rw-r-r and reboot. Version tested works (screenshots taken with my smart with SM10).
Download: Attached fileCalculator.apk (740.31 KB)
+ Attached bytes)

13. TachViz 5 of SGS III (version taken from the firmware JellyBam, check the work on firmware Helly Bean, based on SM10)
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Installation : Through the CWM
Download : TouchWiz by

Third-party utility to SM10 different applications and not only
Sometimes, instead of the application will be given a link to the thread in the forum or Google Play
Third-party (neSamsung) program, and not only
1. Park beautiful widescreen wallpapers from RushDroid firmware
Attached Image
Attached Image

Installation: As a normal application
Download: Attached fileR-Papers.apk (2.15 MB)

2. Rescan Media ROOT
Forced opening and closing media server (responsible for memory scanning for media files. Disabling recommended in the case of a large amount of media content in the memory after the device will scan the memory and will add the files in memory applications, to save battery. When you add new files to Players activate them do not see a media server! Link toGoogle play(Eng. Version).
Attached Image
Attached Image

Installation: As a normal application
Download: Attached filemediascannerroot-rus_by_vektorq.apk (31.85 KB)

3. The launcher and widgets Xperia
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Sony Xperia home desk and set of widgets and live wallpaper Xperia. Widgets only work with the home table Xperia. Archive includes in addition to the home table and live wallpaper weather widget, clock, fotovidzhet widget tool to quickly enable / disable smartphone features.
Installation : As a normal application
Download : Attached (13.19 MB)

4. DroidPapers
Attached Image
Attached Image

Wallpapers of firmware MIUI, Samsung, LG Optimus, Motorola, SE Xperia, HTC and Cyanogen Mod (c 6 to 10 version) and the stock wallpapers on all versions of Android.
Download: forum thread
Installation: as a normal application

5. Ultrakamera UCam
Who are not satisfied with my own camera in the SM10 as a good alternative is to use this camera. A lot of functions, the Russian language, a stable job and in photo mode and video mode, it's all put Ultrakamera UCam at least on a par with the drain chamber in comparison with others (to be honest very few normal cells, which could be set as party application to a stable operation at SM10).
Attached Image
Attached Image

Installation : As a normal application
Download : from google play or from the forum (Pro version has no ads)

6. Gmail function Pinch-To-Zoom
Video review of the work:;v=yFwYd_lsP3Q
The new version of Gmail 4.2 with the ability to zoom in / out letters pinch.
Installation : Remove the old version of the system / app folder, throw a new version, renamed to Gmail, set the permissions rw-r-r and reboot the machine.
Download : Attached fileAndroidPolice_Gmail2.apk (2.77 MB)

7. Modified camera with a memory function of images on the memory card
Attached Image

Mod chamber of SM10, close to SGS III, to store the pictures in the internal memory or the memory card (as the settings selected in the screenshot). The mod is still in development and is not very stable, and therefore errors are possible. However, the camera fully working and if you will not strain a rare error, you can use it. I checked the camera on your smartphone with the nightie from 01.10 and Dream kernel works.
Author : iGio9026
Installation : Through the CWM
Download : Attached (3.76 MB)

8. JellyBOOM
A set of scripts and tweaks from the author JellyBam firmware (not required to establish if there is this firmware). This package is specially assembled for i9100 users, i9300 and i9100G and contains the best combination of settings and scripts that will ensure the best performance, smoothness and stability of your firmware.

Important ! If the firmware package fell off wi-fi or network - make sure you have current version of the kernel, for example, Siyah 4.1.5, otherwise there may be some problems because of the conflict with the drivers. Treated firmware current version of the kernel.

Subject to hda
Compatibility : Any (likely) firmware-based ICS and JB
Tested on the following firmware versions:
CyanogenMod 10
AOKP Build 3
AOKP Build 4
XXLQ6 Stock
AllianceRom v4
Resurrection Remix v2.7
CM 9.1
RootBox 2.9
Paranoid 2.22
Omega 15.0.1 Rus from Gorun693
What is included in the file:
Init.d scripts:
banner & check
freemem for overall memory optimization
firstboot script
removecache & fixperm
cron tweaks
darky zipalign
battery optimization
zram optimization
oom optimzation
Supercharger (Part of the v6 by zeppelinrox)
SQL optimize
Build.prop auto-add tweaks and optimizations:
Rise media quality to MAXIMUM
Media Xloud support
dalvik cache optimization
Touch and smooth tweaks
3G network and wifi connection optimization
Battery life
Keep launcher in memory for smooth and stability
Smooth video streaming tweak
Optimized flashlight for pictures and torch
Proximity sensor improvement
What's New in Version 2.0:
Merged latest init.d from my main JellyBam ROM
Updated V6 Supercharger modified with some zeppelinrox suggest
Updated Build.prop tweaks

Installation: via CWM
Download v.2.0: Attached (174.01 KB)

Informal, but very comfortable the client to check for updates and download the nightly version of SM10 - CM10 Downloader

Program to check for and download new versions of the CMS, Gapps, viewing change history, and much more -BBQTools

CyanDelta Updater - Firmware Update SM10 regarding the changes in each successive version of the night, no longer need to download and flash the firmware in its entirety.

Build applications with the installer Aroma Installer
It includes black Gapps, Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, conductor ES Explorer, Google Music, Toolbox, theme Blue Infinitum, bootanimation and so on. "Buns"
Installation : Go to the CWM, choose to install the file after download Aroma Installer tick wipe cache, then choose what you need for the installation.
Download (file size - 145 Mb) v.2.0.4 : from PEOPLE or from the author's themes

Past versions justinbean_aroma
Download (file size - 147 Mb) v.2.0.3 : from PEOPLE
Download (file size - 144 Mb) version 2.0.2 CWM: with the people

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atari82 @ 08.08.2012, 10:46*
and where to find Google nau? Cheto not see in yourself?

When the screen is locked, unlock the right, the left camera, and on top of that is necessary.

Rep: (215)
USB Mass Storage for JB in Russian

Attached Image

I translated in haste;)
Attached filesignedUSBMassStorageforJB.apk(38.01 KB)

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Rep: (101)
Why do I constantly independently switched to vibrate mode! PPC! I missed so many important calls because of this!
After rebooting all the vibrator is always on.
What a check mark in the sound settings? Type sliders connects multimedia and ringer volume?

Rep: (146)
xxxdenim @ 08.08.2012, 17:49*
8 numbers shake. how to unsubscribe

And where did you find her? The cap on xda last 6 numbers.

Rep: (2345)
Axel_aka_brewer @ 08.08.2012, 19:54*
And where did you find her?


Rep: (319)
Rusleak @ 08.08.2012, 19:17*
flashed 20120808, launched quadrant, the result is 2191 not understand Che so low that ..
look like myself will lead the

Check CPU Governor. I should ONDEMAND mode. Quadrant gave 3000+. By the way, maybe it's just a subjective sensation, but the interaction with the instant interface, everything just flies. Build number 8!

Rep: (113)
Rusleak @ 08.08.2012, 21:17*
flashed 20120808, launched quadrant, the result is 2191 not understand Che so low that ..
look like myself will lead the

On XDA they write
This, the new build has the Userspace governor set for some reason, if you switch it back to Ondemand in the Performance settings and tick set on boot you should find that your performance comes back.

Try to make.

Rep: (15)
azatik007 @ 08.08.2012, 21:56*
How to take a screenshot of the firmware ??? keyboard shortcuts do not work

Settings>system>put a checkbox on the "Power menu screenshot"
Then, turn off the menu item "screenshot".

Rep: (1156)
That's who you need to, take. Samsung digital clock (from SGS III) and live wallpaper Photo styles (from there). + Task manager from SGS III.

Installation : Throw via any route-guide to the data / app folder set permissions rw-r-r and reboot.
Setting Task Manager: throw via any route-guide to the system / app folder set permissions rw-r-r and reboot.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

PS Probably because of mounting tracks (or more xs why, but you can not assign FotoStene view your images through the Gallery, only the standard image spinning, alas.).

Attached files

Attached filedigitalclock.apk(147.93 KB)
Attached filePhotoWall.apk(2.11 MB)
Attached fileTaskManager.apk(743.5 KB)

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Rep: (15)
yuripesh @ 09.08.2012, 10:33*
I want to quickly contact photos were selected as the norms ..

you need to assign contacts a photo again, and then they will be in the rules as I did with the phone, from the site I xs how it works. and there is not nada use programa HD contact

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Rep: (7)
Anybody running an offline voice search? Firmware 08.08.2012. Russian language pack is installed, when off the network writes: "Can not connect to Google." and a cloud of melancholy draws ....

Rep: (1)
devserg @ 09.08.2012, 13:26*
discuss everything straight - glitches Market, ExTweaks settings, etc., etc., etc. ... why ??? Why it is here !?

We discussed here shoals of firmware and options for addressing them. In C10 there is a serious problem with the sound is eliminated, as it turned out Twix, what's wrong this time? Find the problems and proposed solutions, in my opinion everything is logical, you just need to put the right questions

Rep: (2345)
Rusleak @ 09.08.2012, 12:46*
discussed here shoals of firmware and options for addressing them

I do not mind either as solutions to current problems, that's just what they spend too much time on each page?
for fun try to score in the search for "siyah" or "dualboot" and see how many posts until wiped ...
or on the last page of 100500 posts about not working the market, and had only to clear the cache ...
again, these questions are best asked in specialized topics for one simple reason - much faster and more competent will get the answers;)
firmware updated with enviable frequency and regularity (~ 2-3 times a day, while others can only envy), and all the problems from version to version are local (yesterday was a bug, and now no longer ... or vice versa), a solution is found, unsubscribed and enough of that - it is not necessary zafluzhivat theme "with a sieve," I just about it;)
Thank you for understanding!

Rep: (1156)
NetStranger @ 09.08.2012, 12:54*
ExTweaks is it possible to not put Siyah?

It is possible, for example, through setting nuclei ExTweaks (which are not installed in the kernel, and firmware) also support kernel Dream-IRC, DM Perfection Redefined etc. But that's why all at once climb through sound rule in CM 10, that is the question. I have a version from 01.08 to 08.08 and on all builds quite a decent sound, sometimes a little too loud. So it is unlikely that it cant firmware, software may prevent some or user actions.

Rep: (114)
recnozir @ 09.08.2012, 14:48*
the sound is not yet completely normal and only you all ok =)

I do not know at what level you are used to listen to, but I have not included SM10 sound at full volume, and 70 percent, since I no longer need. 100% too loud. IMHO.

Nobody faced with: is BT headset when an incoming call is not pressing the headset and the phone's display, the call is not accepted, and then continues to call? Admission only by pressing the headset.

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Rep: (632)
codeworkx does not have a changelog, here is his post:;postcount=5851
I'm not sure this is the full changelog.codeworkx I could not add to it, those changes in the kernel, which he produced.

Post has been editedrareARROW - 09.08.12, 20:29

Rep: (2)
Firmware on the 9th of working standards. Per night and ate 9% when 3G data transmission. Instead, the native launcher, go quietly assembled trebuchet. Not even mounted, and there he is. True, not all options are available.
If you are upgrading from the 5th to the number of 9th disappeared all configured desktops, but this is due to the fact that defoltovsky launcher was removed from the firmware and inserted tribushet, and he of course your settings. Everything is obvious.
The camera and video mode. there were some fuektsii (bulging eyes, the eyes in a pile and a few more), after an attempt to understand what it is and why, stopped working in the video zoom. But this is in my opinion also not kretichno.
Here's a little story about the version of the 9 th. More bugs yet not seen.
Add a hat to "update previously installed rum" puntkami to "enjoy" a good idea to do a wipe cache and dalvik cache, removes small tails, so that there was not the necessary lag.

Rep: (82)
Rusleak @ 10.08.2012, 10:42*
this is your normal? O_o It's horror. I When the pile of applications, consumes 3%. (C10)
When I have more than every 2 hours Balance widget, weather, VKontakte, everything works.

Once the battery Troll) forgive. 9 percent for the night and I feel fine. When minmalnoy load and disconnecting the Internet it is possible to reduce the eating of the battery to 3-4% in this I believe. But certainly not with the included application heap.

And there are found sound Trolls) which little sound)), but it is only in this thread watch.

The drain topic are found to twitch Trolls, who always seems to twitch all in the interface, that all such as jerky, etc. )))

Trolls because one - two people notice this and start writing after each firmware same ten posts a day, while a thousand or two in this emphasis does not see, because there are plenty of other problems in the firmware is much more important

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