Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - MIUI Firmware

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Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - MIUI Firmware
PictureSamsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III

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Important information!
MIUI firmware on: &
Copyright MIUI assembly
MIUI v8by jing95916
The latest version of MIUI v7 thanks uv. DogAlyx
MIUI v7 Pro 6.3.12
MIUI v7 5.10.30 by onekto
MIUI v6 5.5.4 port from Chinese developer
GalaxyMIUI v6; Download4.10.29 .
Assembly from lazer_ff2 ; based on Cyanogenmod 11 (Android 4.4.2); 4.7.25 .
Assembly from sonimalite ; based on Cyanogenmod 11 (Android 4.4.2); 4.7.14 .
Assembly from onekto ; based on CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2.2); 4.6.2 .
Assembly from malchik-solnce ; based on pure Chinese firmware (Android 4.1.1); 4.4.11 .
Review MIUI, screenshots, video
What is MIUI
MIUI is a globally redesigned firmware for Android-based smartphones. The code of the firmware itself MIUI is closed. This is a unique, and most importantly, high-quality firmware, which was developed for a long time by the company. Xiaomi tech . This firmware has many features other than what is offered to users of the standard Android OS. In particular, we are talking about a new camera, an improved dialer, a player and a gallery, as well as other functionality.

You can also say that the new firmware has a modified user interface, which also has no application menu at all. FirmwareMIUI - This is the best solution for those who know a lot about quality and reliability, because this invention includes all the best that was presented to the world of iOS and Android. Initially MIUI developed only in Chinese. Company Xiaomi in order to improve the system, such applications as MITalk, MIGallery, MINotes, MIMusic and MIBackup were included. All updates weekly (every Friday) come through OTA, after which they are adapted by other developers to different languages ​​and transmitted to devices.

Can say thatMIUI - this is the best of iOS and Android + their chips and developments. One of the most beautiful firmware on Android.
Evaluate yourself and you will not remain indifferent.
Formation rules for firmware release number
Version number is generatedbased on release date.
for example3.9.20 :
1st digitis the last digit of the current year. 2013>>> 3;
2nd digitis the month (1–12). September>>> 9;
3rd digitis the day of the month when the firmware is released (will be released)>>> 20.
The firmware, with rare exceptions (the new year according to the eastern calendar, national holidays in China, etc.), is issued / updatedEvery FridayThus, each of you can easily calculate what number the next release will be wearing.
MIUI v5 Screenshots
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MIUI v5 video
Modifications and decorations
Instructions for firmware / update MIUI
* Before any actions it is best to make backups:
- In a programmeTitanium backupafter getting ROOT rights (Application backup).
- In a programmekToolafter getting ROOT rights (IMEI backup just in case).
- In CWM Recovery after obtaining ROOT rights and installing CWM (Backup system).

To begin, download the firmware, the current version can be found in the header, or and
1. Root and install CWM on a smartphone (and don’t even think to ask how to do it). Here is instruction .
2. We upload the downloaded firmware to the internal (!!!) SDCard.
3. Boot into CWM (Volume up + Home + Turn on, somewhere 10-15c.) And do the Backup (Backup And Restore - Backup).
4.1 FULL (full) WIPE:
• Wipe Data / Factory Reset;
• Wipe Cache Partition;
• Advanced>Wipe Dalvik Cache;
• Mounts and Storage>Format Cache / System / Data;
4.1.1 For those who have a custom CWM Recovery:
• Wipe data / factory reset>Clean to Install a New ROM (and only!)
5. Without leaving from Recovery, go to "Install zip From sdcard">"Choose zip From sdcard" and select the previously downloaded ROM.
6. Wait until the installation is complete.
7. Click back and select "Reboot System Now".
8. Wait until the smartphone is fully loaded,
9. Now you can enjoy!

Firmware updates:
- If the source of the firmware has not changed, then it is enough:
• wipe cache partition
• advanced - wipe dalvik cache
• mounts and storage - format cache
All your data will be saved!

- If the source of the firmware has changed, see point 4.1.
- You can also update via the smartphone itself in the settings.
Goodies, FAQ
Voting results
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I have mentioned had the same problem. You could read a little higher positions.

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bob9w, ie the file is not broken? On the download page write MD5 sum, after loading it is desirable to compare the MD5 file downloaded to the drive to verify that the file is downloaded completely.

Rep: (2)
ElFrio, match. I was told it is necessary to set a custom kernel, I katabatic sews

Rep: (29)
bob9w, not understood. You have changed the boot.img from the archive in the stock?

Rep: (93)
should ask of flew update, shake to update, reboots rekaveri and here is what the log
Sd card mounted ....
Verifying sd card marker ...
sd card marker not found
Error processing ROM manager script.Please verify that yuo are perfoming the backup restore or ROM instalation from ROM Manager v4.4.0.0 higher.
/tmp/recovery.log was copied to /sdcard/clockworckmod/recowery.log. Please open ROM manager to report the issue.
tell me what's wrong? with me +

Rep: (2)
ElFrio, not in the archive have not changed anything. Kernel was stock that goes to MG4.

Rep: (29)
bob9w, MIUI goes in the archive your kernel and it would have changed. You can try to pump the file (just a new version), verify its integrity, and before installing the firmware to take advantage of script supervaypa (Purely internal memory, so that everything you need on a USB flash drive)

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ALPINEEE, Gapps (10 mbar) from our English-speaking friends. The kernel of your choice. User perekrostok in by this Messages Compose your settings Yank555 nucleus, and here Energy results. I prefer boeffla

Rep: (77)
I also chose boeffla 3.1
Daaaaa honestly flashing pleasing to the eye! Long my eyes received no such pleasure))

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Why, when he says that there is an update - press "refresh" the phone just restarts, and then nothing happens ... How to install an update?

Rep: (156)
ElFrio @ 20.09.2013, 21:31*
ALPINEEE, Gapps (10 MB) from our English-speaking friends

We wrote about gappsy full and lite. And hemorrhagic installing rekaveri through ... what is all this ???
There is such a thing as hereTHIS
Quite simply, it is necessary to choose, click Set and all ...
No crap ...

ALPINEEE @ 20.09.2013, 21:55*
Why, when he says that there is an update - press "refresh" the phone just restarts, and then nothing happens ... How to install an update?

It happens. Just boot into rekaveri, find the folder in which the updates (I called it downloaded_rom) and manually install ...

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Somebody has been updated to the latest version? There are noticeable improvements? How to smooth things?

Rep: (1)
I am unable to download any above mod for miui ... any other link please?

Rep: (1)
trancemaniac @ 21.09.2013, 01:31*
Somebody has been updated to the latest version? There are noticeable improvements? How to smooth things?

No special changes with smooth like the same thing. However, there is nedoperevody say the problem is the collector. So it is better to wait until the fix.

Rep: (1)
perekrostok @ 21.09.2013, 01:56*
Try to build on - where translation is traditionally better. Kojan taxis)))

And I put a

Rep: (12)
Guys sorry for offtopic ..
Catch of Article 7, cwm 5 version not found
prompt the link CWM that sews without 7 status.
And through a better odin flash cwm?

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trancemaniac @ 20.09.2013, 23:31*
There are noticeable improvements? How to smooth things?

It becomes smoother - I'm telling you. But there are many nedoperevodov eg. contact now only the English alphabet ... a choice of three languages ​​- English. and two Chinese. But if you do not touch anything - it all in Russian ...

Rep: (156)
Nikola_y @ 21.09.2013, 11:50*
Need help, just noticed that miui v.5 when a new SIM card can not get online. It works only one SIM card. Where in the settings you can fix this?

It can be seen from one SIM cards have an Internet settings in the system, and the other they are not ..
Infusion then he ...

Tinctures - Mobtlnaya network - Access Point (APN) - "Menu" button - New access point
Here and create it according to the settings of your operator. Do not forget to save it after setting.

Rep: (0)
The access point has been set, but nothing worked, thought may have miui in settings where the binding to the SIM card. Now it has earned itself like an hour

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The easiest installation GAPPS WITHOUT rekaveri ON MIUI V5

1. Download the fileGApps_Install.apk
2. Install
3. Find the red znachok Google Installer
4. Load program
5. Finding Gappsy those needs for you
6. Click the Install button next to the selected program, waiting download and install the selected program.
7. Exit the Google Pack Installer
8. It is advisable to restart, to avoid problems with registration programs in
9. We find your installed programs on stol
10. Rejoice !!!

P.S. Do not pay attention to the Chinese abrokozyabry - GAppsy will be in Russian.
P.P.S. Many programs are broken (eg. Google Play), so better be updated through the same program ( "Update" button in front of the updated application). This will help to avoid annoying lags applications.
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