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Samsung Galaxy S3 - Games | Discussions start and help to launch

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Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Games
PictureSamsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III
Description | Discussion | Purchase | Accessories | Firmware | Custom firmware | Modification of software and decorations | Marriage Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III

= A =
Angry Birds Rio + backups
Angry Birds all episodes at the moment for three stars + all eggs (backup + prog for backup / restore)
AirAttack HD
Angry birds space
Angry birds seasons
Angry birds star wars, still
Aces of the Luftwaffe
Asphalt surfers
Angry birds friends
Agent sheep
Angry Birds Seasons: Abra-Ca-Bacon
= B =
Bouncy seed
Bad roads
Bloody alice defense
Battle Killer T34 3D
= C =
Clash Trip Racing: Nation Saga
Catapult king
Cool cubes
Clouds & Sheep
Combo crew
Clash of puppets
= D =
Defense effect
Dragon frenzy
Death worm
Demolition Master 3D
Daddy Was A Thief
= E =
Earn to die
= F =
Furfur and nublo
Frontline commando
First wood war
Fangz hd
Fractal combat
Fixie joe
= H =
Hungry Shark Evolution
Hardest Game Ever 2
= I =
Into the dead
Icy Tower 2
Im jack
Iron man 3
= G =
Geometry Dash
= J =
Jungle book - The Great Escape
Just shout
= L =
Little Gunfight: Counter-terror
= M =
Mini dash
MAYDAY! Emergency landing
Miami zombies
Monsters U: Catch Archie
= N =
Nanosaur 2
NFL Flick Quarterback
= O =
One epic knight
= P =
Polar Bowler 1st Frame
PandaVenture Retro Platformer
Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame
= R =
Real steel hd
Ramayan Wars: The Ocean Leap
RealParking3D Cappuccino
Rage of the Gladiator
Rescue Me - The Adventures
= S =
Space out
Street Fighter IV HD
Star Defender 4
Sonic jump
Skull squad
Shiny the firefly
Stick Stunt Biker 2
Season Match Full
Sheep Up! в„ў
Sine mora
SC Blacklist: Spider-Bot
= T =
Temple run
Team dragon
Temple Run: Oz
The samurai
Tap the frog
The Legend of Holy Archer
They Need To Be Fed 2
Tug the table free
Total recoil
Tetris 2013
= V =
= W =
Waa Cha!
= X =
Xelorians - Space Shooter
= Z =
Zaxxon Escape
= D =
Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering
= M =
Sea battle
= P =
= C =
Sumo (two players)


For kids

Quests, adventure, RPG

Puzzle games



Sport games



Action Games

Directory bind -transfer any files and directories to microSD.
GL to SD (root)-move game cache from Gameloft
Chainfire3D- program to spoof texture decoding method, the official support is only stated for certain devices, e.g., Sony Xplay or apparatus based on Tegra2 processor. The program also allows the settings for each application include compulsory anti-aliasing (MSAA), which in theory should improve the image, the function works for all devices, except for Tegra. Furthermore, it is possible to reduce the resolution and quality of texture (in real time) to run on slower devices.
Caches for games on the torrent rutracker.org
Checking the cache of games over the 3G network
Foldermount- mount the directory c internal memory to an external SD Card, running on Android version 4.2 and above. In connection with the introduction of Android 4.2.1 the new multiplayer mode, a mount directory of the program with the internal memory to an external memory stick (Type Directory Bind) stopped working. This program is the first real alternative to Directory Bind for the new Android. Elementary interface is simple and clear and, most importantly, mount directories from the internal memory to an external memory stick really works on Android 4.2.2, including on CM 10.1
PPSSPP-Raduemsya forum users! The man with the nickname by Henrik, who brought the world a fully working Wii emulator called "Dolphin" for the PC, developed the first PSP emulator for Android - PPSSPP. Now PPSSPP is more or less working emulator which will allow you to play PSP games on your device Android. However, there are still many bugs and flaws, so can not yet count on the launch of serious games. Nevertheless, he was able to play some games at full speed, and it has a beautiful interface. PPSSPP missing a few things, such as display hardware keys, and normal PSP Eboot files are not supported. PSP ISO files are now working. Curiously, the program works on most Android devices, and not only on the High-end devices, your device must only support OpenGL ES 2.0.
ExtSd2InternalSd v6 | Increase your data storage | 100% Working |- substitution of the internal flash memory of the phone on microSD (after all the manipulations, the external memory card will be perceived by the phone as internal memory. Why is this useful you ask?
With the presence of a 32 or 64 gigabit micro sd card, you can get an analogue of 32 or 64 gigabit versions of SGSIII, i.e. for applications and games will be available
to install the amount of memory equal to the existing amount on your micro sd-card, simply put - all applications and games (including cache) will be
installed on a micro sd card)

Free Games from Samsung Apps
Asphalt 7,
Dungeon hunter 3,
Modern Combat 3,

Free Games from the Play Store
Dungeon Hunter 3,
Real racing 3,
Iron Man 3 / Iron Man 3
King of mathematics

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
AT: What is a cache and what is it for?
ABOUT: The cache is the textures, music, video, service files and folders needed to run and complete the game.

AT: What versions of games and which cache to choose?
ABOUT: For I9300 SGSIII, you need an apk for a processor with an ARMv7 architecture and a cache for Mali-400MP.

AT: What to do if at launch the game crashes?
ABOUT: For the games to fully function in our theme, you need to have a google play account on SGS III.

AT: I downloaded the cache, but it is archived. What to do?
ABOUT: Unzip and copy the unpacked cache to the game folder.

AT: How to unzip the cache, if it is several parts?
ABOUT: Firstly, you need to download all the parts, since this is one folder, packed in an archive and divided into several parts, so that you can upload to the forum. Then in the total commander or winrare, select the first part, click on unpack and wait for the result.

AT: What is the correct way to set the cache?
ABOUT: 1. Games from Gameloft-sdcard / gameloft / games / cash . If the game is from the market, then the path will be different - sdcard / Android / data / cache
2. Games from Electronic Arts (EA) -sdcard / Android / data / cache
3. Glu Games -sdcard / glu / cache
4. Games from other developers -sdcard / Android / data / cache, sdcard / Android / data / obb / cacheorsdcard / cache
Usually the user posting the game writes the correct cache path, we look in the posts ...

AT: I do not have obb folder in the Android folder, there is only data. What to do?
ABOUT: Create the obb folder manually.

Post design template
[size = 3] [color = "blue"] [b] Name of the game [/ b] [/ color] [/ size]
[b] version: xxxxx [/ b]
[b] Genre: [/ b] xxxxx
[spoil = Screenshots:] Additional screenshots if available [/ spoil]
[spoil = Description:] xxxxx [/ spoil]
[spoil = Download:] xxxxxx.apk "]
[b] Path cache: xxxxx: [/ b]
Links to the cache (if available) [/ spoiler]

All laid out games are freely distributed on the Internet and are laid out only for reference, after which you are advised to buy a licensed game. It is not recommended to upload purchased versions of games in the subject!

Be sure to read
Dear forum users!
Please upload games that have been verified personally, with a screenshot, a link to the profile branch and a working .apk.
Be mutually polite! We have to say on the forum "thank"by increasing reputation by clicking on the button+ .
If you have less than 15 messages, then click on the button.a complaint and let us know who helped you.
We kindly ask you to stick to the theme of the topic, to avoid flooding and offtopic!
Thank you for understanding! Sincerely.

Those wishing to make additions to the header, please contactendru .

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arhimondus, Download and cache, and the game itself here Samsung Galaxy S3 - Games (Post # 27214412) 100% work
Cache and the game rather than just cash.

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Valentinich1, alex_sk, Attached filesignedDead_Space_v1.98.6.apk (5.07 MB)

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Assassin's Creed Pirates

Attached Image

Theme of the game on Attached Image
Theme of the game onAttached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image

Become one of the most formidable pirates of the Caribbean, setting off to adventure in the Assassin's Creed game series for smartphones and tablets!

Your hero is Alonso Batilla, a young and ambitious captain, a pirate, able to challenge the most frantic opponent ...
Down with the rules, challenge the empires and get rich!

Fight in real time in the Caribbean.
You will find a large selection of weapons that you can destroy your enemies and become a legendary pirate!

Get the most famous ships of the era of the golden age of piracy, starting with small gunboats and ending with floating fortresses - battleships.
Upgrade your ship using loot captured in naval battles.
Recruit the best sailors in your team and master 50 new ways to become a good captain and a true master of sea battle.

Direct change in weather conditions affects the gameplay and gives a new look to any terrain.
Beware of storms and treacherous fog that hides your enemies until the last minute!
Bask in the West Indian sun, enjoy beautiful sunsets, and at night navigate your ship along the coast of incredible beauty.

Explore a huge map of the Caribbean, passing by numerous islands.
Enjoy the performance of more than 50 story and additional tasks, find a hundred different treasures and lost manuscripts and compete with friends, trying to grab more loot.

Live an adventure that will help you solve the riddles of the mysterious treasure of La Beuze.
Stand in the way of the assassins and the Templars and take part in their long-standing struggle.
Meet the most famous and colorful pirates of the era, including Sam Bellamy, Ben Hornigold and Blackbeard!
The game is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.


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Angry Birds Go!

Attached Image

Theme of the game on Attached Image
Theme of the game onAttached Image
Welcome to downhill skiing beastly island! Feel the thrill of the race with the birds and the pigs rushing on golovkruzhitelnoy speed to the finish line on the road with lots of twists and turns! But beware! Beware of the dangers on the road, bad opponents, following your shadow, and special techniques that can send a leader in the tail of the pack. Also go the way of the car, made from soap dishes to tricked out a supercar, using a variety of improvements! On your marks ... Attention ... Angry Birds Go!
FIRST ANGRY BIRDS IN A THREE-DIMENSIONAL WORLD! Take a look at the birds and pigs, chasing the colorful three-dimensional world of Pig Island, from any angle!
PLAY AS FOR BIRDS, SO AND FOR PIGS! Jump behind the wheel and drive ahead, playing for Red, Chuck, Terence, Stella, King Pig, Mustache Pig and your other favorite characters!
PASS ALL THE ROUTES! Lots of racetracks, stunt plots, flying through the air and off-road rallies - they all offer unexpected and exciting challenges!
STUNNING SPECIAL FORCES! Shove opponents off the road and take their position with the unique special powers of each character!
MULTIPLE GAME MODES! Test your abilities in unexpected superfunny game modes: Race, Time Boom, Fruit Splat, Champion Chase and Mega Match!
IMPROVE YOUR CARE! The path from a makeshift car made of soap box to mega-speed supercars - with a bunch of modifications and improvement methods that you can earn or buy!
THIS IS ONLY BEGINNING! The race has just begun, so do not miss the many new pieces that are just coming!

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image


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Attached Image

Theme of the game on Attached Image
Theme of the game onAttached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

BADLAND is an award-winning atmospheric adventure side-scrolling platformer action game that unfolds in a forest full of different inhabitants, trees and flowers. Although the forest looks as if it had disappeared from the pages of a beautiful fairy tale, it seems that something in it is completely wrong. The player controls one of the forest dwellers to discover what is happening. On his way, he discovers an astounding amount of original traps and obstacles.
BADLAND takes the side scrolling genre to a whole new level thanks to its innovative gameplay based on the laws of physics combined with incredibly beautiful atmospheric graphics and sound.
Also in the game BADLAND is available extremely original local multiplayer mode in which up to four players can play on the same device. The goal of the multiplayer mode is the survival of the fittest without following any rules. There is nothing wrong with pushing your opponent onto rotating discs of circular saws.

Attached ImageAttached filecom.frogmind.badland.apk(11.09 MB)

Path cache: Android / obb

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Stickman soccer

Attached Image

Theme of the game on Attached Image
Theme of the game onAttached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Experience pure soccer fun with fast paced gameplay, an amazing atmosphere, beautiful smooth animation, simple controls, insane action and a ton of play value. Choose your football team and dominate in the Street Soccer matches. Decide if you want full control over the players, or you want to use automatic rezhim.Vyberi favorite national soccer team from more than 32 different skilled teams and lead them to glory!
Game from the makers of various top hits like Stick Stunt Biker, Stickman Tennis, Stickman Cliff Diving, Stickman Base Jumper, Rope'n'Fly and much more ...
• Quick Play, Seasons and Training Mode
• Experience Mode Street Soccer
• Game Modes: 11, 11 and 4 on 4
• Various stadiums and nastraemoe game time
• 3 difficulty levels for a long-term incentive (easy, medium, hard)
• Simple yet powerful touch uprvalenie
• 32 different soccer teams to choose from
• matches Statistics
• Smooth animations with 60 frames per second
• Compete with your friends using the built-World ranking leaders


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Clash of puppets
Attached Image

Theme of the game on Attached Image
Theme of the game onAttached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image

Clash of Puppets is a fun game in which you will play for the ordinary man, Charlie. The game's plot begins with the moment when he went to see the movie in the drive-in theater and fell asleep right at the movie theater. He dreamed that he was in Transylvania, around vampires caught and everyone wants to attack him, he was nothing left to do how to fight with them all that comes handy.

Attached ImageAttached fileClash + of + Puppets + v1.0.2.apk(30.56 MB)

Attached ImageHackedAttached fileClash + of + Puppets + v1.0.2 + Mod.apk(10.86 MB)

Path cache: Android / obb

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no cache for Call of DutyВ®: Strike Team .........
let the cache for this game from the torrent plz)

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cache .:http://yadi.sk/d/AEPc5yEUEnhoQ

Attached files

Attached file383407_gta_san_andreas_v1.02.apk(19.4 MB)

Rep: (610)

Rep: (610)

a cache of old approach

Attached files

Attached file383407_grand-theft-auto-san-andreas-v1.03.apk(10.09 MB)

Rep: (100)
Acim @ 30.12.2013, 10:20*
As you run gta sa? Already I tried everything, a black screen after the social club

Acim, black screen fixed !! Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [3D] (Post # 27669497)

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Imperium Galactica 2
version: 1.04
Genre: Strategy
Attached Image
Branch Google play
Attached ImageAttached Image

Digital Reality presents a genre defining classic ...
Relive the golden age of gaming! Take the Imperium in your hands now!
Reintroducing a classic from the golden era of gaming, the original empire building space RTS, Imperium Galactica 2 is back and looking better than ever with new high-res textures and vivid colors. Imperium Galactica 2 features an expansive and unique Sci-fi universe with multiple playable species. Take your empire in your hands and guide it into the future. Use intrigue and spying to weaken your enemies and strengthen yourself or research and build the most powerful military force in the universe to crush whoever would oppose you. Massive battles, universe spanning empires, 3 playable campaigns and countless possibilities through custom scenarios insure you always have something to come back to. Take control, conquer the universe, and lead your species to ultimate domination ... for the Imperium.
Key features:
* Deep Real-time strategy at its best
* Award winning game
* One of the original genre defining 4x games
* Explore the galaxies
* Expand your empire through colonization or conquest
* Exploit other species
* Exterminate all opposition
* Huge space armadas
* Battles in both space and on ground
* Deep economy and population management
* Tons of researchable upgrades
* Customizable ships and tanks
* Challenging scenarios
* Galactic alliances
* Spy on your enemies and steal what you need
* 3 unique campaigns
* Playable in English / Hungarian / Spanish (* movies are in English only in the initial version!)

Attached fileImperium Galactica 2 v1.04.apk(3.74 MB)

Path cache: sdcard / Android / obb:

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http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/d...rg%5D.t1752837.torrent

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Fly games from gameloft as the Amazing Spider Man and Dark Knight Rises license evaluation. Everything is done according to the instructions. What's wrong?

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gta san andreas cache please throw, and then left the cache, the game tupit sohranyalki not work, I will be very grateful.

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please tell me and there Lines98 for android (I halacha c3)

Rep: (24)
flaren @ 26.04.2015, 13:13*
Anybody working fine HearthStone? If so, on what firmware? I often crashes ..

* flaren, CM11, the game runs smoothly, no crashes.

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Hello Skinte please arc and cash on the game world on fire / World at Arms.Zaranee thanks: smile:

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Advise arcade on s3

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