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Samsung Galaxy S3 - Games | Discussions start and help to launch

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Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Games
PictureSamsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III
Description | Discussion | Purchase | Accessories | Firmware | Custom firmware | Modification of software and decorations | Marriage Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III

= A =
Angry Birds Rio + backups
Angry Birds all episodes at the moment for three stars + all eggs (backup + prog for backup / restore)
AirAttack HD
Angry birds space
Angry birds seasons
Angry birds star wars, still
Aces of the Luftwaffe
Asphalt surfers
Angry birds friends
Agent sheep
Angry Birds Seasons: Abra-Ca-Bacon
= B =
Bouncy seed
Bad roads
Bloody alice defense
Battle Killer T34 3D
= C =
Clash Trip Racing: Nation Saga
Catapult king
Cool cubes
Clouds & Sheep
Combo crew
Clash of puppets
= D =
Defense effect
Dragon frenzy
Death worm
Demolition Master 3D
Daddy Was A Thief
= E =
Earn to die
= F =
Furfur and nublo
Frontline commando
First wood war
Fangz hd
Fractal combat
Fixie joe
= H =
Hungry Shark Evolution
Hardest Game Ever 2
= I =
Into the dead
Icy Tower 2
Im jack
Iron man 3
= G =
Geometry Dash
= J =
Jungle book - The Great Escape
Just shout
= L =
Little Gunfight: Counter-terror
= M =
Mini dash
MAYDAY! Emergency landing
Miami zombies
Monsters U: Catch Archie
= N =
Nanosaur 2
NFL Flick Quarterback
= O =
One epic knight
= P =
Polar Bowler 1st Frame
PandaVenture Retro Platformer
Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame
= R =
Real steel hd
Ramayan Wars: The Ocean Leap
RealParking3D Cappuccino
Rage of the Gladiator
Rescue Me - The Adventures
= S =
Space out
Street Fighter IV HD
Star Defender 4
Sonic jump
Skull squad
Shiny the firefly
Stick Stunt Biker 2
Season Match Full
Sheep Up! ™
Sine mora
SC Blacklist: Spider-Bot
= T =
Temple run
Team dragon
Temple Run: Oz
The samurai
Tap the frog
The Legend of Holy Archer
They Need To Be Fed 2
Tug the table free
Total recoil
Tetris 2013
= V =
= W =
Waa Cha!
= X =
Xelorians - Space Shooter
= Z =
Zaxxon Escape
= D =
Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering
= M =
Sea battle
= P =
= C =
Sumo (two players)


For kids

Quests, adventure, RPG

Puzzle games



Sport games



Action Games

Directory bind -transfer any files and directories to microSD.
GL to SD (root)-move game cache from Gameloft
Chainfire3D- program to spoof texture decoding method, the official support is only stated for certain devices, e.g., Sony Xplay or apparatus based on Tegra2 processor. The program also allows the settings for each application include compulsory anti-aliasing (MSAA), which in theory should improve the image, the function works for all devices, except for Tegra. Furthermore, it is possible to reduce the resolution and quality of texture (in real time) to run on slower devices.
Caches for games on the torrent rutracker.org
Checking the cache of games over the 3G network
Foldermount- mount the directory c internal memory to an external SD Card, running on Android version 4.2 and above. In connection with the introduction of Android 4.2.1 the new multiplayer mode, a mount directory of the program with the internal memory to an external memory stick (Type Directory Bind) stopped working. This program is the first real alternative to Directory Bind for the new Android. Elementary interface is simple and clear and, most importantly, mount directories from the internal memory to an external memory stick really works on Android 4.2.2, including on CM 10.1
PPSSPP-Raduemsya forum users! The man with the nickname by Henrik, who brought the world a fully working Wii emulator called "Dolphin" for the PC, developed the first PSP emulator for Android - PPSSPP. Now PPSSPP is more or less working emulator which will allow you to play PSP games on your device Android. However, there are still many bugs and flaws, so can not yet count on the launch of serious games. Nevertheless, he was able to play some games at full speed, and it has a beautiful interface. PPSSPP missing a few things, such as display hardware keys, and normal PSP Eboot files are not supported. PSP ISO files are now working. Curiously, the program works on most Android devices, and not only on the High-end devices, your device must only support OpenGL ES 2.0.
ExtSd2InternalSd v6 | Increase your data storage | 100% Working |- substitution of the internal flash memory of the phone on microSD (after all the manipulations, the external memory card will be perceived by the phone as internal memory. Why is this useful you ask?
With the presence of a 32 or 64 gigabit micro sd card, you can get an analogue of 32 or 64 gigabit versions of SGSIII, i.e. for applications and games will be available
to install the amount of memory equal to the existing amount on your micro sd-card, simply put - all applications and games (including cache) will be
installed on a micro sd card)

Free Games from Samsung Apps
Asphalt 7,
Dungeon hunter 3,
Modern Combat 3,

Free Games from the Play Store
Dungeon Hunter 3,
Real racing 3,
Iron Man 3 / Iron Man 3
King of mathematics

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
AT: What is a cache and what is it for?
ABOUT: The cache is the textures, music, video, service files and folders needed to run and complete the game.

AT: What versions of games and which cache to choose?
ABOUT: For I9300 SGSIII, you need an apk for a processor with an ARMv7 architecture and a cache for Mali-400MP.

AT: What to do if at launch the game crashes?
ABOUT: For the games to fully function in our theme, you need to have a google play account on SGS III.

AT: I downloaded the cache, but it is archived. What to do?
ABOUT: Unzip and copy the unpacked cache to the game folder.

AT: How to unzip the cache, if it is several parts?
ABOUT: Firstly, you need to download all the parts, since this is one folder, packed in an archive and divided into several parts, so that you can upload to the forum. Then in the total commander or winrare, select the first part, click on unpack and wait for the result.

AT: What is the correct way to set the cache?
ABOUT: 1. Games from Gameloft-sdcard / gameloft / games / cash . If the game is from the market, then the path will be different - sdcard / Android / data / cache
2. Games from Electronic Arts (EA) -sdcard / Android / data / cache
3. Glu Games -sdcard / glu / cache
4. Games from other developers -sdcard / Android / data / cache, sdcard / Android / data / obb / cacheorsdcard / cache
Usually the user posting the game writes the correct cache path, we look in the posts ...

AT: I do not have obb folder in the Android folder, there is only data. What to do?
ABOUT: Create the obb folder manually.

Post design template
[size = 3] [color = "blue"] [b] Name of the game [/ b] [/ color] [/ size]
[b] version: xxxxx [/ b]
[b] Genre: [/ b] xxxxx
[spoil = Screenshots:] Additional screenshots if available [/ spoil]
[spoil = Description:] xxxxx [/ spoil]
[spoil = Download:] xxxxxx.apk "]
[b] Path cache: xxxxx: [/ b]
Links to the cache (if available) [/ spoiler]

All laid out games are freely distributed on the Internet and are laid out only for reference, after which you are advised to buy a licensed game. It is not recommended to upload purchased versions of games in the subject!

Be sure to read
Dear forum users!
Please upload games that have been verified personally, with a screenshot, a link to the profile branch and a working .apk.
Be mutually polite! We have to say on the forum "thank"by increasing reputation by clicking on the button+ .
If you have less than 15 messages, then click on the button.a complaint and let us know who helped you.
We kindly ask you to stick to the theme of the topic, to avoid flooding and offtopic!
Thank you for understanding! Sincerely.

Those wishing to make additions to the header, please contactendru .

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Attached Image
in the market free
apk and cache ate wifi missing

Rep: (1101)
Attached Image
Navigate crazy tracks in this high-speed game mixing platforming and racing!
Inspired by classic games of the past, Skyriders is a fast-paced mix of platformer and racing game. He's trying to keep track of the small size of the spacecraft.
Hey, it is a lot of fun!
Get those gold medal scores, and those leaderboards?
Game Features:
★ Simple controls (choose from tilt-to-steer or on-screen buttons)
★ 40 levels over 5 varied zones
★ Leaderboards and achievements (via Swarm)
★ Ship upgrades, to help you earn even bigger scores
★ Super smooth gameplay (60fps on newer devices)
★ Play the first zone for free!
(Then choose Ј 1..49 (GBP) / .99 (USD))
It is not necessary to note that it’s not a problem. This will be fixed in an update ASAP!
Attached filecom.inverse.skyriderscomplete-1.apk(37.37 MB)

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My updatedrepackfor GTA3

Beach buggy blitz

Attached Image

The first animated the race with the highest stability in the graphics and gameplay among racing android series. Developers have created this race for powerful machines with only 3 Terga that emphasizes the quality of all the factors and performance. According to the creator - Beach Buggy Blitz for android is not just a banal race and prone to adventure genre, ie Race Adventure. It is so unpredictable that one card will be completely different ways, bridges - even on the same terrain will be dozens of different ways.

Drive on the beach roads will have a mini jeep. But when you open up more maps, you can upgrade cars by choosing large SUVs and ending with high-speed cars. And of course the modernization of cars for parts will be present in the BBB. Three types of characteristics - control, strength and speed. Collect money in races and pump the maximum of everything! The physics in the game is maximum realistic. Splashes, turns, flights are elegantly forged to 3D application graphics.

The game was prepared in advance for Tegra 3 along with the updated Vector Engine 3 game engine, so that all the effects, all the quality of the landscape was transmitted with this video accelerator. Unfortunately, the game will not be able to transfer such a drive to weak accelerators, as Tegra will be able to transfer. Undoubtedly, the BBB should undermine the users to penetrate into it, since you will find nowhere else where you will find analogues.
Attached fileBeach + Buggy + Blitz + 1.1.apk(43.66 MB)

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Attached Image
Spinballs is a very addictive puzzle game with a unique and addictive gameplay.
Seven discs with six colored balls on each of them make up a platform. Each disc can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. Put balls of the same color next to remove them, but never forget that time is running out! The higher the levels, the less time you have. The game also has bonuses.
Attached filecom.christiangross.spinballs_1.3.2.apk(6.15 MB)

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Need for Speed ​​most wanted (offline)

Attached Image

Can you become the most wanted?
Fasten your seat belts, press the throttle and hold on tight - this is the most important race in your life. Deceive the police, circle your opponents around the finger and leave behind friends in the most dangerous Need For Speed ​​in the entire history of the series. Do you have the courage to become the Most Wanted?
Get away from the stubborn cops, competing with reckless street racers and criminals. Get behind the wheel of the most incredible cars: SRT Viper GTS, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Hummer H1 Alpha and many others. Feel the drive of underground street racing with a realistic system of car damage - for the first time on a mobile platform.
Come into Origin, check the Most Wanted list, and you will always know who owns the Most Wanted title on various platforms and among your friends. Challenge your friends and prove yourself in a real monster fight.
• Choose from over 35 unique cars and tune them
• Drive as you like! By popular demand, we have added steering touch and tilt
• Pump the car through improvements and make losers swallow dust
• Fully immersed in a race with breathtaking graphics and a system of complete destruction of cars
• Earn SP points and unlock new cars
Opponents will turn inside out to prevent you from reaching the top of the ranking, because in this world there can be only one Most Wanted.

Cache (on the people)
Apk : Attached fileNFS ™ + Most + Wanted + v1.0.28 + apkmania.com.apk (12.02 MB)

  1. Install the apk
  2. Go to the time settings of the device
  3. Choose a time zone +00: 00 or +01: 00
  4. *alternatively, autodetection of time can be set (if the previous two did not work)
  5. We start the game with the Internet turned on (it seems only for the first launch)
  6. In addition, you need a cache. He downloads himself through wifi. Or you can wait until I throw my cache on the people.

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Attached Image
Help us make Shadowgun: DeadZone better!
Please understand that there are a lot of missing features and content. This is the case for the network.
Also, please don’t get upset if you are experiencing a short wait.
Please send your feedback to [email protected]
Thanks from your friends at Madfinger!
The current Version includes:
* Four playable characters
- Soldier
- Mutant
- Assassin
- Dancer
* Two Game Modes
- DeathMatch
- Zone Control
* Two Maps
- Assembly Hall
- Invasion
* Weapons
- Bandit (SMG)
- Vega (Attack Rifle)
- Big Boy (Machine gun)
- Spate - (Plasma Rifle)
- Mace - (Shotgun)
- Osog - (Sniper)
- Sh * tStorm - (Rocket Launcher)
* Gadgets
- Sprint
- Medi Kit
- Ammo Kit
- FlashBang
- EMP Grenade
- frag grenade
- Sentry Gun
- Mine

Apk: Attached fileSHADOWGUN + DeadZone + v3.0.apk (11.92 MB)
CACHE: Attached filecom.madfingergames.deadzone.rar (97.89 MB)
Path: Android / obb
*** Online only ***

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Tiny troopers
Attached Image
apk: Attached filetiny-troopers-v1.0.4.ru.apk (15.43 MB)

cache: http://narod.ru/disk/63354161001.4370084fc...id.row.zip.html
way: / sdcard / Android / data /com.chillingo.tinytroopersfree.android.row with files and folders inside)
push:I’m delighted with the game, for a long time it was like playing on a Sega 100 graphics worse was)

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Attached Image
apk: Attached filemuse-v1.01.apk (8.6 MB)

cache: http://narod.ru/disk/63396308001.85fc0f023...ndroid.rar.html
way: / sdcard / Android / obb /com.ayopagames.museandroid with an .obb file inside.
M.U.S.E. - A game in which an arcade and RPG combined to make an explosive shooter! You can customize the character of the character in RPG, to conduct dynamic shooting, performing crazy combos
push:When loading, a black screen appears and the letter M.U.S.E. (it takes a long time) does not get scared just so it loads for a long time

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Expendable Rearmed
Attached Image
A remake of the popular 3D shooter with the Dreamcast console.
Attached fileExpendable + Rearmed.apk(46,18 MB)

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Attached Image

FinalStrike3D, is a modern three-dimensional helicopter shooter. AT
this game you will play the role of the best pilot performing
special assignments. You will have the opportunity to lead various
helicopters equipped with special weapons and devices.
Your tasks will be divided into different missions and you should
will eliminate the maximum number of enemies to get
highest score.
Game features:
- 2 campaigns with 13 missions
- 6 types of weapons, including missiles, bombs and more ...
- More than 30 types of different enemies
- 4 different helicopters
- Fully detailed 3D graphics
cache apk (cache path: sdcard / Android / Obb /)Attached fileFinalStrike3D v1.0.8.com.apk(47.92 MB)

rename to zip - pull out the apk and cache

Attached Image

Play as the Predator!
Sci-fi film franchise!
Heck out his assassins, and his assassin
Brought to you by Bob and Muffin Knight!
“The Predator is just a badass.” - IGN; Editor’s choice award
“… All-around excellent human-slaying action.” - Gizmodo; This Week’s Best Apps
“… Check [s] to follow even the headiest of cult followers.” - TouchArcade
"... good game that makes great use of its license ..." - 148Apps
"Predators is a classic ..." - GameRating UK
These humans are the most dangerous killers on the planet ... but it’s not their planet. This planet is a game of prey. Pitator: your incredible strength; stealth; mercenaries, assassins, death-squad soldiers, cartel enforcers, black ops snipers, and more ... Prove you are the ultimate Predator. Begin the hunt and end of their lives.
No enemy is more dangerous than your own kind. Defend yourself against 3 powerful and distinct Berserker Predators determined to exterminate your clan. Freedom of the dog, it is the Super Black Predator.
Take out your goals and what you need to do. Strike your targets one-by-one.
Turn your heart into a hot air gun. Use the cannons for long, wrist-blade and spears. These nasty blades give “get to the chopper!”
There are plenty of ways to live your life.
* Xperia PLAY optimized *
* NVIDIA Tegra optimized *
cache apk (cache path: sdcard / Android / Obb /)Attached filePredators ™ v1.4.5.apk(80.21 MB)

rename to zip - pull out the apk and cache

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Dexter 2
Attached Image

Dexter the Game 2 Dexter the Game 2 Investigate crime scenes of the death of the killer of the law.
- Michael C. Hall, Dexter
- A new suspect and crime scene are generated each time you play
- Listen to your iTunes music library while driving Dexter’s car
- Earn blood slide trophies and unlock new kill weapons & vehicles

Attached fileDexter + 2.apk(8.31 MB)

CASHinsert into sdcard / Android / obb

Rep: (1101)
SHADOWGUN: DeadZone v1.0.0
Attached Image

Shadowgun: DeadZone is one of the sharpest-looking shooters we've seen. ”- SlideToPlay
“They’ve made it on the mobile device.” - TouchGen
“If you want to see the congresses, then look no further than Shadowgun: Dead Zone.” - Pocketgamer.co.uk
Prove your courage and challenge your friends.
Experience heroic multiplayer battles
Enjoy console quality multiplayer game with awesome graphics on your phone and tablet.
* Experience intense tactical multiplayer combat with up to 12 players connected online.
* Deathmatch and Zone Control, various maps and from 10 playable characters
* New features will be available during gameplay.
* New control elements such as sprint and roll have been implemented into gameplay
* A wide ranging arsenal offers Assault Rifles, Machine guns, Plasma Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Rocket Launcher
* Various items including Medi Kit, Ammo Kit, Flash Grenades, EMP Grenades, Frag Grenades, Sentry Guns and Mines
* Talk to your friends in real time! Enjoy entirely new service - multiplayer voice chat - exclusively developed and provided by Ericsson.
SHADOWGUN: DeadZone is available on devices with at least 512 MB RAM and support Android version 3.0 Honeycomb and higher.

Attached fileSHADOWGUN DeadZone v1.0.0.apk(11.88 MB)

cache (download both parts, unzip and throw on the path '/ sdcard / Android / obb'):Attached filecom.madfingergames.deadzone.part1.rar(100 MB)
Attached filecom.madfingergames.deadzone.part2.rar(21.62 MB)

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Reason for editing: updated apk

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Avengers Initiative
Attached Image

This game is the first step in the Marvel universe. Fight from the face of Hulk - the first hero of the game Avengers. Initiative, developed for touch screen devices. You have to help the Avengers team to save the world from impending disaster, as well as to find and destroy the most dangerous villains: Wendigo, Abomination, Cronan and Skrull.
You will find yourself in the thick of the events that unfolded after the devastating outbreak, which allowed notorious criminals to escape from the secret prison Casemate. Armed with the outstanding capabilities of the Hulk, players will have to fight with dangerous monsters, as well as find out who and why needed to destroy Casemate.
The Avengers team history is constantly evolving and complemented You are waiting for content updates, in-game promotions, new characters and much more. In addition, the version in Russian will be available soon!
*** Rely on instincts - extreme battles are built on the hypersensitive response of the character.
*** Invent blows, attacks and combos
*** Gorgeous HD graphics - you are waiting for stunning special effects and spectacular locations.
*** Customization - choose costumes and superpowers for the Hulk, improve his skills - make him unique and invincible.
*** Marvel XP - register for free and get access to the extensive database and materials on the Marvel universe, track the development of your characters and get rewards for achievements. Registration provides access to exclusive content compiled specifically for the Marvel XP community.
If your mobile device contains NVIDIA Tegra, enjoy enhanced gameplay, including improved character rendering, realistic locations, and ISO-8 effects.
Attached fileAvengers Initiative v1.0.4.apk(13.35 MB)
Install the apk, copy the cache (copy the folder 'com.disney.avengers_goo' along the path 'sdcard / Android / obb'):tytsrun the game

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Attached Image

Dragon Slayer is a visually spectacular, magic-based combat game.
The Dragon Slayers are answered. It is a visually spectacular, magic-based combat game.
Challenge massive dragons, wyverns, and reptiles as you traverse the map of the fantasy realm
Casting tails and tails of the Dragon Bosses.
Equip magical gauntlets, cloak armor and pets to slay more dragons.
Cutting-edge graphics optimized for the latest devices
Journey through the hunt for men and men dragons.
You can choose to pay it.
Glu Mobile’s Terms of Use. Glu Mobile’s Privacy Policy. Both policies are available at www.glu.com. Additional terms may also apply.

APKAttached fileDragon + Slayer.apk(15.8 MB)

CASHWe put on the way sdcard / Android / obb

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Tell me, is there a third part of Montezuma for S3?

Treasures of Montezuma 3 (Post # 16387788)The cache was pumped out by itself. works great
Attached Image
Try to get to the treasures of the Aztecs, after 160 fascinating levels of destruction and excitement.
At your disposal will be real totems that can bring not only good luck, but also extra points, weapons and other superpowers! Hurry up to destroy as many crystals as possible in one minute, and as a reward you will receive golden stars that can be donated to the gods and receive blessings from them! The further you progress, the more difficult the tasks will become, but rest assured that this will only please you!
160 arcade levels
42 levels with puzzles
2 difficulty modes
5 hidden treasuries
40 chests of gold
22 awards
Awesome graphics
Incredible sound effects
Attached fileMontezuma3_v1.0.1_crk.apk(7.39 MB)

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Around the world in 80 Days
Attached Image
Take a fascinating journey!
You have at your disposal only 80 days to travel around the world. Think it's easy? You have a unique chance to go back to the 19th century and become a participant in unforgettable adventures with the main characters: the Englishman Filias Fog and his loyal assistant Paspartu. Use the perfect chance to visit four continents with the help of an exciting game based on the plot of the novel Jules Verne.
Game features:
- Adventure game with a great storyline.
- Fascinating gameplay with the constant complexity of each level
- Awesome graphics and sound effects
- Wonderful adaptation of the famous novel by Jules Verne
- Book your trip, it will definitely be first class!

Attached fileplayrix.zip(4.97 MB)
- This is the original game in the backup, unzip it into the folder with the titanium and restore it with the data, cache it by the wifi
Attached fileAround_the_world_in_80_days.apk(105 MB)
- another version of the game

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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour (Non-Root / Offline)
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image
Gameloft presents a sequel to the legendary series Modern Combat - Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. The sequel to the FPS blockbuster returns to your smartphones with exceptional graphics, AAA class campaigns and a significantly improved multiplayer mode.
Especially for this game, Gameloft has developed a site where all the latest information about the game, exclusive material as well as many interesting surprises will appear. Many articles on the site will be translated into Russian.
Is waiting for you:
Unprecedented graphics and animation on smartphones
Explosive campaigns crashing into memory that are worthy of the level of console first-person shooters
An impressive multiplayer mode ever created for smartphones that will surpass the expectation of hardcore players!
In short: more, better and even cooler!
Attached fileMC4ZHv1.0.1.apk(10.45 MB)
swayuso!(11 archives), unzip and act according to plan:

after reading remove

Before installing a new version, remove the old one!
Attached fileModern Combat 4 Zero Hour v1.0.5.apk(18.7 MB)
Cache need to downloadEVERYTHINGparts, since this is a single folder, packed in an archive and divided into several parts, so that you can upload it to the exchanger. Next, in the total commander or winrare, select the first part, click unpack and wait for the result (sdcard / Android / obb):
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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Rep: (905)
PES 2012 Pro Evolution Soccer v1.0.4
Attached Image

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of unparalleled football with PES 2012.
Build your dream team by buying the most famous players. Want Ronaldo? Save money and take it!
Challenge a friend and play against him!
In the new part improved the behavior of players, animation, which make the game more interesting.
Play in sunny weather, play in the rain and snow!
Training mode
More than 5 leagues to choose from, the Champions League and the Europa League and the strongest national teams.
3 types of controls, 24 goals to choose from.

Attached filePES_2012_Pro_Evolution_Soccer_cracked_v1.0.4.apk(5.33 MB)

Cache: download both parts, unpack (Total Commander or winrar) and throw / sdcard / Android / data along the way
Attached filecom.konami.pes2012.part1.rar(90 MB)

Attached filecom.konami.pes2012.part2.rar(60.96 MB)

P.S with the Internet turned on is better not to run, it can block the game)

Rep: (905)
Anomaly Warzone Earth HD v1.16
Attached Image

Unique strategy in the new style, type -tower defense-, just the opposite, we attack instead are defending! The main purpose of geimpleya is to pass from one part of town to another, pre-plan the path and walk tactics. There are bonuses: repair, armor, life and others. The graphics are gorgeous all displayed clearly and beautifully. The sound is also excellent, heard gunshots, whistling bullets and wreck machinery. Create your own unique units available: tanks, planes, armored vehicles, etc. In your hands a few dozen cards and win!

Attached fileAnomaly Warzone Earth HD v1.16.apk(1.97 MB)

Cache: download all parts, unpack (Total Commander or winrar) and throw / sdcard / Android / data along the way
Attached filecom.elevenbitstudios.AnomalyWarzoneEarthHD.part1.rar(90 MB)

Attached filecom.elevenbitstudios.AnomalyWarzoneEarthHD.part2.rar(59.03 MB)

TD lovers will like it)

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Heroes of Order & Chaos
Attached Image
Unite and fight on the first network battle arena!
Unite with friends and fight on the first multiplayer battle arena (MOVA) for mobile devices! Collect comrades, pump over heroes and scour the base of enemies from the face of the earth in this dynamic, addictive game!
On the Sinskald fault, in the most mysterious region of Haradona, immortal warriors have been fighting for centuries to be called the best. They have no equal, they are heroes of Chaos and Order!
♖ Incredibly deep and addictive game
• Choose one of 30 unique heroes to your taste - from treacherous magicians to fierce knights!
• Play for free for any of the many heroes, changing them at will.
• Improve your things and skills without losing progress after the end of the party, and trample enemies into the mud!
ВЂ Battles in real time: rush around the map, lure enemies into traps and beat them from ambush!
♖ Rich gaming experience alone or with friends ♖
• Fight yourself or over the network on two types of maps (3 by 3 and 5 by 5).
• Develop command tactics with friends, and sweep enemy teams off the face of the earth!
• Show the world that your team is invincible - teamwork and strategy will be the key to victory.

cache size: 798mb
Version: 1.0.7
Features: 3D, Online
Russian interface: Yes
cache put: sdcard / Android / obb
I have no backup

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