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Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Unofficial Firmware (OS 4.xx)

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Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Unofficial Firmware (OS 4.xx)
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Drivers and Utilities
The best firmware according to the members of the forum

Overview of firmware and recommendations from our members of the forum
Options for custom firmware.
1. CyanogenMod firmware (or CM for short)

CyanogenMod is pure Android without adding chips from the manufacturer, a huge team of people are working on creating the basis of these firmware. According to statistics all over the world, more than 4.8 million phones cost exactly CM firmware. CM firmware is usually focused on reliability and performance. You can read more
Video review.

2. Firmware based on stock.

The point of creating such firmware in increasing the performance of phones while retaining all the manufacturer's chips. And again, you get the opportunity to choose which software from the manufacturer to keep and which to remove. As a rule, only such firmware appears in the first months after the phone enters the market.

3. MIUI firmware.

MIUI is a highly modified android, sometimes reminiscent of iOS. Most of the MIUI firmware is based on CyanogenMod and is released almost immediately after the official release of it. The main task of MIUI is to simplify the management of the phone and at the same time add to the interface of beauty and the ability to change the appearance in the root. You can read moreHere. Video review.

4. Android Open Kang Project (or AOKP)

AOKP firmware is very similar to CM, however, it is considered that AOKP has more settings that change the phone's interface and some functionality. The AOKP development team is much smaller than the CM, but it often happens that a group of like-minded people gather to support the popular AOKP device with the AOKP firmware.

5. Android Open Source Project (or AOSP)

By and large, AOSP is a bare android. The way it is released by Google, most often in such firmware minimal interface changes. Often, the creators of the firmware indicate in the name of their firmware "based on AOSP", that is, at the heart of the firmware is a naked Android.

Version 4.3
Version 4.4.2 port
Version 4.4.4 (KitKat) port
Android 7.2.1
Archive firmware.
Version 4.1.2
Version 4.2.2
Version 4.3
Version 4.4.2
Miscellaneous, Useful
Deodex Recovery.
  • CWM Recovery : Custom recovery with great features. Link to XDA
  • TWRP Recovery : Custom Touch Recovery with great features. Link to XDA
    PhilZ Touch Recovery : Custom recovery with great features.
  • Link to XDA

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His work depends on the carrier, firmware, region ...Questions about the best modem - are prohibited!

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Can someone throw transparent weather widget is 100%, and then something in the last CRYSTALROM4.3 V7 do not have it.

Rep: (1504)
speedcubing @ 4.2.2014, 21:31*
Strongly critical? Should I roll when I put 4.3? (Like problems while at the firmware did not notice)

If the firmware got up, there is nothing wrong with that

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He eats a lot of RAM in comparison with the stock and sometimes crashes. I myself have sat on these custom bikes.

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Flipping the phone book is still what is podvesanniya QS-i9300-XXUGNA5_v2.0.0 and it is necessary that it?

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Good evening! I want to install your firmware, but in the header can not find instructions on how to bet. Where can I find the manual?

Rep: (1504)
SMS1001 @ 5.2.2014, 0:19*
Good evening! I want to install your firmware, but in the header can not find instructions on how to bet. Where can I find the manual?

At least here:Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - custom firmware (Post # 17461800)
Instructions for the firmware of all the same ...

Rep: (39)
Ext [a] z @ 04.02.2014, 23:09*
Flipping the phone book is still what is podvesanniya QS-i9300-XXUGNA5_v2.0.0 and it is necessary that it?

everything everywhere smoothly at imhi.

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Then I do not know! like I sew all as described! instead there are friezes!

Rep: (2)
Ext [a] z @ 5.2.2014, 0:52*
Then I do not know! like I sew all as described! instead there are friezes!

I probably will support, should extreme qs and it has friezes and hang. Especially noticed the lack of RAM at a minimum use, for example to listen to music in the VC and communicate vaybere, so music is stuttering, then interrupted, the phone just does not wake up after the lockout. The curtain Manager shows continually 91-93%. In this case set the minimum programs and games. Half of unnecessary blocked in QS startup. Already I not know how to fight ... Can that tell me?

Rep: (891)
Given the great firmware customization possible, IMHO, not big hang. I do not have all the "critical" as you wrote, so very rarely tormoznet when scrolling through lists and any PRINCIPLE not annoying.
Alternatively, try changing the kernel.

Rep: (891)
For this purpose there spetsalno topicSamsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Modified and stock cores
I think there is a better question.

Rep: (9)
in firmware QS-i9300-XXUGNA5-v2.0.1 (as in 1.0.1 and 1.0.2) is not possible to select the input languages ​​- there is only UKR, ENG, RUS
but I need more and Latvian: blush:
Attached Image

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andreyvl, Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - custom firmware (Post # 28013617)

Rep: (9)
sergei-sf @ 05.02.2014, 02:20*
Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - custom firmware (Post # 28013617)

thank you .. but there I looked, and the Latvian language is not

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Rep: (1857)
andreyvl @ 05.02.2014, 11:34*
The Latvian language is not

Allow me to offer this option -Smart Keyboard (Post # 22516689)

Rep: (753)
I speak out about the indignation of some members regarding the friezes and small bugs in custom firmware, such as QS, as well as other users comments otsnositelno lack of:
1. Phone at all, despite the same model, different - they are collected in different countries, at different factories, on different lines, different robots and engineers or masters at different times. Possible differences in components suppliers
2. Use the phone in different climatic conditions and microclimate (pressure, humidity, temperature, etc.)
3. Installed firmware often in different ways (do not use the same rekaveri, ways wipe, wipe the scripts, the transition to the new firmware is carried out with different firmware, etc.)
4. Compared firmware installed not at the same time, ie, work at the time of comparing the different time (in particular, there have already written about the need to "break-in" freshly ksatoma)
5. Everyone has their own set of installed software, each regains his applets and games in different ways
6. In some aspects of a smart affect very minor factors such as the proximity or remoteness of the base station OpSoSa to the place of work or residence affects the stability and the quality of communication, dark and bright image on the screen is raznomuu "eats" the battery, etc.
All this, as well as many other factors eventually make our smarts quite a individualities
These aspects allowreplydoes not answer the question, what is the best firmware, which has been repeatedly mentioned in the subject and said, is written in the header (firmware year)
Please consider this when matters in the subject, and do not get upset when some little things do not work or do not work like a lucky individual.
In view of what has been said on some issues there is no answer

ps Nevertheless, many of the bugs and features are due to the fact that inside zip'a firmware, that is exactly what is discussed in this topic
Added to the header

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Hello! Such a question: who perhodil with QS v 1.0.2 to 2.0.0, the transition from a wipe or you can do to roll upward? It will normally work?
Immediately on v 1.0.2 have been locked up, dialer 3 seconds delay open, after 2-week use ustakanilos running smoothly. That's why I want to do wipes are yin.

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It is better to wipe, there are different databases, and you can even try all that you do, you do at your own risk, although the author says is possible without a wipe, take a look at the description of the firmware

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Ersten @ 05.02.2014, 04:56*
I express about

noskojv @ 05.02.2014, 07:11*
It is possible that this is true but the main problem is a lack of understanding of sodeyanogo

Also seen bugs on all firmwares and custom bikes 4.3-wrote and will write again, in the course of the phone to this firmware version squeeze all the juice right from the start, that is, e after the installation and start-up programs elementarnyh operatosa ostaetsya as a cat laugh.
Yes, and behave differently, because the phone model is one and the zhe..Da and what it means to "firmware installed in different ways by iron and behavior of all phones have the same characteristics and manufacturer company alone, so why write about the fact that different phones "??
-Ved cap threads and instructions for every one !!))
And lastly, how not retraced slite 0.9.8-her why it had no problems with anything, no matter how much I make the initial and progressive games or put, a million ..
So gentlemen, the conclusion is clear and without comment much ..

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about ClearDiamond V3 correct. gallery editor for opening and choice of photo stops and departures, the weather by pressing it crash the application.
dx toolbox after installing the firmware, and the opening of the program requested further upgraded all in Chinese) is better even then Clean Master sew the program is different though and RAM eating normally

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