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Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Unofficial Firmware (OS 4.xx)

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Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Unofficial Firmware (OS 4.xx)
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Drivers and Utilities
The best firmware according to the members of the forum

Overview of firmware and recommendations from our members of the forum
Options for custom firmware.
1. CyanogenMod firmware (or CM for short)

CyanogenMod is pure Android without adding chips from the manufacturer, a huge team of people are working on creating the basis of these firmware. According to statistics all over the world, more than 4.8 million phones cost exactly CM firmware. CM firmware is usually focused on reliability and performance. You can read more
Video review.

2. Firmware based on stock.

The point of creating such firmware in increasing the performance of phones while retaining all the manufacturer's chips. And again, you get the opportunity to choose which software from the manufacturer to keep and which to remove. As a rule, only such firmware appears in the first months after the phone enters the market.

3. MIUI firmware.

MIUI is a highly modified android, sometimes reminiscent of iOS. Most of the MIUI firmware is based on CyanogenMod and is released almost immediately after the official release of it. The main task of MIUI is to simplify the management of the phone and at the same time add to the interface of beauty and the ability to change the appearance in the root. You can read moreHere. Video review.

4. Android Open Kang Project (or AOKP)

AOKP firmware is very similar to CM, however, it is considered that AOKP has more settings that change the phone's interface and some functionality. The AOKP development team is much smaller than the CM, but it often happens that a group of like-minded people gather to support the popular AOKP device with the AOKP firmware.

5. Android Open Source Project (or AOSP)

By and large, AOSP is a bare android. The way it is released by Google, most often in such firmware minimal interface changes. Often, the creators of the firmware indicate in the name of their firmware "based on AOSP", that is, at the heart of the firmware is a naked Android.

Version 4.3
Version 4.4.2 port
Version 4.4.4 (KitKat) port
Android 7.2.1
Archive firmware.
Version 4.1.2
Version 4.2.2
Version 4.3
Version 4.4.2
Miscellaneous, Useful
Deodex Recovery.
  • CWM Recovery : Custom recovery with great features. Link to XDA
  • TWRP Recovery : Custom Touch Recovery with great features. Link to XDA
    PhilZ Touch Recovery : Custom recovery with great features.
  • Link to XDA

Each modem behaves differently on different phones!
His work depends on the carrier, firmware, region ...Questions about the best modem - are prohibited!

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Th guys there that have blekboks new challenges, interesting? Or as well as on pred.sborkah?

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milar93 - yet I have 2.0.2 worth fucking assembly. everything works perfectly. at the weekend put a new one.

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Woorhees @ 17.01.2014, 18:45*
hold your own if you do not know custom firmware on the similarity and aosp put and Ultima-series and blakboks not lie with aosp They look like is another matter

Do not you !? Russian The author writes that the hybrid runoff + AOSP! Or pririkatsya joy !? And here you are pierced, or have not yet had time !? : D

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the guys at Black Box last camera of the CM firmware? She understand that the camera .. how to see 10.1kazhis. Who bet?

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My post above, a spoiler, a list of which of the AOSP.

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Guys, just put sLite v1.1 New Year Edition | XXUGML2, I go into the camera and says "camera failure" and does not work, put the third-party application writes, do not have access to the camera. What could it be?

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matrosik91 @ 17.01.2014, 23:19*
What could be?
Maybe switching to another custom ... Just as a means and not KuEs Because reading 30-40 pages of the forum, and all the same ... Two firmware are gregarious set and then write about what they have is not working

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Who Ultima v16, you could not download from ultima downloads and upload here samsungovskoe application e-mail, and then I do not dangle and extradite such, although the rest of the files all the rules:
Attached Image

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Prompt after installing QS-i9300 / Android 4.3, the phone is available only 500MB, 500MB employed, and 10.43 GB employs some sort of "other files" even though he was a wipe

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The "cap" theme still is!

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KirillS97, the same can not be downloaded, also a mistake.

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link in the header to goatip roms can not go, let someone link it on xda

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vasyapankoff @ 18.1.2014, 2:24*
KirillS97, the same can not be downloaded, also a mistake.

Apparently it's their fault

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hatelovenk @ 17.01.2014, 13:10*
People tell me 4.3 vesriya as it is now with the charge BATTERY? derizhit standards? just tstavil still danvo first vesriya Slight 4.3 Accum in his eyes melted. that yankom that Googie Max that boefloy..seychas like kakayato ones out more ... how are things now?

Yes, and I did. But here a week as set New YearsLite v1.1 New Year Edition | XXUGML2- piercing pleases: no glitches, everything works fine, "wakes up" fast charge rate is the same as in thesLiteROM v0.9.8 | UBEMH5: yes2:

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imperium v23.1
(JB 4.3)

Author: slim80
Version: GML4
The main branch on the XDA
I add a link to download via Yandex-ROM.
MD5: fe8b813d792baae35415b122eb7d609d

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Woorhees @ 18.1.2014, 13:53*
Lovers Photo consult ... and Vanir and Iksposed do such miracles that I recommend ...
I tried, nothing miraculous.

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Every man to his own taste. Firmware Imperium put through aroma, ie. you put it, he chose to ustanovki.Ne need garbage-do not put.

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Attached Image

Author: Smartmen73
Firmware: Based on I9300XXUGMK6_Android 4.3, Modem XXUGMK6
DescriptionMy first proshivka.Oformlenie partly borrowed from Krazee (firmware itself) Very much.
Core: stock
Extended reboot menu
Launcher ported to Galaxy Note3 (did himself) svayp works wallpaper on the lock put.
Transparent widget AccuWeather ported to 100% Galaxy Note3
Kamera_Note2 (With the function of fast and slow video)
Browser Note3
Keyboard with Galaxy Note3
System sounds from SGN3
Unlocking with a luminous effect, the effect of ink, watercolor
Poppuri iOS7 Statusbar with the ability to choose the type of batteries
Added fonts (choose in the preferences)
[FRAMEWORK] Xposed modules: Greenify, Waman, Unicon
Some programs and widgets from Note3 (settings do not work all)
Recommendationsat the core of katabatic phone two days live quietly, of the widgets I would advise APW, to start using sound Viper4.pered activate Xposed, modules ikonki.V Greenify enter the setup, put all galochki.V WIFI settings, uncheck to search the network at all times.
Screenshots :
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

InstallationTo lay through rekaveri Super wipe and cleaning nucleus welcome!
Download: Yandex Disk
Thank you: Krazee, termit901, sergei-sf, kalambik89, Wlryss, slaves2009, and the rest of the tips.
R.S special thanks to my wife Valais for your patience!

a small patch for performance
firmware upgrade

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Hello. The question is, Lewa OS to our aid?

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