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Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Unofficial Firmware (OS 4.xx)

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Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Unofficial Firmware (OS 4.xx)
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Drivers and Utilities
The best firmware according to the members of the forum

Overview of firmware and recommendations from our members of the forum
Options for custom firmware.
1. CyanogenMod firmware (or CM for short)

CyanogenMod is pure Android without adding chips from the manufacturer, a huge team of people are working on creating the basis of these firmware. According to statistics all over the world, more than 4.8 million phones cost exactly CM firmware. CM firmware is usually focused on reliability and performance. You can read more
Video review.

2. Firmware based on stock.

The point of creating such firmware in increasing the performance of phones while retaining all the manufacturer's chips. And again, you get the opportunity to choose which software from the manufacturer to keep and which to remove. As a rule, only such firmware appears in the first months after the phone enters the market.

3. MIUI firmware.

MIUI is a highly modified android, sometimes reminiscent of iOS. Most of the MIUI firmware is based on CyanogenMod and is released almost immediately after the official release of it. The main task of MIUI is to simplify the management of the phone and at the same time add to the interface of beauty and the ability to change the appearance in the root. You can read moreHere. Video review.

4. Android Open Kang Project (or AOKP)

AOKP firmware is very similar to CM, however, it is considered that AOKP has more settings that change the phone's interface and some functionality. The AOKP development team is much smaller than the CM, but it often happens that a group of like-minded people gather to support the popular AOKP device with the AOKP firmware.

5. Android Open Source Project (or AOSP)

By and large, AOSP is a bare android. The way it is released by Google, most often in such firmware minimal interface changes. Often, the creators of the firmware indicate in the name of their firmware "based on AOSP", that is, at the heart of the firmware is a naked Android.

Version 4.3
Version 4.4.2 port
Version 4.4.4 (KitKat) port
Android 7.2.1
Archive firmware.
Version 4.1.2
Version 4.2.2
Version 4.3
Version 4.4.2
Miscellaneous, Useful
Deodex Recovery.
  • CWM Recovery : Custom recovery with great features. Link to XDA
  • TWRP Recovery : Custom Touch Recovery with great features. Link to XDA
    PhilZ Touch Recovery : Custom recovery with great features.
  • Link to XDA

Each modem behaves differently on different phones!
His work depends on the carrier, firmware, region ...Questions about the best modem - are prohibited!

User activity in the subject!

There is no curator in the subject. For filling caps, please contactmoderatorssection through a buttonPictureunder the messages to which you want to add links.

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CHRONOS Rom v1.0 - GMega Edition [XXUFME7] [27 July]

-Based on WanamLite v7.1 XXUFME7
-Screen - 240dpi
-Themed - Galaxy Mega 6.3
-SecLauncher 5x5 with 4x6 apps drawer (Landscape enabled)
-Ported apps from GMega 6.3 - SecLauncher, WeatherWidget, Music apps, StoryAlbum, S-Travel, Calculator, Video, SecMMS, MyFiles, S-Memo, Voice Recorder, Clock apps, S-Translator and Multiwindow Bar.
-Lockscreen - added Ink Effect and AOSP Lockscreen
-Black Statusbar by default (Transparent statusbar optional in aroma)
-Enabled widgets in secure lockscreen
-Transparent WeatherWidget (Optional in aroma)
-CRT-Off (Optional in aroma)
-Long Press Menu Kill apps

-The official page and screenshots

-Download with google drive yandex drive

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Deodex I9300XXEMG4 (BTU)

Firmware: I9300XXEMG4 (BTU)
Description: Deodeksirovany folder app / and framework /, nothing more
Add. information: This is not a full deodeksirovannaya firmware and deodeks folder app / and framework /. Why is that? Because there have been cases of bugs by users with "full" deodeksom. So if you have successfully flashed I9300XXEMG4 and want deodeks, please try it.
Installation: Through CWM over an StitchedSamsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Official Firmware (Post # 23733097)

Download: Yandex disk

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Fantasy HD ROM v10.3

-Fix OTA problem

-fix crash NoFrillsCPU in Fantasy_settings

-fix crash greenify in Fantasy_settings

-removed fly-on-mod tweak

-Added PurePerformanceX tweak by Jeeko of default

-Drastically improvement of Performance and stability

-Some tweak and hack for minor battery drain and heat issue

-Improved 3G speed

-Improved ram menagement and more free RAM

-Updated host: lag fix

-Updated zipalign binary

-Updated sqlite binary

-Moved OTA app from Fantasy-Settings in a separate tab in secsettings

-New method installation:
now / system will be installed two time this may fix all heating issue

-Fixed Home button lag: now is very very fast !!!

-Removed long press menu to kill app: this should gave you more free ram

-Skrinshoty and official page


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Rep: (3178)
Who needs Supersupro.
Put the key (as a regular application).
Further updates will be through the market like a pro version.

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sLiteROM v0.9.6 | XXEMG4

Previous firmware version
The firmware is based on XXEMG4 from 16.07.2013 (Android 4.1.2)
The nucleus: Googy-Max 1.6.1 (28.07.13)
Size: ~ 299 MB
Fully deodexed
Busybox v1.20.2
Last SuperSU + su binary v1.43

Added by
  • Root explorer
  • Keyboard from Note2
  • gps.conf for Russia
  • The latest version of hosts (adblocker)
  • Extended reboot menu
  • Music Switching retention volume buttons
  • Quick closing applications by holding the menu button
  • Select "Quit browsing"
  • Characters on the keyboard
  • Media Scanner fix
  • Lamp

  • Fixed font (normal map settings)
  • Change the date algorithm, now everything fits everywhere
  • Changes and corrections to errors in translation
  • Disable all the MRC (google checkin, error reporting, logcat)
  • Scanning wi-fi is raised to 180 (saves battery)
  • Russian language by default
  • Maximum 999 contacts
  • The settings removed the system update
  • Black bar status
  • Battery with%
  • Transparent background in the notification bar
  • The notification bar has been removed a year
  • Wallpaper
  • Updated Google Play
  • Fixed FC license settings

  • Most applications from Samsung (sCloud, Kies, etc.)
  • All dataloggers and "spies"
  • Settings, options, etc. for OTA and FOTA updates, as on custom bikes it's not working.
  • AccuWeather logo
  • voice engine
  • All CSC (except Russian)
  • A large number of graphic and text files
  • superfluous library
  • some binaries

Performance tested onPhilZ Touch Recovery 5.08.5

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Frequently asked Questions
Not included firmware / fly after loading error
Do a full wipe usingthe script

You can somehow return the application% appname%?
It is possible, we obtain the necessary files from the firmware drain and place in the system / app

What are the md5?
This checksum allows you to check the integrity of the file after it is received

Attached filesLite-0.9.6XXEMG4-DL.txt(154 bytes)

md5: 6e172a758aa10c4407044b4dfdf0a1b0


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Project Chaos v2.2 | ME7 |

- Add Nottach Xposed v12 (Working)
- Add Full Screen HD Call Screen
- Add 260 DPI Stock Contacts app (White still not fit)
- Add White S-Translator to White Theme
- Add S4 Adabt Sound
- Add more Samsung Bloat apps to chose:
• Easy Launcher (Added to TW-Launcher)
• Samsung Hub
• Samsung ChatOn
• Trip Adviser
- Remove Pure Graphics HD
- Update TouchWiz UX 2013 S4 theme to v5.1
- Update All apps:
• Play Store v4.2.3
• SuperSU v1.45
• EsFile Explorer v3.0.5.1
• Samsung Push v1.1.12
• GreenFiy 1.92
- Some minor fixes in HoneyComb Theme
-Themed Video Player Icon

-The official page and screenshots

-Download (MEGA)

MD5: bf1e6164b7c49d8ba23344bda0106d77

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A_D_A_M @ 31.7.2013, 1:45*
Camera fails :( what to do?

The same garbage. I do on any kastume after flashing or when the camera does not work. We have to put the core flow
Then rolls any kastumnoe and everything works. I do not know pochumu so. While I sew all the time with a full cleaning.

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Rep: (3234)

31/07/13 OTA update v1.1.8
Check for updates using the Firmware

Rep: (599)
Pardus HD Rom XVII http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2142430
[ROM] Android Revolution HD 29.0 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1797334

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GlassRom Blue v 14

Firmware version on the basis of officially ANDROID 4.1.2 XXEMF1

Attached Image

Installation: via CWM

A couple of screenshots
Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image

Something about the firmware
Base: XXEMF1
Multi CSC
Modem: I9300-XXEMC2
Superuser 1.41.apk
The nucleus: CWM-CF-Root-6.4 (from Chainfire)
Recovery PhilZ-Touch-4.96.5
S-Voice from SGS4
MX Video Player HD in a blue design
Widget accuwueater samsung S4
New design for many applications runoff
Multi-window support with any application
Extended reboot menu
Gallery of Note2
Mod camera
The effect of the old telly
Support call recording with line
... and much more


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Rep: (62)
Maybe someone will be interested. I installed the firmware Easy Project 5.1 (4.1.2). Not so long ago, I decided to play around with the system files (delete superfluous), but immediately remove afraid, decided to just move the stick and see whether anything serious. Move the 4 I've found, as well, and then completely forgot about exeperimental. Charging the village phone, put it on charge (sitting at the computer, so stuck the phone into USB computer) Sat 4 hours, I began to gather on the street, rented phone charging and there are only 74 protsenta.Nu think from the street come from the normal charge is charged. While walking to friends listen to 4 songs through headphones, watching charge of 64 percent. I was shocked. In the morning, when he came home put on charge, I woke up at 4:00 (the day) just looked at a charge so there is 83 per cent. Well, I think everything is now, and I was faced with a slow charging. And then it hit me, I touched the system files. Defused the phone to do so it was not hard, played half an hour in heavy toy. Charge remaining 13 percent. Restored system files and O_o miracle! Phone charge for two hours and discharged as usual. I decided to write this for those who are faced with a slow charging, check at these system files. I am attaching files.

Attached files

Attached filenablyudeniya.zip(452.01 KB)

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Rep: (1857)
I added a poll vote.

Rep: (891)
By heating the galaxy to leak 4.2.2 noticed such a thing. Sews almost all of the firmware (yuzal every day or two) and each heating phone, whichever is greater, some less. I stopped at Wanam 7.1, (additionally by setting different buns), since it is less likely warmed smart. Firmware is installed over a week ago. And the heat was gone. Galaxy is not heated nor after a hard playing, nor the active surfing on the internet. I think this confirms vyskazanoe before anyone else's opinion that the firmware should "ustakanilos";)

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Rep: (253)
Lite MOD I9300XXEMG4


For the base of the cleaning was taken modsLiteROM because I really like it! What the author huge respect
Mod made based on the experiences of several firmwarefor myself!

base leftI9300XXEMG4 without changes
except that the configuration of GPS and hosts
LOT then removed (as in sLiteROM)
Core: Stock I9300XXEMG4
Fully deodexed

Root explorer
gps.conf for Russia
hosts (adblocker)
Support init.d

No screenshots as the views remained untouched


The firmware is notMODEM !
I am not sure whether the firmware will work withYOUR modem other than I9300XXEMG4 Do not fly off efs
But I think I will be all right and efs will not change!

Wipe is desirable to make!

Downloaded Ya.Disk

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Rep: (80)
so that the current downloaded
they are single-file
Ignoring the rules of the forum and topic curator warnings. 3 days PO.

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Rep: (13)
sergei-sf @ 31.07.2013, 23:36*
GlassRom Blue v 14

the top status bar does not appear until you have paid for it in the store as well as flashing fire)

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Rep: (714)
pozitiven @ 4.8.2013, 11:42*
the top status bar does not appear until you have paid for it in the store as well as flashing fire)

Here cranks! I put SustemUI of firmware sLite 0.9.6 and status bar appear.

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Rep: (34)
please tell me, after you reinstall kastomov lost cellular signal. flashing, repair, reinstall modems, kernels - nothing helps, tried almost all of the options. very well aware that it is necessary to bear in SC. one such case, there is a solution or a suggestion?

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Rep: (1500)
Firmware-based XXEMG4 set?Here is the solution.
Have more your check, if it starts with 00, then he flew off.

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sanaevvadim @ 05.08.2013, 21:27*
Firmware-based XXEMG4 set? Here's a solution.
Have more your check, if it starts with 00, then he flew off.

shorter checked! after suture last updated the: G4, G5-bear flies when you return to an earlier firmware! Those who blame the modem at the other guilty kernel. More explanations do not know, You're on a G4, G5 versions (debate full of ...!)! Good luck to all! : Bubble:

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