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Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Unofficial Firmware (OS 4.xx)

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Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Unofficial Firmware (OS 4.xx)
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Drivers and Utilities
The best firmware according to the members of the forum

Overview of firmware and recommendations from our members of the forum
Options for custom firmware.
1. CyanogenMod firmware (or CM for short)

CyanogenMod is pure Android without adding chips from the manufacturer, a huge team of people are working on creating the basis of these firmware. According to statistics all over the world, more than 4.8 million phones cost exactly CM firmware. CM firmware is usually focused on reliability and performance. You can read more
Video review.

2. Firmware based on stock.

The point of creating such firmware in increasing the performance of phones while retaining all the manufacturer's chips. And again, you get the opportunity to choose which software from the manufacturer to keep and which to remove. As a rule, only such firmware appears in the first months after the phone enters the market.

3. MIUI firmware.

MIUI is a highly modified android, sometimes reminiscent of iOS. Most of the MIUI firmware is based on CyanogenMod and is released almost immediately after the official release of it. The main task of MIUI is to simplify the management of the phone and at the same time add to the interface of beauty and the ability to change the appearance in the root. You can read moreHere. Video review.

4. Android Open Kang Project (or AOKP)

AOKP firmware is very similar to CM, however, it is considered that AOKP has more settings that change the phone's interface and some functionality. The AOKP development team is much smaller than the CM, but it often happens that a group of like-minded people gather to support the popular AOKP device with the AOKP firmware.

5. Android Open Source Project (or AOSP)

By and large, AOSP is a bare android. The way it is released by Google, most often in such firmware minimal interface changes. Often, the creators of the firmware indicate in the name of their firmware "based on AOSP", that is, at the heart of the firmware is a naked Android.

Version 4.3
Version 4.4.2 port
Version 4.4.4 (KitKat) port
Android 7.2.1
Archive firmware.
Version 4.1.2
Version 4.2.2
Version 4.3
Version 4.4.2
Miscellaneous, Useful
Deodex Recovery.
  • CWM Recovery : Custom recovery with great features. Link to XDA
  • TWRP Recovery : Custom Touch Recovery with great features. Link to XDA
    PhilZ Touch Recovery : Custom recovery with great features.
  • Link to XDA

Each modem behaves differently on different phones!
His work depends on the carrier, firmware, region ...Questions about the best modem - are prohibited!

User activity in the subject!

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I apologize for slite. was not right, I just have it buggy and QS flies and the battery lasts a long time.

Rep: (1)
Help solve the problem with contacts flies acore process of installing the patch does not work

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Mini FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions.
- How to enable developer mode?
- In the settings you need to tap several times on the line with the firmware build number.

- After the update, the phone began to slow down. What to do?
- Make a complete reset of the device (wipe). To do this, go to "Settings" - "Backup and reset" and tap on Reset data.
Or use Recovery and reset it. It is necessary to fulfill both items with the word wipe in the name. These actions are identical, the only difference is where the command is given from.

- Missing the ability to disable lockscreen or unlock with a swipe, you can only password, pin, drawing or fingerprint. How to return?
- If you connected VPN or encryption - an unsecured blocking is not available, remove the VPN and disable encryption of the device and the memory card. If this does not help or is not active, then do so: "Settings - Security - Delete certificates of the store."

- WiFi is always active. How to disable?
- "Settings" - "Wi-Fi" - press "Menu" - "Advanced" - Uncheck "Always allow search"

- High energy consumption of the process "Media Server". What to do?
- There is an indexing of media content. This happens when copying large volumes of media files to the phone. Will index and calm down. It is also possible that there is a broken file in the memory of the device or the memory card, because of which the scanning process can “loop”.

- When answering a voice call, the microphone is turned on with a delay, the interlocutor does not hear me for 1-2 seconds. How to fix it?
- There is no solution and the reason is also unknown. On some firmware and on different mobile operators, this problem may be absent. As soon as a decision appears, it will be published without fail.

- How to hide extra photos from the gallery if I don’t want to delete them and show them to strangers?
- It is necessary to create an empty file with the name .nomedia in the folder with these photos and they will no longer appear in the gallery, but remain on the device.
You can hide a folder simply by putting a period at the beginning of its name. For example - .music.

- Can I return the stock programs that were removed from custom bikes?
Yes you can, any conductor with root-access, put the remote application in the directory / system / app / and put it right in line with other applications in this directory.

- I have a poor quality call recording via the microphone, how to fix it?
In the call log, press: Menu button - Challenges - Advanced settings - Elimination of noise (ticks).

- The new version of the firmware xxx, whether it can be sewn without a wipe to a previous version?
The same firmware different versions are placed on top of each other without a wipe (with the exception of cases where the author himself recommends firmware do wipe data / factory reset. In this case, there is always a bold warning to the cap of the original theme, or in the news post of this topic)

- If I ask firmware xxx, counter custom firmware will work?
Counter firmware is activated, modified firmware with firmware files via Odin PC (except for the firmware of A.S._id & Pro100gamer). In all other cases (firmware via Odin Mobile, CWM) is a counter with the same meaning, with what was before the firmware.

- How do I remove the root?
The program SuperSu, on the Settings tab

- How to download i9300 Galaxy S3 in Firmware Mode / Download Mod / Download Mode?
Loading apparatus for simultaneously pressing the "Volume Down" + "Home" + "Enable" / "Vol Down" + "Home" + "Power". To exit this menu - holding down the "Enable" / "Power" button.

- How to load I9300 Galaxy S3 into Recovery Mode / Recovery Mode / Recovery Mode / (CWM Recovery / TWRP Recovery, if installed)?
Loading apparatus for simultaneously pressing the "Volume Up" + "Home" + "Enable" / "Vol Up" + "Home" + "Power"

- When sending SMS recipient receives some question marks.
To send SMS to SMS settings set the input mode: automatically.

- What is odex / deodex firmware, what is the difference and how does it work?
Stock firmware - odex, custom - deodex. In odex, system files for apk are bundled with the same name files with the odex extension.
Deodeksatsiya no way slows down the system, as when you first start the device are in the process of creating .odex-files (apk.classes-dex) for all applications in the Dalvik cache, where they are then read during system operation. Therefore, only when deodeksirovannaya firmware running slower than odeksirovannaya - at the first start of the system after cleaning or EEPROM Dalvik cache. But there are advantages - space-saving in the folder / system and the possibility of modifying painless ... (sergmarin)
The presence of .jar files instead of .odex / .deodex is a sign of deodexed firmware.

- How do I reset the custom firmware?
Triangle away

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Archweel @ 25.12.2013, 0:29*
And what kind of locked configuration in the firmware QS, or rather why are they available?
it is a bonus to thank the author ....

Rep: (81)
After the update OTA on Karakum version 1.0.2 contacts does not specify the names and contact occurs crash. Chitil contacts app, clear the cache, but it does not help. I decided to delete all the contacts and rolled forward again, but writes the contacts application is stopped. Who has solved this problem, share the recipe.

Rep: (25)
slam4ik @ 25.12.2013, 02:08*
QS flies and the battery lasts a long time.

And you can see on the screenshot of battery consumption for 5 hours?

Rep: (5)
Please tell me which file is responsible for the sound emitted when pressing the volume keys, and where can I find it?

Rep: (1)
QS updated OTA to all good, but no names are listed and in the magazine. I solved the problem of the so - settings- Options- Application Manager - all and then everything that is connected with the phone book and calls made to clear the cache and clear data. As decided, the flight is normal. Contact me at Akka Googley.

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guys I do not know how is it that you have a name for the place number. I just jumped from 6 to cyanogen qs 1.0 1.0.1 .1.0.2 I have never had such a problem ... But I always do a clean install ... making the handles all wipes are ... all perfectly synchronizes the first time with by Google and for all ..

Rep: (700)
myassnick @ 25.12.2013, 13:20*
guys I do not know how is it that you have a number of place names

you what is written? The solution found problems? Or you know what we are doing wrong?

Rep: (16)
As I wrote:

With the contacts I have solved the problem of removing the system / csc / feature.xml if there is (1.0.1), everything in other.xml, on 1.0.2 now again all in feature.xml.
So now on 1.0.1 because koordinalno differences between the versions as I understand it, no!

All who put Wanam Xposed after there is a problem with contacts, because He makes new feature.xml and other.xml, but you can put everything in it, apply, and then delete it and delete the file and return to the old feature.xml other.xml (if it has become .bak) and to all the rules.

Qaraqumus pay attention to feature.xml ....... problem in it !!! He sometimes than any conflict! Apparently the line which it is necessary to remove it, but what is not yet understood!

P.s. People who OTA updated and perenakatil contacts tried to reboot? Do they fly off again, because I rebooted after they flew.

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dnkspb @ 24.12.2013, 09:56*
Updated QS-i9300-XXUGMK6-v1.0.2 top 1.0.1 phone after reboot disappear from the desktop widgets.

Solved this problem, a full wipe and scratch set QS-i9300-XXUGMK6-v1.0.2. The problem was most likely the fact that before the update was TouchWiz from SGS3, and QS-i9300-XXUGMK6-v1.0.2 TouchWiz SGS4.

There is another problem, is not displayed when the phone is weather setting in the docking station (clock desk clock settings at the tapas on a weather app crashes "application clock stopped")

Attached Image

No weather is displayed on the lock screen
Attached Image

Rep: (700)
ressac @ 25.12.2013, 14:49*
guys where stock deoxy?
I can not find help

Share your experience as the most deodeksirovat installed firmware
You shake your firmware:
I tookSamsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Official Firmware (Post # 27462633)fromvasyadubov
further according to theof this instructionby the same author deleted unnecessary, in my opinion, part of the archive.
- sboot.bin - loader file
- hidden.img - file Regional trashcan, mostly branded music and video from Samsung, there are trash program for different regions
- tz.img - auxiliary file for the firmware loader.
Sew onof this instruction
and about the same after a successful firmware and presets, flashed CWMphilz_touch_6.00.8-i9300.tar

Then it took a while and I realized that eerily want deodex.

In subjectSamsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Create custom firmwareIt has all the information about the firmware deodex'e
downloadedJDK from hereUnder their OSes, I needed a file jdk-7u45-nb-7_4-windows-i586. Install it, I have it honestly was already more than the old version. And then only the time and care
Zm_NaTioN @ 31.01.2013, 16:55*
Download the archive:DeoDexter.rar(4.16 MB)

Unpack the archive on drive C. Then, pull out the folder with your phoneappandframeworkwhich are in the foldersystem /. And position them on the wayC: \ DeoDexter. Run! Deodexter.cmd.
typed numbers in accordance with the firmware version
wait, you can drink tea, not a little time will be spent

To replace the files on your phone Download the archive of this one:deodex_cwm_mobile_odin.zip(125.02 KB)

place the folderappandframeworkarchival and sewn throughCWM.

We summarize:
1. Stock sews
2. set custom rekaveri
3. filemanager through any copy to memory card folder app framework and
4. rekaveri go in and do a backup.
5. Turn off the phone, pull out the card through a card reader, copy the above folder to unpack the archive in advance DeoDexterU.
6. run binaries, select the firmware version
7. wait - we go about their business, you can put the phone on charge
8. in advance the downloaded archive deodex_cwm_mobile_odin.zip throws deodeksirovannye folder
9. archive copy on a USB flash drive
10. USB flash drive in the phone
11. loaded in rekaveri and sewn resulting archive
12. load the phone
13. The options here
- enjoy life and deodeksu
- restore the backup, and think what to do next

That's all. Backups, as always, both before and during and after the ... Who did not, I'm not guilty.
Thank you very muchshoma_81 He sent me in the right direction and of course vasyadubov for the excellent instruction.
Perhaps the statement with which the omissions, which for me as a matter, ask the PM with questions and suggestions.

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Rep: (7)
help how to remove all of everything connected with it?
Attached Image

How can! Remove the image under a spoiler! Instruction in "hat" theme. Not all still have unlimited internet, watch out their traffic.

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Rep: (1)
Samoha @ 25.12.2013, 13:32*
And where in the flow of these games ??? Hack.

You set? You tried it?
Here are my screenshots:
Attached Image
Attached Image

Worth veyk lock detector.
without these indicators worse than 5 percent

Firmware QS-i9300-XXUGMJ9-v1.1.3

Rep: (1857)
Legal Counsel, And you to yet fails to provide the information. We have to show how much the battery keeps time and during that time it was used again in time.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

As a conclusion, I pray behaves calmly, Zhorik not. But this is not QS-i9300.

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Rep: (81)
AlexFoley @ 25.12.2013, 13:50*

P.s. People who OTA updated and perenakatil contacts tried to reboot? Do they fly off again, because I rebooted after they flew.

If you ave me, I brushed my contacts application demolished contacts, restart your phone to restore contacts. Now everything fell into place. Contacts do not disappear even after a reboot. Keep its contacts in the device is not synchronized by Google

Rep: (2)

Such a question, if I do something mega wipe my slitaet general all what Oraz I can download an archive of proivkoy if philztouch does not mount your phone?

Rep: (700)
Legal Counsel @ 12/25/2013, 18:27*
I have no time,

if your message is useless. The screen is able to work and 40 minutes and 2 hours, and protsetnty be here and there 38. and how vyschityvat voice calls?
Interest can be calculated time
Spent 22 percent take in 100, while the phone 328 minutes. phone calls ... 30% goes on the phone you said you 98 minutes? : Shok:

Rep: (700)
abaldin @ 25.12.2013, 18:49*
Oraz how I can download an archive of proivkoy philztouch if your phone does not mount

throw on a flash drive firmware through any other device or reader, if the stick is not, in any way.

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