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Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Unofficial Firmware (OS 4.xx)

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Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Unofficial Firmware (OS 4.xx)
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Drivers and Utilities
The best firmware according to the members of the forum

Overview of firmware and recommendations from our members of the forum
Options for custom firmware.
1. CyanogenMod firmware (or CM for short)

CyanogenMod is pure Android without adding chips from the manufacturer, a huge team of people are working on creating the basis of these firmware. According to statistics all over the world, more than 4.8 million phones cost exactly CM firmware. CM firmware is usually focused on reliability and performance. You can read more
Video review.

2. Firmware based on stock.

The point of creating such firmware in increasing the performance of phones while retaining all the manufacturer's chips. And again, you get the opportunity to choose which software from the manufacturer to keep and which to remove. As a rule, only such firmware appears in the first months after the phone enters the market.

3. MIUI firmware.

MIUI is a highly modified android, sometimes reminiscent of iOS. Most of the MIUI firmware is based on CyanogenMod and is released almost immediately after the official release of it. The main task of MIUI is to simplify the management of the phone and at the same time add to the interface of beauty and the ability to change the appearance in the root. You can read moreHere. Video review.

4. Android Open Kang Project (or AOKP)

AOKP firmware is very similar to CM, however, it is considered that AOKP has more settings that change the phone's interface and some functionality. The AOKP development team is much smaller than the CM, but it often happens that a group of like-minded people gather to support the popular AOKP device with the AOKP firmware.

5. Android Open Source Project (or AOSP)

By and large, AOSP is a bare android. The way it is released by Google, most often in such firmware minimal interface changes. Often, the creators of the firmware indicate in the name of their firmware "based on AOSP", that is, at the heart of the firmware is a naked Android.

Version 4.3
Version 4.4.2 port
Version 4.4.4 (KitKat) port
Android 7.2.1
Archive firmware.
Version 4.1.2
Version 4.2.2
Version 4.3
Version 4.4.2
Miscellaneous, Useful
Deodex Recovery.
  • CWM Recovery : Custom recovery with great features. Link to XDA
  • TWRP Recovery : Custom Touch Recovery with great features. Link to XDA
    PhilZ Touch Recovery : Custom recovery with great features.
  • Link to XDA

Each modem behaves differently on different phones!
His work depends on the carrier, firmware, region ...Questions about the best modem - are prohibited!

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Good den.mozhet anyone lay off the sound of the firmware GlamourS5 for S3? with me +

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like intrefeys of SonimaBon v8.1 | Licorne, whether this can be done on the same XXUGNA7 Lite final?

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* PHOBOS_55,
Maybe you can use the installation of third-party mods, either self-replacement schedules, but bug-free operation in this case is not guaranteed. The question is, why? Firmware has its own individual style of the author's preferences (by the way, who like me), and it will not change, I'm sure nothing, at least in this version of the firmware. And if you need a style s5, nota4 or sink, you probably should look at some other options.

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SonimaBon v9.0 | Metal

The firmware is based on the basis of back-to-n00t_ROM_V5
The nucleus: Boeffla-Kernel-7.1-beta6
Size: ~ 620 MB
SuperSU + su binary
List of changes
The dialer added photos to fill the screen
Fixed display pop-up dialer window
Curtain under the form Lollipop TouchWize
Fixed a Bluetooth (excl Xia in pred.versii)
Added widget active applications
Package tweaks CrossBreeder
Fixed effects of transitions in the launcher (when the phone hang up effect)
Fixed prozrany weather widget (Tape at the same hang)
Fixed calendar synchronization (did not work in the last 2 versions)
Left stock animation windows
Fixed crash when switching the camera on the front (after switching the camera on the front leaving a message "Camera failed")
Just added some tweaks by QS (thanks to the SW. Qaraqumus'u)
I returned the previous function "Home" button

Known issues:
- does not work unlocking effect "abstract tile" please do not include. (Who turned on, do not ask me what to do, how to fix and TT)
- Phone still thinks you're roaming (not critical for the Russian Federation, like the others do not know)

Serviceability checked on PhilZ Touch Recovery 6.41.6

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Previous version

Modifications and nucleus
Stock core:
Attached fileST-kernel.zip(6.36 MB)

Multi Window Tray Service from Note 4
Attached Image

Attached fileSL-Multi-SBv9.0.zip(1.29 MB)

Thanks: klarnet0103


SonimaBon v9.0 | Metal
SonimaBon v9.0 | Metal(Mirror of the HC.gutfresh )
SonimaBon v9.0 | Metal(Mirror of the HC.betep_ok )
SonimaBon v9.0 | Metal(Mirror of the HC.- = NiGaTiV = - )

! For those who do not work 3G internet!

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Gillette_757 @ 11.10.2014, 17:59*
XXUGNA7 Lite final

* Gillette_757 Thank you for the excellent firmware! After a long ordeal summarize - what you need.

One-prosbochka Wishlist - and impossible-whether on the "recent apps" panel to remove the girl?

Rep: (891)
* Balaganoff
Dear, I would like to clarify that the author Taisa71 firmware, and thank you (according to the rules of the forum) need to talk only to him!
And your question, yes you can. sew thisAttached filecwmFon2.zip(3.53 MB)

Attached Image

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Tell me how to set the theme from this postSamsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - custom firmware (Post # 35678815)
QS with the latest XDA

Rep: (17)
Install S5mod_pack.zip by QS. He is on the XDA thread QS.Potom to download and install the theme just like apk

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XXUGNA7 Lite final good firmware, but I do not synchronize browser bookmarks. clearly are not displayed contact photos, you see too full size are not synchronized (open when the wi-fi in the dialer - did not help). Unfortunately, because of these shortcomings I had to go to another rum.

Rep: (15)
* sonimalite your firmware for some reason, the app does not work properly, "MTS-TV" through 3g: when you choose the video quality "hq", the picture freezes after a few seconds, as if lacking in speed. On the other firmware is running (and the drain, and qs 4.4.2) as it should be. As long gone with your firmware, unfortunately: /. Can someone tell me what the thread ...

Rep: (393)
* hpsorin
Have you tried the version 9.0? I think not, because download it temporarily provides an opportunity.

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* sonimalite
Oh ... I do not see that 9.0 came out ... My post above about 7.1 and 8.0. A 8.1 does not even put - because of reviews. I saw on screen that you operator MTS. Suddenly I thought you also use MTS TV

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Does anyone have a link to not be XXUGNA7 Lite final not Yandex does not want Thu my swing with Yandex

Rep: (35)
* sonimalite
When you are able to download the version 9.0?

Rep: (-4)
How to format the phone is fully ... to all files deleted?

Rep: (5)
In rekarevi make all formats, in addition to the memory card size, or use one of the formatting scripts. The cap is.

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SmartROM v0.6.2 Final

1. Basis: 4.3 XXUGNA7
2. The core: Boeffla Kernel 5.3
3. Size: 685mb
4. New icons
5. Changing tracks volume button
6. Move down shutter switches
7. Move the icons signal and Wi-Fi to the left side, he added the name of the operator
8. The clock on the center lokskrine
9. Instead sunbeam lightning effect
10. Advanced SecWallpaperChooser
11. Removed bubbling when pressed replaced to a mouse

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Download: Tyk

Fixed camera:Attached fileJustArchi_Camera_Fix_Everything.zip(1.88 MB)


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In SmartROM v0.6.2 Finalkakie tweaks and chips to eat? Firmware free of trash ???????????

Rep: (69)
* dozeri,
Cleared. Extra tweaks not only on energy saving in build.prop

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Good day. Tell me, where is the fix for the automatic detection of the time. And then the clock in a hurry and in a hurry every day. Forum leafed through, but did not find.

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