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Operating system: Windows RT, upgrade to Windows RT 8.1
CPU: Nvidia Tegra 3 t30l 1.3 GHz
RAM capacity: 2 GB
Screen: TFT IPS, 10.6 ", 1366x768, 148 PPI, Gorilla Glass 2, without air gap, multitouch with up to 5 touch points
Memory: 32/64 GB internal, microSD card support
Camera: Two cameras of 1.2 MP, 720p, without autofocus, with activity indicators
Sound: Stereo speakers, 2 microphones (stereo), Wolfson 8962E audio chip
Sensors: Accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, light sensor
Wireless connection: Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11a, b, g, n 2.4GHz / 5GHz
Connectors: USB 2.0 (USB host), microHDMI, mini-jack 3.5 mm, magnetic keyboard and charging connectors
Battery: 31.5 Wh (4200mAh), 7.4 V
Dimensions (LxWxD): 274.6 x 172 x 9.4 mm, weight 676 g
Packing size: 380 x 60 x 210 mm, weight 1.71 kg
What is important to know before you buy
● Windows RT is the edition of the Windows 8 operating system for computers based on ARM processors. It is possible to install only metro applications from the Windows Store. But,somedesktop applications can be installed afterjailbreak.
● No, you cannot install Windows 8, Android and other operating systems here.
● Approximately 15 GB is available for the 32 GB version and about 45 GB for the 64 GB version. The rest of the place is occupied by the system and pre-installed software.
● USB devices that require the installation of additional drivers will not work. Using 3G won't work either - Windows RT "out of the box" only works with modems that supportNDIS 6.3, such on sale yet.Solution to the problem.
В — планшет A tablet purchased not in Russia is Russified in a couple of touches through the tablet settings menu. It will remain to take care of the adapter for charging and the Russification of the keyboard cover, for example, usingengravings.
● On September 23, a presentation of the second generation of Surface tablets took place.
● Touch Cover
● Touch Cover LE
● Type Cover
● HDMI adapterIt is perfectly replaced by a conventional microHDMI-HDMI cable.
● VGA adapter
● Wedge Mouse

● Touch Cover 2
● Type Cover 2
● Arc Touch Mouse
● Car memory
● Wireless adapter for keyboard covers

Other accessories:
Incipio Covers
Instructions / Utility
Almost automatic installation of Windows 10 on the ARM32 15035 Surface RT (1)
Creating a clean image of Windows 10 ARM32 15035 on Surface RT
Russification method Win10 RT
Installing Windows 10 on ARM32 15035 Surface RT / 2 and applications
Automatic installation of basic applications for Windows 10 ARM32 15035
The process of disassembling the tablet on iFixit
The process of exchanging a faulty device through
Reset factory settings without logging in
How to add a power button on the main screen in Win 8.1 Update 1
● Install applications on a memory card -Video instruction- only for Windows RT8
Official images to create a system recovery disc, user imagepcm (WinRT 8.0). Only for Surface RT!
Removing a wrapper (inscription on the right in the bottom corner) from Windows 10 ARM32 15035, EN-US & RU-RU
"All in one" for Surfacert
What to do if the OS does not start
Most likely to blame update KB3033055.Instructions for removing updates using the command line
What to do if you have problems with charging the tablet
1. Thoroughly wipe the contacts on the charger and on the tablet itself.
2. If it did not help,follow this instruction.
What to do if after reset Windows 8.1 RT Update 3 is not installed
You must manually install updates: firstKB2919355thenKB3138615, KB3021910andKB3172614by disconnecting the Internet.
Reset and restore Surface using a USB drive
Resetting and restoring Surface using a USB disk (ATTENTION! Reset will delete all your files and programs, before performing these actions, take care to save the information you need on removable media!)

1. Open the right menu, tap the power icon, and then tap Shut down. (Or, click the power icon in the lower right corner of the login screen.)
2. Insert the prepared USB recovery disk with the FAT32 file system (the image can be downloaded from the links in the topic header, just unzip the contents of the archive to a USB root with more than 4GB)
3. Hold down the volume down (-) button.
4. Press and release the power button.
5. When the Surface logo appears, release the volume control.
6. Select the language options.
7. Select a keyboard layout.
8. On the BitLocker screen, click "skip this drive." (the keyboard can close this parameter by itself, click on any area above it to hide it)
9. Click the Troubleshoot button.
10. Click Reset Computer.
11. Click Next. (It appears as a Windows 8.1 recovery button, but Windows 8.0 will actually recover.)
12. Only for Surface Pro: Click "No, save existing partitions." (There will be a similar message on the Surface RT. You need to select "No".)
13. Click "Delete My Files Only"
14. When the message “Everything is ready for operation” appears on the screen, press the “Reset” button (This step may not be displayed and recovery will begin after step 13)

That's it, waiting for the desktop to appear, Surface restored to the factory state. I also recommend disabling the automatic system update (see spoiler below) if you want to use Jailbreak, since in case of upgrading the system to 8.1, Jailbreak is lost.
Turn off automatic system updates
Open Registry Editor (Run ->regedit) with administrator rights, go to the section "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Curr entVersion \ WindowsUpdate \ Auto Update"
Set the AUOptions value to "0" (disable the update completely), or "3" (the ability to install updates manually).
Add files from the memory card to the library
The instruction is relevant only for Windows RT, in version 8.1 RT removable drives are added to the library in the same way as any folder in the device’s memory.

● Type the text “Create section” (without quotes) in the search bar. In the “Disk Management” window that opens, in the lower part you will see a microSD memory card, to which a specific drive letter is assigned.
● Click the second mouse button on “Removable device” and select the item “Change drive letter or drive path ...”
● A window will open with the buttons “Add”, “Delete”, “Change”, in which the last two buttons will be unavailable when the memory card is inserted.
● Click "Add" and select "Mount volume as an empty NTFS folder". In the window that opens, create a new folder in your user directory. For example, C: \ Users \ your username \ microSD.
● Select this folder.

Everything. Now you can work with a memory card in the same way as with any other folder in Windows 8 and also add it to the “Video”, “Music”, “Images” libraries. To do this, in Explorer, right-click on this folder, in the list of options that opens, click on “Add to Library” and select the library you want.
After that, applications for working with video files, music files and images will be able to see the files located on the tablet's memory card.
Jailbreak Windows RT 8
Jailbreak allows you to set classicARM applications (see list below).

● Installation:
  1. Unpack the archive in any folder;
  2. Run "runExploit.bat";
  3. Press "R" in the appeared window to start the process;
  4. After installation, the program will ask you to press the volume button (any);
  5. In order for the jailbreak not to fly after a reboot, open "runExploit.bat" again and click "I";

Download RT Jailbreak Tool / xda-developers theme.

List of ARM applications on XDA-Developers
-- PascalABC
-- PCSX Reloaded (PS1 console emulator)
Jailbreak Windows RT 8.1
Jailbreak allows you to set classicARM applications (see list below).

● Installation:
  1. DownloadWindows RT 8.1 Development Toolon the tablet. (Windows RT Mod 8.1 Development Tool by Porsche-928)
  2. Unpack the archive.
  3. Run the .bat file as an administrator.
  4. Press any key, a menu will appear:
    1 = Modify Windows Update.
    2 = Remove Infected Updates.
    3 = Boot Into Test Mode.
    4 = Boot Into Normal Mode.
    5 = Exit.
  5. Select the first item, then 1, to completely disable updates, or 2 or 3, to allow searching / downloading updates.
  6. Select item 2, after the operation is completed, the device will reboot.
  7. Run the Jailbreak Tool again as an administrator.
  8. Select item 3, the device will reboot.
  9. Done, in the lower right corner should appear "Test mode". Before installing the application, you need to sign or download already signed ones.
Windows RT 8.1 Development Tool on GitHub
XDA-developers topic
List of signed applications
List of ARM applications on XDA-Developers
-- PascalABC
-- PCSX Reloaded (PS1 console emulator)
Application signature
Method 1 - on the computer or directly on the tablet:
  1. Downloadauto-sign tool.
  2. Run exe file
  3. Click Sign Folder and select a folder with applications.
Method 2 - on the computer:
  1. Downloadauto-sign tool.
  2. To installWindows SDK for Windows 8.1andWindows SDK for Windows 10.
  3. Copy cmd-file to the folder with applications.
  4. Run cmd-file with administrator rights.
  5. All exe and dll files, including those in subfolders, will be signed.

Dear users, everything you do with your tablet, you do at your own peril and risk.

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Discussion of Windows RT and Modern UI software.
Did not find anything in this thread? Look in the next:ASUS VivoTab RT,Nokia Lumia 2520.
Official support page.
Attention! Installing update KB3033055 on top of newer updates may cause problems with the launch of the device!

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NEONCATRC @ 11.11.20, 12:01*
A little more software from Golden Man Wapitiii

He found 7Z (the last available release for ARM32)

* Neoncatrc,
That's where it lies for a long time:https: // died from there)))): rofl:

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Good browser:https: // ... etab=pivot: overviewtab

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MA100DON @ 11.11.20, 22:04*
That's where it lies for a long time

In this topic was it? no. That's all, not everyone on Sursforge chases, but on the off site Arm32 there is no Bild

Mishin_Roman @ 24.11.20, 07:52*
Good browser

Test ...

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Mishin_Roman @ 24.11.20, 07:52*

Salted, it is a pity that you cannot open the necessary sites that use more and more encryption and more scripts. But he is faster than the same Edge, so how the replacement can be used.

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NEONCATRC @ 24.11.20, 12:08*
It is faster than the same EJ, so how the replacement can be used.

* Neoncatrc,
So possible then and this is tryinghttps: // ... etab=pivot: overviewtabThey are all the same)))
Here is another quickly:Monument Browser [WM10]orhttps: // ... etab=pivot: overviewtab
This even with a translator

Posted on 24.11.2020, 14:58:

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Here is another browser

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Attached MB)

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MA100DON @ 24.11.20, 16:56*
They are all the same)))

I'm wondering, in which you express all the thoughts in such a "sophisticated manner?" I just tested that browser and outlined thoughts.

MA100DON @ 24.11.20, 16:56*
Here is still quick

Will not, it works slower

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NEONCATRC @ 24.11.20, 18:24*
Will not, it works slower

* Neoncatrc,
Yes strange there in the phone mode like even youtub quickly loads

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MA100DON @ 24.11.20, 21:28*
YouTube is quickly loading

but it smacks lies

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NEONCATRC @ 24.11.20, 19:22*
but it smacks lies

* Neoncatrc,
I did not have it so and people can also read in the subject. The only thing that did not like the battery charge melts on the eyes.
For example, the one that you tested with me was established but the search did not work at all. The property was removed as unnecessary. And Blue Skay which with a translator also also liked the Russian-speaking

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Vorobejsawka @ 11/21/2020, 22:06*
Here FS Client (Post Pasha Zzz # 96757775)

not put, swears that the program is only for wines 10

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NURBACH @ 25.11.20, 05:13*
not put

Above the patched, look for the topic

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NURBACH @ 25.11.20, 02:13*
not put, swears that the program is only for wines 10

* nurbach
And what is the resulting in your tablet? If 10 then FS only the certificate needs to be installed by date

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Attached fileFsclient.uwp_1.38.3.0_x86_x64_arm_release_fcu.rar.(37.65 MB)

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* MA100DON,
Installed 10RT

And where to take a certificate? And what does it mean by date?

UPD: Certificate set, the date changed there and here, but the prog is not put

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* nurbach
During installation, the certificate should not be overdue. If it is overdue, at the time of installation, turn off the Internet, change the system date, and return to the current application after installing the application.
By this application, change the time to 10 07 20. Click the Install Certificate button and continue to place all certificates of trusted certification centers. Then it will be necessary to include the installation of not published applications
Installing a certificate in picturesMicrosoft Surface RT - Discussion (post svastypes # 95483826)

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Good afternoon, respect for users, I ask your advice How best to update my Surface RT Model 1516? Thanks in advance: thank_you:

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* RomanRtsurface,
RomanRtsurface @ 25.11.20, 17:13*
How to better update my Surface RT

Both ways are working at its discretion subject to instructions.

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Hey guys.
I installed the top ten, there are two questions:
1) After each switch, the following message closes. I did not find a working solution through google. I tried to remove pageFile.sys so that the system creates a new (by advice), but it is not deleted, since somewhere running.
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2) Is it possible to somehow install the ondrive built into the conductor?

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CHINGIZ_CHAN @ 11/26/20, 12:26*
1) After each switch, the following message closes.

* Chingiz_Chan,
Open: System Properties, Advanced System Parameters, Speed ​​Press Options In the window that opens, click Advanced .Virtual memory. Change. And look at what value is set if 512 MB then set the initial size of 1024 MB maximum 2047 OK. reboot and look will be a message or not

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CHINGIZ_CHAN @ 11/26/20, 12:26*
2) Is it possible to somehow install the ondrive built into the conductor?

* Chingiz_Chan,
Onedrive is installed separately in the cloud

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