The choice of a comparison of joysticks for smartphones

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Talk controllers for devices on Android OS

The more popular a stable gamepads, guide selection
Low budget gamepads Gen Game and their correct names
Applications for the controllers test
Smartphone application(If you have Root rights to act with extreme caution, and while it works better not to authorize the program!):
Gamepad Tester link Play Market
Attached fileGamepad.Tester.noADS.apk(2.93 MB)
Description Gamepad Tester
This app is for testing and tuning the controller and other devices.
This application will allow you to test the functionality of the gamepad.
As well as remap buttons and axes on your controller through .kl files (require root-rights).
It works with gamepads connected via Bluetooth or OTG.
List of features:
- displays the button pressed and the axes on your controller
- create, read, write, delete files .kl
- backup and recovery
- shows information about the connected devices
Remember !!! When using root-rights of all the action with your phone you do at your own risk !!! No one nor liable for your actions !!! Before any action to back up!

PC application:
Attached fileXInputTest.exe(64k)
The program can check not only response to pressing buttons, and so on. but the minimum degree of vibration response, both qualitatively it is implemented in your controller (not to be confused with the vibration force was exhibited in the game)
The program simulates clicking on the sensor, for without the support of controllers games
Panda gamepad pro - analogue Octopus program but its use does not give BAN games (all rights without Root)
Octopus - Root works without rights
Tincore keymapper - need Root rights
Assistance in setting up controllers when connected via OTG
What to play ?
1.Subject to the catalog of games where there is support for the default controller
2.You can also use emulators consoles, arcade machines.

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I turned on and running. No idea what this support.

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Advise gamepad to 20 dallarov that worked on bluetooth and that was dongle.

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HA3ABP @ 25.05.20, 00:47*
Nonsense and delirium. You obviously do not have a modern phone with MTK.

So write a person that you have for the gamepad is connected and that you have for your phone. He can also acquire. If it works somehow.

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* AL22,
Any gamepad works. Any. Repeat or so clear?

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Somebody uses a gamepad with 7TPro? He is friends with a gamepad on the Xbox One or 8BitDo SN30 Pro +?

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Guys like that do not have phone gamepad seen as a physical keyboard? I can not reply to messages when the game pad is connected, Claudia does not appear. Ipega 9076

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* unialex,
Nothing. It depends on the controller and do not fix it by telephone.

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* Jedi Basil , Ipega 9090

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* unialex ,
When you connect the gamepad, I get such a notification.
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Push and turn on the virtual keyboard
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Or go to the language settings and input and incorporate it
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* Subteras So that's the thing that all inclusive but the keyboard does not appear

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Good evening everyone! Say, this gamepad is only suitable for a computer? In tvboks if not tried, one then the other key does not work. Or am I doing something wrong?

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I ask short and clear.
Phone Xiaomi RN8Pro, want gamepad bluetooth, price to 10k rubles.
Several variants?

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* chellios,
Take any. Where you want. Learn to be self-reliant.

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* P-47M , Which then created the topic? Not a bunch of self?)

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chellios @ 3.06.20, 11:15*
Several variants

The cap specially marked marked top.
Xbox one,

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Guys, help me, ordered Ali Ipega pg-9089, the Chinese cheated and it's something similar. I can not connect to a PC - connected via bluetooth, Windows has set itself the driver sees it as some sort of device "Gamepadplus V3", but did not play, ie in the properties do not even check the buttons. How to connect it to the PC as a gaming device and the Xbox controller?

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Help with the selection of a gamepad or "semi-Controller" to play on the Redmi Note 8 phone in Call of duty. Like the version 8bitdo sn30 pro +, but worried that by the right stick to control the camera can not get used because almost no experience. If I can learn how to operate the camera on SENS or better to take the floor on the gamepad GameSir G6s type? Keymapper important support out of the box, in the extreme case of third-party software without dancing with a tambourine. I hope for your advice and recommendations.

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I can not connect a gamepad ReDragon (which is wireless with USB module) to the smartphone Redmi 7, installed custom firmware. Gamepad connected (LED lights), but Android does not see, even in the file / proc / bus / input / devices it is not. What to do?

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All good health. Telephone Huawei P smart Z (android 10, kirin 710F). Topic with no information on this processor. Are there any pitfalls for him? What is better to take the gamepad in the region of $ 20-30?

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* P-47M,

USB joystick, which runs on a PC, does not work on the TV BOX games.

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