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Modification of software and decorations for the Samsung Galaxy S III (Samsung I9300) | Themes, decorations and their discussion

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Before any "interventions" in the system, we do not forget to make BackUp files to be modified.
All the manipulations that "you" do with your device, you do at your own peril and risk.

If you are new to the forum, I recommend you to read this manual.

Rules of conduct in the subject, be sure to read

1 . Third-party programs, including launchers and widgets, should be searched in Software catalog and in Search programs.
2 . Live wallpapers for SGS3 are no different from others. WVGA wallpapers - they are here!
3 . Discussion of the device itself or its firmware - in the relevant topics (links are given in the header).
4 . Discussion of methods for editing system applications should be done in neighboring branches (discuss, learn, exchange experiences).
5 . Everything that is laid out in the subject, unless expressly stated otherwise, requires ROOT rights. Without root, nothing can be changed, you can only display additional indicators (for example, a battery) in the upper bar.
6 . Learn to ask questions correctly in order to receive answers clearly and quickly: do not forget to indicate what firmware you are installing and what specifically does not work.
7 . Be polite, thank the authors by increasing their reputation (+). If you have less than 15 messages, click on the "COMPLAINT" button and let us know who helped you. Write "Thank you" / "Super", etc. just prohibited by forum rules.
8 . Do not forget, the forum has a QMS instant messaging system and private messages. If you have a private question, it may be worth asking directly.
9 . Do not make claims. Respect the work of others !!!
10 . Before making a message with decorations, it is recommended to check whether widgets, icons, live wallpapers, wallpapers, etc. have already been placed on our forum. If this is already on the forum, give a link to the profile topic.
In the case of a replay, the files will be deleted.

Template design post with mod
[SIZE = 3] [B] The name of the update [/ B] [/ SIZE]
[U] Author [/ U]: If the author is not you
[U] Firmware [/ U]: Version / Number, Code / Deodex
[U] Description [/ U]: The maximum possible description of the done
[SPOIL = Screenshots] [/ SPOIL]
[U] Extras. information [/ u]: Newans, thank you, etc.
[U] Installation [/ U]: Installation Method / Method
[U] Download [/ U]: Download Files

Modifications and decorations from users
Zip file for fast deodexing firmware
Universal installer software for any firmware
Fashion fromPoppuri

Fashion fromTamerlan2009

Fashion fromNoskojv

Fashion from Sergei-SF

Fashion fromAKINJOI

Fashion fromyuri-yk

Modifications and decorations for Android version 4.1.2
Android 4.1.2 leaks

For LKC firmware

For firmware XXELL5-XXELLA

For EMB2 and EMB5 firmware

For firmware XXEMC3

For firmware XXEMD2

For firmware XXEMD3

For firmware XXEMF1

For firmware XXEMF6

For firmware XXEMG4

For firmware XXEMG5

For firmware XXEMG6

Modifications and decorations for Android version 4.2.2
Android 4.2.2 leaks

For firmware XXUFME7

Modifications and decorations for Android version 4.3

Kitkat style battery mod
Updated icons in SecSettings.apk for firmware XXUGNA7 Lite final
Deodex XXUGNA8 system file
Mods from Mihail37
Blue box V3
Galaxy S5 Accuwearher Widget
Quick launch icons
SecMMS app Style S5
SIII Neo Launcher Weather
Replacing icons in settings
Mod curtain and status bar for SystemUI.apk from XXUGNA7 Lite firmware from u.Taisa71
Graphic mod SystemUi.apk and SecSettings.apk for firmware XXUGNA7_4.3_Lite Final by Taisa71
Mod number for firmware XXUGNA7 Lite final
Keyboard mod in blue
HTC Blinkfeed launcher for Android 4.3
SecWallpaperChooser wallpapers from s 4, s 5, Note 2, 3
Stock gallery 4.3 without date display when viewing photos
Note 3 File Manager Style S5
Dialer from S4 Vovano SCHATL firmware
New flat Touchwiz theme from Galaxy S5 - update
Official Galaxy S5 Sounds - Fonts
Stock applications under 245dpi resolution
Deleting SMS and MMS from the call log
GALAXY S5 Default Wallpapers
S 5 rington
Moded TouchWiz SecLauncher2
Transparent panel when connecting headphones in the curtain
Black and blue keyboard for 4.3
Switching tracks with volume keys
Blue box for 4.3
GALAXY S5 Touchwiz Launcher & Accuweather
The current weather widget, with two levels of transparency, 50% and 100%
Battery mod: more than 100 pcs for android 4.3 deodex
Icons from SmartROM v0.6
Graphic shell for IB-ROM firmware
Galaxy S5 Theme
FM radio widget
SystemUI NA7 from romulek
SystemMod (MK6 4.3 deodex)
Contact widget
Transparent notifications on the lock screen
Smart network widgets, access point, driving mode
IB-ROM v2.0.1 SystemUI and SecSettings
My files. Firmware 4.3
Flashing clock with a shadow in the status bar with the device lock function (and without it)
Mod SystemUI with a choice of battery style
Weather Converted Icons
Weather Happy Birthday 4.3
Music widget
Alarm clock widget
Extended Wallpaper Gallery
SecPhone auto call record I9300 4.3
Screen off animationodex
Screen off animation
Launcher SIII: Desktop (4x5), application menu (5x6), widget menu (2x4)
Transparent background to QS-i9300-XXUGNA5
Curtain MOD QS-i9300 from Gillette_757
Changing the time interval when scanning WiFi networks
Clock, date and alarm clock in the center
Kormila Theme
Call button and add. Claudia characters. MK6
Enable disabling scrolling wallpaper, Omega v54. Android 4.3. CWM
Modified Launchers
Galaxy Note Pro Icons
Stock weather widget, 100% and 50% transparency
TouchWiz mods from firmware 4.3 with auto-rotate mode and scrolling wallpaper
KitKat Stile theme 4.3 MK6
Poppuri iOS7 Statusbar
Camera port, completely silent Camera Note 2 4.3 v 2.1
SGN2 v2 camera port for JB 4.3
Mini mod 4.3 ML2 deodex
Increase ARF response speed and transition animation speed during ARA
Dialer with a photo on the whole screen
SecPhone auto call record
Contacts and dialer with auto-recording and full-screen photo
DigitalClock Note 3
Keyboard Note 3
Dream Themes for 4.3
SPR Theme Pack
Update SecPhone.apk with automatic call recording by mythtrandyr
Remove volume message
Lockscreen Effect for MK6
Russian shutdown menu, closing the application by long pressing the menu
SystemUI mod from Taisa71
Keyboard from Note III in black style
All Backs Black Theme
Collection of mod3 s3 drivers in one archive
XPERIA Mix Theme
Modification of the dialer
Several topics from our Spanish friends
Port smart scroll, smart PAUSE for 4.3
Note3 TouchWiz (autorotation + other grids)
Blue theme for C3
CRT-OFF odex / deodex
Fix light blocking effect + main system modes 4.3
Transparent background 4.3
Dialer with a photo on the whole screen
Change the battery image on the fly - 32 options
Mod extended reboot menu + MenuLongPressKillApk
Alternative Note from SG Note3 (RagzDog)
Mod from smartmen73
Mod bar and curtain status 4.3 (XXUGMJ9)
SecSettings for 4.3
Background in the settings menu for 4.3
Weather widget with the latest 4.3 transparent at 100%
Battery with 1% pitch and charge animation (4.3 XXUGMJ9)
Extended reboot menu and full date lockscreen
4x5 desktop grid and 5x5 application menu
Redial (design for Note 3)
Port Wich Touch from SGN3 (three options) + transparent weather widget
Mod SecMyFiles2 for firmware XXUGNA7_4.3_Lite_Final
Рerfect theme for galaxy s3 os 4.3
Poppuri Mod Full Screen Photo
Note 3 TWLauncher / WeatherWidget
Orange box 4.3
Launcher with a grid of 5 * 6 and a dock bar with 6 icons XXUGNA7 Lite + Final
Mod curtain with application panel and animation from namok o95
Switching tracks with the volume keys 4.3 XXUGND2
Beautiful animation transitions for 4.3
Two pictures for the curtain from kolden77
Curtain mod with application panel and with (new swaying) animation
SecMms for 4.3 with the ability to backup messages
Mod camera from Barab63
Extended reboot menu + closing applications by long pressing the menu XXUGNK1
Graphic mod for curtains from Barab63
Color icons in the video player settings

Modifications and decorations for Android version 4.4.2

Modifications and decorations for Android version 4.4.4

Collection of modifications for firmware Atila v6.0 PB1 from u.Taisa71
S7 theme
Closing applications with the port9305 menu button
Stock animation transitions / open / close windows for firmware port i9305
Changed launcher grid port_i9305_deodex
Mod curtain for port 9305 deodex
SystemUI mod for Sensationrom_lite
My files with reworked graphics SensationRom-lite
Icons on the lock screen as in ECLIPSE SensationROM_Lite
Icons status bar in the style of lolliop
Own picture in settings
Megafon and MTS logos, instead of Billine and Tele2 for Sensation Rom Lite
Increased tab limit SensationROM_Lite
For those who do not work or shows an error mode Multi Windows for SensationROM_Lite
Receive and Reject Buttons
Smart manager
Not a big mod dialer for SensationROM_Lite
Modification Settings for SensationRom-lite
Battery Mod for Blekota_V5.1_Note5Edition
For those who asked why in the settings are not active mode "Hands-free" and "Reading Notifications"
Several types of icons for curtains
Call recording in the call
A variety of dialers for SensationRom-lite
Modification for SensationRom-lite
Reworked status bar
Voice recorder in a light theme
Dialer with a message button from Taisa71
S6 theme for Touchwiz 4.4.4
Launcher with 6 icons in the dock and application menu 5 * 6 from Taisa71
SystemUI S6 Addition
The application "Contacts" without bookmark favorites
Dialer in black with modified answer and reject buttons
Contacts are black and transparent with a picture
Changed graphics for firmware SensationROM_Lite
Animation iOS Transitions
System files in dark color
6 types of dialer
Dialer in black
Disabling the message about turning on and off mobile data and offline mode
Dialer with a photo on the whole screen, two versions, with a different font color
The application contacts in blue for S5 Sensation ROM ™ v10.0 + the correct alphabet
Repainted dialer
Dark font in the song title (problem solved)
SystemUI from s6 4 versions from u.Taisa71, ght4
Switching tracks with volume keys for firmware S5SensationROMv10 from u.Taisa71
Attachment notes in blue
Modified SystemUI
Dialer with PHOTO in full screen, modified photo of an unknown contact and conference call
Modified files from S5 SensationROM v10 firmware
Modified framework-res from uv.Barab63
Booth animation android L
Set fixes for OFFICIAL PORT DN4
Improving system performance 4.4.4
Weather from s6
SystemUI without sfinder and quick connections
Contacts and SMS in the style of android 5.0
Status bar in the style of iphone, flashlight + BatteryMod 3 versions added to the blind
Graphic mod system applications from the firmware back-to-n00t 4.4.4
Dialer for firmware back-to-n00t_ROM_V5
Switching tracks with volume keys 4.4.4 from u.Taisa71
Mod for port DN4 4.4.4
Many themes for S5 Touchwiz Launher from kolden77
Dialer with a photo on the whole screen 4.4.4
The effect of blocking "Old TV" 4.4.4
Russian shutdown menu, closing the application by long pressing the menu 4.4.4
Keyguard for Note 4 port firmware, with support for adding and removing widgets to the lock screen + full date
SecLauncher with google now launch

Stock firmware dumps

Miscellaneous and useful
Part number 1
Screen frames
Butanimation android M
Script blocking 95% of advertising
Wallpaper from samsung galaxy note5
Android Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Digital clock widget
Answer the call when you hold the phone to your ear
Camera from 4.4.2 KitKat
Camera and Gallery from Nexus 5 (Android 4.4 KitKat)
Android KitKat-first files
Module to change the system. background + pictures
AOSP dialer and contacts for stock firmware 4.3 and port 4.4.2
LG G3 Keyboard for S3
Graphic Mod XQSettingsToggles
Lenovo super camera updated
Background in the curtain for firmware QS 2.2.3 second option
Instructions for turning on soft keys and turning off touch keys (left the physical home button left working)
Battery icons for IB-ROM
Mod launcher firmware QS-i9300
Mod widget flashlight, mono sound, negative
FmRadio-mod Replacing the stock radio
Fix "hardware problems" errors when using AllShareCast (Screen Mirroring) for firmware based on 4.3
Themes Note Pro by Kik0o
Galaxy Note Pro Wallpaper
Font Cleanvertising
Roboto_Minimal smaller font
QS Mods: GNA1 and GNA5 from ZiminY
Icons Meizu MX3
How to add a widget to the lock screen on the version of android 4.3
Module for Xposed Unikon
Auto Rotation Manager
Xperia S ICS Keyboard for Android 4.3
ID3Fixer - Fixes music library errors
APK Constructor for FlipFont
How to increase the volume in the headphones!
Camera from Note 2 v 2
LacosteSwype Launcher4. The program for replacing the application Store on your own in TW by svaypu up
Edit default_gain.conf (sound volume)
Disable Increasing Ring-Program that disables the increasing call.
Blur - Select a picture from the gallery and turn it into stunning colorful wallpaper.
Wanam Xposed
Tinted Status Bar
Fonts 4.3
Nexus 5 System Audio Sounds 4.1.2 / 4.2.2
Keypad Sound MOD
Watch on the lock screen
Download sounds
LG icons VRTheme 4.1.2
Alarm Widget NOTE III
Illusion themes
Galaxy S IV Lock Screen with Sunlight Effect
XBlast Tools
Network Signal and Wi-Fi Icons
How to make a SGS III tablet
Wanam Xposed Samsung Android 4.2+ Roms Odexed and Deodexed
Note II Hidden Settings
Modification of the default gain-several files with different levels of volume 57-drain 63-maximum
CyanogenMod Focal Camera
SecWallpaperChoother stock wallpaper S IV
Mod dialers GLASS DIALER
Revo glass theme
Mod icons in the status bar
Full MOD statusbar and curtains 4.1.2
The ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees / Lock button in the status bar / Remove the call button in the list of contacts
Galaxy S4 Google Edition System Audio Sounds 4.1.2 / 4.2.2
Blue box (Blue frame)
GS4 Camera + GS4 Gallery 4.2.2
Torch widget
Mod (red) information frames / Frames / Frames
Livewallpaper 4.1.2 / 4.2.2
Transparent weather widget for 4.1.2
Instructions for installing any font on 4.2.2
CodexHD Note II v 2.1
Live wallpaper from firmware Samsung Galaxy S4
S4 weather widget

Part number 2

Part number 3
Vitdim Dialer for latest Jelly Bean 4.1.2
Booth animation for AOKP / AOSP firmware
® Disable Service and QuickShortcutMaker
"Pak" icons / Icons via CWM
Prevent the standard Task Killer from unloading the applications you need. All devices
"Invisible Icons"
Reodexer custom firmware
Changed stock JB launcher for Tablet Mod in ParanoidAndroid
Patch increase Photo Resolution
Gallery from Note2 on poppuri 4.0.4
Gallery on WanamLite Jelly bean XXDLI3 V3.2 Android 4.1.1
JellyBean Gallery
Keyboard Swype 1280 * 720 (Languages: RUS-EN)
Keyboard SWYPE 1280 * 720 (Languages: RUS, UKR, EN)
Memo Notebook
Inventory Market
Task Manager with a menu icon
How to get a transparent status bar?
Operator logo in the status bar
Replacing system application icons
Icons in iPhone style mod 1
Iphone style icons mod 2
Icons for 4.1.1 deodex
Circle Style Icons
Animation of windows and departure text and other little things
Slightly modified Samsung weather widget and digital clock
Blue clock on Lockscreen
Blue clock for weather widget
Green numbers on lockbox and for weather widget
Swap hard keys Home and Menu
Quick Panel Settings rus deodex
Paper Artist from Note2
Keyboard, camera and gallery from Android 4.2
Enabling soft keys, and disabling touch
Port popup browser
Russian blue dealer
Large clock in the status bar
Audio Engine for Galaxy S III
Beautiful weather widget
A small mod that adds a call button in contacts to each subscriber.
Swap the external and internal memory / Alternative way
Download stock SecPhone.apk and SecPhone.odex
Sounds from the Samsung Galaxy III presentation
Change wallpaper at a certain interval
Instructions for changing the screen resolution
Solving the problem with clicks in music
Unlock languages ​​†‹вЂ‹ embedded in the firmware
Deleting "on" sounds and off
Camera firmware
Enable the option to control the sound of the shutter in the camera
Useful programs
Overview of the launcher
[APP] Note from Snote2
Light Manager v3.5 - Notification LED Settings
Selection of fonts in the format of the arch with the support of Russian tags mp3


JKay Deluxe Setings

Useful applications

Mini FAQ
1: What is odex / deodex firmware, what is the difference and how does it work?
Stock firmware - odex, custom - deodex. In odex, system files for apk are bundled with the same name files with the odex extension.
Deodeksatsiya no way slows down the system, as when you first start the device are in the process of creating .odex-files (apk.classes-dex) for all applications in the Dalvik cache, where they are then read during system operation. Therefore, only when deodeksirovannaya firmware running slower than odeksirovannaya - at the first start of the system after cleaning or EEPROM Dalvik cache. But there are advantages - space-saving in the folder / system and the possibility of modifying painless ... (sergmarin)
The presence of .jar files instead of .odex / .deodex is a sign of deodexed firmware.
2: How to put updates / mods from this topic (and in general)?
Before any intervention in the system, especially if you are not confident in your abilities / knowledge, make a nandroid backup (via CWM - see the procedure below). This is a complete cast of the system - if something went wrong, boot into CWM and restore the data - a couple of clicks and you have a working system.
Usually the message contains the installation instructions, it must be read very carefully and executed step by step. Pay attention to the version of the firmware for which the patch is laid out, incompatibility may lead to a flashing.
If a simple .apk file is laid out (even if it is in a zip, but only the .apk file is in the archive), then you need to replace it withRoot explorersystem file with a new (if Root explorer does not do - check - the top should be written Mount r / o - if not - click on the Mount r / w) button. Pay attention to the instructions in the patch, and in the absence of such - if you odex firmware (ie sink, from Samsung), it is usually the patch is in the form of a single file, and the system you will have two of the same name .apk files and .odex. So you need to overwrite the .apk and .odex delete / rename. Make a backup of changed files. Remember - with framework-res.apk replacement PDA will reboot automatically, you need to be careful.
If the mods are lined with a .zip file, and there are folders and other attributes in it (in particular, there should be a META-INF folder, these are scripts for CWM), then this is an update for CWM. This file must be recorded in the phone's memory (better - on the internal flash drive). If there is a core kernel, then the phone should have a CWM icon (gear). In it, you must select "flash update" and select the zip to update. Mod files cannot be placed in folders named in Russian. It is advisable to put the files in the root directory of the internal flash drive.
If you returned to the stock kernel, then CWM took off and this installation will not work. You can take an .apk from a .zip file and write them with the help of the Root explorer on top of the system ones, it is only highly recommended in the script to see what other actions were supposed - in particular, which script files should be deleted - do the same manually.
3: What to do if something went wrong and the phone does not load / get permanent errors, etc.?
You made a nandroid backup? Restore the system from it through the recovery.
Not done ... flash your firmware (single-file, then the data will not be lost). Or you can have a 3-file file, but without the CSC_section firmware .. then they will not be lost either.
Original firmware files can be taken from dumps, i.e. Download the dump of your firmware, take the necessary stock file and return it to the site.
4: The better to do backups in order not to reflash again, if that goes wrong when installing decorations. Titanium Backup or some other prog?
And Preferred Nandroid Backup from ClockworkMod Recovery. Procedure:
- Booting in Recovery mode (either from a switched off phone, clamping the Volume up, the central button and On, or when on, start CWM - ClockWorkMod)
- Select the backup and respore volume buttons (the selection is made by the central button)
- Backup - the process has begun!
To restore the system - the same thing, but Restore.
5: What files are responsible for what and is it possible to install patches that do not explicitly state that they can be installed on my firmware.
Without fear, change (with backup) any files and try, nothing will happen to the system. Any patches of the camera, contacts, dialers, sms, etc. they are responsible only for their function and in the worst case it is you who will work and stop (until the moment you return the carefully saved original file). Moreover, in 90% of cases the patch will work, the firmware version is secondary here (Samsung generally changes little in them, in actual fact).
BUT! The framework-res.apk and systemui.apk files should be replaced with extreme caution with the mandatory nandroid backup - replacing them can lead to a crash of the system. These files are the heart of the system - they can be installed only from their own firmware (and incompatibilities are possible, leading to a cyclic reboot).
About files:
Framework-res.apk. It contains the battery icon, the effect of the old TV, the status bar view, the progress bar design, sip, etc.
SystemUI.apk. Contains everything about the curtain + all bar status icons (except the battery).
Unfortunately, one thing is impossible to get - put the patch you like and at once get everything that the author has prepared.
Contacts.apk. dialer (search T9, contacts with a bar on the right, etc.), including a frame when choosing a contact photo (important for mods with a large photo of an incoming call).
Phone.apk. Everything that happens during an incoming / outgoing call (noise, what information about the caller is displayed, photo, rising call, window after the call (with options), recording the incoming call, etc.).
Mms.apk. Everything about SMS and MMS (including autoconversion of SMS to MMS, etc.)
The rest is clear - camera.apk, etc.
Description of all firmware components
6: When I try to copy the framework-res.apk file in the system / system folder and the systemUI.apk file in the system / app folder in Root explorer, the rootexplorer tells me that it can’t do this because it’s read-only files.
The Root Explorer-D is a button "Mount R / W", located in the upper right corner of the screen system (!) Files (when in a flash drive folder-not). After clicking on it, the button will already written: "Mount R / O", moreover when the button is written R / W - active mode R / O and vice versa (!)! Those. thus removed "fuse" random change system halyards and a transition mode R / O (read only - read-only), a R / W (read / write - read / write), can manipulate the system files. (Answer + prizrak +)
7: A battery with% can consume extra battery power?
No, this is a system function. Android always keeps track of the percentage of battery charge, you can see it in the information about the battery. So, there will be no additional energy costs. (answered by rareARROW)
8: Why turn off the noise level? Who is he bothering?
Shumodav performs filtering sound, leaving only the voice. It must extinguish extraneous noises (wind, etc.). But there are reviews that because of him sometimes you hardly hear your interlocutor. Everyone decides for himself.
9: What is the effect of the old TV (aka CRT)?
The effect when the phone is turned off looks like this (thanks to the pANd4 link).
10: You need a photo of the subscriber in good quality and full screen.
A full-screen photo in good quality can be achieved without a mod:
Full Screen Caller Pictures
Full Screen Caller ID
11: Rule the date on the lock.
12: Editing framework-res.apk
13: When deleting system files in odex firmware, you need to delete not only the file * .apk but the file of the same name * .odex . It is also recommended to delete the data of the application itself.
14: Editing system apk Samsung GT-i9100 Galaxy S II
15: Installing fonts via .apk
16: Font replacement (Post # 4164217)
17: Battery Indicator Percentage
18: How to place your pictures in the sg siii wallpaper folder?
Need to disassemble the APK SecWallpaperChooser. Add your pictures and then edit the xml by writing the added pictures.
19: How to change the background in the caller?
The backgrounds are in folders:
Replace with your pictures.
20: Useful software:
smali / backsmali - 1.3.3
apktools - 1.5.2
MOD JKay Deluxe framework
21: Instructions "Installation through a modified recovery"
22: Backup original files to be replaced in the finished update for CWM
23: The sound "gurgle", which is locked, is located in framework-res.apk in the raw folder and is called down.ogg.
24: Instructions for beginners to "set rights" when replacing files

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Rep: (4018)
ARY speed

Patch : Increase the speed of response of the Automatic Brightness Adjustment (ARA) + Increase the speed and smoothness of the brightness transitions with ARA
Author : Pako777
Description :
• When the Setup-Display-Brightness-Automatic Adjustment of Brightness mode is turned on, the sensor determines the difference brightness level, thereby increasing the responsiveness of the display brightness when the brightness changes
• When the Setup-Display-Brightness-Automatic Adjustment mode of the Brightness is switched on, the number of steps (from 20 to 5) decreases when the brightness level of the display decreases / increases when the brightness changes
Application :
Attention!!! Root + RootExplorer Required
1. first save the native Services.odex file to a safe place.
2. unpack the archive !! , and the resulting Services.odex is copied with the replacement in the / system / framework folder using RootExplorer
3. reboot

Attention !! In inexperienced hands, installing a patch can lead to a system crash. If you do not know how to restore the device to work if it does not load, do not touch it.

Laid out version:
• patch with official firmwareXXALEF
• patch with official firmwareXXALEF deOdex

The patch will be included in the trail. version of PUMa

Attached files

Attached fileServices_v1_I9300XXALEF.zip(1.36 MB)
Attached fileServices_v1_I9300XXALEF_deOdex.zip(1.32 MB)

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Rep: (1521)
Battery icon set, 31 joke. incremental in 1%. We put through the recovery. works on LE8 and tested on LEF

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Rep: (7899)
[center]Poppuri Mini Update XXALEF V1

Attached Image
Attached Image

Author: Poppuri
Firmware:Stock XXALEF Deodex, maybe it will go to Odex when deleting the corresponding odex-files (did not check)
Description: Made for myself while a mini update, maybe someone else will come in handy. Description of the composition below under the spoiler. In the attachment, two versions, the second differs from the first in that the clock is removed from the bar status.
Installation:Update via modified recovery
- Full names of months and weeks in blocking
- The inscription in the lock is changed to "Phone locked"
- Removed weather logo "AccuWeather.com"
- Added round battery in 1% increments
- Left / removed hours from statusbar
- Added curtain transparency
- Fixed player fonts
- Added animation windows


Attached filePoppuriMiniUpdateV1.zip(24.17 MB)

Attached filePoppuriMiniUpdateV1_NoClock.zip(24.17 MB)

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Rep: (1138)
Record conversations.
The author is Wanam.
Stitch through CWM.
© Borrowed on XDA;).
Owners of ODEX firmware still need to first delete the file /system/app/SecPhone.odex. P.S. In the load, the rising call is still removed.

Attached files

Attached fileGT_I9300_WanamLite.ZSALED.Enable.Call.Recording.zip(6.82 MB)

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Rep: (98)
Surarus @ 06/12/2012, 10:02 PM*
You can lay out SecPhone.apk and SecPhone.odex and then somehow save to save ((

Hold on:Attached fileSecPhone.rar(5.21 MB)

Posted on 12 Jun 2012, 19:13:

Surarus @ 06/12/2012, 10:02 PM*
popos I have Omega. It looks like only full wipe

Do as I did and everything should work out.

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Rep: (7899)
SecWallpaperChooser Mod

Attached Image

Author: Poppuri
Firmware: Most likely any, but checked only on LEF Deodex. (On Odex most likely it will go with the removal of the same odex-file)
Description: Made a stock program "WALLPAPERS" with a bit more than a stock meager amount of wallpaper. The mod will eventually expand.
Installation: Throw the apk using Root Explorer into the system / app folder and reboot (delete the odex file for Odex firmware)

Attached fileSecWallpaperChooser.apk(4.27 MB)

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Rep: (7899)
Mod ClockPackage no Autorotate

Description: Stock alarm with disabled auto-rotate
Firmware: XXALEF Deodex (maybe others)
Installation: Copy to system / app and reboot

Attached files

Attached fileClockPackage.apk(18.34 MB)

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Rep: (7899)
SystemUI mod (notification curtain)

Attached Image
Attached Image

Author: Poppuri
Firmware: XXALEF Deodex
Description: Translucent curtain, changed the order of shortcut icons, slightly corrected the translation, battery circle, changed statusbar background
Installation: Update from modified recovery

P.S. One version with a clock at the bar, the other without
Attached fileModStatusbarNotificationNoClock.zip(1.87 MB)

Attached fileModStatusbarNotification.zip(1.87 MB)

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Rep: (69)
I correctly understood that while there is no ready-made patch to get rid of the growing call

This one on I9300XXALEF helped mehttp: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1777492/UPD_Disable_the_increasing_ring_Criskelo.zip
Set via CWM.

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Rep: (0)
Pako777, hello. I tried the ARYA patch with the firmware LE8, I did not get up, it hangs on the booty, is there no chance for LE8? Infuriates auto-tuning of the brightness of the stock. ATP in advance.

On the XDA, there was an auto brightness adjustment mode for XXALE8. I put it myself, it works fine on the stock ODEX firmware.

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Rep: (507)
[Modifications for Omega firmware]

Patches for firmwareOmega v5.1

1. Full display of days of the week and months + changed the inscription on the lock screen to "phone locked"
Attached fileData.zip(18.06 MB)

2. Clock in the center of the status bar

Attached fileClockMod.zip(1.74 MB)

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Patches for firmwareOmega v5.2

1. Full display of days of the week and months + changed the inscription on the lock screen to "phone locked" + translated PowerMenu + removed the notification when the battery is discharged (at 15%, etc.), because I was mad at pushing the OK button.
Attached fileRus.date.zip(17.94 MB)

2. Clock in the center of the status bar
Attached fileClock.zip(1.74 MB)

3. The clock in the center of the status bar + transparent bar

Attached fileClock.transparent.zip(1.74 MB)

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image

Patches for firmwareOmega v6.0

1. Full display of the days of the week and months + changed the inscription on the lock screen to "smartphone blocked" + translated PowerMenu + removed the notification when the battery is discharged (at 15%, etc.), because I was mad at pushing the OK button.
Attached fileRus.Data.6.zip(18.09 MB)

2. Clock in the center of the status bar
Attached fileClock.6.zip(1.74 MB)

3. The clock in the center of the status bar + transparent bar
Attached fileClock.transparent.6.zip(1.74 MB)

4. Disable requests to PowerMenu.
Description: earlier when choosing, say, the Reboot item, a window appeared asking for further action, for those who forgot:
Attached Image

Now a reboot takes place directly.
Collected 2 versions:
Action1 - Removes requests from items: Shutdown and Reboot (i.e., there is still a query for Recovery and Firmware items)
Attached fileAction1.zip(431.73 KB)

Action2 - Removes requests from all four points: Shutdown, Reboot, Recovery and Firmware.

Attached fileAction2.zip(431.71 KB)

5. Customizable notification bar (15 switches)
Due to the fact that I am leaving for 2-3 weeks in the near future, I immediately adjusted the graphics in the curtain under me))
I express my gratitude to Poppuri for the icons in Settings + understood why I could not collect lidroid.apk
P.s. You can try to put on Omega v7.0 ... maybe ...
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached file15set.zip(12.61 MB)

P.s. if after applying the patch the clock in the center the entire bar became black, then simply plug in the device via USB or turn on the flashlight and everything will go away.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you do not need to be optimistic in this regard and hope that the mods from the old versions fit the new ones.

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Reason for editing: Omega v7.0

Rep: (88)
Transparent bar status

Before getting started, I remind you that this method [color = "red"]Works only with deodexed firmware! [/ color]
Here is directly my FAQ on creating a transparent statusbar on Android 4.0.4, in particular, I did it on my Samsung Galaxy S III.
1) And so we need software for parsing Apk - Wanam_Apk_Manager_ICS
2) And the editor of Notepad ++ files for example

And so downloaded the tools you can now proceed to the actual process itself.

Flip three files from your phone


The first two are needed as auxiliary libraries when compilation (deodexation) takes place, but we have to work on SystemUI.apk.

Unpack the archive Wanam_Apk_Manager_ICS.zip

We throw our three files in paku from archiveApk_Manager_ICS \ other

Go to the command line and write, after each command clickEnter and we are waiting for the completion of the process

java -jar apktool.jar if framework-res.apk
java -jar apktool.jar if twframework-res.apk
java -jar apktool.jar d -f SystemUI.apk

The first two lines create the files (libraries) needed to collect the file back. But the third team will create a parsed archive and the entire contents of the SystemUI.apk file will already be in the SystemUI folder, in this folder we find the file it is in
SystemUI / smali / com / android / systemui / statusbar / StatusBar.smali

In this file, look for the string

invoke-direct / range {v11 .. v16}, Landroid / view / WindowManager $ LayoutParams; -><init>(IiIII) v

Found? Ok, there is another line above it.const / 16 v16, 0x4

It must be replaced byconst / 16 v16, -0x3

Save the file.

Now open the file

SystemUI / res / values ​​/ drawables.xml

Bringing this line

<item type = "drawable" name = "status_bar_background"># ff000000</ item>

She is responsible for the transparency of the bar status.

Here is the full 100% transparency.<item type = "drawable" name = "status_bar_background"># 00FFFFFF</ item>

And if you want 50% transparency, change it to<item type = "drawable" name = "status_bar_background"># 5f000000</ item>

Save ...

Now you need to collect this folder, go back to the command line and write

java -jar apktool.jar b SystemUI

After collecting the files you need to do the following
Throw everything in the original SystemUI.apk file.

We take the SystemUI.apk in the SystemUI.rar and open it with a simple WinRar, we upload the contents of the SystemUI \ build \ apk \ .. folder to the original file via Winrar (this is the path to the content already prepared, the archive you have been working on)all but AndroidManifest.xml The compression ratio is standard, the archim itself does not need to be compressed. Of course, after you throw it back, make a backup, all at your own peril and risk.
If you did everything correctly, it will turn out like this.
In the screenshot, transparency is about 70% and still transparency will work if the video wallpaper is set, if you are not fans of video wallpaper, that is, an alternative to simple wallpaper, through the video wallpaper widget, if you need to skip it. Good luck.

Attached Image

Attached fileWanam_Apk_Manager_ICS.zip(4.73 MB)

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Rep: (939)
Keyboard Swype 1280 * 720 RUS-EN

I corrected the Swapy keyboard for Galaxy-3 to fit our screen. And then I got used to it at the second Galaxy and now Samsung seems very uncomfortable.

As a result, there is now Russian, English and everything clearly fits into the size of our device.

screenshots in the application:
Attached Image
Attached Image

Test it. Just do not forget in the settings, where "language and input" is set to the default "Swype".
And also in the settings of the svayp itself, set the second English language so that it is also on the keyboard.

(thanks to Poppuri for the source)

Attached fileSwype_1280x720_rus_en_ASH.apk(3.72 MB)

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Rep: (939)
Memo Notebook

In Galaxy-3, instead of the text memo "Memo", we made a notepad "S Memo" in which you can draw. But writing text notes was not very convenient. Therefore, I remade the notebook from Galaxy-2 to the new resolution of Galaxy-3 1280 * 720.

Both notebooks work as separate programs. Only when you first turn on the program, you need to tick and choose to open it as a note program (with the letter "T"), and not S Memo. Otherwise, when you try to open the "Notes" program, you will be transferred to "S Memo". Be careful.


Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached fileMemo_1280x720_ASH.apk(5.03 MB)

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Rep: (939)
SWYPE 1280 * 720 (Languages: RUS, UKR, EN)

Another version of the Swap keyboard for Samsung Galaxy-3 with three languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English.
(if you wish, you can disable any unnecessary in the settings)

Attached fileSwype_1280x720_rus_en_ukr_ASH.apk(5.18 MB)

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Rep: (142)
CRT effect off. For firmware LF2, LF6. sew through CWM.

Attached files

Attached fileCWM_XXALF6_CRT_Off.zip(1.51 MB)

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Rep: (152)
adieu_aux, hold:
Attached fileSecMms.apk(9.93 MB)

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Rep: (415)
laid out on XDA
I'll post it here too
mod volume increase + chopping off camera sounds,cwm flash
60 - max 60 volume, all camera sounds are turned off
63 - max 63 volume, all camera sounds are muted
63S - max 63 volume, all camera sounds and boot sounds are disabled
backup - rollback to stock files

PS at least the author of mods boldly set the volume to 63, but all the same, some people complained about playback problems at such a high volume, but at 60 - everything is OK


On XDA, they said thanks, but here they are minus ... but oh well ... no need, then I will not do anything moresavagemessiahzine.com
Attached file60_sound_mod_update.zip(196.73 KB)

Attached file63_sound_mod_update.zip(196.72 KB)

Attached file63S_sound_mod_update.zip(196.72 KB)

Attached filebackup_sound_mod_update.zip(196.61 KB)

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Rep: (1773)
: happy:
There was nothing to do ...
Sliced ​​from Presentation SIII. It may be useful to someone. Can be used as ringtone, sms, on on / off ...
Attached fileringtone_SIII.rar(10.14 MB)

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Rep: (591)
Icon Mod v1 from the kitchen firmware ZeroOneS3 - replaces the icons of system applications (see screenshots under the spoiler)
Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image

Installation : flash zip via CWm

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