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Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Discussion

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DiscussionSamsung Galaxy S III (Samsung GT-I9300)
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Galaxy S3 comparison with other smartphones
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Samsung Octopus Programmer
Why is there no update?
How to check the Galaxy S3 before buying using the test menu
User's Manual / Updated instruction
Service Manual
How to determine the country of manufacture and the date of production / How to check the Galaxy S3 for "originality"
Easy way to find out all the information about your device.
What is Android in plain language
What is Root?
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Root User Beginner Questions
Android + PC = Internet
Task Killers on Android
Tips to improve the power saving of Android devices
Configuring access to files on the local network
Set "Must Have"
Russian S-Voice:Method 1
Why can not connect the internal memory of the phone as a USB flash drive
How to check the Galaxy S3 for originality? / Photo fakes/Photo fakes 2
What can be removed from stock applications Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 in firmware from XXBLH1 (4.0.4) to XXUGOE1 (4.3) with the SER region
Solving the problem of the periodic lack of updating the stock weather widget
Do-it-yourself USB Host:Method 1 Method 2
How to replace native fonts on android
Replacing the internal flash memory of the phone on the microSD
What if the memory card is not visible from the computer, but does the CWM see it?
Solving the problem with the clipboard
How to make the camera silent
Camera firmware
Disable wake-up on the Home button
How to remove a translucent Factory Mode window with information about PDA, Phone, CSC, H / W, RF Cal Date, SMD, CAMERA, TSP, etc.
What can be connected to the Samsung GT-I9300 (video) / A photo
Solving the problem with Google Play (Failed to load the application. Not enough space in the device memory)
Accelerating GPS on Android / Continuation
About white balance
Program for connecting an external ExtSD Card as a USB drive
File for fast GPS operation
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Sounds from the Samsung Galaxy3 presentation
Sounds with SGS3
MultiWindow Control - multi-window configurator / MultiWindow Control Xposed
Download MMS with mobile data transmission off
Reset your pattern, PIN, or screen lock password
Program for removing graphic lock GT-I9300 / Method number 2
Another way to save some space on the internal memory
Problem with Contacts, Phone and Messaging applications, or long opening of these applications
Switching language swipe space
Fonts for OS Android v.4.3
What if the week starts with sunday?
Restrict traffic without Root rights
How to enter the "Safe Mode" download
Solving the problem with time zones after 10.26.2014 and the transition to a permanent winter time Method number 2
Solving the problem with the Internet on 4.3 for Beeline owners
Solving problems with Screen Mirroring on firmware 4.3
Replacing the i9300 board with a board from i9305
Connect to PC, Driver, Samsung Kies
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Ask all questions about the KIES / SmartSwitch program and exit 4.4 and updates for other regions to Samsung.

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Why there is no update - there can be many reasons.
1. phone rutovan
2. In the phone firmware, which Samsung does not officially exist (modem from one, pda from another, for example)
3. server is overloaded
4. no update for this region
5. setting allows only on the waffle to be updated ...

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Galaxy SIII SIM UNLOCK from supercurio.

Direct link to apk:http://www.overclockers.ru/hardnews/48715/...versii_IDC.html

His website:http://project-voodoo.org/android-apps

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The ALL front panel is changing, no need to argue, this is after the replacement of the display

Yes you are right. On Saturday, took the screen. This is really the floor of the phone. Unfortunately at the weekend service men do not work. Pirshlos change itself. Who decides to change himself - be careful with the loops and do not forget to remove the film from the processor's thermal interface.
We look:

getting started
Attached Image

looks like a purchased screen
Attached Image

I will not have a cool samsung sticker with a serial
Attached Image

disassemble the carcass
Attached Image

check the purchased screen
Attached Image

throw items one by one
Attached Image

voila - everything seems to be plowing ...
Attached Image


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Hello ! Yesterday I ran into the Galaxy S3, I myself use the Galaxy Note. My friend's phone with the following problem:
1. The phone was bought new, but with people "with hands"
2. After upgrading via WiFi to 4.0.4. on the phone Galaxy S3 - Sim Lock under the operator Vodafone
3. I tried all the methods of unbinding from Sim Lock indicated in the header - do not work
I had to sit on the Internet and read ... Oddly enough, reading led me to the XDA, where I found information that with the latest updates, the phones are blocked by operators and the old unlock methods do not plow ... I had to search and come across a very simple and easy way ...
You need to download the Sim Fix archive, flash it through CWM, reboot the body, and then just install VoodooGalaxySIIISimUnlock.apk (Galaxy SIII SIM UNLOCK method from supercurio) and just click on Unlock. I want to say again that just this method - Galaxy SIII SIM UNLOCK from supercurio - does not work, first flash the SIMFix archive. I hope someone helped, unfortunately links to the method in the XDA poher: (
Also, for information on XDA, I read that people tried to unlock the phones by links, where they send the code for denyuzhku - does not work, since the last update on the new "Roma" is all not working, at least for the time being. If anyone has any questions, I will help than I can ...

For a more convenient search for people, if someone has the opportunity to protest well and pick up the hat ...
Attached fileSIM_Fix_v.0.1.zip(504.62 KB)

Attached fileVoodooGalaxySIIISimUnlock.apk(30.12 KB)


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By the way, I came across a great program here that on Mac OS defines a great flash drive, here it isSamsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Firmware (Post # 13857827)
Link to the source.

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Here I tried to make a host
I picked it up from the old samsung
Attached Image

cleaned off the glue
Attached Image

broke yusb udlitenitel, cleared contacts
Attached Image

Attached Image

and in the end something happened
Attached Image

surprisingly earned, the keyboard mouse flash drives-everything works, if anyone is interested, write, I will help as much as I can))

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In order to finish the constant statements on the forum that allegedly their S-III is connected to a computer and is seen as a removable medium, and not at all through the MTP protocol, I explainvisually differences in pictures:

How to determine that the S-III is connected to a computer via MTP, and not as removable media?
I. MTP (Media Transfer Protocol):
a) When you connect your phone via USB to a computer, a window appears in which you are invited to open the DEVICE, and not a folder like on removable media:
Attached Image
Please note that the icon at the top of the window is not a removable disk icon, as happens when connecting, for example, a flash drive.

b) Opening the device, you will be surprised to find that the disks that appear appear to be missing letters that windows assigns when connecting external media via USB. There are only "Card" tags (for an external SD card) and "Phone" (for the internal flash memory of the phone):
Attached Image

c) If you try to copy a video file to one of these disks (even if it’s in the “native” phone format .mp4), instead of the expected copy (in the case of a regular USB flash drive) you will see a window where you will be offered to convert the file before copying for Windows 7):
Attached Image
Similarly, if you click on a video file that is already on the phone, instead of the expected playback, this file will first bewholly copied to the computer, and then just start playing.

d) If you open the "Computer" (from the main menu to the right or double-click on the computer icon on the desktop), it turns out that after connecting the phone no additional removable media appeared! The contents of the S-III can only be viewed in the subtitle "Portable devices":
Attached Image

Ii. Removable media (regular flash drive):
a) When connected to a computer via USB, it is suggested to open the FOLDER, not the device:
Attached Image
Note that the icon at the top of the window corresponds to removable media, and windows assigned it (except for the "8GB" label) drive letter (F :).

b) If you open the "Computer", then immediately without clicking anywhere, we will see a new disk (F :) in the removable media section:
Attached Image

c) Well, of course, when copying any media and other files without any conversion questions, etc.,right away The copy process begins. Similarly, any files opened on (F :) open immediately without prior copying to a computer.

Question from FAQ

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Possible causes of problems connecting the Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) to a PC under Windows and solving them.

Symptoms (one or all at once):
- the device is charged from a USB cable connected to the PC, but the PC does not “see” it in the Explorer (if not charged, then the problem is already in the hardware: cable, PC or device);
- The PC sees the device in “read” mode, i.e. files from the device can be copied, but not to the device.

1. Used not supplied USB-cable. Solution: use the "native" cord, in extreme cases - another, preferably from proprietary technology.
2. The cord is connected to a USB connector located not on the motherboard (connectors on the back of the PC case), but to a loop on the front side. Solution: connect the power cord to the connector located on the back of the PC case.
3. The cord is connected to the USB connector on the back of the case, served by an “additional” USB controller on the motherboard or expansion card. Solution: connect the cable to the USB connector, located as close as possible to the connectors for the keyboard and the mouse (if the case is of the tower type, then these are USB connectors located above the rest).
4. The installation of Windows on a PC was made from a “self-made” (not to be confused with a “pirated”) distribution, which was corrupted by “craftsmen”. Solution: universal - only one, reinstall Windows from the original (not to be confused with the licensed) distribution.
5. The necessary updates for Windows are not installed. Solution: install the latest service pack for your OS version and other updates via Windows Update; first of all - updates related to USB and portable media players.
6. The OS was optimized by disabling “extra” services. Solution: make sure that the Windows Driver Foundation service — the User-mode Driver Framework (WudfSvc) — works, and its launch mode is Automatic (that is, the boot when the PC is turned on). Often advised to reinstall Windows Media Player - it gives exactly the same effect if it gives.
7. The device drivers are installed with an error, or it crashes. Solution: disconnect the device from the PC, then (options):
a) (simple) reinstall the driver through the elimination of connection errors in Kies;
b) (complicated, for running cases) delete all references to the device from the Device Manager, remove the drivers via Install and uninstall programs, reinstall them again separately or together with Kies (ideally, accompany each stage by restarting the PC).

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In short, I decided to fundamentally get rid of "g" in contacts by removing all contacts. Fortunately, in BB in Microsoft Outlook they are all stored with me.
Removed. For everyone just deleted Google account.
So now the new one (I don’t know the old one, since I took it down) Kies does not update the contacts. )))
I'm real{censorship} .
Now I have zero contacts.
ViolationRulesp.4.9 - 3 days RO

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My photo report on the creation of USB Host do-it-yourself, for those who are not very keen on soldering schemes (in our village they did not find an adapter).

1. Disassembled usb from the old computer. got 4 wires
Attached Image

2. Disassembled the original mini usb (turned up = 3 contacts and bottom = 2 contacts)
Attached Image
Attached Image

3. We do not pay attention to the former original soldering of wires, we do the following:
1-Black earth
2-Green data +
3-Red + 5V
Attached Image

1- White data -
2 - left blank
Attached Image

4. Make a jumper and connect 2 contacts black top and bottom empty
Attached Image

Connect, check and rejoice =)


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Rep: (6)
I chatted with the samung at the expense of my Samsung galaxy s3 and the brewing roller from the cap -16. What can be connected to the Samsung GT-I9300
Shatter the myths and put the points.
Here is what they say:

HDMI adapter requires power, it is very insisted on the original power supply from Samsung.
HDMI adapter will not output data, because micro-usb port is for power only.
Connect to the body of the device via an additional USB-Hub can not. You can use only the original Usb-micro adapter - USB-mom for connecting flash drives (Well, here they have completely fallen into account).

You can try to connect the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and to the TV hook via HDMI. Unfortunately, I have not yet found such clav and mice. But I would like of course also a joystick.

In order to make a USB-Host I advise you to readUSB Host for Samsung Galaxy S II and Note

I use a self-made wire

Attached Image

All 4 wires of the three cables are connected by analogy power + data + data- power-. I did not remove the power wires from the Micro-usb going to the phone, and did not put the diodes on the reverse power because The phone works like this, and it charges and transfers data at the same time. Mini-Usb I use to connect to the hub. I use the hub and with the included add. power and off. The phone sees different flash drives. I did not find those that he did not identify. Inserted flash cards up to 64 GB, everything works.

To connect to the TV used:

Original HDMI cable link -Samsung HDMI Adapter EPL-3FHUBEGSTD for Galaxy S III

USB Hub I use:
belkin usb 2.0 4-port mobile powered hub
Attached Image

Attached Image

Also, the phone calmly identified the mouse and joystick with the keyboard:

Radio Claudia + mouse with USB receiver (small receiver quietly sticks out of USB) (A4tech mouse: g7-630. Key: A4tech: Model GLS-6) In the photo you can see the receiver inserted into the mouse under the battery slot.
Attached Image

Attached Image

Joystick link -Saitek P2600 Rumble Pad. All buttons and analog twisters recognize.
Attached Image

Video over HDMI adapter on the TV transmits any quality perfectly without brakes. The most that surprised the video of poor quality, he transmitted poorly with the brakes, and the video of good quality transmitted perfectly. Put yourself three programs on the phone to watch different movies. There are other programs, but I liked these.Random film. Tvzavr ivi.ru.. And you have a home theater.

Firmware I9300XXALEF_I9300XXLEF_I9300OXEALE4 - 4 files. Updated through Samsung service to 4.0.4 I9300XXBLH1. And then I put root.

Flash drives are not monitored. I useUsb host controller.
In this program go in the Settings tab, click on the Mount Points and at the end of a string attribute the / mnt / sdcard / flesh. Click ok.Teper in the contribution USB, you can press - a model of your stick Mount + word and choose the line that we added above the proposed list (/ mnt / sdcard / flesh). All the USB flash drive will have you at / mnt / sdcard / flesh. Who do not understand the rights androjda better not to change the path. If you want to connect multiple flash drives that need to add / mnt / sdcard / flesh2 / mnt / sdcard / flesh3 / mnt / sdcard / flesh4 respectively.
I connected up to 3 flash drives. The phone is all determined. If in the Usb Host Controller program in the USB tab The word “Mount” does not appear, try clicking Reset Hard Disk / reload partition table in the same place until you mount it.

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On the occasion of the release of Russian firmware 4.1.1 - help yourself;)

List of stock applications Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 for firmware 4.0.4 and 4.1.1 with notes, who is responsible for what, and who can be removed without serious consequences, and who is not worth it.
Attached fileStock applications Samsung Galaxy S III GT 9300 edition from 11/03/2012.rtf(1.15 MB)


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Rep: (2)
stick1234 @ 11/08/2012, 10:25 PM*
You can give a reference to the Casper with a key, please, if not difficult.

I do not remember the link here threw here

everything is fine updated looking good

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3.5. It is forbidden to post in the topics of the program section for which there are discussion topics in other sections of the forum - instead publish links to the relevant topics.
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Recorded another couple of manuals.
Alphabet Android # 6 What is Root
Alphabet Android # 7 Remove system applications

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Rep: (1829)
Are you afraid of losing the warranty by putting Ruth or flashing custom firmware? Not worth it. :) Triangle Away. How to reset the counter custom firmware.

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Rep: (27)
MIL2, There is no such thing and I did not bet. But {censorship} and made h.r. ))) everything went ...
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3 days RO!

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Hell, a little more than a month has passed, the phone is in a case, and the paint has worn off from the silver border around the bottom microphone = \ offensively{Censorship}...
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Good evening! I noticed when an incoming call, when I pick up the phone, the interlocutor's voice disappears for 1-2 seconds, and then everything is fine. have not heard of such a problem?

Creating duplicate messages and topics is prohibited.
Violation of forum rules after warning moderator.
RO 3 days

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I recorded a video on how to test Samsung smartphones before buying using the test menu.

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Hello guys, I came here not with problems, like most, but with the solution of these; 3

About two weeks ago I discovered that there are problems with the clipboard, namely, it does not save information to the buffer (does not write "copied to the buffer"), and therefore does not ship from it (a long tap on the gear on the keyboard - the paper tablet image is not active), yes And in general, the copy-paste function does not work (tap-paste-empty) - in general, who has problems with this, he knows how it looks.

At forums (both on ours, and on foreign) it is advisedput the root and clean data / clipboard rootexplorer manually,but there was another way, without root, and therefore without loss of warranty, as well as hassle with the service.

So, download Kies from the Samsung website (for examplehttp://www.samsung.com/ua/support/usefulsoftware/KIES/JSP )
Next, we launch, go to the firmware update tools and the initialization read the “alert to Windows”, confirm and read one more alert from the Windows
Attached Image
, we agree - we wait for the end of the firmware update - we check.
Pay attention - update even if you are informed that you already have the newest firmware version.

This procedure helped me, the functioning of the clipboard was restored.
check, I hope this information will help at least one more suffering;)
good luck

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