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Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - ICS Firmware (OS 4.x.x)
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This topic discusses the official firmware Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS 4.x.x).

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Drivers and Utilities

Official firmware


The kernels, modems



Unlock - ie, if you have on the screen "network unlock code" or "network key lock"

All of the "bricks"
Attention!!! Read necessarily all !!! As for the "okirpichivaniya". and here
Do not use the CWM (Recovery) 4.0.3 on the off for Germany or custom bikes until they come out of the normal kernel, or will not be any solution!
More useful observation about the "bricks".

Instructions on the phone raskirpichivaniyu Sectarian
Raskirpichivanie devaysa, more complete version!

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FAQ on the basic firmware on Note

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VASILY.BUMER @ 24.05.2012, 20:08*
And how to create one deodex from India or any living creature already create one?

almost sink only deodex + tweaks

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Q-Tuzof @ 24.05.2012, 22:07*
Here glyukanul razok.Telo indium was on lock, someone called, respectively, including the screen and the picture began to fly across the screen and how to ruffle. I blocked and unblocked again - everything is fine and answered the call. Just I hope the software messed up = \ Someone watched a similar picture?

Today I was on the Indian firmware nech something like that, when you open the application gismeteo usually black background with weather data. 2 times today, when you run it, instead of the black background was yellow-black "vest" In the rest of the complaints about the Hindu not work better than the Germans.

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[/ quote]
Q-Tuzof @ 24.05.2012, 22:07*
But once glyukanul and indium.
The body was in the lock, someone called, respectively, including the screen and the picture began to fly across the screen and how to ruffle. I blocked and unblocked again - everything is fine and answered the call. Just hope the software messed up = \
Has anyone seen a similar picture?

It was also on German three times
And no one was full zavisona?
Slipped a full zavison on German (Ruta has never happened before), I thought that the approaching brick, from harm's way, through one freewheeling India (after through the settings reset + Cleaning SD) half an hour again seized full zavison, holding the power button for 10 seconds phone is turned off, then It involved while working. Can all still true that the bricks can come over time.
And something strange happens through the application wanted to move the dolphin on sd wrote that there is no place.

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Well, in general I made with butloderami deodeks India, with the date - FULL WIPE.
The first boot up to 20 minutes ...
I do not know how things are with Ruth,Ruth again turned out not complete - albeit pobudet firmware here, to find a solution
* Put SuperSU, su v., busybox v.1.2.0,
* Make symlinks busybox,
* Removed all of cache.img, made empty hidden.img
* Inserted CIS csc

Well, in general for lovers of ICS - as they say on their own ...
If you put Mobile Odin, the tick without ROOT!
After the firmware, I recommend to replace the stock kernel once, the last speedmod, it will return the full rut and will protect against damage emmc


Thank you for your cooperation Pro100gamer

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In India itself is worth day and glitches was not odnogo.Chem sewed? Mobile One, I think so?

Posted 25-05-2012, 2:50:

nebrnar, root to put Indii.Kak think you know and it was written in the message above

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Attached MB)

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denikch @ 24.05.2012, 22:36*
India has set, but there were problems with the keyboard. The keyboard works, but does not display the letter (writing no). Recruit * # 1234 # and see if CSC Unknown. Can anyone file CSC have to alter normal.

You need a file from sec_csc part of CSC, ie from cache.img file! I put ... put the file on the memory card and use of rekoveri update! rekoveri possible staffing, as the original file samsungovsky :) actually the way it is put CSC from rekoveri, but there are glitches ... If after flashing the device does not restart itself and went into rekoveri, part of CSC is not installed, and the first sign of the lack of languages ​​in the keyboard ... because if the unit itself does not restart, you should enter it in rekoveri mode, not just reboot ... :)
Good luck!

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Climbed from the German on the Indian firmware mobil Odin, pre-freezing Google Maps in Titanium.
CSC slipped on LPY. Jackdaws put all but wipe.
After flashing frees guglokarty. Ruth is, complete. null appears. Normal flight :)

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Chuika @ 25.05.2012, 11:39*
there was a lot of problems in the work:

Chuika @ 25.05.2012, 11:39*
Galaxy Note - German.

Has repeatedly stated that the firmware cheese and dangerous.
Rolling back to 2.3.6Firmware Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note 2.x.x (Post # 13229883)
or sew it on a stable India

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Today, finally got his hands to restore my polubrichki. And Ur she started, the instruction works proavda my way to the ADB was slightly different: C: \ Android \ android-sdk \ platform-tools

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Chuika, during the transition to a new version of the axis is desired relief. Make it possible to setup menu (Backup and Reset).

Rep: (69)
edikator @ 25.05.2012, 12:27*

This is the core of alba19986 nothing I can not help.
Ask in this threadFirmware for Samsung Galaxy Note
Or forget it, and I ask Proven India
Or, DEODEX IndianFirmware Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note ICS 4.x.x (Post # 13377505)

IMHO, delete posts on your own. And the moderator will delete itself and will punish

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magic123 @ 25.5.2012, 12:52*
That's cool, congratulations !!! And yet I have not included in the adb shell. Tonight I will try to understand.
And you did everything according to instructions or something "shaman had?

Here you have adb in order not to suffer to look for.
Remove, connect, go to the CWM, run runme:
Attached KB)
Attached KB)

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Rep: (371)
magic123 @ 25.05.2012, 11:52*
And you did everything according to instructions or something "shaman had?

All of the instructions, the current path of the other.

Rep: (17)
Dear people!
the same problems I have I adb shell
When this command issue-adb not an internal or external command executed by the command or executable THAT
changes require the file is at the root of the C drive prescribe cd C: \ android-sdk-windows \ tools-Enter
appears-cd C: \ android-sdk-windows \ tools
but when entering adb outputs the above problem
I do not have a brick or something I do not know but both the menu and one ship for CWM
but kanesh no Che does not sew or bug, etc.
please help than able!
files from the HC-As i9000 on broken
and not at all, I knew how to use it
Thank you

Rep: (95)
Here isrightSDK where adb isthe path specified in the instructions . Anyone who priattachen there is invalid, my school :(

upd: corrected enclosure in the instructions to the core refilled AbyssNote 3.9

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Comrades, do not find the modem DDLP4 to install through recovery. Sobral, who should himselfTyts

Rep: (10)
skripnik_n @ 25.05.2012, 11:55*
Try to do is to start a full wipe

Since India is possible through native rekaveri fulvayp do? If not, how to retrace with crooked India has stood again to India? Through - Rollback on 2.3.6 Firmware Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note 2.x.x (Post # 13229883)?

Rep: (22)
nebrnar @ 25.05.2012, 17:13*
Since India is possible through native rekaveri fulvayp do? If not, how to retrace with crooked India has stood again to India? Through - Rollback on 2.3.6 Firmware Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note 2.x.x (Post # 13229883)?

Service code * 2767 * 3855 # (+ format internat sd-card)

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[KERNEL] [GPL] [25 MAY - r2] franco.Kernel 3.0.15 (Release Date 25.05.2012)

Rep: (24)
Guys, on the instructions of the sectarians respects I have just revived its polukirpichny phone! the method works. All who have the bricks do not rush them to repair to bear, a couple of hours at the computer (just not everything at once) and you have a working phone !!!
If that - I'm all ready to try to help, please contact!

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