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Hausizmy | [Widg] Dr. House Quotes Now on your smartphone

Rep: (213)
version: 1.1

Last update of the program in the header:29.05.2012

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Short description:
Widget "hausizmami" in Russian.

All fans of the series "House" is dedicated. Widget with hausizmami in Russian. The app is completely free and without advertising.
Widgets available in 3 sizes.
All errors in the widget and wishes will be heard.

Developer: Odrin and partak2145

Play Market Web: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...com.odrin.house

Russian interface: Yes

Download: version: 1.1
Attached fileHouseMD_v1.1.apk(425.88 KB)

Past versions
Attached fileHouseMD.apk(424.29 KB)

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Rep: (31)
We will be glad to suggestions and comments

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Rep: (141)
On the big 4x2 widget text displayed incompletely.

Rep: (213)
If it is not difficult to specify which citation (first sentence of it, for example)

Rep: (179)
ezhikizv @ 12.05.2012, 07:16*
On the big 4x2 widget text displayed incompletely.

I changed the size of the widget ... made his 4x3 until all climb ...

Rep: (31)
thanks for the comment, but unfortunately there is no widget in Annex 4 to 3. There are only 4 to 1 (it shows only small hausizmy) and 4 by 2 (it displays are large enough for hausizmy text).
All widgets in zavimimosti the amount of text will automatically change their size

ComradeOdrin If it is better to explain: yes2:

ezhikizv You can even screenshot

PS I wonder who and what zaminusovali my first comment in the topic? answer me)))

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Rep: (141)
Here isAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image
I think one way: when reading the name of the program as well and change places?

Rep: (31)
thank you for the screenshots, so we knew what was going on, try to correct it.

"I think one way: when reading the name of the program as well and change places?" sorry, I did not understand?

Rep: (0)
Fun. I remember all the best of the series

Rep: (141)
sorry, I did not understand?

How not to take a look at the name, for some reason, I read like Huasizmy.

Rep: (31)
xKSAx Especially when over the last 8 season that still nostalgia will be))
ezhikizv No, I personally have no such problem: lol:

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Rep: (56)
Good app, good luck to the author in the development.
It would be nice to decorate the widget somehow :)

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Rep: (11)
hausizmy trudge from the Internet?

Rep: (213)
No, all of the body.

Rep: (0)
Labuda ...

Rep: (8)
It is worth to think about online updates, or updates to a program, for when the end will want to phrase again and again)

Rep: (179)
partak2145 @ 12.05.2012, 13:47*
Unfortunately there is no widget in Annex 4 to 3

launcher pro plus manual widget redaktiruesh ... helped me)) is such garbage that some widgets in this mode, simply take up more space but do not increase in the useful sense ... uh, this has increased and all hausizmy read normal))

Post has been editedraksya - 15.05.12, 10:55

Rep: (41)
240x320 screen looks very small text

Rep: (13)
After some time, the widget freezes and you can not change the quotation automatically and manually.

Post has been editedandrej18 - 18.05.12, 11:16

Rep: (31)
soon fill with new version

Rep: (213)
Hausizmy 1.1

- Fixed not to get quotes
- Added widget size 4x3
- Added function to download new quotations from the Internet

Now the app is available in the Play Market!

QR (Play Market Web):
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