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Windows vista - The operating system of the Microsoft Windows NT family. It was released on January 30, 2007. At the development stage, it was codenamed “Longhorn”. Built on the basis of the NT hybrid kernel version 6.0.
Support for Windows Vista by Microsoft was discontinued on April 11, 2017.

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bschepan , specially for you


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Sithmaul Can you lay out screenshots with the Russian interface?

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Football ,
Russian has not yet set.
just do not deflate.
Well, at home, traffic is not a special tire :)
in general, you can try to download from RC2 mui. in the internet he is. they say fit

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Sithmaul Respect, respected! : good:

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Well, immediately a pill, so it was more pleasant to live

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SithMaul @ 11/15/06 9:28:29 PM
Well, immediately a pill, so it was more pleasant to live

You would have warned that the tablet bluntly say dick ....
This is a replacement file from RC2 and there is no real solution yet ...
Well, what would not be misleading ...

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It is interesting, and when this miracle in the subway begins to be sold for 60-70 p. per pc (okay, 120 for a dividend can also be given)? : D Or is it already on sale?

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Death ,
Well, as long as there
the most important thing that works. Yes, and it works at its own level. as expected in general.
the rest just doesn’t care :)

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Heh ... then the truth was told to me that now there are no official mui and activator ... otherwise I already rolled my lip<_<
I wouldn’t be so hasty to download mui from small soft ones ... in the other way the serial will be banned: ph34r:
we’ll wait a couple of months, you see the official-Russians will appear ...

Z.Y. By the way, they told me that the mui at the office is very badly made: angry:

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Here is what * NIX - XGL offers us: it 0

Here's what Apple offers us: costs a lot, but it works very quickly - I personally saw how the photojub and OS X flew at 400 MHz G4 + 256 ddr133.

So why the hell should we pay $ 600 for IT?

Microsoft, This doesn’t happen once! Too expensive, too slow, too corny. And yet ... it is not relevant, with its requirements, it may be reasonable to switch to this in two years, not earlier

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but no one wants me to whist 6000 and send an office by mail to DVD? :) otherwise the drain from neta will get me 3k rubles :(

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ik_67 ,
Well, mui under the office, I did not see bluntly ...
saan00 ,
Where to send it? To the village to grandfather?

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Death @ 11/15/06 10:24:51 PM
You would have warned that the tablet bluntly say dick ....
This is a replacement file from RC2 and there is no real solution yet ...

Not executable files, but hmlk with keys. The normal solution, any XPh activator is clumsy.

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Triel ,

And what kind of memory is this ????? There is ddr266, 333, 400 and further. There is pc133 somewhere you have a jamb ... As for the slowdown - I xs!
I mnu everything is ok.

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Primorsky Territory, Spassk-D :)
who is weak? PM details

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saan00 ,
Yes, I'm not weak.
In current I can explain in PM the details of what and how to do.
It’s not a bad thing to send a letter

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Delivered Office 2007, nice, ride ...
Whist can be put under the virtual machine, and let it get a year old, wait for the service packs there are different, it makes sense to switch to it because of the prettiness 0 ...

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saan00 buy a license :)

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Triel , dude?! did you sell your religion?

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SithMaul @ 11/15/06 9:10:55 PM
bschepan, especially for you

You are in the matrix: D

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