Selection and features of operation of SD, microSD and SDHC memory cards | [help] help with the selection
The most reliable memory cards are:
The list contains 20 brands, in alphabetical order. You can vote for one or more points.
ADATA [ 20 ] ** [3,19%]
Addlink [ 1 ] ** [0,16%]
Apacer [ 7 ] ** [1,12%]
Goodram [ 5 ] ** [0,8%]
Goldkey [ 1 ] ** [0,16%]
Intenso [ 1 ] ** [0,16%]
Kingston [ 132 ] ** [21,05%]
Lexar [ 17 ] ** [2,71%]
Leef [ 4 ] ** [0,64%]
Oltramax [ 3 ] ** [0,48%]
Panasonic [ 5 ] ** [0,8%]
Samsung [ 203 ] ** [32,38%]
SanDisk [ 192 ] ** [30,62%]
Silicon power [ 26 ] ** [4,15%]
Smartbuy [ 13 ] ** [2,07%]
Sony [ 25 ] ** [3,99%]
Team [ 3 ] ** [0,48%]
Toshiba [ 21 ] ** [3,35%]
Transcend [ 134 ] ** [21,37%]
Verbatim [ 11 ] ** [1,75%]
How much do you think is optimal?
Up to 32 GB [ 139 ] ** [22,17%]
From 32 GB [ 386 ] ** [61,56%]
Total votes: 627

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Selection and features of operation of memory cards (SD, microSD, SDHC, SDXC, etc.)
Memory Cards - Problem Solving | Discussion flash drives

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The memory card or flash card - a compact electronic storage device used to store digital information. Modern memory cards are made based on flash memory, although in principle can be used and other technologies. Memory cards are widely used in electronic devices, including digital cameras, cell phones, laptop computers, portable digital audio players and video game consoles. Memory cards are compact, rewritable, and, in addition, they can store data without power consumption (energy independence) ...

  • Never buy a card without a formal guarantee. As a rule, in online stores they are a bit cheaper but without a guarantee, remember - the miser pays twice, overpay a little and buy with a guarantee (the cards are not durable at all)!
  • Counterfeit cards are common when the declared volume does not coincide with the real one (for example, only 8 GB can be recorded on the card, although 64 GB is stated). Be careful when buying cards in suspicious places (for example, stalls, radio markets, online stores) for a suspiciously low price.
    It is possible to format a fake card to its real size:
    1. Check the h2testw utility to find out its actual size.: when reading is started after recording, the actual size of the card will be the number of megabytes / gigabyte read without errors; everything else that is marked as lost is a mythical size.
    2. Through Acronis Disk Director (or gparted in Linux), delete all partitions on the map and create a primary real size partition that you learned in the first step. There should be no empty space before partitioning! Still usingMyDiskFixYou can restore the size.
    3. Check the h2testw utility card again: if there are no errors, everything is fine. If so, go back to step 2 and reduce the size of the partition.
  • The more information "passes" through the card - the faster it will become unusable. Those. This refers to the use of the card in the DVR, regular download of torrents, use instead of or along with the system memory of Android, etc., etc. In short, the resource for writing is limited, keep in mind.

Useful information

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Would love to learn about memory cards. How to choose what is different.
Maybe what subtleties are when using.

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I have 1Gb KingMax SD Platinum (cost 3400rub) - I am very satisfied

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I noticed that they write 45X, 60X.
I understand this "rate of fire"?

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Tack, continue.
There recently downloaded the program, for the future, so there is formatting FAT12, FAT 16, FAT 32.
Is this significant or what?

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The package uses FAT32 - if my memory serves me

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um ... and I recently read (on one of the forums until I moved here), that if I formatted on FAT 16, then it would work faster.
And yet, why in the prog FAT 12?

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This is visible for old fotikov

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I have SD from PQI. 512 Mb. Quite satisfied.

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I have an Adata MMC for 1gig, and it's good that it came up, although in some forum I read that the bad one is happy. ;)

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if not difficult, please write quickly work or not.

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Here is my card .. the speed is awesome .. movies, music .. everything goes fast. And through the card reader is very quickly downloaded. Ceramic body.

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I have KINGSTON 256 mb ... write speed is small .....

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And "awesome" and "very fast" is how much?

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It seems about KINGSTON data is confirmed.
Do not praise their people.

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And another thing: if you buy a PDA - don’t press money - buy a card on a GIG - anyway, then you will need to buy more (Not enough memory) and run with them in your pockets / case

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No one tried to format under FAT16 or FAT 32 and compare the "rate of fire"?

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I have 2 SD and CF cards on my computer. I adhere to a simple rule - a free or non-strategic port for a card, which is on a different technique. I have an SD camera - therefore on a PDA, a working CF of 512 meg.

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Rome ,
IMHO now you can take anything if only there was no conflict with your model!
I personally brand for pleasure without pleasure!
If you did not work with the cards, then you will be up to 45x, 60x or standard!
The main thing is to buy a card reader, and ActivSync is very voracious on nerves! ;)

See the signature!

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I have a Kingston for 512 MB.

A card reader is really needed, because rewriting large files through activesync takes a very long time.

At the expense of formatting, I heard that 32 is better not to format, as the speed dropped.

16 just right ...

I will try to find this article

here ... found

here is the link

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but I bought into a brand ... I thought Kingston was one of the best memory makers on PCs, but as I understand it, they are not the best with flash memory ...

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