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IPhone battery life
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You need to understand the following:
  • The battery is a consumable component and its wear depends solely on the user.
  • The battery consumption is also affected by non-original components, sudden changes in temperature, try not to force your device while charging.
  • The greater the degree of deterioration of the battery, the less its capacity and, accordingly, the charge of such a battery will not last long.
  • If, after updating the software, you are faced with a battery pack, do a full reset of settings and content, sometimes it is useful to reflash your device using iTunes.
  • If you use jailbreak, tweaks can adversely affect battery consumption.
How to check iPhone / iPad battery for charge / discharge cycles and remaining capacity on Mac and Windows -Video instruction from Filislav

How to determine the degree of wear of the battery Iphone (text version)fromOliversayko

Another alternative way to find out the remaining battery capacity isWayfromallexxz

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Fedorov-D @ 11.11.20, 16:52*
What, what??? iPhone 7 with a battery 85% for two days enough ???

So I think about the same. Only changed its 7 with AKB 82%. On the day I did not even have enough. Despite the fact that the phone almost did not use

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* Hago73,
Hold on

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Confirm or disprove, I understand that 12ki all in some games for 3 hours the battery is planted? Compared with 11pro from which it seems everywhere for 6 hours?

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It was surprised me too.
When I switched from 7 to XP. So there for XP, too, was Zhor at night to 10%. But at 7 per night 2-5%. Simka was the same. Therefore, xs even something to sin.

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And how does a powerful charging affect the life of the battery? If for example, charge the 20 W battery adapter is more quickly extended than if you charge less powerful?

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Good evening !!! I believe that the problem with the battery is not so often found with IPNone 12 Pro в™‚))) I have a charge of charges (for the night about 30%) with all the shutdown services ((during the day, the battery lives 7-9 hours of active use !!! firmware, flashing, hard rents did not help ((diagnostics showed the complete performance of the device, who came across?

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Deptors @ 15.11.20, 22:58*
I believe that the problem with the battery is not so often found with IPNone 12 Pro

I have to fly quickly at Promax. Now 20 minutes on Wifai sat in VC and 7% flew

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Oalf @ 11.11.20, 23:20*
I have to fly quickly at Promax. Now 20 minutes on Wifai sat in VC and 7% flew
This is the problem of iOS 14.2, I was absolutely also updated in the morning at 14.3 Public Beta.
All day I am actively sitting in the phone and now 26% remains

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Deptors @ 15.11.20, 20:58*
I believe that the problem with the battery is not so often encountered with IPNone 12 Pro))) I have a charge of charges in standby (for the night about 30%) with all all shutsted services

12 about Max, per night passed 3%. On the usual 11th takes 3-5%.

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Holders, well, I can not get rid of the thought that 12 is quickly discharged!
In the banal leaf of the Tape Vkontakte and Instagram, the battery is directly melting, 6% in 15 minutes approximately. Today I made 3-4 pictures of ordinary and -2%. What is it? And in general, it does not leave this feeling. Switched from the usual 11.
On the first day, sinned on the time of the large number of data from ICloud, well, right now what ...
IOS 14.2, Hard Carnets did, garbage in the type of analytics turned key: RTFM:

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Markbuy11 @ 15.11.20, 23:31*
This is a problem on iOS 14.2

I hope. Because straight tin.
Yes, and my x on it began to discharge hard. And Mine 6S generally lives a couple of hours, although not so long ago, the battery in the ACS was changed

ZY So far I sit on the forum - the little finger is already falling off from grab 12, when I hold down from below. Hike due to weight, not faces. Straight more than

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Tell me, please, what could be? iPhone 5S is very quickly discharged. Without SIM and WIFE, it simply lies on in standby mode, discharges a fully charged battery to zero in a couple of hours and is heated. The battery has already set a new second, I thought the first defective, but did not help. If you charge completely and turn off, for example, on the night and in the morning, turn on, shows 100%, that is, the fee does not cry, I understand, but what is so fast when it is turned on?

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* antony F , do not worry. So many and on different models of Akhphon. I think the firmware is.

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Essentialist @ 11/16/20, 6:47*
Just logic

The logic is incorrect. You will not argue that brake pads, candles, fuel filter, oil - are consumables?
On Volvo past generations To change the cabin filter, one of the options is to remove the pedal node.
Just there are technological things, but there is, where done through J.
As regards the battery, this is the trend of the entire industry. Bad or good? If you do not need IP 68 - bad if you need - inevitable evil.

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The life of the battery is mainly affected by heating. And as far as I know, the power controller will not allow more than it is supposed.

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At the iPhone SE / 2016 exactly for two years (November 2018 - November 2020) the maximum battery capacity decreased to 86%.

The smartphone did not play. Maximum it is YouTube, Instagram, Mail, Safari and Messengers.

Tell me, please, is it normal that the smartphone has lost 14% of the maximum capacity in two years?

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* dreamkz
fine. here some have left so much))

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This is how the schedule of the discharge of the Akb 12 Pro looks like 8 hours of waiting at night, the phone was discharged by more than 10%, which I don't even know with it, it makes sense in the SC to contact?
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Hello everyone. I have a problem with 12pro a little less terrible, but still. Overnight (7 hours) - 3-4% leaves, in 10 hours 5%, in 8 hours in flight mode takes 2-3%. The similar picture was on the XS Max.

Tell me, I forget to disable something on each iPhone or now for iPhones such a night discharge - the norm?

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Virtuos71 @ 11/16/20, 09:10*
what to do

wait a trace upgrade.

Posted on 11/16/2020, 09:30:

* OoBeeOne,
I think the norm. I also went to 10% at me. But I was not batted because of some numbers, but I used the device. What I recommend.

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