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IPhone battery life
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You need to understand the following:
  • The battery is a consumable component and its wear depends solely on the user.
  • The battery consumption is also affected by non-original components, sudden changes in temperature, try not to force your device while charging.
  • The greater the degree of deterioration of the battery, the less its capacity and, accordingly, the charge of such a battery will not last long.
  • If, after updating the software, you are faced with a battery pack, do a full reset of settings and content, sometimes it is useful to reflash your device using iTunes.
  • If you use jailbreak, tweaks can adversely affect battery consumption.
How to check iPhone / iPad battery for charge / discharge cycles and remaining capacity on Mac and Windows -Video instruction from Filislav

How to determine the degree of wear of the battery Iphone (text version)fromOliversayko

Another alternative way to find out the remaining battery capacity isWayfromallexxz

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ASDFERTY @ 12.11.20, 11:54*
More than 27% charge flies

Did you set up the phone as new or restored from the old? Perhaps some glitches swore. Try to make a complete reset, and install applications from scratch and not by recovery from the old phone. And update firmware up to 14.2

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Tell me, please, turn off on iPhone SE (2016) iOS 14.0.1? Something completely quickly the device was discharged. From the FAQ in the cap on the preservation of the charge, it was written. But there is an old article, for 2017. Since then, a lot has changed. And is it worth updating to iOS 14.2? Maybe what kind of optimization is there.

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Dreamkz @ 12.11.20, 19:58*
And is it worth updating to iOS 14.2

If you are already on 14.0.1, then rather yes. If you were on 13, then it would be worth thinking.

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* dreamkz Can time replace the battery?

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* qaqaqaqaqa , maybe yes. Watch more.

* russtik31 , logical. We will put then. It will not be worse, apparently.

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Dreamkz @ 12.11.20, 19:58*
What to turn off on iPhone SE (2016) iOS
To start all geolocation, except to find the iPhone and to navigate the program. In the Privacy Policy, there is tracking off.
Stupid Siri in Russian Off (Siri and Search).
On Vowifi If your operator has a bad charge, if there is at home and in the office / at the work of Wi-Fi.
Everything is purely IMHO.
And yes, if on 14, then up to 14.2

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* dreamkz
Updated to 14.2, I have much better keeping the battery than on 14.0.1

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Hello everyone! Do you enjoy optimized charging guys? Is it true that it saves batteries, because for her work it is necessary to include "important geopositions", and they are not known as the battery does not eat. Stick about two ends?

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* varpetyan And in my opinion it keeps at 14.2 even better than SE (2016) than 13.7 was definitely better.

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What do you think, with Wi-Fi, BT and Apple Watch night discharge by 1% in 2 o'clock is the norm for 12 Pro?

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Norvild @ 11.11.20, 15:44*
If 2% per hour, then not normal, with VOWIFI, BT no more than 1% on XR, 7+, SE1 in all night!

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* fforward
Norvild @ 11.11.20, 15:44*
BT watch Night discharge in 1% in 2 hours This is the norm for 12 pro.

Just in case, allocated important. ;)

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What you need to enable to make an optimized charging important geoposition or system setup?

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RWZ88 @ 11.11.20, 17:58*
What you need to enable to make an optimized charging important geoposition or system setup?

And important geopositions and system setup

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And why the geolocation optimized charging, besides, inside the apartment / house where the satellites are not visible?
And what is optimized charging and is it really possible from it? (User android)

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* Appocull 999,
I completely agree.

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Norvild @ 11.11.20, 16:31*
Why I wrote other phones. Probably then that some and the battery is smaller and they are older, but do not discharge and with Epl clock more than 1% per night. On all iOS phones 14.2

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Hello everyone. Yesterday I bought an iPhone 11 Pro, it is IOS 13.4. Is it worth updated at 14.2? Honestly, I don't even know how well it keeps on 13.4, I didn't use the phone today, because it's hard to jump from android, but I don't want to keep it in charge of charging. IOS did not have anything before, sorry if Nubsky's question

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* driverstiВ®,
Yes, who, as. But in general, more complaints with 14 versions of those who have older devices, more lags, glitches, etc.

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DriverstiВ® @ 11/14/20, 04:35*
Is it worth updated to 14.2?

I advise you to look like 13.4 for a while and look at autonomy. I think that the phone from the box with the "native" firmware should keep well.

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