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IPhone battery life
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You need to understand the following:
  • The battery is a consumable component and its wear depends solely on the user.
  • The battery consumption is also affected by non-original components, sudden changes in temperature, try not to force your device while charging.
  • The greater the degree of deterioration of the battery, the less its capacity and, accordingly, the charge of such a battery will not last long.
  • If, after updating the software, you are faced with a battery pack, do a full reset of settings and content, sometimes it is useful to reflash your device using iTunes.
  • If you use jailbreak, tweaks can adversely affect battery consumption.
How to check iPhone / iPad battery for charge / discharge cycles and remaining capacity on Mac and Windows -Video instruction from Filislav

How to determine the degree of wear of the battery Iphone (text version)fromOliversayko

Another alternative way to find out the remaining battery capacity isWayfromallexxz

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Is that bad with batteries?

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* Scream107, same. 6+

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Scream107 @ 16.05.19, 10:10*
screen found in the cloud, shed a few tears
Iphone 6 and 5s

Autonomy of course fell, compared with 10 of ios, but in absolute terms, it seems to me not so much. Earlier in the time use statistics count a running applications in the background. Now it is considered separately. If you add up screen time + background, it turns out it's not so sadly. The same 6s with a fresh battery lives of 6-7 hours + screen background. Yes, not 8:00 as ios 10 but the phone is no longer far from new)

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* gstfire, I fell? She collapsed. 7+ today on the latest firmware. This is utter Zvezdec

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Say, for 2.5 hours with the screen switched on Fasting 4g, wifi, bluetooth with Auto-Brightness is the norm? or it is necessary to change the ACC
ps iphone 7

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* Sting2126, before your post * tranzit-48, even threw screens, there is an answer to your question.

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* m868ot I still hope that some sort of prog podvisli and podzhirala. If today the situation is repeated, then the unit does not have to me. I will change

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* tranzit-48, and how things are in standby mode with WiFi or lte?

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* trsdvg, I had no wi fi, no lte is not disconnected. When just lying idle and no battery consumption. But with something very much eats. You can try to fall back to 12.2. But damn, so much hassle. And time is not present

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* tranzit-48,
at the end of the day as there is otpishite statistics. I think things will get better, because zarubit 7+, in my opinion, it is not logical to ios13 exit

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* trsdvg, Of course I will write. Nothing terrible consumption do not see in the plan. At this point exactly one hour screen. Charge 94 percent

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Hello, iPhone 8, seven months from the date of purchase, and only 95% of it's normal or not?

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* rafeil,
This is your norm)))) bought the iPhone 7, May 1, 2019, and the capacity is already 97%))))))))) tehpodderzha did a test remotely, said that everything is in order. If this will continue to plummet told to call again.

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* rafeil, * russtik31, I bought in November 8+. Where a month after buying almost did not use them. 7 times a month all charges. So he lost 3 percent of capacity. Now I use them normally capacity at the moment 96%. In general hell knows, what it depends on the moment. Xr also bought-on still 100 per cent in November. Although used pointensivnee than 8+

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* tranzit-48,
By the way tech support told me the same thing, especially not to focus on this indicator if the phone keeps well, and if the charge goes smoothly.

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8 iPhone, new, 2 days lay without a SIM card, hook up to the wafer. Flow rate at rest (without using) - 32% (about 10% for every 12 hours). Yesterday put a sim card, under the same conditions for the night (7:00) left 1% of that of the miracles? So strange a modem that is constantly hollowed into the network, in the absence of SIM cards?

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* nonBrain,
I, too, oddly behaving H. The other day, at night just left on the mobile network (not the Internet), in order not to miss calls, it took 9% for 11 hours. Yesterday left in airplane mode (without the Internet) and took 11 hours to 4%. So it was on 12.1.2 and now as well at 12.2, sewn in the DFU, unit 2 months, the battery capacity of 100%. Well, it should not be because of this. On 6S with similar scenarios took me no more than 1%.
I think it is necessary to contact the ASC.
Goes to 1% every 3 hours airplane mode:

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Also on X, with a link for the night is 12 flies in airplane mode 4-6. I still night and a maximum of 9 hours. Apparatus 4 months 98%
Still have all Xr vklyucheno- 5-6%

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* i_Mobilka, * fredd-kruger, In general, the best option to get rid of the night Jora, leave the equipment on the charge.

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Ten in the morning always zaryazhayu- used)

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