What can be done with the old tablet? | [hand-made] application ideas

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What can be done with the old tablet


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ideaDjinnyboy pushes the stylus on a string and use it as a tear-off notebook ...
I suffer myself .. there is IconBIT NetTAB Sky II which will sometimes be needed for tests
On the camera account you might think in this direction. ivideon.com/
any one will fit there, not necessarily an ip if there is a computer near the entrance door :) I have just a server nearby

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Here are my options for the tablet :)
1. Stick the film and use as a cutting board.
2. Use as a TV anywhere (wi-fi is there)
3. Use as a night light (make the screen white and leave it for the night)
4. Sell in parts (parts are always needed)
5. GPS Navigator (if available)
A lot of things you can think of if the tablet is working.

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A blow to the knee was destroyed. Runs, works. But the screen went to the light. Replacement costs 2,200 Russian tugriks. What can be made of it that would be useful in the household?

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From it, only stand under the hot :)

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buy a screen in china or a monitor + mouse

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or monitor + mouse

and the mouse will work right?

buy a screen in china

which screen? model and stuff

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Well, if OTG is, there will be

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If you have survived by chanceseveral unnecessary charged particle acceleratorsold tablet - don’t choose ... Now we’ll think up a new life for him;)

The tablet is not so old. But alas, already hopelessly outdated .. progress .. It is impossible to work with him, he is terribly outcast with his slow pace. It's a pity to throw him out - he is absolutely working. We will spoil, it means. In principle, the photo frame, of course, it can work without it all .. But aesthetics!

Let's start :)

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You will need..
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Disassembled. The Megaphone card is not an advertisement, but a tool of detaching the display from the native frame of the tablet
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The inventor of double-sided tape needs a monument to be installed. It will hold the matrix in the new frame.
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Threw everything in a handful.
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Native back cover was useful, it works as a back cover;)
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In principle, that it planes that the photo frames are the same, at least from one year on. It is molded by the Chinese.
I liked the wooden frame: happy:

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Imagine using this frame as a tablet.
for example in the bus angry birds to play

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I suffer too. tablet under Windows 7. The battery is swollen and I completely removed it. I soldered the wire everything works. I will not find a tablet either. with the wiring, it seems inconvenient to walk, but where I can’t think of where to pick it up. and most importantly for what.

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I took the Chinese for 500 rubles, some kind of bushy, because Iron is clumsy - they do not see camera applications, and nothing good can be done with it - lengthened the camera and inserted it into the front door, the tablet itself 5 meters from the door, just a remote picture ((=

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dianoff @ 07/29/2013, 07:09*
I suffer too. tablet under Windows 7. The battery is swollen and I completely removed it. I soldered the wire everything works. I will not find a tablet either. with the wiring, it seems inconvenient to walk, but where I can’t think of where to pick it up. and most importantly for what.

And a similar search and insert, not? sell (= buy if cheap (= -

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Here, too, I'm thinking of making a similar, but will not the tablet burn from constant charging and burning the screen?

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While alive.
And in the same mode used Loox works for a year. Clock-weather calendar.

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To begin with, there are two Digma iDx7 tablets and Ritmix RMD740. Both with broken displays. The RMD connects to the TV by default, normally, but there is no blue tooth (to control it), but the digma does not want to connect so easily, to go there to press something. The display on it does not show at all. Can anyone have any thoughts.

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Good day to all!!
Waking up early this morning, I stepped on my tablet (((


having found a crushed touchscreen matrix, I decided to throw it out, but I had the idea to turn it into a media player

There was never an HDMI output on the tablet and it was not even envisaged on the board

but how can it be connected to the TV?

the matrix is ​​connected with a cable, which in SERVICE GUIDe is called LVDS cable
the question remains - how to make an adapter on vga or hdmi

if someone did something like this, then share your experience

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We will need:
: sveta:instruction : sveta:
1) install all the programs!
2) connect the tablet to the phone!
3) create an access point on the tablet!
4) press the home button and select TVlauncher and select it by default!
5) connect the phone to the created access point!
6) launch Tablet Remote on your tablet and on your phone!
7) configure the Tablet Remote and connect to the tablet (the SETUP item should be performed only on the tablet)!
8) install console emulators and games for them!
9) rejoice! : rofl:

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I also had an old ICOO D50 tablet lying around, the screen was broken into half (more than half works) what can I do with it (there is no WI-FI in the house outside the city)

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I have an old Chinese tablet on an a13 processor (a primitive tablet with a price of about 3,000 rubles), the sensor is broken, I cannot find a replacement, but it is controlled by a mouse. I will redo it in the music center, everything is almost ready left the body and the amplifier to collect.

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* IceDragon228 make it a mobile access point :) Will Wi Fi at home

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