What can be done with the old tablet? | [hand-made] application ideas

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What can be done with the old tablet


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* andru666 , Here, if the charge indication is not important, that is, the mass of the charge of the charge for lithium, you can use such and charge to the direct battery. But the point is that a person on the table has a separate charging connector about which he mentioned (about charging like Nokia) so I think there will be no problems with charging.

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Good day! There is an idea to make a call panel from the tablet for the intercom, I have an old Hyundai (I attach a photo). So, I want to remove it and put an android tablet, I am interested in whether there is any controller so that you can use the same contacts (I attach photos of contacts). The controller that would be connected via Micro USB or Type C to the tablet, or via WiFi, no watery pair. The tablet will serve as an extender to manage a smart home, we don't have to wear around the house, it is enough that I just hung in my place instead of the intercom. Is it possible at all to do, on camera and castle goes 12V

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For tablets without OTG
Motion Sensor
Requirements "Android 2.3.3, Camera 0.5m.p. (not dusty), Charging less than 0.5a (if heating).Set motiondetectorpro or analogs, turn on the Adjust Action screen when you detect movement, check the phone for charging, fix the screen, turn off the screen and not necessary applications from the memory. "

Requirements "Android 2.3.3, Camera 1M.P. (Depends on the requirements), charging at least 0.5a (if the heating can be checked without a battery, go to make a trip).Install ZOOM or analogues. The phone broadcasts video when connected to the conference.

To give children
The new Minecraft Pocket Edition goes to Android 2.3.6, and old on 2.3.3. 60fps can be achieved in the settings (on most of the online music phone 2.3.6)

Install the old versions of Yandex Maps, Navitel or Analogues (if the old Android). Antenno GPS can be pumped (needed a thin soldering iron)

Mobile router
Distribute 2G using the access point (you can set a password or enable connection to specific devices only.

Backup storage
If you often do not include (do not rub the memory), you can store data from old accounts and applications by Yandex Money, WebMoney.

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