What can be done with the old tablet? | [hand-made] application ideas

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What can be done with the old tablet


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Tablet asus transformer k018. What can you do with it?

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* Den4ik26122 In front of you people writing what you can do. More useful to know what a jack is, in the plate. For example when hdmi available can be used as a TV set-top box.

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Valer-ka @ 15.11.20, 16:35*
More useful to know what a jack is, in the plate.

Micro-USB (with OTG support), Mini-SIM, 3.5 mm jack for headphones

Posted on 15/11/2020, 15:39:

* Valer-ka,
You mean a clever column?

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* Den4ik26122 , Can still be used as a desk clock with weather, photo frame, media center, server to Fight download torrent, ip camera, make your ad stand (tape running text or video).

I somehow old e-book works as a great alarm clock. (While the screen is not covered completely).
You can even embed the tablet in the old tape recorder / music center (but it must be sufficiently direct hands)))) In this situation, the recorder / center will act as an external audio amplifier, and on the tablet collection of music and radio.

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