What can be done with the old tablet? | [hand-made] application ideas

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What can be done with the old tablet

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Unnecessary Eken m009s is available. Via8650 processor (up to 800 MHz), android 2.2, 256Mb Ram, 7 'display with a resolution of 800x480 and no battery. I do not want to sell (sorry for the person to whom he will fall). There is an option to make a photo frame from it, or to find any weather application so that the clock and a brief weather forecast are displayed on the whole screen (there is wi-fi). And what would you advise to do with it?

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An interesting question;).
Can be used as an online radio receiver over WiFi.

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Can be used as an online radio receiver over WiFi

Hmm ... not a bad idea

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Put it in the toilet, and use it for toilet web surfing.

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If you have an ip camera, you can use it as a janitor

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Niknorov @ 04/21/2012, 10:33 PM*
If you have an ip camera, you can use it as a janitor

Ip cameras, unfortunately, no.
Loki69 @ 04/21/2012, 10:12 PM*
Put it in the toilet, and use it for toilet web surfing.

The idea is not bad, but he does not catch the toilet. Yes, and it turns on for a long time, and if you leave it on, it will die very quickly

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you can cut onions on it

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check the toilet outlet

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Destabilise @ 04/21/2012, 11:05 PM*
you can cut onions on it

Seen enough jokes "what can be done with the old iPad'om?
Zilwert @ 04/21/2012, 11:07 PM*
check the toilet outlet

Yes, I generally spend little time in the toilet, so the option is not for me

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I would put a normal player there and attach it somewhere before entering the kitchen / shower.
Next, I would buy unpretentious speakers that I would place in the kitchen / shower.
When you want to wash under the fiery rhythms or in order not to fall asleep in the kitchen, you would use it as a remote control attached to the wall. At the same time, it is possible to load the weather / news program or something useful there in unused time. For example, as a timer for boiling eggs or not to forget that you fry)))

You can also buy an IP camera and, instead of a peephole, you can see what is happening outside there.

Many things you can)))

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UnmovedMaX @ 04/21/2012, 11:32 PM*
I would put to the normal player and his stuck somewhere in front of the kitchen / dush.Dalee I would buy unpretentious column that would place in the kitchen / dushe.Kogda want to wash the fiery rhythms and not to sleep in the kitchen, would yuzal it as a remote control attached to the wall. At the same time can be wasted there to load weather / news program or something useful. For example, as an egg timer or not to forget that the fry))) You can still buy ip camera and instead of eye prisandalit and watch Che's going on outside.

Thanks, the idea is very personal. Even as a radio (online) can be hung.
P.S. Still, you almost persuaded me all to the ip-camera. I'll shuffle through the Chinese)))

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Media set-top box

Digma IDx7
OS and firmware: Android 4.0.3

Description of the problem:
Hello everyone, people. I have not used the tablet for a long time (I played enough probably =)) is lying on the shelf and gathering dust. I would like to ask the guru and people in general who have at least some thread of ideas on one interesting question.

There is a TV with a resolution of 1080p, HDMI is. I would like to make from our tablet something like a media console to this device. Maybe someone did this already or knows the manual chtoli.
Interested in management (is there any thread control and the like on BT)
Convenience of work of this unit
Suitable software

Thank you all for the feedback. The TV set is quite good, but with this chip, Smart TV will be better there =)

Not really a problem but did not find a suitable topic.

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Moving to tehnotrepalka>Do it yourself

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There is a XBMC program for android, while it is damp, but for the PC there is no better program for me. I specifically assembled a computer in the casing from the video player and put this program on autoload, now I have a home network cinema.

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There is a program called Droidmote. IMHO, the best. Connects android with android. There is everything you need. But, unfortunately, it is not free

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You can steal the joystick from SONY PS3, and play games on the tablet, displaying everything on TV. You can steal Winch, Claudia and mouse. Remote too.
Put really HVMS.

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How did the story end?)
The same trouble: I do not know where to adjust the tablet, which is mostly lying around. Who will advise a beautiful widget or something else suitable for displaying the weather, calendar, time + alarm clock to it?

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I did not think long.

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I tried two dozen widgets, stopped at Sense Flip Clock & Weather by Droid27

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Programs torsional photo full.
Can be used as a clock.
Or, if you save electricity, you can download torrents on it. Actually not for everyone, but still ..

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An excellent media center if you use the mouse. eventually habitually yuzabilitsya and in the net through the Opera beta with support for extensions to view and download video and audio from VKontakte use VKontakte audio and video, is very convenient program for viewing online or downloading), my Idx7 was again amended, was an additional connector under battery which parallels to main, increased time of almost four with two additional lithium ion battery capacity of 2600 mAh each, more batteries connected in parallel the longer operation will accordingly, batteries need to use with a controller, some Chinese battery is not equipped with protection against overcharging and over-discharge. Charge and additional battery in the usual way ie put planshek as usual on the charge and disconnect from it ext. battery. Charging time is natural outgrowths several times. additional battery can be recharged and a separate charger, not kretichno if you connect to a fully charged battery is fully plate has sat down naturally occur charging main battery due to extra battery. many say it's dangerous, but the risk is, in my experience critically low, especially BATTERY equipped with a controller, they will exceed the current flowing through them.

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