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Here will help you:
вШЫ Fix some problems
вШЫ Find system software вШЪ
вШЫ Find programs вШЪ
вШЫ Find games вШЪ

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At the a forum, but a blog)client for devices on windows 8It is posted on the Windows Store.
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Link toWindows store.

The application functions quite adequately, but for some reason it collects estimates of only two types - вАЬ5вАЭ and вАЬ1вАЭ.
I, as a developer, want to know what the application for the unit put to fix it and make the application better.
I draw your attention to the fact that there is no advertising in the application and it is completely free, I work exclusively for the idea.

I apologize if I created a topic in the wrong category.

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There is not enough section under Win RT / 8 :( Now Temko will be cut out from here, but where?
Put, but IMHO easier to enter through the browser.
And as an offer, make a dynamic tile with news from the site.

P / S / Do not start, instant departure immediately after the logo.

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Do you have 64 or 86 system?

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alcsan, 64

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Perhaps I found the cause of the units. There was no possibility to check on 64-bit ones.

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No, the problem is not related to the bit. Who else crashes - install KeddraReader, it is on the same engine assavagemessiahzine.comand tell me how it works.

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Description from Microsoft Store
Shazam is the fastest and easiest way to get acquainted with music, TV shows and advertising. Bring your smartphone to a sound source to recognize audio. You can also buy songs, share with friends, view video clips, find lyrics and much more!
From me
To be honest, I liked the program! The computer is on the balcony, a TV set is playing from the kitchen, there is an advertisement with a song, put Shazam and left ... I come, and he found it! I WAS HAPPY! I have a weak camera (microphone), so you understand ...) Download, you will not regret! She has a very interesting control, and an intuitive interface!
Functions from Microsoft Store
Watch music videos and concerts from YouTube
Share tags in Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter and other social. networks
Find your favorite lyrics
Read reviews on albums and artist biographies.
Use Shazam in Attach mode, browse the web or use other applications.
P.S. Sorry that the screens only from the store, just now there is no system at hand: blush:

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tell me how it works.

For a few seconds, a white background with the aReader inscription at the top and then gives an application error suggesting that you send the malfunction information to Microsoft.
P / S / Clientsavagemessiahzine.comToday, not just crashes, but before that for a split second a window with the inscription "connection error" falls out.

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I found the problem, thanks to Alex93 for this. Now working on the fix.

Update already in the Store. Someone who has previously crashed, except Alex93, please check how it works.

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I would like a "tweak" to increase the font size.
But in the settings I did not find the font size.

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Fidbek - this is good. Font changes are not implemented now, but the idea is good, I'll think about it.
Did you run the application before the update? Does the account name contain Cyrillic (Russian characters)?

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10 inches too small.

It started, the name does not contain Cyrillic.

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For a week now, only the titles of articles without text are displayed.
It's"suddenly" changed the RSS, an update that makes the articles readable I sent for certification, but MicrosoftвАЩs Hindu staff will not check it in any way.
So do not throw mud at me in reviews and put edinichki - I do everything I can.
And, if suddenly someone from the administrationsavagemessiahzine.comsees this message, return at least an image to RSS.

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alcsan, and you agreed with someone from the Administration like using our materials? As far as I know, no. Based on this, I do not see any point in supporting you as a developer. Moreover, if you continue communication in a similar tone, there is a high probability that we will file a complaint about copyright infringementsavagemessiahzine.comon materials broadcast by your program.

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Hello, and there is a program for output to the live tile balance of the megaphone?
And I really want to heap: Tayl with live and working hours. Google application of tasks with the ability to display the next task on the mail.

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Alex93 @ 03/18/2013, 13:08*
Tale with live and working hours.

I personally use Time Tile

Posted on 03/21/2013 at 4:02 PM:

How is everyone new twitter? For me, it feels like nothing, but it's bad that you cannot add more than one account yet.

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I'm just starting to use tiles, but I already like it =)
I am looking for the following program for books.
You need an application that would search for all the books on the computer (or, when manually added, saved them as a list). Those free applications that downloaded from the Windows store support pdf, fb2 or epub. I would like the application to read all these formats. It is not very convenient for a separate book to use a separate program. It would also be great if the application would have access to a good online library.

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Something Temka completely stalled ... comrades, no one knows the application that would show jokes on the tile? Preferably with frequent updates, rather than one anecdote per day: lol:

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qRock @ 03/22/2013, 11:13*
Time tile

Somehow she does not work regularly. :(

Help, I have a problem after the last mail update, I can not share files from other applications.
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Of course I tried to wait, but to no avail ...

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qRock , recommend:
Librusek Library
Librusek Library - one of the largest online libraries, which contains more than 300 thousand volumes of books of various genres (more than 50,000 authors). Regular updating of book bases.

Data for offline version 04/05/2013:
Title: Library Librusek ( - 307914 books and magazines
Posted by: Librusek (
Category: Library
Interface Language: Russian (main part) + some books in other languages
Platform / OS: Windows All
Activation | reg code: not required (version Portable)
File format: FB2, TXT, DOC, PDF, DJVU
File size: ~ 337 Gb

Of course, I understand that you need to buy books and other things - but itвАЩs not a long time to go bankrupt. Or do not read at all

For the collection of books I advise you to useMyHomeLib , goes as an attachment to the library Librusek:

1. Search and selection of books by: title, author, series, genres, date added to the collection.
2. The ability to send books to the reader.
When you transfer a book laid out in folders in accordance with its own template - you can create a book by series, by author.
The following output file formats are supported:
FB2, - file in FB2 format in normal and compressed form. Supported: PDA (haali reader), LBook V3, PocketBook 301.
LRF is a Sony proprietary LRF file. Supported: Sony PRS-500, Sony PRS-505, Sony PRS-700.
TXT - file in plain text format. Supported: eInk - reader from Explay. I do not know the name, it reads only txt.
With the help of scripts, you can fasten the automatic conversion to other formats, for example, in jar-files for reading from a mobile phone.
Refer to the online help for instructions on connecting converters and examples.

AutoUpdate MyHomeLib works, you only need to supplement the directory with missing zip-files from the site of Librusek or monitor updates in the appropriate folders (where download links) - as updates are released, I will add there.

If the automatic update MyHomeLib is disabled, after launching, go to the "Tools" menu, select "Update librucek directories"

And the tiles are complete nonsense - I put 50 pieces of toys for a child - so now this sheet while we reach the right place - the hand will fall off, and no decrease in scale will help. The interface in Windows 8 is still sawed and sawed.
But if anyonemouseextender1.9.9.3 dopilil - this is the thing in itself.

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