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Important information!
Use a pattern:
insert links here
[/ CODE] [/ HIDE]
CODE tagrequired otherwise the forum will break your links!
If you do not care for indexing by search engines, and as a consequence of what your playlist order to live long, without hide the post, your right. Run and hide for you, no one will. In the end, for posting playlists have a topic below. Everything in it is a gun.

Ready playlists - in topicIPTV playlists

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mini FAQ
  1. AT. Why doesn't the playlist work?
    ABOUT.Providers easily track traffic changes and take action.

  2. AT. Why asks for a login and password?
    ABOUT.Open playlist viaIPTV Player

  3. AT. In the playlist hieroglyphs, how to fix?
    ABOUT.Open the playlist in Notepad and save in another encoding.

  4. AT. What formats are playlists?
    ABOUT.The most common:.m3u .asx

  5. AT. What to do with these links?
    ABOUT.Copy all text. Create a new text file in Notepad, paste in the text and save it. Rename.txtat.m3u

  6. AT.How to watch channels that have .ts at the end?
    ABOUT.1. Instead of .ts write .m3u8 2. Enable the replay of one track in the player (VLC)

Useful links:

Publication of any playlists containing channel "Our Football" (Essential called "Match! Premier") is prohibited.

There is no curator in the subject. If there is a user in the subject who wants to become a Curator and the correspondingAnnouncement: Requirements for Candidates, he can apply in the topicI want to be curator(after having studied the topic header and all materials for curators). Prior to the appointment of a curator for filling caps, please contactmoderatorssection through a buttonPictureunder the messages to which you want to add links.

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And someone can make a program onLinetVApp Droid modes, update the Voka playlist (it's not completely there.)?

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Didens @ 11/29/20, 21:32*
And someone can make a program onLinetVApp Droid
This project closed due to the location of the services on the developer this time, two you need to pay for the server.

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I would like a more complete sheet of Voka in this program, but how to do it, I do not know.

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* slonechkin
Slonechkin @ 11/29/20, 20:42*
I spent today one experiment. Take a look at what I have a ZMP.

Can you give more details?

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Slonechkin @ 11/29/20, 21:42*
Take a look at what I have a ZMP.

Ochchchen interrepreneurously! ;)

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Guys, after raising prices for Ottglanz, was the question of the transition to another provider, as an option С”TEM TV or maybe the other.
Tell me what is the most relevant for Ukraine?

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Slashtc @ 11/29/20, 23:41*
Guys, after raising prices for Ottglanz, was the question of the transition to another provider, as an option С”TEM TV or maybe the other.
Tell me what is the most relevant for Ukraine?

Try 1cent

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lelik256 @ 11/29/20, 23:22*
Ochchchen interrepreneurously!

Mesolina @ 11/29/20, 23:18*
Can you give more details?

Can. But in PM for a handle, I will not lead. Do not even try to contact there. iOS - system fordolly ...Favorites, and if they get to me for details, I will not be able to help them. Therefore, I am writing here and only once. Who will not figure it out - it means not fate.

Run ZMP on iOS.

1. Install the ISH Shell application from the appstore. This is a Linux shell on an i386 emulator. There are for iPhone and iPad. For Apple TV not.
If during the following operations, iOS will ask for an ISH program any rights - be sure to give. If the operation has been shot, repeat it.
2. We place the ZMP-Linux-386 file in such an Internet place, from where it can be downloaded directly. Where you will find this place, no one cares.
3. We go to the device settings and turn off the automatic lock.
4. Run ISH.
5. Press the "gear" settings on the appeared on-screen keyboard and turn on "Disable Screen Dimming", then click "Done".
6. We recruit the following on the command line, then click on the "Return" on the on-screen keyboard.

After "WGET" is the address where ZMP is laid. Instead of "ICS" we substitute the right path.

7. ISH downloads ZMP-Linux-386 and places in the root of its repository.
8. We recruit the following on the command line, then click on the "Return" on the on-screen keyboard.
CHMOD + X ZMP-Linux-386

By this we give ZMP all the necessary rights.

Operations 6 and 8 are performed only once! After them, the binary, with all the rights received, will be all the time in accessible to appeal to it.

9. We fold the ISH and open the standard for the IOS program "Notes", where we write and keep a note:
./zmp-linux-386 --host xx.xx.Hh.hh --Best http: // yyyyyyy

"XX.Hhh.hkh.hh" - address of your iOS device on the local network, wireless or wired, and "http: // yyyyyyy"- a working link to playlist Wink / Zabava or Zala, which we want to decrypt and distribute. Do not forget that the hyphens before the parameters are double!
10. Copy our note on the clipboard and close the "notes". When you need it again, we will take a long command from there to keep it every time manually.
11. Return to ISH. Click on the screen keyboard the "Copy / Paste" icon. A command copied from "Notes" enters the command line.
12. Click "Return". If everything is done correctly, something like that appears in the terminal:
ZMediaProxy 2.1.27
PlayList Ready:

Here is a local IP of my iPhone, but you have to have an IP of your device. ZMP works and distributes a decrypt playlist to the local network.
13. Copy (or rewrite manually) Specified after "PlayList Ready:" link and insert it into the IPTV player of any of the devices connected to the same local network as a device with a working ZMP.
14 . We watch TV.
15. Very important! The ISH Shell program must constantly be on the screen of your iPhone or iPad! It cannot be collaborated because IOS does not give programs to fully work in the background. For the same reason, the automatic lock device must be turned off. Because of all this, you will not be able to distribute the playlist simultaneously on the iPhone and watch it. iPhone can only broadcast a sheet for other devices - television, computer, tablet and others. To spend less battery, the brightness of the decrypting and distributing iphone playlist can be reduced to the minimum.
On the iPad, it is possible to simultaneously distribute and watch - use the screen separation mode. Then both programs, ISH and player will be active, and none of them will "fall asleep." But watch is not very comfortable.
16. And last. Since ISH Shell uses an emulator, it is rather demanding to resources. The iPad 2017 did not give the opportunity to watch HD channels normally, nor on themselves, neither on other devices - only SD. iPhone 11 with the task coped much better. HD channels from it normally worked on the tablet and on the TV. But to run the broadcast at once on two devices, with the method, it is better not to try.

(C) Slonechkin.

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Slashtc @ 11/29/20, 22:41*
Or maybe the other.
Try viplime.fun.

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IPTV - common topic (post Slonechkin # 101987414)
And I still did it:
1) in any browser on the PC install an extension to change UseRAGENT;
2) add to the User-Agent extension settings from TV and turn it on;

3) Enter the link to the address bar:

All - we use almost full forkplayer. True, not all video goes in the browser and the console does not "pick up", but the link to the wrong
Easy to pull out, and insert in a VLC or another player, as well as download if necessary. Plus more - the opportunity appears
Use a copy-paste in the search for the Fork.
Perhaps someone is useful and such a way.

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Play TV music

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77A @ 11/30/20, 02:42*
Perhaps someone is useful and such a way.

That's so fun, and automate more convenient

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Slonechkin @ 11/29/20, 22:31*
I understand you. And you do not want me.
In fact, it is still a redirect, it already replaces to his initial M3U, that is, first the appeal at its address and already from there there is an appeal to the RT servers

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