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Owners Club Samsung Galaxy S III

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Communication loversSamsung Galaxy S III

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Welcome to the club!

The club was created for more convenient communication fans Samsung Galaxy S III. There are no strict rules; if you do not understand something or can not find what you need - you can write here, they will help you.
And also here you can have fun!

Everyone who talks here automatically becomes members of the club: yes2:

Rules. News!
Forum Rulessavagemessiahzine.com
The club prohibits: rudeness, disrespect in communication, mate and any foul language.

The policy of deleting messages in the club. Innovation.
In general, in the club, messages without violations are not deleted. But, based on the experience of the club guests and forum administration representatives, an additional rule is introduced.
Messages with questions on which there is a separate, specialized thread on the forum will be deleted!
Immediately, or rather, some time later, after the person was sent to the desired topic.
Naturally,Will not Delete the discussion, some problems or features of the device or android in general.
And of course , anyone can ask for help if he does not understand something or cannot find it, instructions, etc. There will always help.
But, do not need to create a copy of existing branches and discussions.
Details can be read in the explanation. Hope for understanding. I accept offers in lichku.
The club is for the free communication, recreation, support relations and friendly atmosphere at the forum. And then ask the questions that are being discussed in a specially created for these branches, it makes no sense. Here people relax, talk on different topics. These same people will tell you to your question in the profile subject. And in a profile subject, much more likely to get an answer, and it will happen faster. It is also the inconvenience to guests of the club, as many follow the life of the club, and read the missing page. A read someone's long conversation about how to flash the phone, and the like, it's just not interesting, for this purpose, a branch Firmware for questions about your devaysa established branch Talk, etc., etc.
And we invite everyone to the club, just to talk about everything you want.
I hope for your understanding. I really want to make the club easy and homely. What would anyone who communicates here, was good and comfortable.

And do not forget:
5.1. If a forum member gave you good advice that helped you solve your problem, do not post a message with the text “Thank you! You are super!!!". On our forum, it is customary to express gratitude by raising the reputation of a particular participant.
5.2. The reputation of other participants can be influenced by any user who has collected 15 useful posts. If you do not have 15 helpful posts, ask the moderator to raise the reputation of the person who helped you through the "Complaint" button.

Our contests.
: hemp: 15Septembercompetition startsEVERYTHING PAINTSGLADIGI "!

We post the most interesting summer photos!

1. The competition is held from 09/15/12 to 09/30/12.
2. You can submit up to three photos posted in one of your messages, marked "For the competition" (one landscape photo (if available), others at the discretion)
3. Voting is held (one vote for all photos of a particular contestant) from 10.10.12 to 10.10.12.
4. The winner is universally recognized and many, many well-deserved pluses!


The contest is over. Results summed up.

Winner of the competition "ALL PAINT RAINBOW" Plush_Cat ! I heartily congratulate you! I wish you success! And from teammates and friends we reward well-deserved pluses +

Animal Models
Competition Animal Models starts on October 22 !!!

We post photos of your favorite animals or just liked. Photos are taken, taken
Camera Samsung Galaxy S III (easy to check), the number is not limited, but in one message.
The competition is held from October 22 to November 6.
Voting from 7 to 14 November.
Prize - spectator sympathy and raising reputation.



Contest Winner Lilitochka
From teammates and friends we reward well-deserved pluses + : daisy:

Competition MISTER & MISS New Year
Competition MISTER & MISS New Year
Competition MISTER & MISS New Year starts on December 31 !!!

We post our Christmas photos. Photos are taken by the camera Samsung Galaxy S III (it is easy to check), the number is not limited, but in one message. The message should be marked "for the competition."
The competition is held from December 31, 2012 to January 14, 2013.
Voting from January 14 to January 16, 2013 in two nominations - Mr. and Miss
Prize - spectator sympathy and raising reputation.




: daisy: Armagh & whdoc : victory:

Results of the contest to the Defender of the Fatherland Day

I want to add from myself
My first "pancake came out lumpy", but still I want to thank Dmitry, Alexander, Gennady and Yuri for their participation!

Guys, you are all WINNERS !!!

Thank you, and once again a happy holiday!
: congratulate:

Children's Photo Contest
TO about n to at R with d e t with to about g about f about t about ! ! !

By "numerous requests" and my inability to resist the opinion of the majority, the beginning of the Children's Photo Contest is announced.
Any photos up to 10 years old are accepted for the competition.

Dates: from March 21 to April 1

Attached Image


Out of Competition

PS:"Inspirers" - dmrykov and Natacha
PPS: please "zaplyusovat" them for this "to the impossibility ..."
Completed Children's Photo Contest!

According to its results, the absolute winner was Lilitochka

: congratulate:: congratulate:: congratulate:

Your "prizes" to the winner leave Here

Voting, polls.
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Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image

Must have
Type and description of the desktops of our teammates
Our daysof birth
sergo2kisa - 01.01 Sergey
ashryan- 01.01 Olga
burkin26 - 02.01
8ballcat - 06.01
castorthroy- 11.01 Andrey

Nevair - 02.02 Eugene
Histarchik- 06.02 Aleksey
streshnev- 14.02 Vlad
bboymakc- 18.02 Max

Barmenchik - 02.03 Yuri
Mr.EzzO- 04.03 Eziz
Arhitektor58- 07.03 Vasily
Bledman- 07.03 Nikita
Nogovicyn_Andrey- 8.03. Andrew
whdoc- 15.03 Anton
kaleda- 15.03 Oleg
bilal17 - 17.03
Progressive1990- 19.03 Ruslan
pirskii.nikita- 19.03 Nikita
sanyabes93- 21.03. Alexander
def_237- 29.03 Dmitry
Aristarhas- 29.03 Yaroslav
(r @ zy M @ x $- 29.03 Maxim

Andrey_Nik - 05.04 Andrey
GJIUXAPb- 06.04 Roman
braksi- 09.04 Michael
pmayorov- 10.04 Paul
Pashaka- 13.04 Paul
ulyanakuular- 16.04 Buyan Mergenovich
sned72- 19.04 Vyacheslav

master_piter - 01.05 Yerlan
METALLURG66- 06.05 Maxim
.: Orange :. - 07.05
Enlightened grandfather- 08.05 Gennady
Kitoman- 09.05 Vasily
dorel2005- 10.05 Sergey
barx- 14.05 Sergey
- Serge -- 16.05 Sergey
Raf1- 25.05 Raphael
fhasenov- 25.05 Farhat
dimasik28051999- 28.05 Dmitry
opkaa - 31.05
ANTOHA- 31.05 Anton

Plush_Cat - 03.06 Tatyana
bigjoker - 07.06
Zenon z- 19.06 Valery
Princesssa79- 27.06 Anastasia

Andropov Desire S - 03.07 Alexey
Vovano64- 07.07 Vladimir
Noreg- 10.07 Dmitry
megajon- 17.07 Eugene
lionsha- 27.07 Catherine
sh_034- 31.07 Alexander

chegol_007 - 02.08 Nikolay
Alex0611- 11.08 Alexander
skorbut111- 11.08 Nikita
kinger- 17.08 Vyacheslav
Rom00- 18.08 Roman
Marcell10- 18.08 Artyom
zedt- 18.08 Ilya
Leucid- 20.08 Leonid
manlider2- 22.08 C)
GERA300- 25.08 Nikolay
guardtroops - 26.08
poppuri- 27.08 Andrey
dukesov - 29.08

Gervs - 03.09 Vasily
- =: Archangels: = -- 14.09 Michael
Salara- 15.09 Galina
Andy K- 18.09 Andrey
Alex1273- 20.09 Alexander
_Nafanya_- 21.09 Sergey
Arboue- 21.09 Aleksey
ShamanIEA- 22.09 Eugene
juba- 27.09 Jabrail

Kom-si - 05.10 Valery
sergei_swimming- 06.10 Sergey
Zhoglik- 08.10 Gleb
dmrykov- 10.10 Dmitry
Dis87- 23.10 Vladimir

streetpioner - 04.11 Yuri
sharif1720- 06.11 Eugene
farcop121- 12.11 Thomas
Armagh- 13.11 Julia
Sigal1976- 18.11 Eugene
Android I- 19.11 Alexander
unreal1979- 25.11 Nikolai
Kim5 +- 27.11 Ignat

serj2510 - 16.12
Sadamaza- 17.12 Andrey
Lord_KorviN_ - 25.12
Alex0047- 25.12 Alexander
Lilitochka- 28.12 Nastya
Sunrise23- 29.12 Danka

Club photo album
Statistics of our communication
1 place - dmrykov

2nd place - Lilitochka

3rd place - zedt

the rest are here!
Link to the club to be placed in the signature

[url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php? show url]

All questions and suggestions on the design of "Caps", as well as applications for adding to the spoiler "Our daysof birth"please write me in QMS

respectfully , Ilya (zedt)
Curator of the topic.

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On the subject of the photographs of running water, and in general the camera.
In-principle, I am satisfied.

Attached Image

The cell C3 saddens me a bit more - photos that are less saturated than C2, they just do not have color, they pale some.
Well, too much denoising, blurry details, is also not happy. But there is hope that the update solve these problems ...

Post has been editedswlad - 19.09.12, 02:09

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Natacha73, thanks for the compliments. Touched.

Rep: (114)
slep48 @ 19.09.2012, 00:04*
Guys, how many operatives in 4.1.1 shows the controller?

833 MB

Rep: (6)
Hello, can someone tell me how to turn off auto brightness when watching a movie (in the settings of the auto brightness disabled, as well disabled-saving mode). Firmware 4.0.4 last of. With the search is already worn out (

Rep: (2)
Greetings to all. How do you think it is worth buying Bluetooth-headset? For example, here suchJabra BT3030.
Or is it to buy a good wired?

Rep: (439)
Mkstyle, during vosprozivedeniya video menu - settings - bright video

Do you ever look into the program settings, where you can find a lot of interesting: rolleyes:

: D Yesterday means food as usual to work on a bicycle through the woods Elk Island (Moscow, Golyanovo - Bogorodskoe), while it was already dusk, the flashlight is turned on, the music from your phone through the column a little game, I pass a Man Woman, kid me shouting saying: cautiously ahead is the elk, and I thought I moose I have them every day I see, as well as mice, squirrels and even a hare saw well means eating more, looking forward, he goes so slowly direct me to a meeting and there it would be to me overtake, I why he stopped, and he was a meter away from me, the campaign thought that I had a way to go is not going to, and fled picked up the bike behind the wheel with me and to the side pulled back, so I got to know in a dense moose and its horns and escaped with only scratches but the rear brake disc bent a little: D

Rep: (2362)
petrokr122, the phone does not hurt?

Rep: (1199)
Lucky, still well off with! : Scratch_one-s_head:

Rep: (439)
sned72, yes he will, I have it for five times fell on the stone floor face down, even no scratches, and without cover and a protective film, if there was a fourth stub would have already broke on repairs

Rep: (2362)
petrokr122, normal you pilot ....

Rep: (6)
petrokr122 @ 19.09.2012, 13:13*
Do you ever look into the program settings, where you can find many interesting things

So went there as I had failed to notice that I do not understand, like all clambered :) Mystery and only: D

Rep: (22)
That was the question, whether there is in our phone covers such as bumper, well behind that is worn on the phone, close the back, on the sides, which would he still had cork to close sockets for headphones and mikroyusbi.A the c2, (now the wife enjoys) oxidized mikroyusbi, 3 tr I paid for remont.Prosche quality cover kupit.Spasibo.

Rep: (439)
Natacha73, protects me karma, and easy to learn only from our mistakes

sned72, so he flew it until the hand get used to it after SGS2, now lying like a glove

Rep: (2362)
slep48, a huge pile, look at search on ibee.

Posted on 19.09.2012, 12:39:

petrokr122, I, too, after a deuce with two hands held until used.

Rep: (3004)
I somehow just fine leg in hand and everything is convenient and accessible with one hand, it is true when the pick up the ice can not understand where he was going away, although SGS3 too, everything was fine. Skills such was once a penny moved into a foreign car, went to the register and again got into penny until credit is made. The impression was that a foreign car all his life went, and pennies generally never behind the wheel was not.

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This is my photo for the contest is no scenery, because It was not worthy vidov.Vse summer pictures.
1.Letnee morning. The picture was taken almost in the sun.
3.Osen preshol.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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And now when I take c2, then he made both by me, although he pointed out that many times in terms of usability of c3 better: D

Rep: (143)
When bought C3, the first night yuzazha managed to triple it on his face uronit- unusually smooth and hard after s2. Now sometimes tries to come off, but there it was} -)

Rep: (110)
it is more convenient for me was s2, had to get used to the C grade ...

Rep: (110)
denied sung about Galaxy S IV posts [19-09-2012 16:48]

Author: Konstantin Ivanov

We have previously reported,



Samsung Galaxy S IV may appear on display 2013 or directly MWC

South Korea's official Twitter

the company appeared

Message The Korea Times has called untrue and media speculation.

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