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Sony Xperia U - Talk | Smartphone, 3.5 "

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DiscussionSony xperia u
PictureSony Xperia U, Kumquat, ST25i
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This FAQ is no longer updated!
new FAQhere

Windows XP does not see the connected phone
You must install the latest updates and windows widnows media player. For those who have ROOTSDCARD Mounter for xperia U
How to disable a luminous strip
With this program, screen filter (see. Utility)
Whether the phone has been updated to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Yes it will
How much memory in the phone?
8 GB, of which: 2 GB for system and 2 GB for installation of applications, 4 GB for files (music, cash games, and so on.)
How long does the battery last?
1-3 days depending on the load
Whether there is a protective film on the display?
On devices, officially delivered to Russia, no, but comes.
Whether working with this machine games such as GTA III, Max payne and so on.
Yes, the cache is necessary to take for Samsung galaxy s II or Samsung galaxy note (video accelerator Mali-400)
How to make a hard reset (Wipe)?
Wipe - is a complete factory reset. Thus purified folder / data and / cache, i.e. removes all installed applications, reset all system nastroyki.Karta memory and SIM-card will not be affected.
Wipe a way to make the system:
Press the menu button.
Select "Settings" item.
Select "Backup & reset".
Select either reset or reset all data or only the settings.
On the keyboard, there are no letters b and g
Hold soft sign - will b If you do the same thing on the "e" - will yo. (We are talking about a standard keyboard)
display coating glass or plastic?
Mineral glass
Phone often loses network
This problem occurs on firmware 6.0.B.3.162. Update your phone software
How do I upgrade my phone?
There are several ways to update your phone:
Official programs:
Sony Update Service
Downloading the programSony Update Servicefrom the official site
Install the program
Run the program, agree to the license, choose your phone model, then click Next
Turn off your phone and wait for 30 seconds
Press and hold on the phone "Back" button and insert cable, pre-connected to the computer
When the program asks, release the back button Next SEUS searches for updates, downloads and sew phone.
Sony PC Companion
Downloading the programSony PC Companionfrom the official site
Install the program
Run the program, agree to the license, the software will automatically recognize your phone model
Click Update in the upper left corner
Follow the instructions in the program
Informal method:
With the help of the programFlashtool by firmware instructions can be read here
Computer does not see the phone, what to do?
This happens with the devices (not just phones) that the inclusion of one PC connected to it at the same time several connector. "Treated" is a problem elementary - reboot.
I want to connect the phone to a USB flash drive, how to implement it?
To accomplish this task, you will need USB OTG (extension specification USB 2.0, designed for easy connection of peripheral with each other USB-devices without having to connect to a PC) cable. Buy this cable can be in any store or ordered online.
Examples of USB OTG:
Attached ImageAttached Image
Specifications Xperia U
Sony xperia u
Attached Image
Year of issue:2012
Oper. syst .:Android 2.3, Android 4.0
Accum Capacity (mAh):1320
Detailed description and useful links
Hung the phone, how to reset it?
When hanging the phone there are two options to solve the problem:
Wait and he will make reboot.
Reload force: Remove and reinsert the battery
How to extend battery life?
The following actions can be done to prolong battery life.
  • Often charge the phone. This will not affect battery life.
  • Downloading data from the Internet leads to a large amount of energy consumption.
  • Disconnect the data when you are not using the Internet.
  • Unplug the GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, when not in use.
  • Synchronize accounts manually or increase the time between the synchronization intervals.
  • Check the battery power consumption of the menu to determine which applications consume large amount of energy.
  • Close applications that are not used, and out of them.
  • Reduce the screen brightness level.
  • Turn off your phone or use Airplane mode if you are outside the network coverage area. Otherwise, the phone will constantly scan for available networks, and this leads to excessive energy consumption.
  • Switch to the background image, which is not animated. Animated wallpapers consume more energy.
  • Use for music headset instead of the phone speakers.
What keyboard shortcuts exist in our phone?
If the device is turned OFF:
  • Volume UP + USB cable connects to the computer ->FASTBOOT MODE (lights upBLUEDiode) - firmware rutovannyh firmware nuclei.
  • Volume DOWN + USB cable connects to computer ->FLASHMODE (lights upGREENdiode) - firmware official firmware.
Upgraded to 4-ki no longer know how to make a screenshot of the screen. As?
Hold the power and volume DOWN (wait a few seconds), and "voila" we have a screenshot
How to replace the program used by default?
If you select a program by default and needs to be replaced by another:
Menu =>Parameters =>Applications =>All (find the program) =>Remove the default settings.
When calling the program, the system will ask what you want to use by default.
What is the Sony Mobile Bravia Engine?
Sony Mobile Bravia Engine - a kind of "uluchshayzer" picture. With the help of intelligent image processing improves picture quality when viewing photos and video files.

It is worth noting that it does not display manufacturing technology, a software "chip".
Service codes
*#06# - IMEI phone
*#*#4636#*#* - view information about the phone, battery, battery usage statistics
*#*#7378423#*#* - testing of many functions of the phone, recommended when buying
This code is easy to remember, because the numbers represent the wordSERVICE on the T9-keyboard
How to disable 3G?
Settings - More ... - Mobile networks - a tick in the "Only the GSM"
How to turn off the phone module without shutting down the Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and GPS?
WiFi, GPS, bluetooth can be used only turning off the radio - dialing * # * # 4636 # * # *>phone information>turn off the radio. In this case, WiFi, GPS and bluetooth continue to operate safely.
Is there a device built FM-transmitter?
No, the radio works only with a headset connected.
Overview Sony Xperia U
The official delivery to the Russian Federation consists of:
  • Smartphone Xperia U
  • The film on the screen of your smartphone
  • Documentation
  • Wired stereo headset
  • Block increased power charger ER850
  • USB cable for file transfer and charging
How to make sure that the phone in sleep Wi-Fi from turning off?
Menu =>Settings =>Wi-Fi =>"Menu" button =>Expand Settings =>Do not turn off the Wi-Fi in sleep mode =>Never
How to force a keyboard?
Starting with version Android 4.0.4, this function does not work, but 2.3.7 was implemented by holding down the button "Menu" for one second.
Subject to whether warranty smartphone, purchased abroad?
Warranty repair of smartphones in the Russian Federation is carried out only on the PCT (RosTest) devices.
Smartphones purchased in other countries, the official warranty in the Russian Federation can not be.
How to manage the built-in player and radio with a headset?
1 Press - Play / Pause; 2 is pressed - next track; 3 pressing - the previous track.
Complete headset is also compatible with Apple iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 2. Management also coincides.
How to turn off vibration touch buttons?
Go to Settings - Sound - Vibration touch and remove the check mark.
How to use the flash as a flashlight?
This requires an additional download program. Programs for this purpose, there are many,hereyou can pick up a desired program.Here isFor example, it is very easy to use program.
The back cover is made of glossy or soft-touch plastic?
The back cover is made of a soft-touch plastic. Those. superficial scratches can be easily "overwrite" and can not be seen.

Feature: Black in soft touch, configured prorezirovaniya element (such species), Matte White soft-touch plastic. That many do not know and mistakenly believe that white is not out of soft touch.

What to choose?

The gloss is typing for two reasons - the first (well-known is falling) and the second more serious. The gloss on the wolfman does not withstand low temperatures (as simple, the reason is in frequent use on the street in the cold! It is easily traced in the topics on the forum. On the second issue - what the buyer should know, choosing between black or White color - What to buy? Black soft-touch with element of rubberizing has a property of pleasant blades and as it should stick to the hand and fingerprints catches and packaged, respectively, this is the velvetiness fee and the effect of "Magnet". White is made by Matte Soft-Touch (without rubber and it is much less dirty (that is, more practical black). Here is the buyer and should choose that it is preferable to it. The chic effect of velvet and "magnet" or more practical soft-touch (looks no more than black).
Does it support video calls?
Yes, it is possible to make video calls in to Skype.
What is the function xLOUD?
This is a special feature, designed the SONY, to increase the volume of the main speaker. A sort of amplifier.
I phone charged to green light (or hours) and the phone displays the charge level is less than 100%. What to do?
Once fully charged, the battery a little razryazhaotsya, and then after some time again charged when connected to phone charger. This helps to extend battery life skrok and can lead to the display of the charge level is less than 100%.
I did not work TrackID, bootloader unlocked. What to do?
When you unlock bootloader'a overwritten DRM keys that are needed to run the application. Even if the lock back, the keys are not restored, therefore, the application will not work.
How to install applications on a memory card?
  • Market. Open the application "Market", click the magnifying glass and writing "ES Explorer" application name. Install it, then use it to find the .apk on the card and install.
  • Bluetooth. Pass any devaysa (phone, laptop, etc.) Desired .apk over Bluetooth, open the notifications panel, click on the notification of acceptance of the file.
  • Path file: ///sdcard/*.apk (standard browser).

How many touches at the same time recognizes the screen?
Screen simultaneously recognizes up to 4 taps.
Phone very quickly sits down. What can be wrong? How to calibrate the battery?
How to calibrate the battery?
If there is no root.
1. Discharge the phone to 5-10%.
2. Turn off the body, take out the battery for 5-6 min.
3. Insert the battery and connect back to the charge does not include phone. I repeat DO NOT INCLUDE!
4. In this state, leave it for 5-6 hours.
5. Then disable charging. Turn body.

If there is a root
1. Discharge the phone to 5-10%.
2. Turn off the body, take out the battery for 5-6 min.
3. Insert the battery and connect back to the charge does not include phone. I repeat DO NOT INCLUDE!
4. In this state, leave it for 5-6 hours.
5. Without turning off the charge, turn on the body.
6. RutEksplorerom go to the address / data / system / and delete the file batterystats.bin
7. Overload.
8. When the phone boots up - turn off the charging.
Is the screen reacts to a gloved finger?
The glove does not respond because capacitive screen.
How do Sort contacts by last name?
Contact / menu / filter / sort the list by
How to put a melody to zvonoksmsbudilnik?
Create the root of the stick folder media in its audio folder in the alarms folder it (for alarm), notifications (notification: SMS, MMS, Email, etc...), Ringtones (ring tone), ui (for the interface sounds). And in the folder already put the desired music in the correct folder:
media / audio / alarms,

media / audio / notifications,

media / audio / ringtones,

media / audio / ui

Reboot and select the ringtones from the settings
How to set your desktop wallpaper? What should be the solution?
Resolution of wallpaper should be 960 x 854.
On your desktop, click the menu - background, and select the picture.
When you see the fragment frame pull her over the edge, thereby maximizing the selected area.
Hereyou can download to your phone.
How to disable automatic screen lock?
Take advantage of the programNoLock.
How to take pictures with less compression than the standard camera?
To do this, you should use a third-party camera applications, such asCameraX. Usually produces images 2-2.5 mb vs. 1-1.5 mb standard camera.
What if the phone after removing the battery slips date and time?
Put the automatic determination of the time (date, time, and settings - auth.) And time will not fly.
What if the Russian song titles displayed kryakozyabry?
This occurs due to incorrect encoding tags. should useID3Fixer.
Or you can use the player normally works with any Russian encodings, for example,PowerAMP

Purple spot on the photo
Attached Image
It appears only on firmware 6.0.B.1.564
Solution: upgrade the firmware via the PC Companion or Sony Update Service
A photo
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

How to unlock the device
tests of autonomy (uptime) firmware 2.3.7 and 4.0.4 under load

Games for Xperia SolaAnd work on our machine
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Rep: (107)
Uh, dvuyadernik and battery in 1290? It will be small: bubble: If only Sonya is not optimized power consumption. Outwardly, Big Brother loses.

Rep: (632)
officially presented at theMWC
Attached Image

PS:hands-onby engadget

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Rep: (91)
Sony Xperia в„ў U white paperpdf

Rep: (6)
A great device and the size of the most 3.5.Ne love lopat.Tolko battery pumped (

Rep: (212)
If only the battery ... 4 GB of memory with no expansion options - it's just a mockery.

Rep: (6)
If it is true then it uzhas.A where it is written (offitsalny source)?

Rep: (78)
frei7 @ 27.02.2012, 10:10*
Sony believes that their customers need to change panels in the phone

Plaintext say who the main audience for this device: girl_flirt:: D

Rep: (6)
with a screen 3.5 pancake nothing worthy addition to the iPhone but it is not very expensive and not worth the money

Rep: (632)
Sony Xperia P and Sony Xperia U: Announcement

Rep: (0)
Deamonus @ 27.02.2012, 09:05*
4 GB of memory without the possibility of expansion - it's just a mockery.

generally in Xperia U 8 GB. ;)

Rep: (3)
HDMI output does not present ??

Rep: (514)
Skyrocket @ 28.02.2012, 20:54*
generally in Xperia U 8 GB. ;)

Of those reserved by the user 2 GB for system needs. The remaining 2 GB of internal and another 4 GB of the "outside".

We readSony Xperia U WP, Page 5.

Rep: (41)
Personally for me - the phone very best!
Here cho you throw its 32 GB flash drive? I have 400 MB of music, and the rest of the game, and you have that?
In Iksperiya Yu 8 gigabytes !!! All of its 8 GB!

Post has been editedDemenok31 - 01.03.12, 09:09

Rep: (27)
nothing special but good neat appearance :(

Rep: (910)
Demenok31 @ 01.03.2012, 10:08*
Here cho you throw its 32 GB flash drive? I have 400 MB of music, and the rest of the game, and you have that?

Well, this is a subjective issue, I have here a lot of music. Highly.
And the phone is cool, yes, then I agree, only problem is, who himself previously memory ogranichival- not here to do it will, and that is bad. If he had a slot for flash kartu- necessarily be taken, very practical. )

Rep: (99)
It does not have a memory card slot? Well though the SIM card in it full, as opposed to P, and S., and a removable battery.
Internal phone storage: 4 GB


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Rep: (41)
Total memory of 8 GB, 2 GB for system usage and 2 GB for applications, and 4 GB of user needs.

Post has been editedDemenok31 - 08.03.12, 16:32

Rep: (910)
Demenok31 @ 08.03.2012, 17:31*
Total memory of 8 GB, 2 GB for system usage and 2 GB for applications, and 4 GB of user needs.

Those. you wanted something more for the two cores and prices in 350baksov? Really?

Rep: (1218)
Spaun_Studio @ 09.03.2012, 02:12*
Those. you wanted something more for the two cores and prices in 350baksov? Really?

No need to justify all costs. AJ could slot to put the memory card - toga and many would have bought this phone as well - many refused to buy it because of the restrictions, which could not be - artificially created for marketing purposes.

Rep: (54)

I agree, there is little memory. However, everything is subjective. For someone, the image component will exceed. For me personally, this phone is not suitable, but 4 GB for personal use would be enough for me. You do not download videos, you will watch movies on this screen - dubious pleasure. There is a player for music. As an option - a headset with a memory card that Sony has announced. 4 GB for documents, pictures and other things. There are 50 GB on Box cloud memory. It can be rejected for such a price. Smartphone is very good. But this is all, of course, ways to solve objective disadvantage - low memory.

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