Solving problems with files on the memory card.

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Solving problems with files on the memory card

Solved questions in this topic:

  • The disappearance of files and folders from the memory card;
  • Various audio and video players do not see some of the files recorded on the memory card;
  • Files are not copied and / or deleted from the memory card.
If you do not record new data on the card, and the old ones will appear again after deletion
and formatting does not help - map the corpse and restore it will not succeed!

A bit of theory.
FolderLOST.DIR . Why does it fill up?
This folder is created in the case when Android starts File System Check (Analog Windows CHKDSK) and finds lost file chains. These files appear if you pull the memory card at the time when it is recorded. After all, Windows tries to write files using the caching mechanism. When you pull the cable, the contents of the cache does not have time to make an application and the data in the file turns out to be defective. After the device is disabled from the computer, Android starts scanning a map and detects such "broken" files by moving their remnants to the Lost.dir directory.

Useful links:
1. FAQ on devices and Android OS - look in the FAQ for your device, maybe there are described recommended memory cards for a specific model of the device.
2. Look at the topic"Accessories" Your device. It can also be collected useful information on work and non-work cards.
3. Difficult to choose a card? Then look here:Accessories for various devices , as well as a lot of advice was here I want to buy a 32GB microSD card. Advise. , and here: Choosing a flash card

Let's start to practice.

Common to all similar problems actions:

1. Always, before disconnecting the device from the computer, select "Safely Remove"Attached Image, and further, in the device itself "Disconnect USB storage device" (P.S. It may be called differently, depending on the model and firmware of the device).
2. Check the memory card using the applicationScandisk .
3. The problem may lie in the memory card itself. Try formatting it and following the advice above, write files to it.
- How to format:
  • Full formatting using the phone: Menu-Settings-Memory-Unplug the memory card (Remove the card) -Clear the card-Connect the SD-card (PS names and paths may vary depending on the phone model);
  • Formatting using a computer with a choice of different cluster sizes.
  • Formatting using a special applicationSD Formatter or Hard Disk Low Level Format Tool . The so-called "low-level" formatting.

4. Try changing the cache on the memory card using this application:® SD Speed ​​Increase
5. Formatting does not help? Try replacing the memory card with another one.
6. The files you recorded from the computer are visible and not from the device? See if there is a file in the folder where you wrote them..nomedia (hidden file). If there is, delete it.

I.Lost your recorded files on the memory card.
1. It was noticed that some files may disappear due to various installed applications. Solving problems with files on the memory card. (Post # 11633656) . Try to remove the latest installed applications, after which this problem was noticed.
2. Solving a problem with a galleryQuickpic - show hidden folders - folder thumbnails it may be missing photos and videos.
3. If the proposed methods do not help, reset to factory settings. This will help to identify whether the problem was in the programs or, perhaps, also in the firmware.
4. Update the firmware version.

Ii.The music player does not see most of the audio files, the explorer and multimedia players fly out while trying to play.
1. Look at the length of the file name, as well as the presence of any characters in them (punctuation marks, etc.). If the names are too long - try to shorten them. In some cases, this procedure helped. How to do this is described here: Solving problems with files on the memory card. (Post # 14068522)
Zorex_samsung @ 05/20/2013, 15:32*
Guys. Thank you for your help, figured out. )) 0
It was really in the "sheep" that were files with flowers, hearts, icons of melodies and other crap. As soon as they renamed them adequately, it immediately stopped flying and started to appear, thanks again for the help.

2. If there are many files and you have placed them in one folder, then the majority may not be displayed. Try to distribute them into several folders, approximately equally.
3. Go to Settings / Applications / Application Management / Applications, find "Media Storage" Clear Data button.
4. If you use a standard player, then try installing any third-partyCustom Application Directory (Post # 11148359).
5. Files downloaded from the Internet (Vkontakte or other sources) are not displayed? See this:Solving problems with files on the memory card. (Post # 13939287)
6. Look at the correctness of filling tags in the file. If there are various unreadable characters in them, then this may be the reason for player / conductor departures. How to fix tags described here
6. Also, in solving this problem, formatting the memory card helped.

Useful messages (in the process of filling)
Useful applications
В® NextApp SDFix - Troubleshooting the write to an external SD card in Android 4.4+
В® DiskDigger- Recover deleted pictures, photos, as well as video.
В® AParted (Sd Card Partition)- The program repairs and creates partitions on a micro Sd card.
В® PARTITION-TOOLKIT SD-USB-RU!- Creating and formatting partitions exFAT FAT32 EXT2 EXT3 EXT4 Linux Swap NTFS and ReiserFS.
in the process of filling ...

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Yes thank you. Protest - only some 16KB file was in Lost. On the other hand P500 pulling cable held with a bang, I never lost files = (

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Smart - SGA, custom firmware so "storage media" program was not to look for analogies in English not found. The problem was solved just in the folder with the music ".nomedia" really was a file - delete and became visible songs in that folder and other folders in the folder. The strange file, why is it needed?

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The topic has been moved to Personal experience.

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I do not connect the phone to a computer, and once again the whole album went to lost.dir. And the card again r / o, even saves on toys are not written. Anybody can say, cyanogen and other custom firmware also suffer from this?

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Firmware may or may map. The other did not try?

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Another 8GB also 10klass. I have not tried. But this 16-gigs old ski coped with a bang.

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So it makes sense to try and see whether these problems or not observed.

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The same problem. He carried MX Player. Restart the body (Samsung Galaxy Tab 7). Gone are 8 movies downloaded through TubeMate. GO Launcher suspect bad faith. There are opinions?

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okopnik @ 28.05.2012, 20:45*
There are opinions?

Other memory cards have not tried?

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I tried the same thing. Carried GO Launcher. Restart the body. Again Gone movies. Something seems to me that the problem in the films themselves.

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Download movies and do not carry the launcher and TubeMate. Or, once downloaded, move them to your computer, and then write to it.

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I bought a tablet, very much, but there is a problem:
Books discarded from the computer to the memory card programs the tablet is not open, open only downloaded to your tablet from internet.
The same situation with maps Navitel,
Help, what to do. I heard about indexing but that they do not understand

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A multemedia files are opened? The most simple - try after writing something on the map, simply restart it.

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I tried all the tips, not pomoglo.Formatiroval nothing written here - do not pomoglo.Hard reset - not pomoglo.Raskidal of folders for songs 30.25 - still, at least 20 songs but not vidit.Kto ever found a solution there?

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Names of me to try? And as you all music files?

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Yes I tried, even before a single letter. Approximately 150 370. Of these somewhere by artist folders.

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Also deleted video files !!! And the MX player not use TubeMate I also do not have, do not connect to a computer, shake with 3g. Removed several times a week swing through the opera. XP did formatted flash drive. Nichegt not helps. So vryatli guilty application.
A .nomedia here is not where he hides Moule. honey. files but does not remove (his way, too, no, well .nomedia).

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nothing helped ((reset nastroik..ya which throw off the music but I can not figure out where ((OGE seen it is clear the current 30 songs ((

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Try a memory card, in a smaller volume or another class.

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help me please.
I searched the forum, did not find (
3 days ago I bought the ark with
connect it to a computer in mass storage mode only.
before upgrading to throw a few MP3.
then updated to 4.0.4
and now this nonsense
remove previously uploaded MP3s, and pictures of them will not be deleted if ... hanging open, and of course "can not play the track" climbs (((
and 2 matter, in whatever way not threw off MP3 (media go through a conductor (eksplorer phone does not see my phone), the phone does not find ..
that is, filled in with music on it is (when you look through the computer, it all hangs out there in the music folder and play) and you stubbornly shows me the first 3-soaked / remote file ...
what to do?
give (((a))
p / s /
File "nomedia," there is ... a purely storage, formatted the flash drive ....

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