Solving problems with files on the memory card.

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Solving problems with files on the memory card

Solved questions in this topic:

  • The disappearance of files and folders from the memory card;
  • Various audio and video players do not see some of the files recorded on the memory card;
  • Files are not copied and / or deleted from the memory card.
If you do not record new data on the card, and the old ones will appear again after deletion
and formatting does not help - map the corpse and restore it will not succeed!

A bit of theory.
FolderLOST.DIR . Why does it fill up?
This folder is created in the case when Android starts File System Check (Analog Windows CHKDSK) and finds lost file chains. These files appear if you pull the memory card at the time when it is recorded. After all, Windows tries to write files using the caching mechanism. When you pull the cable, the contents of the cache does not have time to make an application and the data in the file turns out to be defective. After the device is disabled from the computer, Android starts scanning a map and detects such "broken" files by moving their remnants to the Lost.dir directory.

Useful links:
1. FAQ on devices and Android OS - look in the FAQ for your device, maybe there are described recommended memory cards for a specific model of the device.
2. Look at the topic"Accessories" Your device. It can also be collected useful information on work and non-work cards.
3. Difficult to choose a card? Then look here:Accessories for various devices , as well as a lot of advice was here I want to buy a 32GB microSD card. Advise. , and here: Choosing a flash card

Let's start to practice.

Common to all similar problems actions:

1. Always, before disconnecting the device from the computer, select "Safely Remove"Attached Image, and further, in the device itself "Disconnect USB storage device" (P.S. It may be called differently, depending on the model and firmware of the device).
2. Check the memory card using the applicationScandisk .
3. The problem may lie in the memory card itself. Try formatting it and following the advice above, write files to it.
- How to format:
  • Full formatting using the phone: Menu-Settings-Memory-Unplug the memory card (Remove the card) -Clear the card-Connect the SD-card (PS names and paths may vary depending on the phone model);
  • Formatting using a computer with a choice of different cluster sizes.
  • Formatting using a special applicationSD Formatter or Hard Disk Low Level Format Tool . The so-called "low-level" formatting.

4. Try changing the cache on the memory card using this application:® SD Speed ​​Increase
5. Formatting does not help? Try replacing the memory card with another one.
6. The files you recorded from the computer are visible and not from the device? See if there is a file in the folder where you wrote them..nomedia (hidden file). If there is, delete it.

I.Lost your recorded files on the memory card.
1. It was noticed that some files may disappear due to various installed applications. Solving problems with files on the memory card. (Post # 11633656) . Try to remove the latest installed applications, after which this problem was noticed.
2. Solving a problem with a galleryQuickpic - show hidden folders - folder thumbnails it may be missing photos and videos.
3. If the proposed methods do not help, reset to factory settings. This will help to identify whether the problem was in the programs or, perhaps, also in the firmware.
4. Update the firmware version.

Ii.The music player does not see most of the audio files, the explorer and multimedia players fly out while trying to play.
1. Look at the length of the file name, as well as the presence of any characters in them (punctuation marks, etc.). If the names are too long - try to shorten them. In some cases, this procedure helped. How to do this is described here: Solving problems with files on the memory card. (Post # 14068522)
Zorex_samsung @ 05/20/2013, 15:32*
Guys. Thank you for your help, figured out. )) 0
It was really in the "sheep" that were files with flowers, hearts, icons of melodies and other crap. As soon as they renamed them adequately, it immediately stopped flying and started to appear, thanks again for the help.

2. If there are many files and you have placed them in one folder, then the majority may not be displayed. Try to distribute them into several folders, approximately equally.
3. Go to Settings / Applications / Application Management / Applications, find "Media Storage" Clear Data button.
4. If you use a standard player, then try installing any third-partyCustom Application Directory (Post # 11148359).
5. Files downloaded from the Internet (Vkontakte or other sources) are not displayed? See this:Solving problems with files on the memory card. (Post # 13939287)
6. Look at the correctness of filling tags in the file. If there are various unreadable characters in them, then this may be the reason for player / conductor departures. How to fix tags described here
6. Also, in solving this problem, formatting the memory card helped.

Useful messages (in the process of filling)
Useful applications
В® NextApp SDFix - Troubleshooting the write to an external SD card in Android 4.4+
В® DiskDigger- Recover deleted pictures, photos, as well as video.
В® AParted (Sd Card Partition)- The program repairs and creates partitions on a micro Sd card.
В® PARTITION-TOOLKIT SD-USB-RU!- Creating and formatting partitions exFAT FAT32 EXT2 EXT3 EXT4 Linux Swap NTFS and ReiserFS.
in the process of filling ...

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-As- @ 12/31/16, 20:03*
Everything, rebooted the mobile phone and the card he no longer sees, although the computer regularly reads it.

If for all signs the card in cruel Rydonley is definitely a corpse. If not, then make a complete formatting of the SDFormatter program and watch the card, unless of course it works in the phone ... very similar to the problem of the phone. Clean contacts in the map and phone. In the header everything is described.

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After complete formatting on the PC, the card came to life, see for a long time. Well, apparently yes, something with the phone - two flash drives die equally ((

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Why does this cancer tumor germinate all the time?

I clean the SD card from different trash, in some places "one I replace on another" (I get rid of part of the photos, the rest turn into reduced copies, clean the originals). Reboot. And again - instead of 14 free gigabytes on the map again 5 with a little. I look - and everything remains as before, in their places. All the old trash in place, no new. What is this ability to such where the phone is hiding data for synchronization? With Google, I have only synchronized mail, calendar and contacts.

I cleaned the card separately, and through the computer in the USB drive mode, and in the MTP mode, and the phone deleted directly from the phone and rebooted. And he is still a sprout in the same place!

Tell me what to do? After rebooting, again everything is "on the circles". Even if the file manager installed on the phone, delete for an example one-only video - it sprouts again at the same place after rebooting. What's the matter?! This prevents me from living!

Phone Highscreen Boost 3 SE Pro, on the last firmware, the previous one was THL 5000, did not notice such problems with him.
(Replaced, to the Word, mainly for the reason that the sound path has the former - verified and the Audio-Technica ATH-ES7, and far from portable Sennheiser HD598 and Beyerdynamic DT 990).

P.S.: It seems to understand. In that phone, the last time did not last photographs, the screenshots were not preserved and so on. I drag the info from the card to the hard disk (until the whole in a row), format the card and perhaps even the following data on it just in case - and then choose to reload on it that it makes sense.

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* Dimitrius013 ,
You can change your card to another. She is now, and forever, in Ridonley.

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* lunick75,
And the former was constantly cut down, barely heated about the garrrrrrrilochy THL 5000 (now it is regularly plowing in Tascam DR-05 at work), this more resistant to heating was.
Now I'm going on business, meanwhile, Vipe will end, and see. Perhaps - a reason to replace a 32-gig card for 128-gig.

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Dear 'please tell me! I formatted a SD card, on the tablet and decided to insert not in the one who constantly use. But! The tablet does not see, but I can not save on it or move applications. Writes: There is no certificate file! Please, help! Or not already throw out?!?

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* lunick75,
Nothing helped - now apparently I will go to the store for a 128-gig card. And this, before throwing away, cut just in case.

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Dimitrius013 @ 03.01.17, 08:23*
Nothing helped - now apparently I will go to the store for a 128-gig card. And this, before throwing away, cut just in case.

Tip: Choose Flach intended for intensive recording, it is written in my such, it is not intended for intensive recording ...

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Tell me please. In the phone there is no flash drive, the memory is built-in. The closer is that when connected to the BB on the computer, the photo from the gallery is not displayed. Everything is viewed by okay Redmi 3 with Pro. Miui 8.

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Good day! On the arms there is a doogee x7 pro. The topic asked - did not help. The essence of the problem: on the device there is a 6th android, it is possible to make a CD card to install applications that I did. After installing the application from the playmarket, it does not start, but after rebooting everything works. What could be the problem?

Rep: (2)
In short, such a problem: reading from the CD card on 32 GB works, and there is no entry or deletion of files, while I can install the game from the card or listen listening or video to watch, formatting does not help (
What to do ?

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Matveev66666 @ 01/07/2017, 21:57*
In short, such a problem: reading from the CD card on 32 GB works, and there is no entry or deletion of files, while I can install the game from the card or listen listening or video to watch, formatting does not help (
What to do ?

Buy new. The map ordered a long live ...

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Help!! Today included the phone, and the inscriptions "Preparing the SD card" appear according to the SD card and then "safe extraction of an SD card". I took another card the same story. That files that appear on the card then disappear. Phone Honor 6, Android 5.1.1. What to do, what could be?

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Guys tell me pliz where to dig. (How to install a file manager if I do not want to download it from the playing market)
Bought Motorola Moto G3 (Android 5.1.1, there he is naked in the original) there is no desire to download the file manager from the playmarket, so I tried on such instructions

So, again throw off the archive on the SD card. Next, open the search engine and enter the file: ///sdcard/imiafyle.apk in the address bar. Click on execution, after which it will be set to the selected component.

I prescribe: file: ///sdcard/huaweihidisk_v7.1.0.300.apk

(Working card, checked on another phone. Installation from unknown sources is also included)

And the problem is that he says the following:
Attached Image


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* grandusl,
Are you sure your card is called SDCard in the system?
The APK file is better to rename easier - 1.Apk, for example.

And you can also send this file via Bluetooth or email.

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It all sorted out, it turns out not to prescribe a full path with the name of the end file, it is enough to specify the directory: File: /// SDCard / And there you can already find the desired file in the folder tree, and for some reason indicates the phone's memory, and not Memory card, but okay)))

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Guys. The title of the branch is written. That the corpse card if the files are not recorded and files are not deleted. I want to tell about what case that takes place now to occur with me, smart P780 and SD card in it.
The other day they stopped recording the image taken by the camera. It is written on the internal memory, but there is no SD. Rebooted. Everything has earned. Five minutes later again bolt. He took out the map, inserted into the PC. Drought Scandian. Errors are not detected. From the computer and on the computer files are copied, deleted. In short, a 100% card card. Insert into smart. Turn on. The first five minutes everything is ok. Files are copied, deleted, with internal memory on SD is transferred. "Then the BAT and the second shift." Even if you connect smart to the computer as an SD - the computer sees the card, you start copying, does not allow access. Insert the map in the PC, copy the necessary files to it. All OK. Insert into the smart, you turn on, open the SD, and these files are not. At the same time reads the SDCH smart normally. Music plays without problems, only images are visible with brakes, but it is apparently because the entry is blocked and there is no possibility to create sketches. It seems that during these first five minutes a certain application starts. Which after the start prohibits the editing SD. The topic about the file with Permission smoked. This file opened. Sections with SD access rights are filled correctly. Access to SD is open.

Tell me where to dig?

PS. Reset settings did not help!

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Rover0 @ 13.01.17, 11:59*
Guys. The title of the branch is written. That the corpse card if the files are not recorded and files are not deleted. I want to tell about what case that takes place now to occur with me, smart P780 and SD card in it.

Card corpse is definitely, well, or at the end stage of the path to it. Add now that if you, recorded on the computer, insert a card in another (!) Comp, then it will not be recorded on it ... Change the card.

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I want to share your experience! I died with a card with an encrypted section on Android 6.0.1, the phone stopped reading it.
I only learned about the chiffration when I was convinced that no computer didn't see her. I tried to restore directly, and found the name of the Android_Expand section. Here, good Google helped.

In general, this wonderful article saved me
http: //nelenkov.blogsp...m-adopted-storage.html

And no less wonderful free (!) Testdisk program

The points:
1. Rutuer the phone (many have already been shut down).
Here I note that TWRP did not want to boot with this card, and indeed the phone tupil, so I took the map.
I am afraid to insert another, so as not to lose the key (although it is unlikely), so I used the ADB Sideload for the firmware SuperSU.

2. We read from the phone via an Android application or via ADB file Expand_xxx .. (all different name) at the address
I used ADB Shell.

3. Acting according to the instructions in the article, take 16-bit key from this file and generate the file
/ Dev / Mapper / Crypt1
Ubuntu works here on the VirtualBox and the USB cartrider promotion, although at first I tried Ubuntu on the gland.

4. MOUNT I did not work because of the errors of the FS, so just run Testdisk, which can work with / dev / mapper / crypt1

5. In TestDisk, choose:
Create Logfile.>Disk / Dev / Mapper / Crypt1>None partition table (automatically determined)>Analyze>Quick search>P: List Files
Hooray! If all is well, you can see directories with files.

6. Following the prompts copy the files from the desired directory (I have for example / media / 0 / dcim) to your virtual.
Here auto-mode (copy selected) I do not copy everything because of errors on the map. Therefore, we look at which files after copying have 0 size and copy them again manually.

Total I saved somewhere 98% pictures (other pieces), 85% video.
Maybe someone comes in handy! But it is better to break everything more often!)

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Good day. And besides the foregoing, there is any way to restore files on the SD card?
Phone Moto E 2N Gen, Android Marshmallow, 16Gig SD card, attached as built-in memory (then you mean encrypted). At some point in time, all the contents of the SD card disappeared, but the volume of employed / free space did not change, as was employed 6.75 gig out of 14 available and remained. When connected to the PC, the card is seen only as an integral part of the device, not as a drive, respectively, the scandisk is not run. The bootloader is not unlocked, the root is not installed. Since the files have not been removed, then the diskdigger is useless (checked). There are some more recovery methods? Thanks in advance.

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