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Caynax Dashboard Battery Widget | [widg] A widget with additional information

Rep: (2807)
Caynax Dashboard Battery Widget
Version: 1.4.2

Last update of the program in the header:3.02.2012

Tags: llllbattery

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Short description:
Battery widget in the form of a speedometer with additional features.

The widget has its own statistics on battery usage:
  • Charge percentage
  • Temperature
  • Voltage
  • Status (charging / not charging)
  • condition
  • Technology

Also, if you enable the log in the settings, it will display on the graphs such parameters as:
  • Charge level (in%)
  • Temperature (0WITH)
  • Voltage (mV)

A small minus - the program has ads.

Developer: Caynax
Homepage: http://www.caynax.com/
Android Market Web: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.c...ttery.dashboard

Additional Information
Russian interface: Yes

Download: Version: 1.4.2
Attached filecaynax.widget.battery.apk(300.21 KB)

Past versions

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Rep: (41)
OK, look beautiful)

Rep: (324)
It looks, of course, worthy. But, IMHO, it is better in our kitchen to order a change in the battery skin in the status bar (so that information is displayed in percent), there is a benefit for every taste. A smaller animal is cluttered.

Rep: (2807)
In the status bar, this is understandable. But "cluttering" the desktop with widgets is another. : D
I like. Stopped while on it.

Rep: (1)
Battery widget is a dead end! The icon in the status bar is much more convenient!

Rep: (7)
But for me it’s generally better to have an empty desktop with the most necessary shortcuts, and the percentage of charge is really better in the status bar

Rep: (2293)
And if the firmware is still fresh and not deodexed, then how to change the lower bar? Only widgets and save. Who can put the full version. Advertising can be blocked on the host, but still ...

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